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Trannies not allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 09/08/2021 (Wed) 10:14:50 No. 1549
Post ITT every time you visit the board...
We gotta
So, does this board have many gays on it?
>>1551 There are some rumours! Keep shilling
This was a child actor named Bjorn Andresen. He was in some pedo movie called "Death in Venice" which was adapted from a book. It's about some old guy on a vacation in Venice and he spots a cute shota then he spends the rest of his time stalking the shota. The actor also received lots of gay letters from people and magazine outlets that would say he's gay despite actually being straight. He eventually had enough of it and stopped being an actor and away from public eye.
your blood tastes so sweet like sugar baby
(106.25 KB 800x800 MW-npc-Ordinator.jpg)

Let's not make this official, anon. Move along.
Fuck you let's make it official.
CPR... it's dying...
>No draining on the femboy board
What's with these vague posts? Is it a schizo?
>>1609 Probably. Not like moderation is smart enough to do anything about it.
>>1610 Theres nothing illegal about being insane.
>>1609 a bit autisto-schizophrenic, maybe
>>1611 World would be a better place if it was.
>>1623 Yeah, kennedy closed our asylums. His sister was lobotomized by his pops, so he visited asylums pretty frequently. And obviously was bothered by the early century facilities. I get it. The problem is he was shot in the head before we could do anything other than tell crazies to live in the streets. In england Maggie thatcher did the same thing under her "throw the nutter in the gutter" policy. What few asylums we had left in the states were shuttered by Reagan agreeing we needed the money for more military spending. And in short that's how we got here. I agree that we should reinstate asylums asap.
>>1624 Like absolutely the conditions could've been improved but like we need places to house people who just don't belong in society. Instead of doing what we do now by giving them platforms or teaching jobs.
>>1625 Heh, or just leaving them on the streets to beg, steal, and set each other on fire. Yeah the current system just doesn't work period. And we really need a new plan. I agree asylums worked. The conditions sucked but shit that could easily be fixed. So yeah I think we need to reopen all the asylums. Maybe even build some more.
>>1626 We even have mental hospitals right now but if they're not institutionalized by law they can still leave of their own volition. So it's like what does it do?
>>1627 Good point. Well if we have the facilities then yeah we need a law saying crazy people need to go there, and stay there.
Howdy ho
>>1629 Howdy pardner, welcome to these here parts.
I'm justhere for feet and ass
>>1632 Welcum :)
Cute boy feet
Posting on a dead rulecucked board.
>>1635 seethe
>>1635 I sense a tranny
(2.58 MB 2548x1739 6rmnn6ir65o8vxfozyywiu0yd.jpg)

>>1635 Nope.
i wouldnt be surprised if we were all secretly good looking
>>1666 Nice try, satan!
(434.47 KB 714x1000 cute anime cat boy.jpg)

>this board is still alive Genuinely impressed. Good job.
>>1699 Thanks to me of course
>>1699 Hell yeah.
>>1699 How also i hate interracial
This is the end
>>1716 Nah tbh.
Okay I will then OP. Also have some HankxConnor
>>1752 full of cum :>
(97.66 KB 350x426 1.gif)

Give me (You)s
>>1759 (you) ^^
min kongs
ded bord????
Guess it is dead.
>>1784 Your moms dead, but only if you don't reply to this post.
(24.46 KB 500x360 the kind of tired.jpg)

>This board dying >The boards that occur to be definitively not dying
>>1788 We depart in style. Sleeper, for one day we awaken again
>>1788 they don't call this site blacked.moe for nothing
>>1786 She's a zombie now, thanks fucker
Still gaming on a gt 640m. ama
(3.11 MB 1280x720 1631984993665.webm)

>>1795 Based.
penis per hour
(294.94 KB 964x1123 Hooni 13.jpg)

Waiting for love
>>1860 I'm waiting for me to make it happen, myself.
but even I only seem to drift further away from me.
>>1795 white cringe
>>1870 Your father cringe (can't seem to find him edition).
>>1870 You are a nigger! You lose! Good day sir!
>be me >be horny after a week or two of nofap >post some photo's on /cb/ >decide to jerk off later >come up with the genius idea to cum on my face >lay on upper back and suspend lower body above by pushing feet against the wall >edge for a little while >balls keep getting in the way of jerking off >eventually coom >honestly I've had better, shoulda edged for longer. >half of it gets stuck in hair >catch the rest in mouth >WTF did I do this I hate the taste of cum? >spit cum into towel >spend the next couple minutes wiping face and hair and with damp towel >well that was annoying and tedious >I'm no longer horny >go on a walk >get back home >make myself diced chicken breast in a cast iron skillet mixed with olive oil, broccoli, rice, garlic powder, and a little salt and pepper >pretty good >go back to PC >see this thread >decide to post in it High iq moment here, thx for reading my blog faggots. >>1629 Name's Nephi, friend. Driver Nephi. Pleasure to meet you. >>1851 wanker >>1873 Schrodinger a cute
victory royale boys
>>1874 >Doesn't like cum >Doesn't like Hooni Are you gay?
>>1874 >doesn't like cum Fucking faggot.
>>1874 >lay on upper back and suspend lower body above by pushing feet against the wall That position was so uncomfortable that I lost my arousal and couldn't cum. In the end I decided to masturbate in the traditional way and cum in my hand and then lick my cum off. It tasted similar to how sweaty skin tastes, although I'm still curious to taste someone else's semen.
this isn't the crash bandicoot board
bead doard
>>1890 We're sleeping...
(56.99 KB 220x220 pain.png)

