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(50.45 KB 1028x970 DXJ-n8RX0AAlhE8.jpg)
Daily Happyposts Bakanon 05/25/2021 (Tue) 00:54:21 No. 898
Post one thing you liked about your day every day for better mental health. The wind was in my hair while I was biking and it felt like my hair was weightless, it's a really nice feeling.
(51.43 KB 300x300 46208847_p27.jpg)
Today I fed a stray dog and he ate everything.
I spent 5.5 hours trying to solve a sudoku. I got upset. Then I spent 3 hours and solved 4 or 5 sudokus on an easier difficulty
(131.25 KB 288x339 1459132133471.png)
>>899 Update: the dog turned to be from a neighbor, who got mad at me for feeding his dog weird things (soup I made the other dau mixed with dog food I feed to my own dogs).
>>927 Fugg, at least the neighbor didn't called the cops on you right?
(2.27 MB 460x460 Cool Cat.webm)
When I woke up today, the sun was shining on the trees outside and it was very pretty, making me happy immediately.
Anons over at /agdg/ threads where wondering why there isn't so much progress being posted, I chimed in about my health condition and they were still supportive of me, which I'm glad for that. Also my father is about to repurpose one of his very old computers which I get to keep one of these soon when he is finishing setting them all up, I can setup a computer on my own too but he needs to know first which one of those computers he wants to get rid of first.
>>932 old tech is cool If I were more into retro games and programs, I'd probably super dig having the actual hardware they were made to run on.
>>932 >Also my father is about to repurpose one of his very old computers which I get to keep one of these soon when he is finishing setting them all up What is he going to do with it?
>>935 I haven't checked in yet deeply what kind of specs they have but my father just used them as a server so there is no graphic card, I do have however one spare graphic card that I can built in later, but it's going to be a bit difficult doing it because the graphic card is larger then the space around the PCI connection of the mainboard. Then I could try running Unreal Gold, Deus Ex, Quake 1 and Xash3D on it after I have installed a Linux variant. >>938 He is going to gift them to some children which never had a computer before, only a tablet and one of them child have phones or something. They don't even have internet connection. My father thinks they could use them for school for writing or doing basic graphic stuff. The OS he installed on those machines is Windows 10.
I gave myself a haircut today and I've got a lot better at keeping it shorter and clean-cut. >>932 Take care of yourself, devanon!
>>928 Nope. He just yelled at me and left. >>939 >He is going to gift them to some children which never had a computer before, only a tablet and one of them child have phones or something. They don't even have internet connection. My father thinks they could use them for school for writing or doing basic graphic stuff. The OS he installed on those machines is Windows 10. How old is that PC? I have a 10yo laptop with Win10 that runs ok for basic tasks (office, videos, very light games) but struggles with everything else. Honestly I'd recommend you and your dad to install Linux Mint (consumes less resources and has less chances of getting a virus or fucking everything up with an update), add OnlyOffice (it has much better compatibility with MS Office documents than LibreOffice), an offline Wikipedia with Kiwix to help them with school, and a couple of NES/SNES-era emulators with games for their entertainment.
>>954 Thanks. What kind of haircut are you going for? >Nope. He just yelled at me and left. At least it was only that, could be worse. Man I miss petting doggos, they look so happy when they get taken care of. >How old is that PC? No idea, apparently it uses i3 Processor according to the sticker, my father said those computer costed around for him 30-50€ he can't really recall, which have around 160-250GB HDD space so its very old with no dedicated graphic card, so when he mounted a monitor on those old machines the monitor has a heavy scanline effect like from a video when you record those CRT monitors. >Install Linux Mint I can do but its going to be a bit of a challenge trying to convince my father to install Linux Mint on these machines as he is not very fond of Linux and he only uses it if its really necessary. >OnlyOffice Does it include libbie? :^) Asking for a friend. >an offline Wikipedia with Kiwix to help them with school, and a couple of NES/SNES-era emulators with games for their entertainment. Hmm that will be a bit troublesome, those children are Croatian they cannot speak German or English so language barrier is a big issue and I wouldn't be able to help them out either if they need technical support as I don't speak Croatian myself.
