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Trannies not allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(438.14 KB 1920x1080 wallhaven-nkk7wq.jpg)

Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 07:14:45 No. 88
/cb/ - cutebois, a board for adult gay men, 3D/2D homo porn, and hanging out. Rules 1. No trannies allowed. This means no talks about hormone treatment, no images of trannies, and no discussion about transitioning. Cross-dressing and "traps" are allowed. 2. No using this board as your own personal advertising grounds for discord servers. There is no official anything server whatsoever
Edited last time by kazu on 10/26/2021 (Tue) 19:28:13.
>no talks about hormone treatment good thing I just now finished the telomerase repackager/bone demodeling CASaR
>>137 >glowchan no thank you
>>137 >year of apocalypse >still shilling cp virus site
(492.03 KB 827x1170 trans party perk.jpg)

>>141 HRT time
>>216 No trannies allowed.
happy birthday kazu
>>264 My birthday is in like 7 months but thank you anyway.
>>265 remember not to ask for another one in 7 months
slightly nicer to look at CSS, i suppose...
>>283 Yotsuba P is getting quite popular as a base for custom themes, I see.
>>301 I like it, it's really easy on the eyes. I might go a bit further with the CSS like I did with my themes from /tw/ but I don't want to stride away too far from the more vanilla Yotsuba look.
>>94 >noo you can't self-augment >nooo you have to age out >noooo you aren't allowed to compete with women >nooooo my loyal army of simps with untreated BPD will make you pay for your insolence, the natural order is real and I am at the top of it Loving Every Laugh
>>475 Nothing is stopping you from making a suicide pact board of your own where you convince people of a questionably low age to permanently alter their body chemistry. Here people just want to gay post without needing to be pestered by you insufferable creeps.
>>478 I second this. Aye.
>>478 wait if they're a questionably low age then why like, this board is for porn. what are you saying
>>478 also nothing stopped you from making a pact with radfems who privately post about how they want porn banned and all men over the age of 21 ground up into dog chow but maybe it should've
>>483 But I'm not the one complaining about the rules of this board, you are. I have no reason to make pacts with anyone. >>482 I'm just alluding to the fact that trannies seem to consistently target young impressionable men to convince to fuck their bodies up with drugs permanently.
>>475 >>noo you can't self-augment <comparing troon HRT pills to cyberpunk augmentation Am I reading this right?
>>485 figured out that "femboy" is the sop they're gonna throw to GNC males, but also that the no-HRT thing is about making sure that competition with biofoids is artificially limited to the five or six guys with perfect genetics who don't need it for the three or four years they're capable of doing it also just kind of generally upset about how the Tumblr Feminist was a stock figure of derision on the chans until like 2018, at which point for some unknown reason everyone did a 180 and adopted their shit
>>492 It's okay to not look like a woman. It's okay to be masculine. You don't need to compete with anyone and desperately try to achieve some arbitrary aesthetic standard so you can be a degenerate slut until you blow your brains out when you turn 30. But with the kind of posts you're making you should probably kill yourself a lot sooner than that because holy fuck you're insufferable.
>>493 >You don't need to compete with anyone see the problem with this is you don't understand how men work like the Gender Positivity shit you have to run in order to compensate for the Gender Critical shit was only ever workshopped with women and their simps so it completely fails to hit you're telling a guy that he doesn't have to compete, doesn't have to fuck, doesn't have to hold himself to arbitrary standards, and certainly doesn't have to compete and hold himself to arbitrary standards in order to fuck and like have you been present for the past million years of human existence
>>493 >no-HRT thing is about making sure that competition with biofoids is artificially limited It's about not turning people into freaks of nature witha fucked up hormonal imbalance that will cause inreparable harm to a person.
>>495 They don't say that about juicers, though, because women don't see juicers as competing with them, and therefore as a moral crisis.
>>496 So you are saying that the anti-HRT argument is an exclusively feminist one?
>>494 I mean you don't "have" to do any of that to fuck. You've constructed this world where you're competing with women for what I guess we would call "straight" or higher quality men, because we all know "gay" men are plenty willing to fuck literally anything that moves. I honestly can't imagine my life revolving so heavily around sex and gender identity that I would permanently fuck up my hormone profile on the hopes that it would attract a specific kind of guy as you desperately try and "compete" with roasties. If I lived like that I feel like I would be in a constant state of anxiety. I mostly just feel bad for people like you because your mental comfort is completely and utterly dependent on external factors that aren't really in your control. I used to think normalniggers lived in blissful ignorance, but now I think their lives are actually filled with 24/7 anxiety based on their obsession with valuing social validation. And that sounds completely and utterly fucking exhausting.
>>498 Anon, he is a mentally ill tranny. Crazy people don't act logically or rationally. Be kind.
>>499 Don't reply to my posts. I don't need your backup.
>>499 >Be kind This is me being kind.
>>500 You're metnally ill too.
>>500 That's not how imageboards work, holy shit. Kill yourself.
>>503 There's only two people on any given imageboard.
>>504 Yes, that's correct. I'm a dog.
>>498 Again, you don't get it. You're talking about permanently fucking up your body - that's what being a man is. Powerlifters have their knees go out, boxers end up retarded, racers get a bunch of G-related microinjuries everywhere. And - you can't validate yourself, either. People, let alone men, who ignore external validation are "lolcows", and most of the internet is dedicated to punishing them for this effrontery. (Also, "not giving a shit what other people think" is an off-ramp to transitioning.) Like, if you want to eliminate something that takes young, impressionable men, feeds them dreams of glory and belonging, and mostly gets them killed or maimed, you can start with war.
>>506 >comparing HRT and plastic surgery to athletic achievement This is your brain on nihilism
>>507 If you don't get it, you don't get it. It's still true, though.
>>508 Anything is true under a nihilistic framework. If two people aren't operating under the same fundamental framework then it's virtually impossible to have a meaningful conversation. If we're going to say that every single goal shares equal merit then I can assert that being the best at smearing shit on my face is as "valid" as being the worlds best bench presser. Under the framework you're operating in that is technically true, but most people would find a framework that permits that kind of thinking counter productive to the human experience. Technically speaking what is the difference between someone lifting heavy weights and smearing shit on their face? There is no actual benefit to doing either of them. There is no intrinsic value in lifting world record weights. There is almost only intrinsic risk. And there is no intrinsic value in smearing shit on your face, only intrinsic risk, maybe even less risk than lifting heavy weights. When your world view puts smearing shit on your face in the same category as Olympic weight lifting I think it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate things. This is why nihilism is a joke.
>>506 Your shit's all retarded.
>>490 All true. >>491 I guess. Weird. >>493 Hell yeah. Preach it bro.
>>506 That's not what lolcows are bud. Uh. Trannies can fuck right off though.
The tranny made a board lol
>>535 Yeah I saw that. Mild chuckle. Back to being shocked at Chris-chan.
>>509 If nature says one thing, and you say another, and your approach is not to put nature to the sword - to have it crawling at your feet, begging to be allowed to change - then you don't have to worry about whether you're trans or not, because you weren't any kind of man in the first place. Tell a man something's immutable - doesn't have to be sex, doesn't have to be gender - he doesn't hunker down and put his tail between his legs and accept that there are just things stronger than him. He drops a nuclear arsenal on it. This goes triple if it's a personal limitation. Maybe you don't understand that, but it's the only truth that matters.
>>623 You're just reiterating the same position. All I did was point out that under your nihilistic framework smearing shit on your face is no different than Olympic weightlifting. If you consider that kind of perspective conducive to a meaningless human experience then that's fine, we simply disagree that eating shit is a productive activity. Eat all the shit you want though my man.
>>624 meaningful*
>>623 Yeah, but giving up, chopping off your cock, and calling it good enough. Is not the act of a man. That sort of temper tantrum is indicative of a woman or child. You haven't conquered anything and your delusion on that is your stumbling block.
(600.48 KB 1280x1806 001.jpg)