>>1890 Then help lol.
>>1890 You let me sleep in peace sir.
mfw slep =w=
(593.94 KB 1280x1757 PENTIUM.jpg)

>>1917 fuc u retar
>>1918 fag lloser
>>1919 nigger!
>>1920 wtf! you cant just call me the n word you piece of shit!
We got the based schizos.
>>1921 nigger kike
>>1921 Nigger begone
I want a man's hard willy in my bumbum. .//.
I want to creme a boi
Bonk. >>1942 :0 hey~
best board
>>1946 Hey, horny boi
>>1947 It really is
i love boys. >>1942 me too also wouldn't mind being creamed owo >>1947 Yes.
Le choon.
>>1956 Based verse(bottom)
(223.13 KB 600x1000 Imperial_Prison_Guard.webp)

I saw a woman the other day. horrible creatures, i steered clear of them!
>>1960 Exactly. I'll ride your cock instead. ;3
>>1963 Hail victory!
What are you doing, BO?
>>1993 None of your business, pal.
And a SIEG
i wanna commit sudoku desu
>>2036 cringe
>>2037 :( yes
>>2037 It really is.
Sorry about the quality, I could take something better sometime else. Can I cuteboy please? >//<
(301.50 KB 704x512 1624619376613.png)

>>2053 Wtf? That's not you, is it?
>>2053 very cute anon!
>>2054 Who are you? Who's "you"?
(865.55 KB 1280x720 Tomoko hands you coke, wyd?.png)

Speak up, or im splinking it all over your cringe fake maid uniform.
im pretty sure it was me holding my mobile & taking the photoo, if the's what you mean.
o.0 Good enough, still readable.
>>2059 well then take more <3
>>2056 I mean, agreeing with >>2055 !
And >>2062 certainly
Sorry for the late response, completely forgot for a while I even made a post here. >>1876 >>Doesn't like cum Well I know I don't like my own. >>Doesn't like Hooni I have no problem Korean comic book characters. >Are you gay? Worse im a bisexual, I have the power too fuck anything of which I find attractive. >>1877 You can have my faggot cummies if ya want em anon ;) >>1878 Yeah wasn't really the best climax either but im in decent shame, eat well, and am flexible enough too manage it. >>1875 The only battle royal I've ever played was via minecraft, I don't really buy intoo Big Box Office vidya.
what happened too the b00t thread?
>>2072 he's a commie and also a tranny and also underage
>>2073 wait really? I know he fucked a white supremacist when he was 17 but is his porn underage?
>>2075 from what i heard him lying about his age and fucking the guy happened around the same time as his lewdposting
Edited last time by cutemod on 10/20/2021 (Wed) 12:46:56.
>>2076 how underage?
(118.43 KB 675x1200 FAUYiYSVEAIzP9M.jpg)

He's the reason the I wanted too go too California. t. bri ish
>>2085 >going too california >ever silly limey
>>2068 Also with >>2062
(282.24 KB 1080x1920 FCg75H-VUAA3Pv3.jpg)

(281.02 KB 1080x1920 FCj6rebVQAAsLBb.jpg)

(275.50 KB 1022x1886 FCj6iUVVEAI_7w5.jpg)

(220.61 KB 955x1777 FCg75X3VIAYVPLJ.jpg)

>>2086 Love wins (Again)
>>2092 Based
>>2092 so you hooked up these these boi?
>>2092 Awfully weak jawline. Not too my taste.
How disgusting.
(2.45 MB 1200x1622 ClipboardImage.png)

im lonely and wish I had a romantic partner who valued me for my thoughts and ideas as well as my physical body
>>2101 Forget it & focus on yourself. Misanthropy is based. Don't waste your time fucking around with irrelevant political ideologies in your head, either.
>>2102 I have lived in self imposed isolation and am happy with myself, but solitary confinement will drive a person insane. I feel it. It's been 5 years of basement and tendies. I must find a partner or I will die.
>>2103 >I must find a partner or I will die. Abandon nihilism and return too the vedic tradition
>>2103 try a dating app
>>2106 cringe
One punk, two punk, three punk, four. What the hell Lucas and the phantoom menace had a green screen stunt doubled model. They stoole all myomey
It's all so tiresome.
BOYS are based :>
>>2114 based on what?
>>2118 COCK, of course!
>>2133 now the, is pretty fuckin based
>>2140 I don't think we're even doing the bad, hehe.
*the bad couldn't stand looking at the error anymore ;p
You fucking schizophrenic wanker.
(1.61 MB 624x1232 thiccbuns shake.mp4)

henlo, also these isnt me
(384.62 KB 1280x957 Scaiano-Stone-House_2.jpg)

