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Cosplay and Crossdressing. Anonymous 08/24/2021 (Tue) 02:18:27 No. 1166
You know the drill, post cute boys in women's wear and crossplaying.
>>1166 And no trannies
>>1167 Thanks for the addition, I forgot to add that part.
>>1167 >>1168 Trannies are repulsive anway, nobody would even consider it.
(169.21 KB 464x332 SBk22.png)

>>1170 >>1171 Holy fuck
(54.12 KB 560x1024 DdECiCWVAAAFisk.jpg)

(76.33 KB 577x1024 DdECi_jVwAAjh-t.jpg)

(66.18 KB 682x1024 DdEChj7V0AA28pd.jpg)

(56.59 KB 578x1024 DdEChD2VQAA5KKA.jpg)

>>1166 More of him.
>>1179 I want to die with my head being crushed by those thighs
Rei Emi.
kotomitako A.K.A. monster dick Astolfo.
>>1189 Holy shit i'm so jealous
>>1189 How do I get him to rail me?
>>1189 Holy shit
>>1189 he should consider fucking horses
>>1215 Horses can control their vagina muscles. A normal dude can fuck & pleasure a horse.
>>1224 I know, I'm OP of >>>/zoo/18 tbh but I want to see him balls deep in mare and hear the whinnying is that a crime? well yeah it is is it worth it? yes
>>1226 Because of course Chai also posts here.
>>1227 >Chai nope
>>1236 My next guess would be Cloaca but he didn't find the board for a week. Hmmm. A nameless anon then.
>>1250 I'm nepi
>>1255 Oh Give me more zoo links then.
>>1257 I like it when you spam all over me nepi. Gimme more.
One could say to merge /interracial/ with /zoo/, but it would offend the animals.
>>1267 Plus /zoo/ has a no pavement apes rule.
>>1268 Most excellent. :>
>>1266 /zoo/wo >>1268 good
(335.23 KB 1536x2048 Ewi69G0W8AIOB8A.jpg)

(360.88 KB 1536x2048 Ewi69GxWEAcuhDu.jpg)

(192.56 KB 1536x2048 d9be55fcb15b562166be3bcc68fb555d.jpg)

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