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(230.56 KB 500x348 k.gif)

Hang out thread Anonymous 07/29/2021 (Thu) 05:17:07 No. 436
The place to chill. Be frenly. The one place for friendless losers to not feel alone for five seconds maybe.
I had a bad day. It's all my fault really. Never help people. Even if they appreciate it. Others won't. You do a good thing and the world shits on you. People are stupid, and suicidal. Always trying to cause problems and drama. Theres no advantage to friends. I'm always happiest alone. And I am only ever hurt when I let people in. It's a mistake I make time and time again. And the worst part. The worst part ia when it all goes crashing down. You guys are all I really got. And its not even like we are friends. We insult each other. Treat each other like shit. But for whatever reason it's never personal. Even knowing this cry for help is just gonna get spammed with >fuck you pussy I'm still making it. I got no where else to go. And that's also my fault I guess.
(492.79 KB 500x240 safetyisanillusion.gif)

>>437 What do you want? Someone to hold you? Stroke your hair? Tell you its alright. Your safe now. Bullshit anon. No one is ever safe. Ever. You can be armed up to the teeth like rambo. Steel doors and padlocks. It doesn't matter. The only truth of life is betrayal and pain.
>>438 >the only truth of life is pain and betrayal. Real emo posting hours itt
>>439 >>438 I hate you assholes so goddamn much. You can't be serious or helpful for five goddamn seconds?
>>440 Oh c'mon man. What do you want?
>>441 To be told it's okay to be a bitch for a minute. To cry. Haven't done that in... Hell. I can't even remember. I just want to feel safe man.
(92.37 KB 648x960 1623736717325.jpg)

>>442 Idk man. I told you no one is ever safe. I don't know that feeling. You understand? >tfw safe Is just a joke. Who knows what that would even feel like. Don't ask me man.
>>442 What exactly is wrong man?
(142.75 KB 1920x1080 cum on man.jpg)

>>441 >Oh c'mon man.
>>444 You know. It's all I talk about. I'm a desert hobo, house sitting my alcoholic friend. And dealing with his ex-wife and parents while trying to get him clean. Got him on a plane today. He should be in rehab right now. And what happens? His ex-wife breaks into his house at 11 at night. I almost fucking killed her. Snapped me out of sleep. I drew on her man. She said his car is really hers. I just tossed her his keys and told her to fuck off. I don't know whats true. He doesn't have a phone in detox. For 24 hours at least. So I called his dad. His dad doesnt answer and sends a text message saying don't fucking call me. So idk. I don't even know how im gonna pick him up at the airport in a week now. Idk anything man. I wish she had called first. She has my number. But now gotta start some drama. Gotta get herself killed. Because who fucking knows why. Retarded stupid asshole suicides. Fuck these people. Im working my ass off to save her lovers life. And what do I get? Yelled at screamed at. Is the car really hers? Idk. Man I just don't fucking know. She hasn't slept here in months though. Hes legally divorced. And i do sleep here. This past month anyway. I had a legal right to blow her away. But thats more bullshit id have to deal with. So I let her steal his car I think. Man i dont need this bullshit. This stress. Fuck his piece of shit father. Causing drama while the man is trying to live. The doc said his livers done. And since he still drinks no transplant. Hes fucked. Who knows if this will even save him. Goddamnit all to hell. Why the fuck is his dad and ex-wife not helping him. Why are they sabotaging this shit. Goddamn this.
>>446 Probably not the best place for this.
>>446 Stop trying to save people. Try and love yourself man.
>>448 I'm just so tired man.
>>446 >Why the fuck is his dad and ex-wife not helping him. Some people are evil or are functionally so.
>>450 Yeah. I think you are right. Fuck them. Whatever I guess. I'm not abandoning my bro when he needs me most. Even if that's what his fucked up family wants. Us bros are all we have.
>>451 Good for you anon.
Oh cool, I like hanging out.
>>449 Best of luck dude, shit. Reading your stuff is fucking painful. Cheer up.
>>456 Sleeping helped. The world seems less shit now. Sorry anon. And thank you. >>455 Yeah fren. I like hanging out.
If I think about necking myself enough, eventually I'll just do it, right? >>440 Welcum to 8chan. Post noods.
Anon theres only one poster for the first 13 posts. I think he knows.
So the denouement is fairly boring, but I have a second so lets leave this story with closure. She came back three nights later with a dude. He had a baseball bat. I felt flattered that she knew it would take back up to take me out. Still one guy? A fucking bat? Gay. So they tried breaking in at idk 11 pm? I wake up to them loudly speaking to each other at full volume while jimmying the front door, so fucking stupid. So I get up. Chamber a round in the glock. And called the cops. Told you it was boring. They spent five minutes trying to break in until the cops showed up. Then there was some talking, she started calling them fascist pigs, nazis, sexist assholes. And then she starts chanting ACAB. At 11pm. At night. To the crowd consisting of cops, and me. Weird. So they dragged her away to charge her, and the boyfriend got told to walk back. Because they also grabbed the car keys and handed them to me. Cops are nice. Especially when the other party is clearly insane. So I didn't kill the bitch. I wanted to, but I thought it'd be better to wait til she broke in. Too bad her and her boyfriend were weak soylent filled tossers. Anyway thats how it all ended.
I have a question. Where do all the cutebois live? As in what states and cities specifically. I would assume they live in mostly liberal cities because they'd probably think they're not safe in a mostly right-wing environment, just because they look like fags. Also how would you go about picking one up? I don't think they're on grindr and I wouldn't use that app anyways.
>>701 >I would assume they live in mostly liberal cities It's more about urban vs rural than liberal vs conservative. Any big city will have a sizable population of them in my experience, even in a heavily conservative or right-wing area.
(337.98 KB 1920x1080 1620579962536.jpg)