>>2085 >unironically considered moving too Commiefornia >ethnic Anglo*d Big yikes >>2100 >Cute! Yes very much so, the said your a fucking retard because Chen is a girl.
(113.25 KB 720x720 disapppointed doggie.jpg)

>Go out with guy because he finds me fit but idk I have proper feelings for him yet. >Man I love more than anything else in my reality is suddenly single.
>>2243 You'd be a fool too try and get with someone who dumped you once already.
>>2244 I was never with him in the first place. Are you the desert hobo?
>>2245 Yeah
(164.34 KB 630x630 FFtV4p7WQAQQkbp.png)

>>2263 Same. Nowadays it doesn't matter what kind of porn I start fapping too ("vanilla" straight, yaoi, loli, furry, monster, etc), I always end masturbating and cumming too gay porn featuring a smaller bottoom being completely dominated by a bigger toop who fucks him without mercy, all while self-inserting as the defenseless bottoom.
(100.22 KB 1190x1743 0df527200301bc9a.jpeg)

>>2263 >>2269 Even when I fap too straight porn, I end up focusing & thinking about dicks. Good thing women's personalities already make me hate them anyway. Even if I wasn't cock focused.
>>2263 you say the like it isn't based
(242.84 KB 600x750 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2269 lewd and hot >>2274 it's not the first time it's happened, but it didn't come with romantic feelings before
Hello frens i'm new too 8moe, is these the right thread too request my chan issued girlfren (m)?
Oh guess I gotta make my mandatory post on this dead board, well I've got a proposition then. For every post we make here we should also make a post on /k/. That way both ours and their boards are more lively as a result. How about it lads? I'm gonna got start a new thread there right now for a new sling to put on my shotty that I've neglected suiting up. I already choose good swivels for it and plan to order them after Christmas so things are less hectic as a result. >>2284 Has anyone even seen an 8Moer IRL besides Mark and Kazu?
>>2297 guns are gay
>>2298 Guns are fun and cool machines, they're only come off as gay when people publicly dress up as cringy wannabe tactitard mall ninjas despite struggling just to climb a flight of stairs or when leftist commies who don't know wtf they're doing with a firearm proceed to play with said gun and then accidental shoot an innocent bystander and then blame the gun as though it had a mind of it's own like fucking retards, I don't wanna be rude and name anyone in particular well aside from Baldwin because he's a fucking hypocrite faggot but that's besides the point. Personally I think your gay for not liking guns.
>>2299 gay faggots that like guns should be shot, real straight faggots hate guns and only like dicks wait
https://8chan.moe/k/res/827.html# It's up, I'm gonna go to bed now but I look forward to reading you anons well thought out criticisms and inputs tomorrow. I'm sure it will be very insightful and intelligent dialog waiting for my at my desk come later in the afternoon. >>2300 Rude why can't I like both?
Ahhh fuck been a while since I've posted on 8Moe.... >>>/k/827
Meh, nighty night anons.
Bottoming from the top or the bottom?
Goodness you anons are fucking useless, not one post in my /k/ thread... I hope you at least bumped other threads there. I really wanted to start a healthy culture of cross posting to make things more lively. >>2304 I'm more of a top usually but personally I like to change positions ever 20 or 30 minutes. It's more fun that way especially when you get to bend someone over various pieces of furniture. >>1915 Neat
>>2306 most people are lurkers with nothing to say
>>2308 >most people are lurkers with nothing to say Well saying anything would be better than nothing. What are they so shy and afraid of anyway? The potential "repercussions" of being called a faggot on an anonymous image board for potentially having an unsavory opinion that someone else might disagree with? Pathetic, they don't even need to worry about Hiro's data mining scheme since this isn't 4Cuck, they should stop being whimps and contribute to this board already instead of just being lazy freeloaders. The only excuse I'll accept for this board being a ghost town more so than usual is if those anons are preparing for Christmas with their families and what not. I had the common sense to get my Christmas shopping done a month in advance so I've got a lot of leisure time to waste here if I so please.
Dumb dead board, respond to my posts already.
>>2323 Yes hello, how's it going? I just found this board although I used to hang out on 8ch /cb/ when that was still a thing. Are there any racist gays here? The old boards always had too many annoying non-racists. I want more racism. Also do people hang out or do things here?
>>2324 >Yes hello, how's it going? I just found this board although I used to hang out on 8ch /cb/ when that was still a thing. Yeah 8Kunt was kinda doomed from the start and it's a shame OG Cripple Chan went the way of the dinosaur but oh well nothing last forever. >Are there any racist gays here? >The old boards always had too many annoying non-racists. Not me personally but I'm not a self hating guilt driven faggot who constantly repents out of some deranged idea of ancestral racial sin either because that's pathetic and insane. But I'm just a white passing mutt. >I want more racism. I'm sure you'll find plenty here anon, good luck. >Also do people hang out or do things here? Nope, people post lewds here maybe once every couple of months and blog about some gay shit or whatever. Maybe that will change over time as those with more grey manner in their head get tired of 4Cucks arbitrary inconsistent rule cuckery and B& happy attitude despite not breaking any US laws. Hi anon
>>2325 >mutt Well, that's alright. If imageboards taught me anything, it's that you don't have to be White to hate non-Whites. Anyway, I wouldn't wait around for people to abandon 4ch. It's been half a decade since the exodus & whoever didn't leave back then probably ain't leaving ever. There's really no good place for gay shit anymore, it's sad.
>>2313 Is more like everyone is afraid of starting a conversation and are waiting for somebody else to bring a topic. At least that's how I feel on every thread without a defined topic. >>2323 No. >>2324 I'm normally not racist (I only am when somebody pisses me off or to make a joke), but I can call you nigger if you want.
(1.09 MB 1920x1080 Wolf's Rain.png)

