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(420.04 KB 1200x1694 1.png)

2D Bois/Hentai Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 03:45:16 No. 28
2D, hentai, cuteboi art
(290.43 KB 389x700 2.jpg)

(420.27 KB 1280x720 3.jpg)

(129.81 KB 541x700 4.jpg)

(249.58 KB 600x800 5.jpg)

(694.50 KB 1538x1175 6.jpg)

(2.75 MB 3300x2550 7.jpg)

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(197.51 KB 550x777 21.jpg)

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(318.16 KB 496x690 24.jpg)

(294.33 KB 791x600 25.jpg)

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(1.07 MB 1621x2300 27.jpg)

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(749.75 KB 800x1119 29.jpg)

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(555.56 KB 1506x778 44.jpg)

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(935.39 KB 787x960 46.png)

(503.54 KB 1680x1500 47.png)

(196.26 KB 1280x905 48.jpg)

(1.19 MB 1500x1500 49.jpg)

(205.45 KB 593x565 50.png)

(333.01 KB 820x1153 51.png)

(207.46 KB 600x692 52.png)

(327.32 KB 542x800 53.jpg)

(1.61 MB 1226x1920 54.png)

(340.55 KB 517x743 55.png)

(624.22 KB 700x700 56.png)

(367.69 KB 620x877 57.jpg)

(114.13 KB 960x1280 58.jpg)

(1.46 MB 813x1241 59.png)

(370.89 KB 1280x1005 60.jpg)

(171.41 KB 850x951 61.jpg)

(241.21 KB 600x644 62.png)

(158.44 KB 450x730 63.png)

(24.71 KB 600x402 64.jpg)

(604.16 KB 847x1269 65.png)

(896.32 KB 1280x923 66.png)

(532.04 KB 1014x1324 67.png)

(825.50 KB 1831x1400 68.jpg)

(200.53 KB 532x627 69.gif)

(42.39 KB 600x598 70.jpg)

(205.14 KB 700x900 73.png)

(216.11 KB 1063x1713 74.jpg)

(272.77 KB 531x800 71.jpg)

(196.31 KB 777x1200 D6xkON_UEAA5l3L.jpg orig.jpg)

(201.55 KB 777x1200 D6xkULJUYAAPOdD.jpg orig.jpg)

(133.05 KB 788x1200 D8ssNfoVsAI4DYm.jpg orig.jpg)

(147.70 KB 1062x1500 ECKre3PU4AIgm9Y.jpg orig.jpg)

(140.09 KB 850x1200 ESL6DfFUcAALkA9.jpg orig.jpg)

(190.09 KB 960x1000 EUsSpJEX0AAY18M.jpg orig.jpg)

(146.47 KB 788x1000 EVZFhDQXYAEDyYQ.jpg orig.jpg)

(238.28 KB 855x1100 EWObeB5WoAAjCT9.jpg orig.jpg)

(64.15 KB 545x1000 EVE4tcfWAAAIdYg.jpg orig.jpg)

(549.05 KB 1400x1800 80465123_p0.jpg)

(173.13 KB 848x1200 ab9aef257d968843.png)

(194.99 KB 848x1200 dfa0b3d0413864a4.png)

(503.68 KB 1000x1414 EWM5_B2XkAEpQR-.jpg orig.jpg)

(90.73 KB 815x1129 EAW6bjPVAAEUKR1.jpg orig.jpg)

(1.32 MB 1035x1600 80985633_p0.png)

(215.52 KB 2048x1495 1ec3d0dafc6175dd57938d4e980e61a8.jpg)

(914.15 KB 2040x2000 5a08101c10e3a9e74b8e9a8bf97662db.jpg)

(121.86 KB 960x1000 EaJqeMQWkAAUx2L.jpg)

(142.69 KB 871x1000 EbSq_7RWsAAdSm4.jpg)

(118.94 KB 978x1000 EbYAMnhX0AMbm3t.jpg)


(751.84 KB 1000x1075 7af3eb8a33b0942b2291d49f1fb90d3a.jpg)

(103.18 KB 765x1024 74976737_p5.jpg)

(122.39 KB 905x1280 DxwvuVBUYAI8g_Z.jpg orig.jpg)

(76.78 KB 773x1500 EaaT1wSWAAwb4tZ.jpg)

(391.85 KB 2480x3508 EIsSnwsUUAA62o6.jpg orig.jpg)

(63.96 KB 671x928 EJNRXS2XkAADesv.jpg orig.jpg)

(877.94 KB 2480x3508 EOX36HbUcAEA52i.jpg orig.jpg)

(242.06 KB 1191x1684 EKeiEjHU4AIz826.jpg orig.jpg)

(268.92 KB 2048x1620 ERoRQjaUYAAcjk4.jpg orig.jpg)

(179.46 KB 967x1000 EZGHXxCXsAQt_Bz.jpg orig.jpg)

(103.31 KB 1000x880 EcQqM3eXgAARzDZ.jpg)

(80.05 KB 755x1000 EZL20StWkAEYgOL.jpg orig.jpg)

(98.33 KB 1000x965 EZ6SM8zWoAEjBWq.jpg)

(78.29 KB 736x1024 EZCEnWxVcAEjjEx.jpg orig.jpg)

(190.41 KB 1562x1852 EbsT5yyUcAAdc5a.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1060x1500 EUvcWy-UcAAwav4.jpg orig.jpg)

(415.32 KB 1000x722 ERFxLCFWAAEVP2T.jpg orig.jpg)

(121.54 KB 1398x2000 EYZjw81WkAEr2bk.png)

