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(161.02 KB 1920x1080 5064308.jpg)
/c/ute community Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 02:35:18 No. 37
When we're not just dumping garbage somewhere, we can be more sociable about it and do it while having a conversation. How's your day going? How's life?
>>1235 Oh wonderful! Someone made a gay inferior copy of Shiren the Wanderer with "How to Draw Manga" inspired graphics 30 years after the fact. Definitely on my must play list now that you pointed out its existence. Whatever would we do without you, anon?
>>458 >rom hacking Merry O 64 when the source code already leaked This isn't just autistic. It's retarded.
(29.77 KB 810x939 32403944_p0.png)
(69.21 KB 801x901 48330294_p0.jpg)
(592.70 KB 2894x2894 88463589_p0.png)
(418.28 KB 1863x1319 88634808_p0.jpg)
(78.88 KB 800x800 90096146_p1.jpg)
>>37 Ok have some Asuka. I'm killing some time until the new Eva movie is out. Where Asukas clone army fights Reis' army from EoE.
>>1311 Probably play these random games and waste the time instead of getting a few sentences telling you "it's like a really trimmed down Baroque" But interesting to know there's another inferior version of Baroque called Shiren out there. I might try that next. I also tried a PS2 game but I forgot the name of it, but you had very shiny armor in it.
(552.65 KB 1928x1908 hutz.png)
(127.59 KB 500x500 plsautism.png)
How about some fun? What's the dumbest thing you posted online? I'm sure some of you done a lot of dumb shit online. When I was 14 I used to follow one of the many young youtube personalities, doing daily vlogs or random sketch and shit. I was regularly watching one small youtuber and genuinely believed he's exactly like me, having same problems and thinking, just more handsome. I messaged him on youtube in a pretty lengthy post about how much I liked him, how much we were similar, talked in detailed about my life and basically told everything happening then like he was my best friend. He just replied back with "Err, thanks for sharing". Then after a few months he quit making videos
>>1320 Some years ago I made a quick drawing of a cat-like thing, then somebody posted porn of cat moot-tan. I dropped my spaghetti and exposed my newfaggotry by replying to the pic with OMG people already are making porn of "my cat", only to get multiple responses mocking my newfaggotry. To this day remembering this showcase of stupidity hurts me in the inside.
>>1325 Post your cat thing anon.
(14.33 KB 500x500 cat.png)
>>1326 I don't have the image anymore, but I think it was something like pic related (although with more details and not made in 2 minutes in paint).
>>1325 years ago when /v/ threads had steam codes giveaway, I would autistically keep refreshing the page for new codes, that would be grabbed by bots. One of them asked to post a reason why he should give his steam codes along with email to send to, and I gave a long sob story about how poor am I, how I'm in abusive household and how a free game would mean the world for me, and gave my actual email id. He didn't select me, of course, but now I'm glad he didn't and how stupid I was to give my real id. Had it been some virus named freeSteamGame.bat my stupid ass would have burned the PC down >>1320 >OMG people already are making porn of "my cat" Lel, I also remember first time when someone screencapped my post
(1.18 MB 1872x1584 in dreams.png)
(570.92 KB 1100x1000 studies_compilation.png)
>>1320 When I was 12 I posted some of the dumbest type of content a boy could make on YouTube and deviantART. The videos were poorly made comedy videos and comics, while my deviantART was edgy-emo art "expressing" myself with the occasional drawing of an emo girl with circle boobs. I don't have a lot of the embarrassing art or those old YouTube videos since the account is gone but I still have some old art left over. Left image is a painting from 2012 compared to some studies from this year.
>>1341 lel. I used to beggars all the time, specially those pretending to be poor or from some third world country, because this behavior always seemed scummy to me. >>1349 These look good. The one on the left reminds me of old horror flash games.
>>1349 kill self (with gentleness) drawkike
Edited last time by shotakot on 06/07/2021 (Mon) 23:31:06.
>>1362 That wasn't very /comfy/ of you, anon.
>>1362 shotakot are you the kot poster from /monster/?
(76.26 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(82.23 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm gonna replay Wind Waker, what colors should my Link be? These aren't the options, just examples
(188.40 KB 655x768 76921427_p3.jpg)
(288.97 KB 679x900 80440167_p0.png)
(454.80 KB 582x772 ShadowLinkMangacolors.png)
(306.85 KB 418x600 TMC_Vaati_Artwork.png)
(253.72 KB 450x450 ALBW_Ravio_Unmasked.png)
>>1371 I only know he's /sm/'s BO. >>1377 Try coloring him like Shadow Link (firs 3 pics), Vaati or Ravio.
(82.97 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(84.05 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(82.15 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1378 >Ravio Feels like missing_texture.png with all this pink (also forgot to paste screenshot before changing the colors again) >Shadow link Makes me think a lot of Marisa from Fire Emblem...8? Doesn't jive with me. >Vaati Fun playing with the colors like this and neat, though I don't think I'll go with that. This was the closest I could get. >him Actually using a slightly girlier model called Linka. There's a bunch of models to choose from, and I liked the girly item models this was packaged with. My second pick would have been Malon. I think I might go with this forest green and red hair one I sort of just stumbled on, but not dead set. Playing with color is fun :)
>>1379 In that case, how about a chibi true Midna? Light blue-grey skin, orange hair, and black clothes with white or light green contrast.