>life related wtf can a shut-in do to find the outside world interesting?
>>704 Go outside before people wake up, if you live in a safe are that is. I've found that the world is at its most interesting right before sunrise. Develop a hobby that might connect you to similar minded people, such as taking art lessons or going to a museum. Get a dog that you can walk around, get into running.
>>707 this sounds boring and i hate dogs... depression makes me wake up at like 3PM. and otherwise i'm a social outcast. there is nothing else in this boring town
>>708 >i hate dogs Exactly why you're alone & always will be alone.
>>709 lol ok
>>710 I mean this genuinely. You're a horrible person if you don't like dogs.
>>712 That sounds pathetic. I'm glad to not like dogs.
>>714 And I hope you're alone forever.
dogs are objectively trash. If you like them you are either poor or handicapped in some other way.
>>716 Absolutely true. Dogs suck ass, and eat shit.
>>716 >>717 Evil. You're both evil.
>>723 You know when you die hes gonna eat you right? Dog's have no loyalty.
>>724 Ain't that usually dependant on how they've been brought up and general behaviour shit? Like unless they get uncontrollable hungry I don't think that usually happens. ...I got some research to do. Plus dogs are besties until then atleast. Give a boy a slice when you're gone.
>>702 They are on Grindr. Femboys and boys who're into crossdressing and generally have the figure are normally on there, you just have to talk to them to find out. Starting to pop up in the EU anyway.
>>726 Wish we had a good chunk of actual cutebois that posted here and then we can have meetup threads like on the old cutebois board.
>>728 You and me both brother I barely got the chance to browse the old board and meetups for fun with cutebois. Tragic.
>>728 One of my biggest regrets is not attempting to meet up with people from old 8chan's /cuteboys/. There were actually multiple people in my area and I was even in talks with one years and years ago but chickened out. Now I'm an old jaded retard left alone with a handful of other old jaded retards around here. And no fucking way am I getting super aids from a spyware CCP homo data minig dating app. The relative activity numbers of boards like /cuteboys/ that seemed slow at the time looking back were actually insanely high. These days you can't even dream of finding multiple people all still hanging around available in your country, let alone your area. Even cuckchan's /soc/ and /trash/ boards are completely barren and dead.
(1.53 MB 752x1229 1629049540489.png)

>>734 There was also somehow actual cute boys on 8chan and not just fat slobs looking for cute boys. I miss that place too because unlike some shitty app like Grindr, the cute boys on 8chan were more likely to share my beliefs on shit in real life. I wish this place can grow and get as populated as /cuteboys/ was.
I thought this board was dead
(43.19 KB 1710x484 8kun.PNG)