(116.63 KB 1000x1200 ElGY6StUcAYBvgV.jpg)

(191.66 KB 1000x1500 EnrLzmiUYAcWYMY.jpg)

(231.25 KB 2047x1447 EfEyh83U8AIOAEp.jpg)

(210.43 KB 2047x1447 20992574925f317dab2ebb1.jpg)

(448.15 KB 1414x2000 EnVicqUXcAAOw1o.jpg)

(129.02 KB 1212x1013 EnPXc20VcAA5DHU.jpg)

(321.85 KB 1447x2046 EnQYo8dUUAUq7ic.jpg)

(429.71 KB 1729x1686 EnE2gXYVEAATkoR.jpg)

(625.67 KB 924x1305 EnTVRm8VgAAP0VM.jpg)

(2.56 MB 1736x2456 EhEP3sZU0AISwRb.jpg)

(351.18 KB 1689x1441 El-tLWaU8AEcXQi.jpg)

(220.19 KB 1700x1297 EmGYLb0XYAEt0Bw.jpg)

(820.93 KB 900x1200 EmjGq2KVkAA5Kn5.jpg)

(422.27 KB 1061x1500 77801041_p0.jpg)

(581.10 KB 1773x1239 Elqjst5VoAM7ZnW.jpg)

(163.00 KB 965x1239 El6T5EeU4AEw4Qs.jpg)

(954.48 KB 1060x1500 EmNK4dpVMAI5L_z.jpg)

(552.69 KB 904x1314 Ei89z3vXkAY6ojR.jpg)

(519.92 KB 904x1314 Ei89z3wXYAAhg-J.jpg)

(545.93 KB 1057x816 81066844_p0.png)

(732.64 KB 1447x1004 86532300_p0.png)

(854.98 KB 1416x1096 85199000_p0.png)

(1.06 MB 1219x1321 85056931_p0.png)

(1.54 MB 1246x1395 80641482_p0.png)

(827.05 KB 1158x1637 67175332_p14.jpg)

(811.24 KB 1158x1637 65042296_p0.jpg)

(936.89 KB 1637x1158 84761646_p0.jpg)

(1.41 MB 1158x1637 67175332_p10.jpg)

(1.63 MB 1432x1637 67175332_p11.jpg)

(189.84 KB 1158x1860 EsVapDGVoAMaGTE.jpg)

(4.33 MB 2508x3541 87223699_p1.png)

(4.11 MB 2508x3541 87223699_p0.png)

(274.43 KB 1032x1457 EtP7jl9UUAAKcBd.jpg)

(325.90 KB 1329x1908 EsQHWklUcAI_DUf.jpg)

(204.92 KB 1082x1562 EsKwG4gVgAEDONo.jpg)

(633.76 KB 2046x1447 ErIPbXNUUAIQrbd.jpg)

(736.29 KB 2456x1736 003498085_7brL5I4ka.jpg)

(107.04 KB 974x1503 ErC2e_QXAAAbk0t.jpg)

(1016.16 KB 1062x1500 Eq2d2zpUcAEUAsN.jpg)

(869.72 KB 4096x2892 Eqy09hEUwAIeV_p.jpg)

(443.00 KB 1200x1335 86627351_p0.jpg)

(539.33 KB 1000x1571 86627351_p1.jpg)

(685.87 KB 1600x1236 86627351_p2.jpg)

(604.73 KB 1200x1178 86627351_p3.jpg)

(214.40 KB 1549x1852 22.jpg)

(234.00 KB 1549x1852 31.jpg)

(245.37 KB 1549x1852 32.jpg)

(241.94 KB 1549x1852 40.jpg)

(256.76 KB 1549x1852 28.jpg)

(866.18 KB 1191x1684 88521681_p0.jpg)

(3.41 MB 2894x4093 86825775_p0.jpg)

(690.11 KB 1684x1191 86055905_p3.jpg)

(682.42 KB 1191x1684 86055905_p1.jpg)

(732.18 KB 1191x1684 86055905_p2.jpg)

(929.14 KB 1191x1684 86825775_p2.jpg)

(954.38 KB 1191x1684 86825775_p1.jpg)

Fapping to 48 galleries today. at least 13 of themm were translated by mysterymeat3

(243.04 KB 1044x1600 Ex2qXAlWYAMThyj.jpg)

(481.13 KB 1003x1417 Et23o1tVIAIYZ6n.jpg)

(3.95 MB 2894x4093 EvzjLloUYAQSHzD.jpg)

(298.64 KB 1013x1432 ExZsGpeVEAcmi1X.jpg)

(4.60 MB 2549x3585 88594398_p0.jpg)

(826.49 KB 928x1200 EvJZy_6VoAcmZod.jpg)

(1.18 MB 1191x1684 88429441_p0.png)

(2.56 MB 2480x3507 EwnGuIZWgAITmJX.jpg)

(796.96 KB 1200x1600 Ewck-PNVkAYsmuS.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1220x1730 EzMPbNJUYAkZRZd.jpg)

(115.17 KB 1125x1500 EiZEu62U4AA2vzh.jpg)

(129.34 KB 1469x1500 EiUbN9gVgAAT70V.jpg)

(188.70 KB 1431x2048 EymFvfQVoAIrjcA.jpg)

(353.38 KB 1418x1600 EtSXTAkVcAAgrrc.jpg)

(161.94 KB 1039x1649 EzophBNVgAEXQIU.jpg)

(1000.41 KB 1250x1000 89310150_p1.jpg)

(100.30 KB 667x1001 01.jpg)

(107.18 KB 667x1001 02.jpg)

