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Series Guidance Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 15:21:37 No. 65
This thread serve to explain currently airing shows, past shows and series connection. I will make separate thread for terminology, posting guide and memes. Ongoing shows Most of shows aired in Tv Tokyo and in JST unless stated otherwise Starting with the first one on Sunday. .
Edited last time by ainon on 05/30/2021 (Sun) 10:20:50.
Status: Aired 7 AM currently at episode 3 The 5th of the long running Aikatsu series. This one is a hybrid of 3D (as in real life actress) and anime. In this world virtual idols is the trend and one day Meisa, the person behind #1 virtual idol Hana, is missing. It is up to Mao to replace her while looking for clue where Meisa is. Recommendation: Aikatsu series is mostly formulatic in nature (will be explained later) and follow yearly calendar, But this one start anew so you can jump right into it Torrent/where to watch https://nyaa.si/user/Mezawowe?p=1
Status: Aired 10:00 AM, currently season 3 at episode 127 Description: 3rd iteration from Pri series. Back in 2018 virtual broadcast picking up momentum after Kizuna Ai and Kaguya Luna so Takara Tomy make a series based on youtubing (called Prichan idols here). Mirai Momoyama family run a bakery. One day her friend Emo invite her to become a Prichan idols. Things happen and they soon compete against Japan current #1 Prichan idol in Meltic Star. Or at least that was the plot in the first 30 episodes Recommendation: It imports few characters from past series but you don’t need to know them to watch this. Season 1 is one tournament arcs after another while season 2 have an overarching plot. Season 3 is still ongoing and it is mix of both but each seasons keep getting better. 127 episode might seems daunting but this pandemic should give you more time to catch up Torrent/where to watch: this series have like 5 subbers who pick it for some times before drop it and get picked up again. You can find most of English subs by typing Prichan in Nyaa. and Starting episode 66 it is handled by Moyai (finally a sub group) https://nyaa.si/user/MoyaiSubs?p=2 Update Prichan is licensed in CR. Go watch it there (seriously) https://www.crunchyroll.com/kiratto-prichan
Edited last time by ainon on 02/23/2021 (Tue) 01:06:35.
Status: Aired 10:30 AM, currently at episode 36 Description: Yume was a normal girl who now work with Mewkle to fix people’s dream. Alongside her is an aspiring comedian Maira and the robotic senpai. It also contain a subplot to win her senpai’s heart. Recommendation: Popular enough to have its own thread in smug/a/ with torrent download twice of Prichan. It is brand new IP so it is perfect if you want to start watching something new Torrent/where to watch: Moyai https://nyaa.si/user/MoyaiSubs
Are these the only currently airing shows? It feels like there's no end of past series. Jewelpet and Pretty Rhythm come to mind. Kirarin Revolution as well.
>>69 I plan to watch Lady Jewelpet but idk if the series still continue The original 3 Pretty Rhythm end with movie but I don't know about KoP. I don't follow Kirarin Revolution so you are welcome if you want to make a summary. I plan to make 1 past shows summary per week so I got reason to bump this board during busy hour to overboard.
(1.07 MB 1254x1771 82777433_p0 rez.jpg)

(229.89 KB 1200x682 1607063290816.jpg)

(228.91 KB 1038x1375 she wont appear until midway.jpg)

(224.13 KB 1432x1200 finally you find this place.jpg)