>>2327 Hey, if it helps you embrace racism, it's fine by me. So what are you gays up to? Playen, watchen? I'm getting into Wolf's Rain atm. Looks & sounds incredible so far, but I'm not far in enough to say anything about the rest. I'm assuming most aminufags will have already watched it, though.
welp. hi. idk if i have anything to say. idk if i can even post cuz im a tor user. hi im stupid as fuck
>>2329 aren't a bunch of tor nodes owned by the FBI or something?
(25.69 KB 600x447 4.jpg)

Wish I was cuter, and with less body hair, and I wish I knew what love feels like. It's been a cold life so far. I hate niggers
(71.49 KB 1000x786 814fccb90ec45c3cb83a4da004.jpg)

I was just checking the board out, now I have to post in it too? smh
Still looking for a fellow texan femboy to spend a long monogamous loving life together free of drugs & alcohol.
poggers >>2351 Have fun with that.
>>2351 sadly not a texan anon, but good luck
Wish I could make myself less bi and more gay. I fapped to guys 90% of the time as a teen, then felt guilty and turned myself mostly straight with 2D girls.
>>2357 Just remind yourself the average 3D woman is a whore without any life skills or desire to be a subservient wife caring for your children.
(8.43 MB 640x480 link_dress_up.mp4)

>>2357 >Wish I could make myself less bi and more gay Why? being able to enjoy the beauty to both men and women is the best of both worlds.
>>2357 But that's like, literally not a problem bro... Sorry for the way I write
Honestly, come to think of it, you guys are all faggots.
TIL about the new 8ch, came here the first thing :D
>>2374 you came here? gay post cock
Whatcha doing for Christmas and New Years anons?
>>2388 Being miserable. Because I'm always gonna be alone. With a broken family & no hope for the future.
(58.15 KB 500x421 14328139.jpg)

>>2389 Your not alone in feeling like that my friend.
(252.24 KB 1443x2048 Eg7QqoVVgAEh5VW.jpg)

>>2390 Yet it does not cure the loneliness.
>>2351 This except completely loaded up on drugs and drinking occasionally and not in Texas.
>>2396 We get it, anon. You're from california.
>>2399 Nope, not even close.
No, mein Führer... I am from Colorado!
>>2390 >>2391 Meet up, suck each others dicks, then snuggle in front of the fire place and drink cranberry juice or eggnog or whatever.
>>2411 That would be comfy.
>>2411 Ummm so are they just gonna stare at me through my window all night? That's a bit creepy....
(103.13 KB 840x1460 FAXGzroVkAIsqjc.jpg)

It's a new year. Where's my femboy boyfriend?
>/cb/ not on home page anymore Guys...
>>2448 Reece's pieces
boop boys :>
(333.22 KB 1748x2048 E905TpUXsAcmpq4.jpeg)

(458.72 KB 1444x2048 ElB8AFDWAAAP2Ex.jpeg)