(125.20 KB 667x1000 03.jpg)

(122.38 KB 667x1000 04.jpg)

(119.50 KB 667x1000 05.jpg)

Here's a rough translation of Boku no Kuse -Ame no Hi, mostly done writing down everything by hand on DeepL and Mirai since my OCR software is useless. A shotacon/vouyerism/urination doujin. p2 まーたれ降ってきちゃった 泥たく物干したかったのに… あら ara どこ行くの?こんな雨のなか Where are you going with this rain? あ、えとえっと Uh, well, uh... …とっ図書館 ...The library! p3 借りてた本ぜんぶ読んじゃったから…つづき気になるんだ I've read all the books i borrowed and can't wait to read more あらそうなの oh really 気をっけて行くのよ? Careful out there, okay? うん yes I'm leaving/off いってきますっ いつからあんなに図書館好きになったのかしら When did he become such a reader? びっくりしたあ… That was scary/ sure scared me p4 バレなくて良かつた… I'm glad she didn't find out ・雨がっぱの下 Under this raincoat ・雨がっぱの下ルダカで外に出てきちゃったこと I left the house wearing only a raincoat and a pair of boots? 迂回 detour? 雨でもけっこう人歩いてる… There's a lot of people even though it's raining p5 …おじさんっボク…いまルハダカなんだ Ojisan, I'm completely naked なーんて… What the hell/ what the... こんな股ひらいて歩くとヘンかな? Would it be weird if i walked around with my legs open like this? でもこーーするとおちんちんのとこがスースーしてキモチ良いんだもん… When I do this, my penis feels really good...
(108.69 KB 667x1000 06.jpg)

(109.63 KB 667x1000 07.jpg)

(119.99 KB 667x1000 10.jpg)

(130.03 KB 667x1000 08.jpg)

(149.81 KB 667x1000 09.jpg)

>>267 p6 なんか… nanka What the... おしっこ…したくなっきちゃった I feel like peeing now/I really have to pee そういえば朝から一回もしてないっけ… Come to think of it, I haven't peed since this morning... いやっ ...yikes! きささすがに外でハダカでおしっこなんて I can't believe I had to pee outside in my underwear ダメだよね… I can't... p7 …ち ちょっとだけ ...just a little ちょっとだけ…っ just a little bit ん...っ Hmmm...((????)))) p8 はあ…っ <3 Haaah... 気持ちいい...<3 Feels so good...<3 …もうちょっとだけ… Just a little more... p9 ユタカ? Yuta? おーやっぱりュタカか Oh, I knew it! せ…先生? Se-sensei? えええ-っな、なんで… why? what the hell? (??????) 珍しいなこんなところで会うなんて How strange to meet you here ど ど、うしよう... Oh god, what do i do? p10 え uhm.. えと…ハイ uh..hi どうしたんだこんな雨の日に why are you out on a rainy day like today? ュタカはほんと本好きだな Yuta really likes books (((???))) (who's the speaker here?) …ああもしかしていつもの図書館か? Oh, you mean the old library? み・見られてはないっぽい I don't think he saw it... 最近はどんなの読んだ? What have you been reading lately? え? う...んと...ト、『トムレムソーヤの冒険』とか What? Uhm..."The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" あ… Ah... さっき…ぜんぶ出し切れなかったから I just... couldn't get it all out. へえ懐かしいなぁ先生も読んだよュタカくらいの頂に I read it too, when I was about 10 years old. またおしっこしたくなってきちゃっつた… I feel like peeing again...
(127.42 KB 667x1000 12.jpg)

(143.00 KB 667x1000 11.jpg)

(153.85 KB 667x1000 13.jpg)

(146.96 KB 667x1000 14.jpg)

p11 いやぁすごいな名作っていうのは It's an amazing thing, a masterpiece. ...ダ I... ガマンしなきゃ… I'll have to be patient... ...ッ! Ack...! ダメ...っ This isn't good... そうだその頃読んだ本たしかまだ残してた気がするな I think I still have the book i read back then ュユタカも読むか? Do you wanna read it too? じよお一... Too much...(???) ははい…っ Eh..yes, yes う わぁあ...つ Uh Woah... 止まんない よお...つ I can't control it, I can't hold it...ah p12 うォぉっと Whooo! もうこんな時間か Is it this late already? じゃ先生そろそろ行くよ、気をつけてな Ok, sensei has to go. Be careful now. は…ハィさようなら Ha...Yes, Bye~ 雨…どしゃ降りでよかった… Rain...Thank God it's pouring でも…一人のときよりさっきの方が… But that felt better than when I was alone ...っ もう帰ろ gotta go home/ let's go home p13 ぁ Oh そうだ確か… Yeah, I'm sure of it... おーいユタカ Hey, Yuta! はっ Yes?! あ…っ Oh, no... スゴい風だな Hell of a breeze ニの本よかた読むか? Do you want to read my book? p14 翌日... next day... っぁ人が..っ People are...no... じょおおおお... Jeez...(??)
>no trannies What about just cross dressing? I mean does a skirt really kill it for you guys?
>>284 >Cross-dressing and "traps" are allowed.
(307.71 KB 1000x1415 1.jpg)

(315.33 KB 1000x1415 2.jpg)

(339.28 KB 1000x1415 3.jpg)

(355.06 KB 1000x1415 4.jpg)

(327.51 KB 1000x1415 5.jpg)

(299.44 KB 1000x1415 6.jpg)

(438.66 KB 1000x1415 7.jpg)

(454.51 KB 1000x1415 8.jpg)

