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Anonymous 09/08/2021 (Wed) 10:14:50 No. 1549
Post ITT every time you visit the board...
>>1551 There are some rumours! Keep shilling
This was a child actor named Bjorn Andresen. He was in some pedo movie called "Death in Venice" which was adapted from a book. It's about some old guy on a vacation in Venice and he spots a cute shota then he spends the rest of his time stalking the shota. The actor also received lots of gay letters from people and magazine outlets that would say he's gay despite actually being straight. He eventually had enough of it and stopped being an actor and away from public eye.
your blood tastes so sweet like sugar baby
(106.25 KB 800x800 MW-npc-Ordinator.jpg)

Let's not make this official, anon. Move along.
Fuck you let's make it official.
CPR... it's dying...
>No draining on the femboy board
What's with these vague posts? Is it a schizo?
>>1609 Probably. Not like moderation is smart enough to do anything about it.
>>1610 Theres nothing illegal about being insane.
>>1609 a bit autisto-schizophrenic, maybe
>>1611 World would be a better place if it was.
>>1623 Yeah, kennedy closed our asylums. His sister was lobotomized by his pops, so he visited asylums pretty frequently. And obviously was bothered by the early century facilities. I get it. The problem is he was shot in the head before we could do anything other than tell crazies to live in the streets. In england Maggie thatcher did the same thing under her "throw the nutter in the gutter" policy. What few asylums we had left in the states were shuttered by Reagan agreeing we needed the money for more military spending. And in short that's how we got here. I agree that we should reinstate asylums asap.
>>1624 Like absolutely the conditions could've been improved but like we need places to house people who just don't belong in society. Instead of doing what we do now by giving them platforms or teaching jobs.
>>1625 Heh, or just leaving them on the streets to beg, steal, and set each other on fire. Yeah the current system just doesn't work period. And we really need a new plan. I agree asylums worked. The conditions sucked but shit that could easily be fixed. So yeah I think we need to reopen all the asylums. Maybe even build some more.
>>1626 We even have mental hospitals right now but if they're not institutionalized by law they can still leave of their own volition. So it's like what does it do?
>>1627 Good point. Well if we have the facilities then yeah we need a law saying crazy people need to go there, and stay there.
Howdy ho
>>1629 Howdy pardner, welcome to these here parts.
I'm justhere for feet and ass
>>1632 Welcum :)
Cute boy feet
Posting on a dead rulecucked board.
>>1635 seethe
>>1635 I sense a tranny
(2.58 MB 2548x1739 6rmnn6ir65o8vxfozyywiu0yd.jpg)

>>1635 Nope.
i wouldnt be surprised if we were all secretly good looking
>>1666 Nice try, satan!
(434.47 KB 714x1000 cute anime cat boy.jpg)

>this board is still alive Genuinely impressed. Good job.
>>1699 Thanks to me of course
>>1699 Hell yeah.
>>1699 How also i hate interracial

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