Friendly reminder that anyone who likes their boys/shotas BIG are welcome on /gts/
>>2455 I know this is a controversial take, but cum is - in fact - not stored in the balls. :(
Is it possible to just not be able to feel much from the butt? My fingers feel like they're just there and I've never had a prostate orgasm.
>>2457 Sticking your fingers up your ass doesn't inherently feel like anything besides sticking your fingers in your ass. Anal is 80% psychological stimulation.
>>2448 /cb/ is saved, we're on the front page again along with /k/ and /cyoa/! Also don't forget to keep our colony on /b/ alive too. >>>151196/b/ >>2450 You gotta license for those boops anon? >>2458 Not the anon you replied to but no wonder anal hasn't felt good for me lately as I've neglected practicing for a long time.
>>2461 >/b/ Not touching that shit with a 10 foot pole.
>>2461 /b/ is a paedophile shit hole anon, so no. But more important is the fact you don't know how to crosslink. Not a big deal and a problem you will not have any day after today. Because I'm gonna teach you. So to start we link a board >>>/b/ And thats all well and good if you just wanna link a board, but what about an individual post? Or thread? Then we add the post number to our board link like so >>>/b/151196
>once again no longer on the front page Ehh it was a good run I guess. Someone should try bringing back those Zee map meet up threads. >>2463 Whoops, to be fair I was half awake when I made that post. Usually I don't have a problem given my cross link posts above. >/b/ is a paedophile shit hole anon, so no. What else is new? Honestly I don't understand why they don't just stick to /hebe/ instead. It's actually quite annoying how they force insert their shit into other threads but I guess being annoying is the goal. >>2462 There's some alright fellas there, all boards and all websites for that matter have their insufferable dross. Just a part of daily life.
>>2465 >There's some alright fellas there No there isn't. No one is going on your CP infested herdnigger board.
>>2467 I find the pedo's just as annoying as you do anon. Also like I said I really don't care much for the rest of /b/, I just think of it as a sort of enclave. A research tower if you will.
>>2468 Yeah? And what are they researching? It's "democratic activism" as our glorious admin puts it, yes?
(179.76 KB 500x700 Noir black cat.png)

>>2469 Changes in activity, watching how the board evolves over time. Sort of like what scientists do IRL when they test the PH levels of lakes and rivers to ensure down stream communities aren't negatively effected by giving them a heads up. So you see it's actually a very nobble cause, no need to thank. Though I wouldn't be apposed to receiving a free Steam game or some XMR as a reward for my hard work either.
>>2471 >nobble >apposed Noble and opposed respectively.
>>2471 What are you gonna warn people about? >these pedos are actively trying to get this site shut down Yes. We know. >they also use spambots on /v/ a lot Yep. Aware of this too.
>>2472 >made a minor grammar error Oh god, shit shit shit, fuck I'm sorry!!! I guess you anons are all gonna have to take turns punishing my retarded ass over and over again until I learn my lesson for not putting more effort into my posts. Very well I accept my fate, just be gentle. >>2473 Recon is very important anon, knowing what your enemies are gonna do before they do it helps. I do what I do because I want to keep our board safe. Think of me as your silent protector.
>>2474 >ennemies We don't even know you faggots exist we only mention /cb/ to meme on kazu. t. super straight chad /b/ poster
Also we barely know kazu exists unless he deletes some non rulebreaking wholesome content because he chocked on too many dicks and lost like 85% of his cerebral fonctions tbh
>>2461 >>2463 >posting niggers >at any time what are you DOING
>>2475 whoa that's chad
>>2475 You guys do know he isn't our BO right? And that he also hates us?
>>2482 I know, i'm single btw *wink wink* >>2485 No, we'd need to care to know such things. Why does he hate you faggots?
>>2488 Good question. He's never said. I think we just embarrass him.
(13.77 KB 218x274 1640367224042.jpg)

I don't like myself enough to have any hopes for a loving relationship... Damaged goods + worthless shutin neet I look too masc fml too many hairs Life hurts
>>2489 Kazoo is kind of a spastic retard, you need to be in order to moderate /v/.
>>2489 >we just embarrass him Tbh you guys have more reasons to be embarrassed by him. >>2490 Post that hairy masculine bussy for a true and honest opinion tbh
(2.27 MB 4000x3000 neetwall2.JPG)

>>2492 Well, here's your thing...
>>2494 wash yo ass
>>2494 Whats with all the filters? And you covered your leg why exactly?
>>2495 Wut? >>2496 Just bad lighting Leg was basically missing
>>2497 Well I think getting bulky and going bear top mode is the way to go.
>>2498 Idk if I have it in me to be a top tho
>>2494 You should look up exercices for that butt it's a bit flat, i'd still have amazing buttsex with you tho
>>2500 Heh, raise your standards bro, I look awful Also I thought I could delete that pic, turns out passw for post deletion is gone... I guess it's here forever now...
>>2499 Well, could just be the lighting and angle, but it looks like you got a bit of a tummy, do more sit ups.
>>2501 You look ok from that angle fren that's all that matters.
>/b/ pedoniggers have arrived Whoever brought these retards here should be permabanned.
>>2504 Yeah.
(2.08 MB 2500x2533 mfm gangbang.png)