>>288 Very nice stuff.
(961.82 KB 1076x1548 01.jpg)

(673.63 KB 1076x1548 02.jpg)

(712.36 KB 1076x1548 03.jpg)

(675.34 KB 1076x1548 04.jpg)

(534.28 KB 1076x1548 05.jpg)

I wish there was more SF stuff with Ken that doesn't involve female characters.
(699.08 KB 1076x1548 06.jpg)

(606.95 KB 1076x1548 07.jpg)

(757.23 KB 1076x1548 08.jpg)

(805.22 KB 1076x1548 09.jpg)

(870.90 KB 1076x1548 10.jpg)

>>333 Yeah. That is one sexy road rumbler.
(677.83 KB 1076x1548 11.jpg)

(704.06 KB 1076x1548 12.jpg)

(774.82 KB 1076x1548 14.jpg)

(865.67 KB 1076x1548 13.jpg)

(763.75 KB 1076x1548 15.jpg)

>>334 >>335 Agreed
(748.88 KB 1076x1548 16.jpg)

(762.80 KB 1076x1548 17.jpg)

(854.51 KB 1076x1548 18.jpg)

(744.63 KB 1076x1548 19.jpg)

(693.85 KB 1076x1548 20.jpg)

(692.48 KB 1076x1548 21.jpg)

(741.26 KB 1076x1548 22.jpg)

(799.57 KB 1076x1548 23.jpg)

(761.17 KB 1076x1548 24.jpg)

(563.35 KB 1076x1548 25.jpg)

(602.29 KB 1076x1548 26.jpg)

(687.36 KB 1076x1548 27.jpg)

(630.42 KB 1076x1548 28.jpg)

(712.79 KB 1076x1548 29.jpg)

(600.11 KB 1076x1548 30.jpg)

(663.67 KB 1076x1548 31.jpg)

(759.74 KB 1076x1548 32.jpg)

(647.71 KB 1076x1548 33.jpg)

(677.79 KB 1076x1548 34.jpg)

(622.26 KB 1076x1548 35.jpg)

(768.92 KB 1076x1548 36.jpg)

(748.84 KB 1076x1548 37.jpg)

(704.12 KB 1076x1548 38.jpg)

(627.73 KB 1076x1548 39.jpg)

(761.00 KB 1076x1548 40.jpg)

>>341 Hot
(667.46 KB 1076x1548 41.jpg)

(520.22 KB 1076x1548 42.jpg)

(635.81 KB 1076x1548 43.jpg)

(580.58 KB 1076x1548 44.jpg)

(729.82 KB 1076x1548 45.jpg)

(523.06 KB 1076x1548 46.jpg)

(301.93 KB 1076x1548 47.jpg)

(1.22 MB 1076x1548 48.jpg)

>>343 That's all folks!
>>344 If I could clap with my cock I would. Hey I got a riddle whats the sound of one hand clapping? *fapfapfapfapfap*
>>345 It's not fair if you post the answer ヽ(‵﹏´)ノ
>>346 I'm a cheater beater.
>>347 I bet you beat something alright, anon~
(2.29 MB 533x300 1511674143063.gif)

(109.68 KB 944x872 91250226_p1.jpg)

(109.39 KB 944x872 91250226_p0.jpg)

(3.41 MB 2560x1440 91503072_p0.png)

(7.85 MB 6071x4299 91294241_p0.png)

(4.05 MB 3329x3876 91366860_p0.jpg)

Draw girl, call it a boy etc
>>366 gotchu covered
(284.15 KB 848x1200 E7J7OvWVEAsu3hX.jpg)

(285.44 KB 848x1200 E7J7QEpUUAIiP3B.jpg)

(378.40 KB 1191x1684 E6f0UIHUUAINfXL.jpg)

(744.40 KB 2149x3035 E7B4NY9VUAEg8Jb.jpg)

(787.89 KB 2149x3035 E7B4NzcUYAAPqSD.jpg)

>>366 It's almost like traps are boys that are supposed to look like girls.
>>365 >haha lee funny feminine genshit bois Literally a tool of the CCP to further infiltrate the West in order to commit corporate espionage, and subvert, demoralize, and destabilize countries like the United States, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, or any other nation who's population isn't interested in importing Mainland China's dystopian nightmare of a government. When you promote Genshin_Impact/Genshit or it's various playable bois like Chongyun or Xingqiu you are also promoting crypto Communism and serving the CCP as a useful horny idiot to destroy your host nation. And don't go thinking the Chinese market is a two way street because you'd be wrong just like Reagan and Clinton and every US politician since were in the past when they thought they could 'Westernize' China, well NO China isn't interested in our Woke garbage and to their credit that's kinda based in retrospect but they should still be recognized as an enemy of the freedoms and stable life you currently enjoy. Just think, do you believe that Genshit is actually allowed in Mainland China? Obviously not, much like the cheap addictive opioids, Fentanyl, and lead painted toys we import China of course isn't interested in receive that shit back and the same applies to Genshit most likely and if not then Mainland China's Genshit is vastly different from ours with things like more censorship on taboo subjects like skeletons or the removal of feminine bois shows that time after time no matter what politicians say Mainland China WON'T be counter subverted so playing your Chinese spyware with micro-transactions isn't based. Also think about this why do you think Genshit comes in virtually every relevant language under the sun? Mainland China isn't just waging a war of subversion against America but also EU member states, Turkey which is openly apposed to China at the moment, and even Russia as they slowly become more paranoid of each other in their push for influence in the central Asian. Stop promoting Neo Communism with your Venti's, delete those and post Western fem bois from Nipponland instead. Fuck China, they keep trying to turn my glorious state of Pennsylvania into just another shitty Jew York or New Jersey and I'm not interested in being disarmed or forced to pay a woke tax. Sure I agree with the lefto*ds that we could use some police reforms but obviously I and they have vastly different idea's on how to reach that goal and I'm not sure how disarming law abiding citizens helps when it would only make things worse since only criminals would have them then which would lead to further abuse from both the police and criminal organizations. Fuck commies and fuck Genshit players, also fuck Gatcha m*bile games in general.
Also on a side note the only way to obtain a download copy of Genshit (as far as I'm aware of anyway) is via the Jewoogle or Crapple App Stores which is just another reason in a sea of reasons to to not play or promote Genshit as it's proprietary in nature because I really REALLY doubt you'd find Genshit on Github or F-droid, I'd be shocked if I was wrong.
(247.08 KB 480x430 wwwwwwwwww.gif)