I managed to get everything off my slightly rattly 10 year old 2tb drive and put it my Nu 3tb drive, also attached a new chassis fan and *nothing* went sideways, it's a christmas miracle. >>928 What could the legal charge in that scenario possibly be? I doubt one can unlawfully feed a dog, unless it's poison.
Passed out last night after work, but thanks to that I got a solid 10 straight hours of sleep and woke up feeling really good and not groggy or tired at all. >>971 Just a short, sporty one. It's a little nerve-wracking the first time you shave inches of hair off your head and everything looks uneven and weird, but once it's all nice and level and layered it feels really nice.
Yesterday I finished a cool game and today I woke up to a fresh and happy-granting breeze through my window. Life is lovely and I am happy.
(98.41 KB 426x317 3i1dypC.png)
I made someone smile today and that made me feel very stoked and epic and based and redpilled.
(623.08 KB 1664x2608 kim.jpg)
>>1037 I know its late but can you tell me who you made smile and what did you do? I have trouble making others smile
>>1109 I don't remember! I have the shortest term memory around. Probably something like a passing compliment. The most recent smile I caused, that I know of, is about half an hour ago when I told my fiancee that I dreamed about them but the reality is even better. I dream about them almost every day and tell them every time, it's effective. (this time the dream included my niece that I babysit and I think some reference to roblox that she plays every day) But it's kind of cheating to mention making someone smile when they already love me. I don't remember many things very well Okay just now I made my bff smile because she texted me about a goblet in final fantasy 14 and I said "pretty messed up that a goblet is a cup and not a tiny goblin" and I stole that joke but it still works. Today is a good day.
(241.44 KB 1000x1428 1366_2001.jpeg)
I passed this semester of college with better grades than I originally expected. >inb4 underage I'm 20.
I'm a complete beginner in /fit/ness, but I managed to record the 900 calories I lost in cardio exercise last week. It doesn't seem like much right now but I'm hoping to increase that gradually and to get in some lifting so I can bulk after I do some cutting. >>1125 Congrats anon! And to all the other graduating anons out there.
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 bojac.png)
I talked to an old friend I haven't talked to for about 3 years. We didn't have a fallout, just drifted apart when left for different cities. I saw his profile pic as Bojack Horseman and realized he was going through tough times (even though I hate when people signal emo or "depression"). I had a small talk with him, how life was going on, how we had fun, we both admitted we aren't having the goodest of times. But it was going well. I realized I was not afraid of socializing anymore. I could talk to someone on a whim without notice, have a small chat and not be anxious or nervous or sweating over what to talk next. Funny. It isn't happypost, but it made me content, if that's the right word for it.
(108.71 KB 659x459 06437.jpg)
>>1194 I think it's a happypost since it made me happy, anon. You've grown into someone that is good at heart, and you're not as held back by nerves as you may have been in your past. It's wholesome development.
(1.49 MB 1920x1080 1622622861924.jpg)
>>1196 Thank you. I realized a while back happyness isn't all smiles and laughs, but rather lots of little things that you do or happen to you, whether by your action or just by being a part of something. I'll have to be better with words to define it properly. Funny how when I used to be "happy" and would screech at other normies or "too busy to be mingling with people", calling myself anti-social; I actually used to be very socially awkward. Now im actually away from people, im much more willing to socialize. Granted anxiety is still present, but it doesn't stop me now. Funny. How's your day?
I know this is not the best place to talk about this stuff, but sometimes, I get feelings of death and dying, and I get really terrified of it. Like how you stop feeling anything forever, end of your existence, and what your final moments would feel like. And that get me really afraid when I'm trying to sleepI know some would call it childish or not to worry about it, but still it grabs me badly and i can't do anything about it.Does anyone else feels this sometimes?
>>1199 Read the Corpus Hermeticum and understand it. Then start practicing to actually see it in action so it's not just belief. Your condition is caused by atheism. You can't fix it without the supernatural since anything else naturally leads to cessation of consciousness. So your choice is either accepting it, or accepting the supernatural. The reason I'm recommending Hermeticism is because it's basically a master key to all things supernatural
>>1198 I woke up feeling bright and positive! My day has gone well so far and it's going well the rest of the way too. >>1199 same! I refuse to die! That's my cope.