Would you be interested in cute boys if you had a gf, or in other words, are you just prison gay?
>>2504 I choose to not spread my cancer upon your board but you had to summon me smh. You got only yourself to blame >>2506 That's weird question tbh. If i was already in a relationship i proly wouldn't look at other ppl tbh.
>>2506 I'd prefer to be with a women because the logistics of sex are easier. But I'd prefer to be with a man because they aren't as retarded. Though I'd prefer to be with a woman if they weren't retarded. But women that aren't retarded should have much higher standards than someone like me who is completely unwilling to pursue a career. I suppose you could interpret that as prison gay. But it's mostly just because I don't care to put in any of the work involved with women. I'm not sure I even care enough to maintain a relationship with a man either. People are way too much work. >>2507 No I have the retard who "summoned" you to blame. Now fuck off tripfag.
>>2508 That's be you crying about muh bogeybois itt
>>2509 Why can't pedos type properly?
>>2510 You should go ahead and correct all my posts from now on, i'm sure it be a delightful learning experience for both of us fren
>>2511 Lets start with capitalisation and then move on to only using the space bar once.
>>2512 wow slow down there fren sounds like pretty advanced stuff. we should proly start by reviewing the albphabet t bh
>>2513 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz You are a proper noun, so "I" is capitalized, and finally the space bar doesn't need to be whacked thirty times.
>>2504 Shut up newfag. Back to Twatter.
>>2514 i really appreciate the effort you're putting into this fren, feels good when ppl care about helping you become the best version of yourself.
(522.57 KB 1533x1588 80532226_p0.jpg)

(2.15 MB 472x307 92067522.gif)

>>2494 DAZ model/10 >>2506 I'm not into 3D at all, so having a girl/boyfriend seems like a fantasy. Regarding 2D, I vastly prefer boys over girls. Shotas, femboys, traps, twinks, even some kinds of beasts and monsters, I like to see them be fucked in different ways by each other or by stronger* partners. In comparison, futa and loli are the only kind of female bodies I like, and futa only when they are dominating somebody (preferably a smaller male). * Bigger, more numerous, more powerful, better armed, etc.
>>2518 There's a lot of mixed opinions, that anon should post more pics of his butt until we reach a consensus tbh
>>2518 There's a femboy in Goblin Slayer? Who is this?
>>2519 Hello no i got a compliment and ill fucking hang onto it
>>2525 I'm gonna come clean fren, it was mostly a ploy to get more pics of your butt in all kind of lewd poses.
(59.59 KB 216x352 downnn.png)

>>2527 fml
>>2528 I meant the bit about reaching a consensus fren, the compliment was genuine. *headpat*
(159.28 KB 1000x1000 91164571_p0.jpg)

(220.54 KB 1200x1044 80532259_p0.jpg)

(105.01 KB 984x1074 58332582_p0.jpg)

(334.82 KB 719x1114 56321978_p0.jpg)

(336.28 KB 719x1114 56321978_p2.jpg)

>>2524 Nah, that's just the artist's OC. (s)He likes to draw monster boys and boys being fucked by monsters. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/619279 https://nitter.ca/ivylin51/media
(218.43 KB 1092x783 ClipboardImage.png)

Post ITT because I visited this board
>>2563 I don't know how to feel about this.
(11.90 MB 9600x5400 BadOnsenBig.jpg)

>>2564 Well, that's hilarious. Isn't it?
>>2568 damn nice
>>2568 I don't think so. But it's not the worst kind of art I've seen.
(878.07 KB 1920x1280 1629764087457.jpg)

(1.06 MB 2912x2184 1638390072684 (1).jpg)

Am I cute? old pic
>>2749 Perhaps
>>2755 Just a perhaps? Say yes or no not perhaps! >:(
>>2749 Nice tummy faggit. You got some good hips too. You're pretty cute overall. So what do you think of Josou Seme?
>>2775 Thanks for the proper response :3 Just looked up Josou Seme, sounds interesting? But I have no thoughts on it.
(556.15 KB 1200x1325 yone_f15-FI_OjjhaUAM-LTT.jpg)

Hi. I miss having a bf Are any of you fags in California? Namely central cali I'm cute and lonely as hell
>>2778 I'm ugly and not in the same country.
>>2778 >California
>>2778 >california Gross.
(2.80 MB 2944x2208 20220215_175447.jpg)

Ode to cb
Things have become sad...
>>2798 There's not enough cute boys posted. There's 3 main posters here and the Canadian has posted all of his content from his old OnlyFans account. I declare we make an underwear thread
>>2821 Am I still one of the main posters if I never post myself?
I am bisexual, I want to become hetero. How can I do this?
>>2822 If you're contributing to the cute Bois, than yes
this ones my favourite
(182.51 KB 641x641 1527370182584.jpg)

>love dicks, their shape, texture and smell, the way they grow when aroused, their balls hanging freely, the precum they leak, the hot semen they shoot with force at high speed, etc. >but don't feel attracted to the rest of the male body Is there an explanation for this behavior? Why do I only want to worship cocks and not the men attached to them?
>>2863 Maybe cause you've been alone so much your only sexual experience is your dick No hurt intended
(557.14 KB 1000x1000 8d96da26a9efa9c345603cb0553c0f47.jpg)