>>402 Anon, I just wanted to fap
>>408 Fap responsibly
(2.05 MB 1200x1600 91540385_p0.png)

(112.54 KB 710x1002 91494081_p0.jpg)

(156.03 KB 710x1002 91494081_p1.jpg)

(140.58 KB 710x1002 91494081_p2.jpg)

(65.42 KB 418x648 91494081_p3.jpg)

>>410 >continues to promote communist spyware >k No not /k/ pal, do you honestly believe if the CCP found a use for you they wouldn't in a heart beat use the data they collected about you to coerce/blackmail into infiltrating government or private entities or to shill for Marxism? From their perspective your nothing but a means a stepping stone if you will for the state and the PLA/Peoples Liberation Army to further their global hegemony. Almost all the social issues we have in the West are exacerbated by CCP/PLA propaganda funneled through the West via things like bought out media conglomerate or so called 'education organizations' like the Confucius Institute and guess what Genshit isn't off the table as a means of subverting America and the 'Western world' at large. I'm not saying don't fap to drawings, that would be hypocritical of me, just please be mindful of which states said lewd drawings come from and make an occasional conscious decision to obtain when something is clearly used for subversive and hostile means. They say that data is the new oil and on not just because its profitable but because it's a means of control because you can regulate what people see and read through the digital pipeline and every tyrant around the world is trying to tap into it's potential. So by giving China your data your enabling them the ability to weaponize it in the future because Genshit in the end of the day is shilled hard so they can spy on naive unconscious consumerists. By choosing to fap and promote Genshit despite being made aware of these revelations you are choosing to be a slave... No worse than a slave a willing zombie by sacrifcing your values and morals for simple primitive pleasure stimuli that can be activated by billions of alternatives that don't promote neo communism.
(1.88 MB 1200x1600 90801442_p0.png)

(1.94 MB 1200x1600 90801442_p1.png)

(1.82 MB 1200x1600 90801442_p2.png)

(1.40 MB 1400x1200 90593746_p0.png)

I forgot one !
>>414 >>416 Congratulations, you've proudly displayed your ignorance, uncaring mindset probably as a result of being raised by apathetic parents I'd guess, as well as a willingness to be a brain dead zombie consumerist Sino-Globalist serf for a shitty M*bile game with Micro Transactions. Your a fine example of a society that not only doesn't care about the negative effects of dysgenics but openly embraces it like some kind of bizarre IRL Idiocracy character running amok. Thank god your clearly a faggot so we need not worry about you 'contributing' your genetic heritage to the gene pool which would further poisoning it otherwise. Please consider eating a chlorine tablet you'd be doing the world a favor, Genshit shill.
>>418 >says this while posting Guilty Gear knowing full well that ArcSys has bent the knee to China and that Sony now owns them. Heh
>>419 >imagine buying guilty gear LMAO just pirate that shit nigga, you can't however do that with Genshit now can you? Nice cope though
(140.89 KB 778x1090 01.jpg)

(133.55 KB 1153x836 02.jpg)

(140.44 KB 1153x836 03.jpg)

(135.41 KB 1153x836 04.jpg)

(164.18 KB 1153x836 05.jpg)

(158.67 KB 1153x836 06.jpg)

(115.96 KB 1153x836 07.jpg)

(130.14 KB 1153x836 08.jpg)

(140.03 KB 1153x836 09.jpg)

(136.42 KB 1153x836 10.jpg)

(129.38 KB 1153x836 11.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1351x1920 01.jpg)

(69.88 KB 1351x1920 02.jpg)

(15.20 KB 1351x1920 03.jpg)

(997.54 KB 1351x1920 04.jpg)

(1020.39 KB 1351x1920 05.jpg)

My latest fap, I always appreciate doujins where the characters actually have some male features.
(1.07 MB 1351x1920 06.jpg)

(934.25 KB 1351x1920 07.jpg)

(866.53 KB 1351x1920 08.jpg)

(970.47 KB 1351x1920 09.jpg)

(1.05 MB 1351x1920 10.jpg)

(982.27 KB 1351x1920 11.jpg)

(1.06 MB 1351x1920 12.jpg)

(951.81 KB 1351x1920 13.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1351x1920 14.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1351x1920 15.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1351x1920 16.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1351x1920 17.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1351x1920 18.jpg)

(1.09 MB 1351x1920 19.jpg)

(960.86 KB 1351x1920 20.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1351x1920 21.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1351x1920 22.jpg)

(1.06 MB 1351x1920 23.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1351x1920 24.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1351x1920 25.jpg)

(1016.28 KB 1351x1920 26.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1351x1920 27.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1351x1920 28.jpg)

