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(25.00 KB 280x280 DmSp1rLX4AAW-xa_(1).jpg)

The Little Things in Life Bakanon 09/20/2021 (Mon) 05:08:11 No. 2756
Sometimes very late and into the quiet hours of the night I can hear the train whistles blowing from the town a few miles over. It reminds me of the pleasant times I had in middle school closer to that town, and makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing out there beyond the endless darkness and crickets chirping there are other people, as far away as they may be. Are there any small pleasures that keep you going in the day? Tiny things that make you feel a little better or carry you home on a higher note?
(1.54 MB 922x691 1531348516545.png)

>>2756 For me, it is those brief moments where a place that is usually busy empties for a very short time, allowing me to close my eyes and appreciate for a instant the strange calm of the place, always accompanied by a rare silence where you don't know if the voices you hear in the distance are the passersby announcing the end of this small period of peace or if it is the brain trying to fill that strange silence to which it has rarely been exposed before.
>>2757 Those moments are very nice. I personally don't like being around a lot of people and am always on edge so it's like a massive breath of fresh air when it happens. The few times I really did enjoy working at my old job were during very slow mornings and very late at night when almost no one was around and I could just shoot the shit with coworkers/managers or dick off doing crossword puzzles.
Making retards I hate angry.
Taking a walk out in nature, smelling the breeze, watching little insects or other animals go about their days, etc. Just being out in Creation with the sole intention of observing and basking in it is the most meaningful pleasure I've ever experienced. It makes life worth living.

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