(83.00 KB 315x315 FreeStateProjectLogo.png)

>non stop 24/7 coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict While I pity their plight I'm very worried about what the "independent" corporate media is not talking about and wouldn't be surprised if Congress tries passing some asinine new laws past everyone's noses while everyone's distracted by the "new" cold war. I even turned on NPR because I'm occasionally interested in what kind of retarded shit they're talking about and apparently a lot of majors are looking to B& stand your ground and castle doctrine laws so essentially implying they want to B& self defense in even more states because otherwise JewYork and Commiefornia will continue to bleed even more tax payers who like the idea of not getting mugged and raped by thugs. >>2778 >California No thanks, I enjoy not getting raped by "gift" givers or having my skull cracked open by Antifa bike locks. Your state is a cease pool you should move somewhere less pozz'd like New Hampshire or Vermont. Become a part of the Free State project or at least live near it. >inb4 muh Bernie though Yes he's an annoying faggot but aside from that it's ironically one of the most 2A friendly states in the Union and only recently did they start cucking a little but that's the fault of a Rhino conservative Republican actually which is why I'm not a partisan by the way.
>majors Meant to type mayors....
>>2875 I dunno, what vidya do *you* like?
Does anyone remember starboy/has a link to an archive?
(367.71 KB 1801x2395 Bust of Antinous.jpg)

>>2829 That's a good one. I like this one.
>>2881 idk, the hair's kinda weird on this one. or is it?
(1.52 MB 1314x1557 hmm.png)

>>2882 How about now?
>>2892 kek
Is there a better tag than precum? Other than happy_sex.
The moderation here still ass?
(38.29 KB 622x474 GotAnotherOne.jpg)

Be honest how many of you were straight?
>>2903 Naruto made me gay, tbh.
>>2903 Sometimes I still am. But it's not very straight to warm yourself up with guys before fapping to girls.
Got banned from half-chan for complaining about a ban >:(
(1.94 MB 576x1024 1630205301347.webm)

(78.09 KB 1024x1024 lmaolmaolmao.jpg)

>>2086 >>2242 >>2783 >>2789 >>2869 From canada with love
>>3020 I don't get it. How is this a starterpack?
Sometimes I visit femonly boards and sites and find a delightful satisfaction in that however much violence and hatred they want to inflict upon men, their vitroil is confined only to the most obscure bowels of the internet and they are powerless as nature has granted them an inferior existence. Also I just started Monster and Johann and Tenma are so cute.
>>3034 > their vitroil is confined only to the most obscure bowels of the internet and they are powerless as nature has granted them an inferior existence. Lolwut? Women being able to openly express their hatred towards men is commonplace in all of the mainstream internet sites.
>>3038 The misandry of a twitter female and that of the average fat dyke fujo on lolcow are different anon. One posts snarky comments about manlets and the other thinks all men conspire with troons to invade and rape women in their spaces.
>>3043 I see you've never heard of female dating strategy.
>>3020 Here's proof that whoever made this hasn't been to California, if they think that this is as bad as it gets.
>>3034 Is it crystal.cafe? I know of ovarit and they're fucking deranged. Good taste btw, have only heard good things about Monster, seems like the plot is really good. Have been watching Samurai Champloo lately, wouldn't call Jin and Mugen cute, but still incredibly handsome.
Posting is for fools
anyone save the slut from from 8kun?
>>3100 slut thread from 8kun cuteboys board i mean
(724.89 KB 1000x674 1577824508457.jpg)

We're dead, it's all dead
>>3106 I don't believe you.
Wish I was attractive in literally any way.
(25.69 KB 460x613 20220724_180355.jpg)

Postan in sad slow board I miss the old days
(183.26 KB 700x743 fetchimage.jpg)