(1008.65 KB 1351x1920 29.jpg)

(1.05 MB 1351x1920 30.jpg)

(209.54 KB 1351x1920 31.jpg)

(941.53 KB 1057x1500 01_new_1.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1057x1500 02_new_2_copy.jpg)

(880.98 KB 1057x1500 03_new_3_copy.jpg)

(932.05 KB 1057x1500 04_new_4_copy.jpg)

(904.50 KB 1057x1500 05_new_5_copy.jpg)

(894.40 KB 1057x1500 06_new_6_copy.jpg)

(908.76 KB 1057x1500 07_new_7_copy.jpg)

(950.26 KB 1057x1500 08_new_8_copy.jpg)

(975.40 KB 1057x1500 09_new_9_copy.jpg)

(880.99 KB 1057x1500 10_new_10_copy.jpg)

(815.72 KB 1057x1500 11_new_11_copy.jpg)

(890.86 KB 1057x1500 12_new_12_copy.jpg)

(853.40 KB 1057x1500 13_new_13_copy.jpg)

(925.01 KB 1057x1500 14_new_14_copy.jpg)

(906.10 KB 1057x1500 15_new_15_copy.jpg)

(885.39 KB 1057x1500 16_new_16_copy.jpg)

(868.93 KB 1057x1500 17_new_17_copy.jpg)

(882.37 KB 1057x1500 18_new_18_copy.jpg)

(927.42 KB 1057x1500 19_new_19_copy.jpg)

(799.12 KB 1057x1500 20_new_20_copy.jpg)

(2.04 MB 1323x1840 01.jpg)

(2.87 MB 2268x3154 02.jpg)

(1.85 MB 2268x3154 03.jpg)

(1.97 MB 2102x3154 04.jpg)

(1.94 MB 2268x3154 05.jpg)

(1.59 MB 2122x3154 06.jpg)

(2.29 MB 2102x3154 07.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2268x3154 08.jpg)

(3.43 MB 2268x3154 09.jpg)

(2.90 MB 2268x3154 10.jpg)

(2.07 MB 2268x3154 11.jpg)

(2.76 MB 2268x3154 12.jpg)

(2.22 MB 2268x3154 13.jpg)

(2.89 MB 2109x3306 14.jpg)

(2.58 MB 2268x3154 15.jpg)

(2.43 MB 2119x3024 16.jpg)

(2.40 MB 2136x3088 17.jpg)

(3.08 MB 2268x3154 18.jpg)

(4.13 MB 2268x3154 19.jpg)

(2.76 MB 2268x3154 20.jpg)

(2.60 MB 2097x3154 21.jpg)

(2.30 MB 2268x3154 22.jpg)

(2.08 MB 2268x3154 23.jpg)

(979.22 KB 2378x3388 24.jpg)

(529.50 KB 1128x1600 01.png)

les go
(475.39 KB 1128x1600 02.png)

(382.54 KB 1128x1600 03.png)

>>617 >>615 >>616 How new are you?
(530.76 KB 1128x1600 04.png)

(460.44 KB 1128x1600 05.png)

>>618 very
(472.13 KB 1128x1600 06.png)

(573.36 KB 1128x1600 07.png)

(475.76 KB 1128x1600 08.png)

(525.80 KB 1128x1600 09.png)

(542.83 KB 1128x1600 10.png)

(476.96 KB 1128x1600 13.png)

(621.94 KB 1128x1600 17.png)

>>618 ohhhh. I figured out you can batch em. Tough love lessons
(535.30 KB 1128x1600 18.png)

(533.60 KB 1128x1600 19.png)

(522.29 KB 1128x1600 20.png)

>>630 Gee if only there was some clues right above that could have gave this idea away.
>>634 It was recognized, for the exact reason you stated. Redundancy is a symptom of the simple champ
>>634 >>659 And the petty
(600.01 KB 682x928 evo.jpg)

I fucking love this picture.
(395.08 KB 1543x1360 peep.jpg)

>>1272 ///Xi approved\\\
(1008.98 KB 940x627 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1276 Long live Xi Jingping my niggas.
Shibari Shinji (≧◡≦) ♡
forgot the image ;p
>>1331 Hot as fuck
That Qingese bussy hits different.
(1.64 MB 2520x3543 30qij_001.jpg)

(110.54 KB 4299x6071 30qij_002.jpg)

(2.10 MB 4299x6071 30qij_003.png)

(2.16 MB 4299x6071 30qij_004.png)

(2.29 MB 4299x6071 30qij_005.png)

(2.69 MB 4299x6071 30qij_006.png)

(2.27 MB 4299x6071 30qij_007.png)

(2.79 MB 4299x6071 30qij_008.png)

(2.40 MB 4299x6071 30qij_009.png)

(2.95 MB 4299x6071 30qij_010.png)

(2.51 MB 4299x6071 30qij_011.png)

(2.47 MB 4299x6071 30qij_012.png)

(2.63 MB 4299x6071 30qij_013.png)

(2.84 MB 4299x6071 30qij_014.png)

(2.68 MB 4299x6071 30qij_015.png)

(2.58 MB 4299x6071 30qij_016.png)

(2.66 MB 4299x6071 30qij_017.png)

(2.21 MB 4299x6071 30qij_018.png)

(2.13 MB 4299x6071 30qij_019.png)

(2.60 MB 4299x6071 30qij_020.png)

(2.58 MB 4299x6071 30qij_021.png)

(2.76 MB 4299x6071 30qij_022.png)

(110.07 KB 4299x6071 30qij_023.jpg)