>>736 I went to check out 8kun to see if anons still post on the /cuteboys/ there. They don't even know about this place. Pretty sad, but if you guys want this board to grow then there might have to be some shilling. Other than that I don't see anons from other boards deciding to turn gay and check this board out.
>>738 I mean, whatever. I didn't even ask for this board. I could try shilling for this place there if I don't get banned first.
>>739 I would shill but I want to make sure if anons here are alright with it first. Never know who you might attract when shilling on other sites.
>>740 Shilling on 8kun boards is perfectly fine. As long as it's not some Qnigger board, of course. I'd even say shilling on cuckchan is fine if you go about it in the right way. At this point shilling I would say has or should become a lot more acceptable considering the state of the site. If you're concerned about appropriate methods or places asking around in >>>/site/2992 where anons talk about how to best approach shilling.
>>740 I'm sorry, but what the heck?
>>742 I don't understand why 8kunt is redirecting me to facebook
I wonder if my shill posts on 8kunt are still up
>>767 Seems like they are from this end...
>>740 Fucking go for it. I don't even care who we get.
>>740 Be tasteful in your selection, but generally just fucking go. My guidelines are: No trannies No faggots No SJW No cancer No coomers Personally I really don't like traps either You are respectable anon for askin first
Just my daily post here, hope all three or so users here are doing fine.
>>790 >No faggots Hol up
>>852 Doing fine. Thank you for asking. And how are you doing today?
>>854 Fine and glad you are doing fine, too. Just had some veggie burgers.
>>855 Nice. I am about to go reheat last nights spaghetti. So tasty
>>856 And that was so so. So now im making meatballs and fresh spaghetti
>>857 >>856 Do ya make your own spaghetti, anon?
>>858 Well not the noodles. I have done that in the past, but not today. Today I just made tomato sauce, meatballs, and fresh rolls. The pasta I just boiled and put this over it.
>>858 I would brag about my recipe, but I stole it from Godfather 1. Chop garlic and onion. Add to pan, and drizzle with olive oil. Fry a bit, then add stewed or diced tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, and one can of water. Let it cook a bit. Add a sprinkle of sugar. A touch of redwine. Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic and onion powder. I think thats it. Then let it combine for about 20 minutes. Plenty of time to do pasta. Today I fried off meatballs first and plated them to the side. Then once I got to this part where my sauce is about ready, I add in the fried meatballs to stew a bit. I let it go for 50 minutes before I boiled the pasta and killed the heat.
>>860 >>859 Sounds nice. I personally don't have nearly enough time for cooking, it frustrates me to no end so I just end up blending some veggies, turn them into a paste and then fry said paste along with some ground beef and tomato sauce. Last time I did that was 3 months ago.
>>861 Hmm well you could cook on a day you have free and freeze it. Providing you with fresh cooked food all week if done right. Or just easier recipes. I have a salisbury steak recipe that was easy enough for a civil war doc to make while surrounded by the dead and dying.
Well I wasn't able to snap him out of his depression. He told me he was gonna kill himself tonight. Hes tired he says. One pink haired sjw whore leaves him because he didn't want her sleeping around. And hes had enough of life. "Oh she's my one and only" What a fucking pussy. Fuck him. Heading back out to my life again tomorrow. 3 months down the drain trying to rehabilitate a complete and total loser. I kinda fucking hate him. Anyway I did all I could.
And also that was my last friend. Great.
>>1107 You can't say you didn't try. Don't blame yourself for this.
>>1110 Ignore that name also check 'em
>>1111 Checked. Absolutely correct. I did everything I could. Sacrificed months of my time. But honestly Im happier now. I hated dealing with him. He just had no one else. I had to try. But now I'm free.
>>1112 You owe yourself a [Drink of Choice], anon.
(194.26 KB 1106x1182 1627553653299.jpg)

>>1112 It's like you're a good person...
Daily post. I have a cold, please stay healthy and drink lots of tea. I want to go outside this sucks
>>1156 Maybe you got the coronas.
>>1157 No way i'm taking the jab, don't wanna die.
>>1158 Yeah the vax looks terrible. Do not recommend
>>1159 My family already took it and they are scheduled for the second shot already. I don't want them shedding skin at me or whatever. Also i'm horny, anyone wants to see my dick
>>1160 Yeah
(3.43 MB 1280x720 p.mp4)