(26.30 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(75.51 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(587.43 KB 661x1031 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1380 I'm surprised and disappointed no one has made a dedicated model for that yet. That sounds like a good idea. Oh, hey, while I was looking at the models people have made, I noticed there's a Vaati
>>1381 Here are my ideas for the Midna palette. I think it would look better if she looked like she was wearing a sleeveless shirt and no pants. Alternatively, install the Vaati model and play a chaotic run.
(76.00 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1382 All models should, in theory, be recolorable similar to this Linka model with just as much ease, as well, so it's possible there's a better model to recolor for making an approximate midna. Genuinely, though, I think a chibi princess midna model would be a brilliant addition. I hope someone makes one, though I'm not so inclined that I'll reach out and pass that idea around to the modders making these (am lazy)
>>1383 Can't you color the sleeves without also changing the color of the neck area? Also try giving the belt the same green color of the bracers.
(76.24 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(785.73 KB 952x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1384 On this model, the sleeves and collar are the same undershirt texture, and also shared with the socks/leggings Would need a different model for different color separation I wonder if recoloring the malon/romani model would be any better for this. I do invite you to try this out for yourself if you'd like a little variety in a replay of Wind Waker on gamecube
>>1385 Can this be modded on a real Gamecube/Wii, or is this only for emulators?
(104.83 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1386 I tried recoloring Malon to see how that'd go, seems like a much better direction but still needs a dedicated model to really shine. Can also use the Romani skin for a bit more variety on the dress, but you get the idea. >Real Gamecube/Wii? Yes, though you'd have to jump through more hoops. You'd have to modify the iso and then boot the iso on the console either through one of the methods of doing that (homebrew channel on wii, for example) or by burning it back onto a disk that the console thinks is a real one. There may be some other methods I don't know about. Emulated is the simplest though.
(73.07 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(63.18 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
For fun, recolored Vaati
>>1387 Damn. I assumed it could be patched on the fly like those Smash Bros and Mario Kart mods. Modify the iso itself is just too much hassle, specially if I want to try different mods. >>1389 Left Vaati is my favorite "Midna skin" so far. He look good in green and black.
(109.07 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1390 I think Malon is the best with midna skin. Romani (pictured) and Vaati in second. This was fun to mess around with. >I assumed it could be patched on the fly You'd have to look deeper into wii modding than I have. I know the basic and obvious strategy works, in modding the ISO. I do not know if any other method works. I don't know what other methods there are. If you know a lot about modding wii/gamecube on console, you probably know more than me about what could be done to apply these there.
>>1391 Today in "Cooking with Midna": How to make cucco stew, ft. Cojiro the cucco!
(85.20 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
(81.67 KB 749x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1392 Ha. Silly. Well, I had a little fun recolored girl link with pastels, but I think I'll settle on the red hair and forest green tunic from before. It's minor, it's basic, but it's nice. Also all the items are made girly with this model and that's my favorite part.
(37.33 KB 749x428 7qsztpazrf3y.png)
>>1394 No offense, but I can't take recolors with red hair/eyes seriously. They always remind me of these edgy Deviantart OCs that claim to be the evil counterpart or lost brothers of existing characters. I'm already imagining that girl's bio: >Lynk the Hylian >Age: 15 >Favorite weapon: Black killer sword. It gains power from the enemies it kills and heals Lynk. It can also throw fire, water, air, rocks, light, acid and thunder at will. >Likes: Fighting, torture, rock music, fire, fairies, money, darkness, her brother Link, big swords, blood, Eve (her fairy), ice cream, Toby from class B >Dislikes: Compassion, good people, cuccos (they can't fight 1v1 and always call for help and kill me >:( ), my mom, Cindy from class B, people cuter than her, too much blood, princess Zelda, Saria and anyone who tries to steal Link fuck them he's mine >Bio: Lynk is Link's missing sister. She was abandoned in the lost woods by the great Deku tree because she was too dangerous for the kokiri and was raised by wolfs, who made her be cold and ruthless in order to survive. Lynx has the missing fourth piece of triforce of death that she uses to turn the souls of her enemies into weapons she uses to kill more enemies. She plans to kill Ganon and Zelda and take over their place as the Queen of Hyrule and force Link to be always with her and kiss even if they're brothers.
(2.06 MB 1300x1016 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1395 Ha, that's cute! Maybe when I play as Malon someday, I'll recolor to super goth. I never get that impression from bright red hair though, it's more of a pure white or pure black (or anything with highlights) Red to me is just a bright autumn color, and a good one to pair with forest green.
(279.76 KB 1680x1050 outrun2.jpg)
(369.33 KB 1600x1200 outrun2006.jpg)
>>1320 Outrun 2006, a very comfy game. The first time I got banned on tf2 server after repeatedly accusing someone to be hacking with sniper. The sniper kept taunting me with each kill and every time I cried on chat. I threatened I'll get them banned from Steam. Now I became a god-like sniper and camping, with people accusing me of hacking.
>really hot night, too warm to sleep >watch horror >chills and shivering There is always a solution

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