I drew a simple comission of some gacha shit character for $10, bought A Hat in Time DLC with the money.
>>1207 that's baller!
(217.88 KB 1128x1500 dad7ec960a21616c0535e950080a5d62.jpg)
>>1199 Your thoughts aren't childish anon, but I wil redirect you to this anon's post >>1202 I'll tell you the same thing I told my grandmother when I had lunch with her earlier. These people that freak out about the China Virus that start yelling at people in public for not wearing masks and condemning and name calling them as "others" for not wearing masks, or going outside, whatever it is - are deathly afraid that they will lose the one life they have. My priest consoled us during the early COVID crisis that we're not to be afraid of losing our temporal bodies, we should know that our lives are only temporary. My life has gone through a lot of suffering for instance, but I continue to be courageous in Christ because I know that something better awaits me in the afterlife. You have to build a solid reassurance that death is inevitable, but is nothing to be afraid of once you have yourself grounded in a solid foundation. Try praying, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to your answers and ask Him for comfort. Also, to those people that search for things like immortality or extending life for as long as possible - is that what you 'really' want? Does anyone really want to live in 'this' world forever? I know I wouldn't want to live her any longer than what I'm supposed to.
Yesterday I drew something that I felt represented my emotions pretty well. Today it was raining really hard but I liked how it felt on my hair when I walked to my car after work. >>1199 They are normal thoughts, and it just means you're introspective. I have the same sort of thought spirals from time to time, just wondering at what point we really know anything or if anything we understand is certain. What is emotion, what is meaning, what is time, what is purpose, what it feels like to die, at what point a mind exists and what the cessation of that would feel like... Music helps me with those thoughts a bit. >>1207 Nice. I've always wanted to do commissions but the thought of someone actually paying money for something I drew just seems so weird.
>>1202 >>1203 >>1209 >>1212 Thanks anons. It soothed me enough to get by another day, I read some parts of Corpus Hermeticum, I'll try to read it all. Even if it won't solve all my problems, just going through one day is enough for me, and then another. Thanks kind anons.
>>1212 >>1207 Can you both share your drawings? I want to see how you have made.
(1.16 MB 2400x1352 81471534_p0.jpg)
I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the window!!!!! It's so pleasant and pretty. I really like the rain. When it clears up, I hope I have time to go biking. Very nice morning today.
(203.01 KB 800x640 1369077429743.jpg)
>>1224 It's all pleasure and relaxation until you realize that you left the window open and everything surrounding it is completely soaked.
(1.09 MB 1000x1000 74572478_p1.jpg)
>>1238 I disagree. I sleep up against the window, so the rain will wake me, not just soak stuff. And I like that. Have woken that way before. I love the rain.
>>1223 I'd love to but I already posted it to a drawthread on another site. Plus it wasn't exactly comfy, so maybe I should draw another one instead.
>>1224 >>1238 >>1240 Rain is a genuine blessing.
>>1244 Ohh, its okay if you don't wanna post here, good luck to you drawfriend, I will be looking out for you! Remember to have fun!
(787.55 KB 624x352 yourgay.mp4)
I made jokes about someone being gay when they were angry at someone else, and then they made a joke about me being gay, and then I laughed and said they were funny and all the anger was gone, no more fighting. We had a good laugh. I felt happy about that
>>1295 you're gay (*happy)
>>898 I managed to make my usual Saturday Negroni just perfectly today. I also made a double portion, so there's a lot and I'm very drunk right now.
(86.75 KB 494x436 791593500.jpg)
>>1295 And then you kissed. >>1299 >Saturday Negroni >Saturday Negro
The air was fresh and the sun was pretty today
Yesterday I had a very casual chat with one of my managers while we were both doing other stuff. It was very nice and I didn't feel nervous at all. Today I spent time outside and mowed the lawn. It sucked but I'm happy I got some sun. All the greens look very gold when the sun's shining on them.
>>1295 Situation well defused anon. >>1306 >the greens look very gold when the sun's shining on them it makes no sense but could very well be used in a novel describing a good day. Care to speak more like this?
