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Garugaku (east²) 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:04:37 No. 317
this is east² in Garugaku. Toa is so cute!!!!! cre: https://twitter.com/ORITO_KAHORI/status/1412705871772020741?s=19
>>317 Welcome
(64.47 KB 461x561 EakGVGgUEAIW1Ik.jpeg)

Why are people always so butthurt when this is posted on 4chan? It looks really CUTE!
>>339 Probably 2D elitist
This is Youka. She's from South² rather than East², but she's cute and her arc was easily the best thing about the show. I hope they manage to make her as good in Garugaku II whenever that comes out.
on Monday I was going to ask if magical2 related to east2. Looks like I forgot about it >>393 but since the thread got bumped on same day I assumed I already post the question
>>396 I don't know much about the girls' exploits from before Garugaku existed, but apparently it was made up of Momoka, Misaki, Kurea, Youka and another girl who never became a Gaku. None of the members who made up Magical2 are part of East2.
>>397 I see.
I'm glad we have more active threads.
I don't browse much but they are the most "for children" idols I know.
>>393 To everyone posting Gaku this whole year thank you. I can’t thank you enough. As for 2022, if you want to talk in peace here you got 1 month. In end of January I will open gate to another website. I was reluctant but since there is no poster for the last 2 months, it defeat the purpose of making this board. If this is farewell with you posting here I hope you can at least see this
>>433 >I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for making this board. >In end of January I will open gate to another website. May I know which website? Is the board going to be moved into another chan, or will it be a thread (threads) in one of the many chan's anime board?
>>437 I think I phrased it wrong with the "you got 1 month", since I thought people who post Gaku (I presume you) were gonna leave. The board stay here. It won't close but I will open to 4chan in less than 1 week, hence the " talk in peace" part edit To my surprise, no one come from there. Last year I got 10 replies when I try to invite them before AIkatsu Planet air but yesterday I don't even get reply in middle of Primagi
Edited last time by ainon on 01/24/2022 (Mon) 15:17:31.
cute uWu

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