(613.77 KB 2520x3543 30qij_024.jpg)

>>660 Wow way to be consistent you bitch
>>1365 Yes bully him. Newfags should be bullied.
>>1363 Hot
(390.99 KB 1057x1500 01.jpg)

(384.78 KB 1057x1500 02.jpg)

(370.05 KB 1057x1500 03.jpg)

(363.73 KB 1057x1500 04.jpg)

(287.44 KB 1057x1500 05.jpg)

Doujin time
(365.01 KB 1057x1500 06.jpg)

(345.29 KB 1057x1500 07.jpg)

(339.75 KB 1057x1500 08.jpg)

(316.16 KB 1057x1500 09.jpg)

(388.63 KB 1057x1500 10.jpg)

(356.77 KB 1057x1500 11.jpg)

(340.37 KB 1057x1500 12.jpg)

(271.79 KB 1057x1500 13.jpg)

(383.99 KB 1057x1500 14.jpg)

(383.91 KB 1057x1500 15.jpg)

(347.71 KB 1057x1500 16.jpg)

(307.63 KB 1057x1500 17.jpg)

(348.42 KB 1057x1500 18.jpg)

(341.40 KB 1057x1500 19.jpg)

(337.74 KB 1057x1500 20.jpg)

(362.21 KB 1057x1500 21.jpg)

(332.86 KB 1057x1500 22.jpg)

(385.71 KB 1057x1500 23.jpg)

(365.32 KB 1057x1500 24.jpg)

>>1446 [Coin Rand] Miko Shounen ~Kouhen~
(1.45 MB 1496x2112 01.jpg)

(482.69 KB 1496x2112 02.png)

(418.43 KB 1496x2112 03.png)

(412.33 KB 1496x2112 04.png)

(378.47 KB 1496x2112 05.png)

[Locon] Izumi-kun to Yuuki-kun This one is awesome
(374.77 KB 1496x2112 06.png)

(494.33 KB 1496x2112 07.png)

(486.64 KB 1496x2112 08.png)

(665.91 KB 1496x2112 09.png)

(667.26 KB 1496x2112 10.png)

(466.92 KB 1496x2112 11.png)

(585.50 KB 1496x2112 12.png)

(468.94 KB 1496x2112 13.png)

(595.06 KB 1496x2112 14.png)

(502.78 KB 1496x2112 15.png)

(469.55 KB 1496x2112 16.png)

(621.89 KB 1496x2112 17.png)

(499.04 KB 1496x2112 18.png)

(448.35 KB 1496x2112 19.png)

(546.53 KB 1496x2112 20.png)

(516.91 KB 1496x2112 21.png)

(521.32 KB 1496x2112 22.png)

(586.57 KB 1496x2112 23.png)

(631.05 KB 1496x2112 24.png)

(597.77 KB 1496x2112 25.png)

(521.70 KB 1496x2112 26.png)

(397.85 KB 1496x2112 27.png)

(385.21 KB 1496x2112 28.png)

(355.36 KB 1496x2112 29.png)

(1.03 MB 1496x2112 30.jpg)

(4.28 MB 1651x2400 01.png)

(1.30 MB 1655x2400 02.png)

(1.55 MB 1654x2400 03.png)

(2.91 MB 1655x2400 04.png)

(3.00 MB 1657x2400 05.png)

[Poron] Lilith-kun to Nenneko Shimasho
(2.49 MB 1656x2400 06.png)

(2.38 MB 1659x2400 07.png)

(2.21 MB 1656x2400 08.png)

(2.10 MB 1657x2400 09.png)

(2.10 MB 1653x2400 10.png)

(2.16 MB 1655x2400 11.png)

(2.02 MB 1652x2400 12.png)

(2.36 MB 1656x2400 13.png)

(2.32 MB 1651x2400 14.png)

(2.06 MB 1651x2400 15.png)

(2.67 MB 1652x2400 16.png)

(2.24 MB 1654x2400 17.png)

(2.21 MB 1649x2400 18.png)

(2.33 MB 1657x2400 19.png)

(2.38 MB 1654x2400 20.png)

(1.09 MB 1650x2400 21.png)

(6.08 MB 1655x2400 22.png)

(454.65 KB 727x1000 23.png)

(464.21 KB 1057x1500 01.jpg)

(358.17 KB 1057x1500 02.jpg)

(423.80 KB 1057x1500 03.jpg)

(362.16 KB 1057x1500 04.jpg)

(383.67 KB 1057x1500 05.jpg)

[Chinzurena] Tsuntsun Bunny to Koigokoro
(433.18 KB 1057x1500 06.jpg)

(792.57 KB 1057x1500 07.png)

(797.72 KB 1057x1500 08.png)

(753.76 KB 1057x1500 09.png)

(905.56 KB 1057x1500 10.png)

(869.19 KB 1057x1500 11.png)

(986.85 KB 1057x1500 12.png)

(805.79 KB 1057x1500 13.png)

(820.00 KB 1057x1500 14.png)

(492.82 KB 1057x1500 15.jpg)

(395.34 KB 1057x1500 16.jpg)

>>1365 consistent to what? you limp dick geriatric
(198.73 KB 1191x1684 EPIuR4nVAAE9QIs.jpg)

(85.62 KB 700x1036 EK9lQUWUwAE3w1x.jpg)

(300.40 KB 1379x2048 D6TlgVmUcAAlZcn.jpg)

(136.63 KB 724x1024 D_RwEizVUAEdPgK.jpg)

(59.72 KB 700x990 D63ULoDUwAEUgZC.jpg)

