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(1.08 MB 964x912 sweating pepe face.gif)

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 20:04:22 No. 2162
/cb/ and /sm/ really got me questioning my sexuality
Pedophilia is cringe in my book. No offense.
lol faggot
(1.96 MB 1400x1470 DjmKNxpVsAAmg-H.png)

>>2162 Yeah, how so?
Good. now despair at the fact the you're tooo old for cuteboys and shotas and have missed outoon something wonderful
>>2188 >tooo old for cute boys Not by the stoories I've heard.
>>2188 oh yeah "tooo old"
>>2188 >make money >be sugar daddy
I thought these board was dead, please keep it the way.
>>2202 do you want it dead or alive mixed signals here
>>2203 I don't care tbh, owning a board the has active users gives me stress and anxiety.
>>2204 Give it too someone else then.
>>2204 Just do nothing, problems weren't.
>>2204 On one hand the sucks. Sorry bro. Butoon the other hand your users typically do nothing illegal, and therefore require an absolute minimum of moderation. I would say you have an easier job than any other BO on moe.
>>2162 >questioning my sexuality What's there to question? You either like cock and therefore have the big gay or you like cock and pussy in which case you only have 50% of the big gay'. Just accept it OP, it's not like you have to become a walking stereotype and live in Commiefornia as a result of being thirsty for twink butt. >>2204 This >>2218 Just imagine being a mod for /b/ or /v/ instead. Your basically in charge of a bunch of goody goody two shoes. Your job is as difficult as being the guard for a wealthy gated community. We behave ourselves and the trolls have their eye's fixed on other boards. It could be a lot worse so be grateful for what you've got.
>>2470 bi master race
(4.74 MB 3778x3391 83158064_p0.png)

>>2470 Do I count as bi if the only interaction with women I desire is to be fucked by a futanari like in my futa on male hentai?
>>2520 There's no such thing as girls with dicks! Only dudes with tits!
(348.20 KB 707x1000 81639762_p3.jpg)

>>2521 I know futas don't exist in real life, that's why I said "desire" and not "engage". I'm so far in the horny abyss that real people no longer do anything to me and drawings of cute boys having their ass drilled are the only thing that make me erect.
>>2522 That's so very very sad! Drawings can't hold me, comfort me, or provide for me.
>>2522 Have you considered becoming the qt boi getting his ass drilled tbh?
(291.83 KB 579x1200 75727017_p0.jpg)

>>2523 I can live with that. Not like I have a choice anyways. >>2526 Considering that I'm built to be the ugly bastard of doujins (pic unrelated), I don't think that's a good idea.
>>2530 I'm gonna need you to substantiate that claim with some tasteful pictures of that big boi butt.

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