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Trannies not allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2.43 MB 1440x2560 1567182891031.jpg)

P C 08/21/2021 (Sat) 11:05:38 No. 965
New cute LEGAL guy pics
>>965 Very nice features. An Apollo. I wish I were an artist with marble.
(126.25 KB 723x851 42134545omy.jpg)

(169.65 KB 653x870 1515773296645.jpg)

(64.40 KB 825x825 1578828079378.jpg)

(6.25 MB 1994x1618 1567616241696.png)

top tier ass edible/10
>>989 do NOT eat ass it's unsanitary
(255.40 KB 900x598 tongue.jpg)

>>990 mfw these butts
>>990 Keep talking like that & you're getting your asshole ate, fag!
cuteboy ass is my last meal request when I inevitably get executed by the state for thought crime
>>1008 Having my ass eaten wouldn't be unhygienic for me. Unless I lived with the ass eater I suppose and they spread whatever they ended up contracting to me after the fact.
Did no one contribute to my cute legal boy thread ?!! C'mon fellas, browse your porn stash and post some cute legal guys
>>1014 Specifying legal as often as you are is very awkward and off-putting.
>>1025 Sorry anon. I'm used to my threads been spammed with CP after I post anything cute. I'll go 2 weeks without using that word starting today
>>1030 what do you call something that has been decriminalized, or was never illegal to begin with?
>>990 It's not unsanitary. Sorry for the bad lighting and camera angle. It's hard to hold a phone behind you, and my GF bought LED mood lights. Though it's never really set the mood. Just shows up any little hair I have on my butt
>>1032 Marijuana
>>1033 Some hairs can be cute, as long as the ass is shapely.
This thread is gross.
>>1033 you are disgusting for being canadian >>1034 incorrect
>>1033 >gf Disgusting.
>>1033 >putting your mouth where someone shits from isn't unsanitary All anal play is unsanitary by nature. While hot in porn and fantasy I would never engage in butt play IRL.
>>1041 I don't fucking care, I want to tongue fuck boypuss. You got a problem with that you fucking nigger?
>>965 Isn't this boy named Casps or something like that? He's like 30 years old believe it or not.
>>1056 Did you read that in the lower right hand corner of the image or something?
>>1057 I didn't notice that but I guess I was right. I only know about him because the only reason I would use cuckchan is for gay stuff on /gif/ and /hm/, and he's posted a lot on /hm/.
>>1058 Someone go make a thread and ask him to post here then.
>>1058 I knew his name because I read it in the image, and for no other reason.
>>1059 I don't think he actually posts his own stuff on /hm/. It's anons that grab his pics from onlyfans and makes threads. We do need more cuteboi posters though so do your part and SHILL.
(9.31 KB 480x141 wM8M4PLh.jpg)

>>1062 I saved Capers pics from /hm on 4chan. I honestly don't know what platforms he used
(2.77 MB 3120x3805 _DSC_0744.jpg)

(687.04 KB 1304x1681 DSC_0737.jpg)

(418.01 KB 1246x1023 DSC_0741.jpg)

(1.42 MB 2623x2111 __DSC_0744.jpg)

(2.72 MB 2240x4132 DSC_0738.jpg)

Does anyone have a fetish for wearing girls panties? I've tried a few of my GF thongs and cute underwear on for pics, but never worn them a while day. And yes OP is the zoomer faggot
>>1127 I do but I haven't bought any in a while, the employees always give me weird looks too when i'm buying them as if I was some sort of pervert.
>>1129 You can but underwear online nowadays. EBay is a good sauce if you want to give it a try
(42.93 KB 406x680 _1626178809132.jpg)

(317.00 KB 1980x2143 _1627701952805.jpg)

(655.87 KB 2381x2317 1627705031218.jpg)

(40.27 KB 500x667 1628687138534.jpg)

(559.03 KB 1592x3264 1626228577474.jpg)

(42.24 KB 647x1280 1628824109442.jpg)

(1.77 MB 2179x2583 1627748688568.jpg)

(876.60 KB 1232x1437 DSC_0238.jpg)

I feel like I've been working out too much and my twink body has too much muscle mass to be cute. Opinions? Do I slim down again??
>>1137 Your only pic ITT? I suggest building muscle, but if not then slim down just a bit.
>>1137 Muscles are cool
>>1137 Muscles are just as hot as no muscles
>>1138 Not my only pic, I have a thread of my pics taken over the last 3 years. This pics taken today after my workout routine
>>1138 I wanted honest opinions without my previous posted images affecting anons opinions. Thanks anons
Don't worry, you look way hotter than I do.
The asses in this thread are proof bussy is superior to pussy in every way. The boi butt can be nice and round but at the same time firm, and not all jiggly like the girl butt. Also buttholes are tighter than pussies.
(3.66 MB 640x1138 1629656744414.webm)

(3.29 MB 576x1024 1629657113778.webm)

>>1149 We need more cute sfw stuff...
>>1152 I second this
>>1153 So not just a thread full of cocks then. Maybe a sfw thread?
>>1152 sfw is neat but asses are hot
>>1152 >>1153 He has a tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@notpiffpeterson You can download some vids and post them here if you want, or make a cuteboi SFW thread.
>>1154 NO! bad anon. This is a thread for cute butts and dicks
Thoughts on Asian bois?
>>1297 Very cute boys. But I distrust koreans since they love plastic surgery & chinese are commies.
>>1315 I want to suck that
>>1307 >I am retarded the post Sorry OP cannot find good stuff.
>>1943 Koreans love plastic surgery so much there's literally pillars filled with jawbone shavings.
>>1033 Why not drop the women and take a cock in your boy pussy instead of a cunts tongue
>>1945 I do take cock in my boy pussy, but only while my GF watches and holds my face against her wet pussy
>>1950 Whore.
Oh hey my exceptionally gay thread is still up.
>>1951 Yes I am and God and Jesus know it. And my neighbour... he no longer looks me in the eye when I bring his bins in for him
>>2043 That's a shame.
>>2043 That's nice of you too bring his bins in though.
>>2045 Thanks anon. My neighbours racist and homophonic. He's as old as dirt
>>2046 >racist Based. >homophobic I hate faggots tooo. I just want a normal life with a normal boy.
Scrolling through these thread amd im questioning the legality of some of these adorable guys. Definitely a 'cute twink' thread
This is all I ever really wanted. Not that shota nonsense.
>>2403 You're welcome There should be more cute boy threads made
Saved the whole thread. Thanks
More Bois!!
(327.24 KB 1094x1517 a_86_.jpg)

Kiss Me

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