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(171.46 KB 1200x1200 669.jpg)

Cooking thread Anonymous 08/08/2021 (Sun) 00:42:41 No. 638
Itt we cook food, and discuss cooking food. Rules 1. No girls allowed 2. No trannies
(189.18 KB 1200x1200 754.jpg)

I forgot which board I stuck my cooking thread on so I'm making one here. Today I made biscuits. Then cut one in half. Put ham and colby jack cheese in there. And stuck it back in the oven for 10 minutes. The oven was off but the residule heat melted the cheese. Very tasty. Will have pics later
Cooking is for women and/or your femboy pet.
>>640 Wrong. The best cooks in the entire world since the beginning of time were men. You go in the back of any famous restaurant right now you'll see a man. Anon cursing people out, swinging giant knives, and making amazing food are all very manly. Also women are fucking useless and will burn eggs. I assume femmy catboys will have the same retardation.
>>641 Women are bad at cooking but they should still do it since it's an effort that I refuse to make. You made fucking ham and cheese biscuits you sperg, you aren't a fucking chef.
>>642 I made one ham and cheese biscuit anon. I also made 11 regular biscuits. And you should make the effort or you will be eating shit your entire life.
(217.97 KB 1200x1200 373.jpg)

2 cups flour, tablespoon of sugar, tablespoon of baking powder, teaspoon of salt, mix well, add 6 tablespoon butter( I grate mine after freezing), mix in not completely lumps are good, add 3/4 cup whole milk, mix some more, put on floured surface, knead and fold a bunch, use cookie cutter to make rounds, put on buttered cookie tray, stick in oven at 425 for 12 minutes. The top will turn a little golden.
(1.51 MB 2448x2448 14096 (1).jpg)

(1.55 MB 2448x2448 14096.jpg)

I just made three more nobiscuit guy. Suck on these.
>>643 >So poor he has to work to eat well Stop being poor.
>>664 Anon I hope society collapses and you starve to death surrounded by flour.
>>671 Hope in one hand, shit in the other wageslave.
>>673 That would be you. I on the other hand can make biscuits.
>>674 I bet you make some great biscuits, anon.
>>674 >n-no u I can eat grassfed steak and and never work.
so so there btw biscuit fag
>>677 d-dubs
>>678 not gonna check those cope
>>675 I mean they tasted great, but I need a cookie cutter.

(66.41 KB 800x800 000120104.webp)

mix em up n there ya go
>>705 Are you the desert hobo anon?
>>713 Psyche I know you aren't. Because I'm me. Anyway made chicken soup for dinner. Boiled 4 chicken thighs for an hour. Fished out my chicke. Pieced it out and got rid of bones. Shredded it some and tossed it back in the pot. It boiled with thyme, oregano, black pepper, salt, and a shaker labelled italian seasoning. Oh and a bay leaf. Then I chopped up celery and tossed that in. Some egg noodles. Peas, chopped carrots, uh onion. And then let it go a bit longer. Maybe 20 minutes. Made a bunch of thick ass chicken noodle stew. >anon if the broth is watery its soup Whatever that soup was thick as fuck. Could have added a slurry of flour and water, but meh.
Are rice cookers worth having another appliance taking up space or should I just stick to stove top rice cooking?
>>730 Yeah it is convenient, but not enough to take up space. It will do rice perfectly every time, and unsupervised. Very handy if you just wanna concentrate on stirfrying something real quick. I used one for years until I just learned how to make good rice by instinct. So I guess it depends how often you eat rice, and if that convenience out weighs the inevitable kitchen clutter.
Anons speaking of shit that takes up counter space. I found the kitchen aid stand mixer. And even though it's all carbs that means french bread. Or dinner rolls. I'm craving bread and butter. Will post more later
>>730 If ytou like rice, i guess.
Made french rolls. Came out great. Now to make spaghetti and a salad. Dinner is coming along.
(2.07 MB 2448x2448 14108.jpg)

>>844 Thyme and garlic went on top of half of them. Tasted good. Crispy crust. Soft interior. Went well with the spaghetti.
(1.71 MB 2448x2448 14275.jpg)

(1.99 MB 2448x2448 14275 (1).jpg)

>>845 Made more rolls. Used a different yeast. I was worried I let it rise too long. Got distracted, but fuck these are good. So soft inside, and with a crispy crust. Brushing with butter before baking helps a lot. And that roasted garlic and thyme. Anons I'm on a carb trip like crazy.
>>988 Hey nice link. How'd I miss this?
>>1089 It's not a very big channel.
>>1090 I meant your post. You must have left the link there a day or two ago. Sorry for not seeing it m8
>>1088 They look wonderful anon!

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