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(69.80 KB 660x344 royal_feast.jpg)
Welcome to /ck/! Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 04:29:35 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /ck/, 8chan's cooking board. Please feel free to discuss anything from the last thing you cooked to your favorite recipes. Together, we can all improve our skills.

(175.94 KB 220x275 ClipboardImage.png)
"What Can I do With X?" Thread Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 18:09:47 No. 391 [Reply]
I've got a bunch of frozen ground beef divided by weight. I have plenty of things I can do with it, but I'm looking for something new besides tacos, meat sauce and the normal casseroles. Suggestions?
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>>621 That sounds like a few shots of rum, teaspoons of coconut flakes and packets of instant coffee away from something very pleasant. It's been a while since I've dealt with baked goods, cakes and the like, but even basic bitch muffins with an emphasis on coconut and cocoa sound breddy gud, provided you have flour, dairy and a leavening agent around. If you do use rum, be sure to compensate for the alcohol content with some other liquid. Instant coffee makes everything involving cocoa or chocolate better. I haven't found one worth drinking, but it's perfect for baking, as you generally don't have the liquid volume to sacrifice for actual espresso or coffee for the same level of effect. I'd look into muffins. From what I remember, as long as the dry to wet ratio and acidity were loosely in the right ballpark, they just worked. Versatile fuckers.
>>613 Made a beet risotto with goat cheese on top. It was on par with the mushroom risotto I make. Highly recommend.
I make fried potatoes with dumplings and cut sausages. I just add sauces and spices and it's edible. I tried adding carrots, tomatoes, onions in it but it didn't taste well. Any suggestions? I'm on a tight budget most of the time so i can't go for expensive ingridients.

(37.06 KB 665x665 gingerbread.jpg)
(126.71 KB 1254x836 caviar.jpg)
(166.34 KB 720x540 fruitcake.jpg)
(131.77 KB 1280x720 panettone.jpg)
(153.30 KB 1022x655 strawberrycake.jpg)
Holiday Baking Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 16:12:59 No. 615 [Reply]
With the holidays approaching, now is the time to start preparing festive food. Post recipes of your holiday favourites for this time of year. Let us know your preferred cookie or what meat you like to serve on New Year's eve. On my side, I'm all about making sweets. I always make an array of cookies, with a preference for gingerbread. Ultra-boozy fruit cake gets passed along to the family too. This year I'm going make kletzenbrot, though I'm going to try random fruit rather than dried pears which I've never seen where I live. I thought about trying my hand at panettone (or pandoro), but I don't want to buy the specific mold for it and I have a bakery nearby which makes some in-house.
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>>616 Did you buy the specific mold, or did you try your hand at experimenting with pans you had already? >>618 My mom has made Christmas pudding in the past and the flambé part is always a showstopper. I'll have to compare the recipe she uses to the one you posted. Are the chokladbollar you make similar to this recipe? https://www.food.com/recipe/no-bake-chocolate-cookies-chokladbollar-423911 Never heard of them before, but I would be willing to try.
>>624 Yeah, that's pretty much it. I prefer to make them a day in advance and put them in the fridge, that makes the texture softer.
>>624 >Did you buy the specific mold, or did you try your hand at experimenting with pans you had already? Nope I used buttered parchment paper and I baked it in a sauce pot that I temporarily removed the melmac handles from. Since then I bought some actual molds but I never got around to actually trying it again. Maybe I will this year.

(1.81 MB 1280x1707 1460917772025.png)
(55.17 KB 1296x947 Pandan and Water Yam Cake.png)
(184.65 KB 1280x960 Pandan_Cake.jpg)
(13.32 KB 333x250 Ube_Cake.jpg)
Pastries Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 10:55:35 No. 169 [Reply]
A place for sweeter recipes. I'll start with these two cakes. I've never tried them because I don't have the two important ingredients on hand but I do have the recipes.
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Sharing a recipe for oatmeal cookies. It's actually a blueprint where you choose the base ingredient mixtures. I actually found it through someone who made bacon fat molasses cookies (which were great). Here you go: https://leitesculinaria.com/94790/recipes-oatmeal-cookies.html A warning - I used two flax seed eggs for these cookies once and they turned out somewhat flat. I would personally go with two cups of add-ins rather than 1/2 or 1 cup. One cup just isn't enough.
Made a chocolate cake using cauliflower which I got to enjoy today. You process the vegetable up with the liquids and add it to your dry ingredients, baking for thirty minutes. It actually tasted nice. Out of the oven, it had more of a vegetal taste, but once cool, it was a not-so-sweet chocolate cake. Akin to beet chocolate cake in my opinion.
(1.90 MB 2592x1944 molassescake.jpg)
I made my quintessential fall dessert yesterday - apple stack cake. It's a molasses-based cake with apple butter as the icing. I halved the recipe since it makes a huge cake. This year I decided to use some pear butter instead given I had no apple butter in stock. Normally I'd coat the whole thing in pear butter, but I just did it in the intermediate and top layer this time. It was a bit drier without that extra sauce, but it paired super well. If you like molasses, it's a cake to try. This looks similar to the recipe I have, but I use 1 tablespoon each of fresh and powdered ginger instead of cinnamon: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/tennessee-mountain-stack-cake-359949 And a word of caution: you can replace maybe 1/4th of the cake with blackstrap molasses, but one year I tried using only blackstrap and the cake collapsed. It was a very intense-tasting cake too, but not bad.