(796.85 KB 4250x2390 1621117057031.jpg)
(829.56 KB 2560x1440 1618878265835.jpg)
(4.38 MB 3202x1801 1617311407093.png)
>>1240 >>1238 >>1224 Posting more rains. Walking through streets after rain has ended, with lights reflecting off the wet roads and pavement, with cloudy sky overhead, a warm chill atmosphere (is this even make sense?) and things slowly resuming back...
(153.44 KB 395x255 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1306 Not usually the one to initiate conversation myself as I struggle with social cues. At times people approach me for someone to talk to and I just listen. A fellow cleaner has gardening has her hobby and at times talks about the ornamental gourds and other vegetables she is growing as well as other aspects of her hobby. There is quite a lot I do not understand as I have no background in horticulture but her enthusiasm is infectious. >>1342 Definitely like the last one. Very atmospheric.
(306.15 KB 900x600 Goblin Eggs.jpg)
>>1356 >ornamental gourds Berry comfy. I'm growing a few myself right now along with some not so ornamental ones. This variety specifically this year.
>>1357 Silly anon, goblins can't lay eggs, you're thinking of Kobolds
>>1356 Funny you should say that, once I showed a similar wallpaper to my friend and he said it was creepy and sad and lifeless. I told him its calm and peaceful, being in a empty open space with nature and "nothingness" is very peaceful to me.
>>1369 None of those are necessarily conflicting descriptors though. That image can be creepy, sad, lifeless, calm, and peaceful.
I had blueberries today! Very classic fruit. Felt very posh and middle class
>>1376 Berries are terrific since you can either make something with them or just snack on them like any other food. Personally: (Cherries)>Strawberries>Blueberries>Raspberries I know cherries aren't a berry but they're basically the same in terms of taste and category
Short notice asked to babysit my niece! Money and happy hanging out!
>>1388 I should avoid seeds. Any berries that don't really have any?
>>1222 Well after a week, I have not yet fully read hermeticum, but the first chapter is really eye opening on God, Logos and his creations. Concept of life and death is all the same. It reduced my fear of the inevitable, and I can sleep a little better. Now I am more curious about it, but reading more gives me more anxiety. I'll just have to take my time.I still get feelings of death and random fears, but is less captivating and can manage it I guess I'm not all atheist, like most modern people, I was taught religion, daily life got a way, never rejected God, but can't remember last time when I wasn't just asking from God. just wanted to talk my heart
>>1412 The only berry I know that doesn't have seeds is a banana, and that's really just a technicality.
>>1438 seedless bananas aree gay seed bananas have classy flavor
>>1439 Supposedly most bananas a long time ago were the really tasty creamy kind the artificial flavor is based off of (the Gros Michel banana), and it wasn't until the 50s that disease ravaged them and led to the crummy grass-flavor bananas becoming popular (the Cavendish banana). I did a little bit of research online and you can apparently buy crates of all kinds of bananas and get them shipped to you!
>>1440 I don't think we could eat a crate of bananas before they go bad, but thank you!
My cats were extra cuddly today, it made me smile.
There is a seagull that visits me every day for food. It has got to the point that said seagull is almost semi-domesticated though it has attempted on more than one occasion to enter my house. Really need to work on those boundaries. Nice to have that kind of companion though.
>>1451 cute! Have you named them?
I just kissed a cute girl. A cute boy too. Just on the forehead though, and also they're cats.
(1.04 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Watched Mars and Beyond again and it was cool as fuck.
>>1467 no u
(2.08 MB 1834x2136 orange and white cat.jpg)
>>1465 Orange and white cats!
>>1472 Are you saying I'm cool as fuck, anon?
>>1476 Yeah. I am. Whatcha gonna do about it? Go ahead and call the police, they can't un-compliment you
>>1474 It has been so many years since I've seen an orange cat in real life.
>>1482 An orange cat shows up in my yard all the time.
(341.26 KB 2000x1355 cats.jpg)
cats are the best!!
I love how things look when sunshine hits with intense summer flare. It feels like liveliness!
Today I randomly stumbled onto a bunch of music I really like that I'd never listened to before.
Today I went back to a game I hadn't played in a while and it was even more fun than I remembered.
>>1516 Which game? c:
I woke up with blood pressure so low I thought I was dying that was kind of nice

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