Status: Aired 8:30 AM, episode 41/45 Description: Story is okay but does have some interesting twists (Star Twinkle is a tall order). Fairies get a lot of screen time this time around so that's cool. And it brings back trio dynamic! If you want to watch down to earth girls being pal (but less quarrel than Suite) Also its mc's full name overlap with 1 of previous mc Torrent/where to watch: TV Asahi. For fansub Serenae > anon> SubsPlease ban N: 6327 racist and coomer, pi 376a9a6dec1dfe8fb
Edited last time by ainon on 03/24/2022 (Thu) 16:29:01.
Now I can start giving outline to 2 core /ai/ series. You are mostly here for the anime but you need to understand this to see why they do and how they compete in anime (like pic 3) For those unfamiliar with Asian arcades, there is a type of machine called Cardass (pic 1). It cover some genres such as slot battle and driving (for boys), dressing up or rhythm game for girls, or Pokemon. Basically put your coin (or swipe your arcade card in modern time) into the machine, a card (at least for most of the machines) came out (pic 2) and you can use those cards to change dress, boost your in game stats, select different character or different car in Initial D (yes it have a cardass too). It start with Takara Tomy’s figure skating rhythm game called Pretty Rhythm (pic 4) and their girl’s shop called Prism Stone (look at background). In 2011 they have studio Tatsunoko make a series of anime tied-ins for the game.
Edited last time by ainon on 02/04/2021 (Thu) 16:53:15.
This first are the Pretty Rhythm series which composed of 3 titles -Aurora Dream -Dear My Future -Rainbow Live With the Live performance based on figure skating, this is closer to alternate idols than traditional one. Story-wise people behind the screen and surface are putting their plan in motion. Then the main character or her group follow the current, being part of it and ended up being a wave that change it. I’m not sure if that mean it took outsider to bring a revolution to a fixed industry. Most of character that is not MC are all people with their own problem. Rooted deeply and sometimes connected to other named character. As the plot goes we find out that our friends have some history with the other side. In-universe Prism Stone and Dear Crown are rivalling companies and our characters are people that one way or another involve with it. Also all 3 series happen in 1 world (no, this doesn’t involve time traveling but more on that later) and they will meet in crossover movie. Also prepare for 5 years of episode 1 song being repeated for at least 6 episodes
Edited last time by ainon on 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:47:47.
Status: 2011-2, Finished. 51 Episodes Description: join the world where figure skater is rising. MC is Aira Harune, a girl who can hear voices from clothes. She will form a group and alongside with other male group, Calling, participate in Prism Shows while slowly getting to know each’s others demons. Let’s suffer together. Series-wise it establish the usage of the stones (>>66 literally getting back to square one), mascots (which become really big thing since 2019), 3 main units focus and introduce a recurring character named Meganee, voiced by Kanae Ito (Amu from Shugo Chara, Yui from SAO) Torrent/where to watch: https://nyaa.si/view/430958
Edited last time by ainon on 03/21/2021 (Sun) 02:48:17.
And so this kickstarted the Pri series which composed of -Pretty Rhythm series (2011-4) -Pripara (2014-8) -Kiratto Prichan (see >>67) All 5 MCs are somewhat outsider to idoling trend in their respective series. They are the one who aren’t connected to web of character relation among other ‘players’ in this game of live. Contrast to other series, say Aikatsu, where people didn’t know personally about other person not in their peer.
Status: Aired 2012, April-March 2013, finished. 51 Episodes Description: Sequel from AD. Introducing Mia Ageha (pic 2, purple hair), the brashest MC yet, with goal to defeat Aira. She and other 3 new girls are working under Pretty Top, the company that Aira works under. Suddenly featuring Koreans in form of exchange students who also serve as their rival. Lead by the all-so-insecure Mia's childhoodfriend Hye-In and backed by Yun-su, Dear Crown’s manager and Sho’s rival for Aira’s affection. Oh yeah, plot. While they working their ass off as entertainer, they participate in string of events involving a fabled Prism Show that happen before AD even started (think of Kaleido Star s1 finale). This start slowly even by /ai/ standard. It also bring back most of units from AD and wrap up most of their story Live animation-wise, DMF is the gradient from their stiff hand drawn animation to smoother one in next series. Shift to cuter mascot but the stone is still inconvenient as ever (or you can just use a small box like this big friend here https://youtu.be/oQXIoIWJqhw?t=357). Introduce (which become really big thing since 2019), 2nd in-universe company in Dear Crown, shuffling of units, also their first attempt at yuri-subtext. On meta level it introduce Act Line, a finisher for a performance after the Jumps. The lore and name will change after each iterations but gameplay wise it is the same thing. This would be signature feature of Pri series. featuring Ayaneru (Iroha VA) as Asami (she got licked by weirdo from season 1. KanaHana would be proud) Torrent/where to watch: https://nyaa.si/view/1001810
Edited last time by ainon on 03/21/2021 (Sun) 02:47:49.
So Bandai already on the top on young male demographic with Idolm@ster for years and Love Live in 2010 just diversify it for younger male. So in 2012 Bandai give a shot at little girl demographic and hire Sunrise to produce their anime PS. You might notice the insanely high episode counts of these anime. Normal 1-2 cour anime are usually pitched by a popular Light Novel (or its own studio) and aim to get profit by DVD/Blu Ray selling. But Promo anime got their fund from Toy companies. Maybe this is a bad comparison but Sony made equal profit with Avenger Endgame ticket from Spiderman toy alone every year for the past 4 years.
Aikatsu! (Aikatsu, Ichigogen) Status: Aired 2012, October-2014, October-, finished. 175 Episodes (but you can take a break after 100) Description: Ichigo Hoshimiya is an upcoming talented idol in Starlight Academy who got inspired by the top Idol, Mizuki. Follow her middle school idol practice as she strife to get to her level. With her is her childhood friend close friend self proclaimed Idol Professor who she lives in dormitory with, Aoi Kiriya, and the level headed modeling student Ran Shibuki. Also Introduce arguably Aikatsu fandom’s 2nd favorite character. Torrent/where to watch: Watch the first 50 episode using BD release as it has QUALITY during the first season. At season 2 they get better but if you still have disk size available, watch the rest in BD too. pic4: in this episode we see how the mains are struggling on getting into new unit. S4 selection divide our mains into 4 class so there is less competition among friends so there is less tension compared to OG. Friends on the other hand is fixed on duo.
Thus start the Aikatsu series Aikatsu, Aikatsu Stars and Aikatsu Friends These 3 series are not connected. If you are tight of time feel free to watch in any order Aikatsu On Parade. The grand crossover that resolve around a new character Aikatsu Planet >>66 ALL of them is written around real life calendar and formulatic in nature. Eg: Tanabata, Halloween costumes, christmas, following the school's Top Idol after winning your first Live in school, . So you can watch anything and feel the connection from the past series, and this carries over to Parade.
Edited last time by ainon on 05/14/2021 (Fri) 02:21:23.
Status: 2013-4, finished. Episodes 51 Description: The one that focus on competition and even less idol Activities than previous titles. Also increase yuri and yaoi One of favorite MC Torrent/where to watch:
(74.10 KB 680x499 EbmrId3U8AEdX6z.jpeg)

>>118 Rainbow Live is 100% unironically the best anime I have ever seen. Every single thing about it is incredible. The drama is on point without veering into melodrama. The pacing is perfect, every single episode has impact and furthers either the overarching plot, drama, or the character development and oftentimes all of the above. The lives and songs are great, especially for their age. The cast is all-stars. It's been a while so I legitimately can't remember any flaws, though I'm sure they exist; they're just so minuscule in the face of everything it does right as to not matter at all. Whether you've seen the rest of the Pretty Rhythm series' doesn't matter. Rainbow Live is almost entirely self contained and you owe it to yourself to witness this masterpiece if you haven't yet. The pseudo sequel King of Prism is hot ass though so only bother if you're really dedicated (the movies are good at least.)

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