Anonymous 11/05/2020 (Thu) 10:13:36 No. 576 [Reply]
You. Yes, you. Come here. Look at me and tell me truth. Your friends all talk about pizza, and you laugh and agree when they tell you that Domino's is the best, or that they prefer Papa John's. You never say what you really think, though, so they don't know the truth. But I do. You prefer Pizza Hut. That crisp on the outside, soft and almost cake-y on the inside, incredibly greasy and incredibly satisfying crust. That's okay. I'm going to teach you how to make Pizza Hut style deep dish dough in your own kitchen with only one relatively uncommon tool required: a pizza stone. The only other dishes required are a bowl for mixing and storage, a cast-iron pan for cooking, a measuring cup and a scale. DOUGH >240g bread flour >1/2tsp traditional yeast >170g water >15ml olive oil >(((kosher))) salt Add all the flour and all the yeast to a bowl and mix to combine. Add the water and olive oil and mix until no dry spots appear on the surface. Add a pinch of salt, mix a little further just to incorporate the salt. This dough is going to be crazy sticky and you're going to be tempted to add more flour; do not do this. Now, it's time for kneading. "But anon", you cry, your pathetic wrists aching just at the thought, "I hate kneading!". That is because you are weak, and I am here to make you strong. Imagine that ball of dough is a compass. On each of the 4 cardinal directions (that's North, South, East and West if you're retarded), grab the bottom of the dough and fold it over onto the top. Do this for all four sides, then cover with cling wrap. Compass-fold again every 5 minutes, three more times. Voila! You've just found the laziest possible way to "knead" dough! Believe it or not, your dough is now almost done. Transfer it into a well-oiled container, cover, and let sit in either a not-terribly-cold fridge or a cool, dark, dry spot like your pantry, for at least 4 hours up to 12. I keep my fridge near freezing and it was too cold for the dough and ended up killing the yeast, but the pantry was fine. When you go to retrieve the dough, it will have almost tripled in size. Congratulations! COOKING Get the dough out of that container into a well-oiled cast-iron pan. You'll need to force it down quite a bit, but don't be overly rough with it. Once it's pushed out to fill the pan, cover with cling wrap and let it sit for about an hour at room temperature to puff back up a bit. Trust me. Once the oven is ready, uncover the dough, sauce that slut, and - what's that? You don't have a sauce recipe? For fuck's sake

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>>579 >a week Shit nigga, I want a pizza now. I made a dough with flour and water and a few other simple things, no yeast. It was tough, but ultimately pretty good
>>614 Good god man, at leasts throw in some bicarbonate of soda so it's not a brick.
>>617 I might have, I can't remember what the recipe had. Nope, I'm pretty sure it was just salt, water, flour, and olive oil

