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Anonymous 03/04/2022 (Fri) 09:06:09 No. 555
hi. A friend tell me about this place from discord
(1.27 MB 2922x1118 pic not related.png)

(286.99 KB 1503x2125 58447593_p1.png)

We had a translator with Hime (happiness Charge) avatar and in his final translation (2019), he cite that he moved to 8chan because his post keep getting deleted and banned. Well last year I got banned while in process of posting about /ai/ and that was the final straw
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(4.41 MB 2775x3996 13.jpeg)

(590.81 KB 1600x1598 what is this hamster.jpg)

I am a buyer (kinda) and a scanner (kinda). These 2 are what I posted in /pc/. We got lucky and someone make translation for the Kappard one. Later someone I ask if I can look up for this Mofurun. We keep each other updated each month. I haven't post the last one (turn out you can buy it online. oh well). There are so many miracles in those things, such lovely moments. Request, asking in poll what people want, making transcription, blogpost about our finding and make things to look back in future.
Since this will be my house now I want to do this much. If you have a doujinshi you are curious about maybe I can get it for you, I promise it will be fun experience!
(49.00 KB 220x157 plushies at work.png)

Providers of good OC are always welcome
>>556 >pic not related That's my entire life.+ +
(274.78 KB 1200x900 image not mine.jpg)

>>557 Hey I know the artist from the Dark Dream doujins, you had good taste. Also interesed in the topic of adquiring /ai/ doujins, hope we get along >post was last month shit man

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