>>1161 Sorry for the shit quality, I feel like shit and i'm wearing an old itchy sweater my grandma gave me.
>>1162 Very nice anon. Girthy.
>>1163 Sankyuu anon
>>1162 Kazu has a fat cock for horse pussy.
My daily post. My cold is almost gone. Tried Deus Ex Revision, it's a mixed bag, have a good day/night.
I bite off and eat my nails as well as my toenails. I have also been drinking my cum since I was 13. Haha
>>1194 Nail-biting is a terrible habit, anon, you should try to break that. I see nothing wrong in enjoying one's own cummies, though. :>
>>1195 I will stop chewing my nails, in due time. Kinda hard to break an habit I've had since I was a wee lad though
>>1194 I heard people who excessively bite their nails were probably sexually abused as a child
>>1199 That's retarded. I'd remember by now if I had fun times as a shota.
>>1201 Would you? If it was bad abuse you'd most likely find it hard to remember due to it being traumatic.
>>1203 Trauma doesn't work that way.
>>1203 I definitely would. I went to therapy for several years just for my anxiety issues.
Is it normal that I get a tingly behind well before any erection? :3
>>1213 You're a faggot, Harry.
I probably put on a pound or two at my birfday party. hope I stay underweight >> >>1217 oh my GOSH so rude smh
cute boys sit on my face
Daily Post, I no longer have a cold. I can start safely working out again now.
>>1225 Nice! I like working out. It makes you feel good.
>>1228 Yet another daily post. Same anon, i'm fucking sweating buckets after working out all day. It was worth it.
What's going on with this board? Seems like we had good activity for like all last week or so but it's been going down.
My waiter at the Chinese place today was absolutely gorgeous, oh my. >>1240 Sometimes people just don't know what to post, or they just don't come by often.
>>1235 Fuck yeah. In fact I'm gonna work out today Being fit is the best insurance you can have.
>>1245 A 4 quadrillion life insurance policy on your terminally ill 128 year old wife is the best insurance you can have.
>>1244 >don't know what to post Me
(281.05 KB 1024x768 Ending it.jpg)

I hate myself.
>>1318 That's not a very productive emotion /cb/ anon.
>>1319 Sorry, I almost forgot that I live to submit. I'm ok now.
(68.07 KB 749x927 1627206650150.jpg)

>>1320 I know it can be pretty painful to be a stray, as in a unowned, masterless sub. Are you a useless sex-crazed type who uses submission as an excuse to find sexual gratification? or do you recognize the patrician values to be found in a slave-master relationship? Hm?
>>1321 both aha
>>1322 Meh
>>1323 I'm sorry, I didn't have much time to write out anything good. Give me your Tox or Discord or something if you want.
I'm so sorry. -_-
>>1288 Try spending it when your sick in bed and paralyzed. No the best policy to having a good and happy life is being healthy and fit.
>>1321 BDSM larp is kind of cringe.
>>1327 Hence why I wanted to take it into DMs, but alas...
>>1328 >but alas... You can't find the link?
>>1329 Uhm, he never gave me any IDs. unless he's someone I know already.
>>1327 >LARP You are being cringe
>>1223 posted this a while ago still no boy ass on my face don't know what to do send help
>>1335 I'll sit on you, anon!
>>1336 You know what that means, right? Post ass
(499.74 KB 512x512 no.png)

>>1338 You are the ass
>>1336 would be based if you did ngl
I just can't shave properly yet because all of them will get ingrown, sorry anon! ><
I like and Sam and Max. I want them to fuck. That's my daily post
>>1346 You're right! I just can't seem to do it!
>>1342 Furry.
>>1328 >>1330 I actually just closed the thread and then forgot about it. LARP is cringe tho I agree
>>1476 Kill yourself.
>>1476 Eat a bullet
>>1476 If he would be your bf wouldn't that mean you're underage?
>>1481 nah >>1482 nah >>1483 nah I'm 29
>>1484 But yeah tho
(111.36 KB 319x378 femboi.png)

>>1485 I like living because of all of the cute lgs and cute fembois that inhabit this planet. I will do no such thing.
>>1486 Pedophiles should kill themselves though.
>>1487 Pedophiles should work their bodies into lithe visions of androgynous perfection and let me suck their cocks while they bully me for not being a cute little girl or boy like they prefer.
>>1488 /pol/ would be proud of this post and the number assigned to it.
>>1488 No, you should both be gassed
>>1490 I'm not looking for a brappy boi.
>>1491 Then eat a bullet. Low in carbs.
(17.62 KB 480x480 All edge.jpg)

>>1493 The point is to kys. Surprised you haven't caught that yet.
(166.30 KB 2000x2668 gaped shota.jpg)

>>1494 Yeah but I won't, so it's pointless for you to cry about it like this. Look into this shota's anus and deal with it.
>>1495 People do it all the time. It is always worth it to tell a pedo to kill himself. Statistically once found out 70% do anyway.
(1.14 MB 1000x665 pedos get the rope.png)

>>1496 bawww bawww bawww
>>1497 Cringe, kys for having that pic more than anything else.
>>1498 Must hit too close to home, little guy.
>>1499 Skinny antifa whos into feminism? Sounds more like a pedophile
(823.32 KB 765x988 (you).png)