>>3259 I feel this.
Where will I be an anti lgbt homo if this place dies?
>>3271 in my bed of course
>>3260 I don't even remember what year it was that 8ch got kilt. 2018? 2019?
>>3277 It died in spirit a couple years before actually going down anyways. Even /cuteboys/ ended up dying because the original BO was a leftist faggot and would rather use cuckchan than his own board.
>>3277 It died when the BO didn't gatekeep from the trannies. It was really sad to see it go the way it did: A slow death. I met two boys on their IRL, sadly both times it didn't work out. The first one we just didn't click and the second one hurt me. Not that you asked or care. Did anyone ever have a meetup that ended up being positive? I remember in one of the local meet up threads a few guys met up to trap together and go to a gay bar, but I was too scared to do that in public to go. I regret it a bit now since it looked like they had a fun time. >>3278 He really did his best to kill that place.
>>3279 >Did anyone ever have a meetup that ended up being positive? I was in contact with someone locally but never bothered to pursue it. I regret not taking advantage of being able to meet with anons IRL when I had the chance.
>>3280 I feel that. These days I just feel defeated, most gays are very left leaning, and are all in on the LGBTQRS++, something, even at 18, I wanted nothing to do with. I truly just wanted to be myself and be left alone. I also don't want want a meet and fuck, but I guess that's the life of a hopeless romantic
>>3281 I share the same views but I'm very much a competent exhibitionist. Though I do hope to get a partner some day, its still a lot of fun to share for people while I'm single. Plus I've just a knack for it, why waste your talents and such, right?
>>3282 Do as you wish, it's your life to live. I had a long term partner till mid 2020 when I was dumped. It is what it is.
>>3281 Even ignoring hookup autism it was truly a unique period where you could relatively easily find an incredibly niche handful of imageboard users in your area. At least if you're in a major city of some sort. Now all those anons have either grown beyond imageboards or exist in hyper insulated hyper fragmented discords. Yeah it's technically easier than ever to date online, but you have to give up virtually all of your private data to some shady company only to spend hours of your life playing retarded mind games and cross your fingers hoping you don't end up getting nigger aids regardless. Truly there will never again be the opportunity to find someone on a whim that will automatically understood your esoteric hobbies and humor without skipping a beat. Even in this post-ironic internet where people bend over backwards to emulate imageboard culture they still can not capture that essence.
A lot of the cuteboys/femboys seem to have gone on to twitter and after only fans money. I remember being in some really fun and active communities a few years ago. A lot of the newer femboy types are less cool and not very interesting, more pozzed/normalfaggish. Quite sad really.
(276.25 KB 1054x1600 s-l1600.jpg)

>>3284 It's an era we'll never see again. I made the horrible mistake of going to halfchan a year ago, hoping maybe things got better since the exodus, but it was filled with commies and faggots. >>3285 I use a dummy twitter account to look follow a bunch. Many of them have fallen for the "non-binary" trick. We can enjoy dressing like a girl for fun and still be guys, but they were tricked into thinking otherwise. Femboy is a faggy term in the way I like, but I'm sore people let trannies convince people, that trap was a slur. They truly do destroy all they touch.
>>3286 >I made the horrible mistake of going to halfchan a year ago, hoping maybe things got better since the exodus, but it was filled with commies and faggots. Even with multiple orders of magnitude of more activity nothing on cuckchan even remotely compares. All that activity is just literal subhuman niggercattle that can barely string together a coherent sentence. I tried lurking /soc/ there for a bit and it was like 80% bot posts and 20% inane pajeet tier shit-posts. The internet is forever marred. Plus now you're forced to use retarded shit like discord to even communicate with anyone. Back on /cuteboys/ it was just a quick throwaway email.
>>3287 >Plus now you're forced to use retarded shit like discord to even communicate with anyone. Back on /cuteboys/ it was just a quick throwaway email. The days of burner Skype accounts were fine. It's not just imageboards. All message boards are dying out, save for boomers and fools like us that can't and won't let go.
>>3288 Skype was pretty awful too. It even leaked your IP.
>>3289 I forgot about that shit!
(4.77 MB 3672x4879 00410.png)

>>3284 i feel like hookup autism was half the reason the board was alive, specifically i feel like it was the main thing that attracted people to the board
>>3297 Suppose it depends on peoples definition of a hookup. Obviously that's going to be pervasive on a board about being a faggot of course. But I'd figure most people would be fine with meeting up to shoot the shit. If they only wanted sex they could just get on some fag dating app for that. I doubt if you proposed playing video games or hanging out to someone they would respond saying they are only on an imageboard looking to suck dick or some shit. So I don't think hooking up being the primary drive behind the boards activity necessarily took away from anything because of the nature of the website and its users.
(264.00 KB 850x1134 1619663392860.jpg)

>>3298 got any ideas on how to get people back here?
>>3298 >If they only wanted sex they could just get on some fag dating app for that. I guess you haven't read those greentext stories about those fags having literal medical issues, such as worms or an STD and lying about it on their profile. > I doubt if you proposed playing video games or hanging out to someone they would respond saying they are only on an imageboard looking to suck dick or some shit. Could just make a specific hookup thread, and leave the rest of the board for something else.
>>3299 Only way is to do targeted advertising. Posting on places like cuckchan's /trash/ board which has some homo related shit, posting on social media platforms like pleroma and mastodon, I suppose even twitter if you must but I'd recommend keeping it to the more niche sites to avoid cancer infesting the place. >>3300 >I guess you haven't read those greentext stories about those fags having literal medical issues, such as worms or an STD and lying about it on their profile. The kinds of people that are infested with disease are the kinds of people that only want casual sex. So if you're averse to disease I'd assume you're averse to casual sex, which means you're on some forum for autistic retards because you aren't just looking to have your dick sucked and nothing else.
(27.44 KB 619x483 FR-y7DOVsAA7FeO.jpg)

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