(25.69 KB 300x100 present.jpg)

I was in the middle of a fap session when I saw pic related and decided to make a banner from it. Here's the source btw: https://e-hentai.org/g/1807507/d75b199176/
>>654 Nice banner anon!
(124.41 KB 300x100 wildboner.gif)

(257.42 KB 300x100 handy-ez.gif)

(235.24 KB 300x100 handy-alt-ez.gif)

(3.70 MB 600x420 73851448.gif)

(6.34 MB 600x420 73953925.gif)

>>655 Here's another two (+alt) with their respective sources since I'm in the mood for making banners. Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/26654959>>655
>>661 Ooooo Kaz add these please. Very classy.
>>662 >>654 I'll add this stuff. Thanks, they are nice. Sorry for not noticing earlier.
This board is really gay.
>>683 No shit genius
>683 Is it? I thought this was the cooking board
I had a great idea for trolling Kazu. I was gonna post that new MLP trailer and pretend to be excited about it. Act super annoying til he gets sick of it and kills the thread (it's off topic anyways) then ban evade and post the trailer in every thread. But then I realized I would have to download the trailer. And watch it again to make sure there were no errors. And then I became far too depressed to play this prank. It's astoundingly bad. Have you seen the new art?
(338.58 KB 300x100 rim-ez.gif)