>>1500 >Skinny antifa whos into feminism? Sounds more like a pedophile
(19.08 MB 640x360 curing pedophilia.mp4)

>>1501 Dont worry pedo. We can cure you.
(633.83 KB 800x516 you did it.png)

>>1502 didn't click more tears for me?
(615.39 KB 950x720 tfwtheywilldoshit.png)

>>1503 Heres the highlight
(93.79 KB 933x802 antipedos.jpg)

>>1504 dude so scary wowee
>>1505 Naw you go to magical place were people love pedos. It's fun not scary, try it.
(20.56 KB 276x204 you.jpg)

>>1506 I don't think you understand virtue signalling your impotent rage, you have to go do it somewhere people will be able to upvote you and give you epic Reddit gold. It's a dead end here, champ.
>>1507 Ah you misunderstand still. Anon I am not speaking or signalling to anyone else. This message is for you alone. You should really kill yourself, it's easy and will solve all your problems. They say suicide is painless.
(1015.27 KB 1683x1873 (You).png)

>>1508 But my life is great, why would I do that because you're butthurt at me?
>>1509 Well it's hard to conduct a study on dead people, but I would hazard because no one accepts pedophilia, and probably never will. This combined with how vociferous and vocal opponent's of pedophilia are, often leads to depression and a desire to end the suffering. That is a guess however. They may also simply be bullied.
>>1510 I do, I accept them, they are based. Especially if they are cutebois, I want them to sit on my face in a big way. No manlet retard crying about it can stop me.
>>1511 But no one else does or will, and furthermore you too are considered repugnant. Which is why you should kys
(754.10 KB 1814x2419 anti lardass.jpg)

>>1511 I'm gonna no scoop 3600 degrees you for that one mate I'm a psycho killer there's no1 iller
>>1513 You can curse your fate all you want. Still you should kill yourself.
>>1514 My fate is great, I could have been some pissant mutt like you, crying greasy bitch tears over text he doesn't like on the internet.
>>1515 I think you'll find that happens a lot in life. Most people kind of find you gross and so you should probably kill yourself. Just an idea.
>>1516 It happens a lot to you.
>>1517 No, perhaps the text was unclear, I apologize but the individuals to which I refer are in fact pedophiles.
>>1518 I mean it was a very rough and unwieldy sort of reply from you, but I don't expect much from fat-strangled mutt brains.
>>1519 I could dumb it down for ya bud no prob. You should slit your wrists and bleed out. Theres no pain, and theres all kinds of kids on the other side. They are waiting anon.
>>1520 I should pat you on your little square head for being so dedicated to posting cringe.
>>1521 Oh if your concern is just wether or not it looks cool you could always light a car on fire and then play chicken against on coming traffic on the freeway. But if your concern is about people making fun of you on the internet, well that's gonna happen no matter what you do. Sorry.
>>1522 Keep trying, you'll get there.
>>1523 No anon. You'll get there I promise. Just need to buy some rope, or do you have a nice sturdy belt maybe?
>>1524 You'd be a lot happier on Reddit I must reiterate, they love this passive aggressive bitchboi shit there.
>>1525 Anon I'm not being passive aggressive. I have been nothing but forthright with you. You should kys.
>>1526 It's all passive aggressive unless it's you doing something about it, go try some shit against some pedo that blasts your ass and get laid out you manlet retard.
If only I had a qt cuteboy bf who was also a massive lolicon and we could curbstomp manlet retards that looked at us the wrong way together UwU
>>1534 By which you mean shotacon?
>>1535 shotacon too but lolicon would be better ideally bi cuteboy lolicon with big stompy boots for bitch manlets like this queef >>1526
>>1536 Shota/lolicons are not actual pedophiles.
This thread needs more cocks. Today I bring you... /co/cks
>>1613 Oh yes, cocks. Very nice cocks.
Except for the hulk one, wtf.
>>1618 I think that's beast boy from the teen titans actually.
>>1619 Yeah, him.
>>1620 I didn't read the dialogue before uploading. Now that I am that's funny. That dialogue is awful.
If you still have time left, use it. It's your more valuable resource, chances are if you are reading this, you have still a lot of it left. Don't worry over relationships, rent and pathetic shit like that, use your time and turn it into money. Be wise, don't dwell for too long on procrastination and hedonistic shit. Learning > buying, materialistic shit won't bring you happiness.
>>1640 But you have to buy to learn.
>>1640 Thank you for the reminder lad. <3

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