(252.91 KB 2096x1480 E-sV-drUYA0RT9Z.jpg)

(352.26 KB 1044x1600 E-quS5JVEAUvE36.jpg)

(1.93 MB 2832x2354 79721469_p1.jpg)

(107.43 KB 655x1000 E-cPnrPUcAMGBpo.jpg)

(206.53 KB 1447x2047 E7xsNPfVIAMva10.jpg)

(397.53 KB 1157x1637 E5iHlF9VoAcEh_Y.jpg)

(222.53 KB 960x1360 E-mNQpEVgAA-MIP.jpg)

(526.72 KB 1354x1750 E-h3izEUUBUr_0Y.jpg)

(210.47 KB 1349x2061 E_GBjXtUYAYrP1R.jpg)

(178.99 KB 1365x2048 E-XWUWVVcAEaN57.jpg)

>>1662 >>1663 >>1664 Damn nice sets bro. Thank you.
(93.18 KB 1200x854 anime maid boy.jpg)

(396.69 KB 486x549 Dionysus but trap.png)

(878.07 KB 1200x816 Sinner pink guy.jpg)

(476.10 KB 800x600 Vocaloid selfcest.jpg)

Would you fuck yourself /cb/?
>>1707 Hell yeah tbh.
>>1707 >would you fuck you? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard.
>>1707 Totally.
(2.03 MB 1280x1312 yakshas_almonds.png)

Oopso! I didn't intend to make it a reply! >< Sorry sir!
>>1865 oh my god
>>1867 Yeah, he's pretty poggers darling.
(824.59 KB 900x656 ClipboardImage.png)

Daddy Kaji-kun
(1.41 MB 1212x1824 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.36 MB 1174x1831 ClipboardImage.png)

I'll post some art I have saved (mostly SFW)
(1.61 MB 3500x2000 FA_9IFMVEAQkr1W.jpg)

(1.26 MB 2400x3800 FCpN-xSVEAMrJ7D.jpg)

(163.64 KB 1191x1684 FCikWEyVQAYNhc3.jpg)

(172.33 KB 1266x1955 FB_rjhpUUAMZOZh.jpg)

(150.82 KB 820x1180 FBzfcrjVQAAm67a.jpg)

>>1865 Oh fuck I'd only seen the firstoone, thank you so much
>>2146 No problem lad. (⌒ω⌒)
>>2138 can i get a sauce on the last pic?
(177.24 KB 850x1104 1637367751673.jpg)

(163.91 KB 1260x1320 1637372260869.jpg)

(200.17 KB 1234x2324 1637373389055.jpg)

(203.91 KB 2048x1363 1637375107264.jpg)

(103.16 KB 1200x867 1637376166429.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1312x1630 1637374287426.png)

(259.42 KB 1873x2048 1637373509332.jpg)

(100.54 KB 749x1100 1637377327390.jpg)

(370.81 KB 985x997 1637405479906.png)

(178.13 KB 1001x1920 Femboy Rockso by Naughty Jester.jpg)

(137.56 KB 836x1163 1637376247204.jpg)

(90.22 KB 1024x766 1637377937226.jpg)

(97.94 KB 850x789 1637380254125.jpg)

(172.63 KB 850x1060 1638272275369.jpg)

(209.89 KB 600x860 1631736079725.jpg)

(996.97 KB 1000x1459 844.png)

(110.51 KB 1020x500 1632730091382.jpg)

I wish there was another board for yaoi besides 4chan's /y/. That board is overrun with gross bara.
(845.62 KB 1335x1331 1638175612728.jpg)

(625.14 KB 900x968 EozQzKwUYAA17HU.jpg)

(271.68 KB 1536x2048 FE-mMxVXsAUWwul.jpg)

(145.73 KB 940x1340 FE4wspWXEAE1yqH.jpg)

(2.37 MB 2060x3864 FFAVTT3aAAAH1pa.jpg)

>>2246 >still using cuckchan There's your problem. I only pop in there sometimes too steal images.
(149.63 KB 850x876 1633312628243.jpg)

(248.19 KB 531x693 1618804810062.jpg)

(403.78 KB 2027x2820 1631716906820.jpg)

(226.78 KB 2048x1330 433200cb9ffe0fc64f8b0e9507593b8d.jpg)

(1.17 MB 1267x1555 1618322852381.png)

>>2247 >There's your problem Yeah I figured, I've just never seen another yaoi board anywhere.
Do the images I post have to be lewd? What if I wanna post cute wholesome stuff too? Also poost moar Christmas bois. >>402 >>410 >>411 >>414 >>416 >>418 >>419 >>420 Genshit is pretty bad and is indeed ran by commies, but Guilty Queer isn't any better anon. You've got some weird priorities in life. Can't we all just agree that Bridget and Venti are hot and it's a shame that Mainland commie chinks own their ass?
More Christmas Bois
Might as well post the rest of the set. To bad the pixel censorship ruined it but oh well.
>>2317 Thanks Japan.
>>2322 And Japan thanks you back anon.
(1.38 MB 1280x1808 16314414688071.png)

(1.57 MB 1280x1808 16314414687990.png)

(2.07 MB 1280x1808 16314414688142.png)

(1.68 MB 1280x1808 16314414688253.png)

(1.64 MB 1280x1808 16314415527110.png)

(1.37 MB 1280x1808 16314415527211.png)

(2.12 MB 1280x1808 16314415527282.png)

(2.11 MB 1280x1808 16314415527413.png)

(1.98 MB 1280x1808 16314419037890.png)

(753.67 KB 2000x1400 13.jpg)

Quick Reply