New banner. Duplicated some frames and edited the tempo a bit because it was a bit too fast in the original gif.
>>731 That's how you get intestinal parasites.
>>731 Added >>722 It's such fucking hot garbage, I hated everything about it.
>>737 It reminds me of of the 90s when established franchises from comics and books were adapted for a movie. Everyone is so worried the common guy won't watch it they add all this stupid gimmicky bullshit. Which is weird because clearly the series can stand on its own. It doesn't need a heavy handed adaption complete with new art "style". I find the lack of faith in the series kind of depressing.
>kaz deletes all his pics off his old theme repository. Weak
>>779 How did you find out about that reeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>801 I mean there's a month old thread where someone complains about how hot it is in the desert. In july. Honestly thought I had tipped my hand a while ago. The better question is how did the /vv/ guy find it. A day or two ago. Answer. In the /gg/ thread someone asked about several old boards. Including you know know which one. After your name was mentioned in relation to it, someone then put 2 and 2 together. So that's the answer. Also you are very good looking and shouldn't be embarrassed.
>>813 Ah I see, it's probably the same handful of niggers (like the totfag) who are often saying shit. I personally don't care much, I find it somewhat funny and amusing. That board is just mostly something I use to blogpost from time to time. Hopefully no one saved those pics.
>>821 It is kinda funny yeah. And I'm sure if anyone did save pics, they did so for personal use only.
>>822 Fair enough.
>>683 this board is reaaaally gay~~~ <3
>>1219 Sir, this is a Wendy's
>>1220 Oh. Well then just give me a baconater then.
>>1253 Right on
>make a post with files >delete it because I forgot a pic >try to repost it >r9k filters don't let me post because the files still are in the servers Stupid broken gayass filters, and stupid broken gayass brazilian developer who created them.
>>1433 modify the hash
>>1593 Okay I killed the tranny thread and like 7 pedo shitposters. Good? Lemme know.
>>1595 Good. Keep it up. Sooner in the future.
>>1596 Kaz is busy I'm filling in. Sorry.
>>1597 What a shame.
(34.71 KB 500x375 READNIGGERREADjpg.jpg)

Ah Shiro Amada. What a cute boi. And what's this? He reads? Well hell anons. How are you gonna attract him if your illiterate? Better brush up on some books. And on that note I draw your attention to /lit/ which just started a book club and has invited us all to come and read some words. This month they are reading fight club by chuck palahniuk. Bretty gud. If your bored why not come check it out? >>>/lit/334
(973.48 KB 480x300 glados.gif)

Still alive
>>1738 dead board
Whatever happened to the soccer contest?
Fuck niggers shit
>>1782 I too dislike niggers. They are singularly unlikable.
I'm retarded and I can't find the b00typurr thread.
>>1957 I'm not sure we have one of those. You should make one.
>>1957 >>1990 I'm pretty sure he's underage
Currently looking for a volunteer. Due to unforeseen consequences, we lost a valuable asset (Possibly dementia)
Edited last time by kazu on 10/15/2021 (Fri) 04:00:21.
>>2008 Kazu got dementia?
who the hell is the, too whom and your mother?
>>2033 The quick brown fox jumped over the fence
>>88 Why is these board so gay? I don't understand it.
(32.40 KB 300x100 astolfo.png)

tooo girly?
>>2271 nah the works fantastically
(31.09 KB 300x100 redblue.jpg)

(38.41 KB 300x100 sao.jpg)

(38.87 KB 300x100 astolfo_bow.png)

(316.08 KB 300x100 promare.gif)

New banners!
(27.74 KB 300x100 noir_butt.jpg)

(39.00 KB 300x100 noir_dick.png)

>>2537 Moar banners!
>>2537 >>2548 Very nice anon! Excellent work.
>>2549 Glad you liked it. Feel free to request more, or a spoiler image.
>>2550 >a spoiler image Shit we don't have a custom do we. Hmmm well we certainly could use one. Lemme think on it. Or if you have any ideas just go for it.
>>2551 >Lemme think on it Take your time. It's getting late where I live, so I'll probably check the thread in the morning.
>>2552 Yeah late here too. Have a good night anon!
>>2537 >>2548 Very nice banneranon, thanks! make more cat noir pls i beg you
>>2551 If I recall correctly the spoiler image on old /cb/ was some police officer femboy, with the police tape saying "spoiler" on it.
>>2555 (checked) testing
(38.04 KB 300x100 noir.jpg)

(446.17 KB 300x100 noir_loop.gif)

(70.13 KB 300x100 doesn't_matter.gif)

(44.29 KB 300x100 shezow_cb.png)

(32.59 KB 300x100 angry_len.jpg)

>>2554 >make more cat noir pls i beg you Here's another one with two versions, plus 3 other banners.
(21.96 KB 128x128 noir_spoiler.jpg)

(66.47 KB 256x256 noir_spoiler_2x.jpg)

(45.97 KB 300x100 1411330789702.png)

(60.96 KB 300x100 1411764096289.png)

>>2557 And here's a custom spoiler at 2 resolutions, plus two banners I managed to rescue from the original /cuteboys/ at 8ch.net.
>>2559 Great shit as always. How did you find the old /cb/ banners?
>>2561 >How did you find the old /cb/ banners? I searched /cuteboys/ on archive.org. They blacklisted 8chan's main media server's URL so none of the archives had visible files, but during a brief period of time the banners had a different URL that archive.org saved.

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