your daily /ck/ Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 06:53:42 No. 128 [Reply] [Last]
Share what you just cooked up and talk about food. Debate snacks. Share recipes, if you'd like. But most importantly, for daily /ck/, talk about what you just made to eat. Here is an oven french fries recipe.
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Found an open package of pot barley that's almost 2 years past its expiration date. It's been stored in a cool, dry place outside of direct sunlight and doesn't smell off. Is it still usable, or is it one of those things you still err on the side of caution with?
>>604 If it's still dry I'd probably use it. You'll maybe need to increase the amount of time you cook it for though as often dried things past their date will stay harder for longer.
Second Roman Recipe, this time with less unusual ingredients. If you like sweet and sour pork, you're going to love this: Pork and Apricot minutal -500g pork shoulder -300ml sweet white wine -300ml stock -40ml olive oil -2tbsp fish sauce (Vietnamese is good) -2 medium onions -1tsp cumin -0.5 tsp black or long pepper -1tsp dill -1tsp honey -1tbsp Mosto Cotto or reduced grape juice -2 tbsp wine vinegar -80g soft dried apricots >about 3 tbsp cornflour to thicken Rub pork with olive oil and salt and score the skin finely. Roast in oven until well done, then dice small-ish.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.08 MB 843x875 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.13 MB 695x647 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.67 MB 835x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Restaurant Thread Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 20:35:40 No. 598 [Reply]
Hey /ck/, I just wanted to make a thread about restaurants and recommendations for restaurants. Gonna start this one off with the Brooklyn classic Randazzo's Clam Bar. Heavily recommended, probably one of the best fish joints in Brooklyn. If you're new to the Randazzo's go for the Fried Filet or Filet Francese. You can't really go wrong with anything fish related.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>603 Taking a date to Per Se has been on my bucket list for a while. It's probably going to stay there for a while. I also live near one of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and I've been reluctant to eat there for obvious reasons.
>>603 >My concern is that the proprietors are always very haughty and too arty about what the food is I've been to one, but was in Asia and it wasn't crazy expensive, nor did they place utmost value on presentation. Still, I feel the same way when I look at Michelin restaurants in France, for example. Granted, doesn't even have to be a Michelin restaurant. I've been to "fancy" restaurants where I ordered fish and got maybe a 100 g, mediocre fillet. As for my recommendation, it isn't a restaurant, but a bar I went to when I visited Tulsa, Oklahoma. Place is called Valkyrie. They have a huge wall of different liquors, offering hard booze that can sometimes be difficult to purchase in the city itself. The servers were sommeliers for the different liquors, so even if you're clueless on what you want, they can happily recommend drinks.
>>603 Yeah, I've probably been to a bunch.

(120.33 KB 1024x1024 Ck_logo.png)
Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 11:51:47 No. 588 [Reply]
Hey there, We're in the process of organizing a new edition of The Infinity Cup or /icup/ for short, a virtual soccer tournament pitching various boards and imageboards against each other, and we're trying to find out if any of the boards that previously joined us wanted to reserve a spot in the final tournament. Since your team was already present in previous iterations, we already have both your roster, your kits and logos, so the only thing we ask of you if you want to join is the following: 1) Making sure your team has the correct number of medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze), which you can see from the wiki page http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ck/; 2) Making a thread over at https://anon.cafe/ with your team's pledge, you just need to make a new thread telling us that your board wants in on the cup. Optionally) Assign player cards, roles and special strategies to your players, which can be referenced from the following wiki articles: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

3 posts and 1 image omitted.
(112.11 KB 521x537 Bread Riamu.png)
>>596 You could probably add her to your team as I've seen you only have 21 out of the 23 slots available http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ck/ Also you can just change whatever about the team, as it most likely was the one used by 8chan prime's /ck/.
>>595 Consider us confirmed. Cafe is down at the moment. I'll make a thread there when it's back up. >>590 We can see what can be done. Figure out what slot he'd take and what his position/role would be. Swap him out for someone on the roster.

(46.21 KB 735x490 sourdough_bubbles.jpg)
(155.99 KB 1080x1064 being_bread.jpg)
Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 16:46:44 No. 31 [Reply] [Last]
A thread on everything bread. From cinnamon buns to sourdough loaves. Post recipes, share progress, or ask for advice. I've been on the sourdough journey for nearly two years now, with the first year being quite the struggle. I eventually settled on an overnight first rise on the counter (except in the exceptional heat of the summer), shaping, and then letting it rise until it was just right. I recently made some burger buns and pizza dough, but I've made quite a few recipes by this point. For anyone interested in starting the sourdough journey, I recommend Weekend Bakery (e.g. https://www.weekendbakery.com/posts/no-knead-soft-sourdough-rolls/) and Butter for All (e.g. https://www.butterforall.com/traditional-cooking-traditional-living/how-to-bake-the-perfect-sourdough-boule-in-your-dutch-oven/). Your starter will need time to gain strength, so don't expect crazy results upfront, but if you persist with sourdough pancakes, you will end up with great bread.
66 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>593 Maybe I should try that intentionally next time...
>>592 You can also mix a couple percent universal flour with seitan/wheat gluten to make ersatz bread flour.
>>602 That was my original plan, but then I also couldn't find any on my last grocery shopping trip. I'll try a different store that has a "health food" section. Maybe because it is used to make seitan, they'll have some there.

(49.03 KB 960x720 Bela_lugosi_dracula.jpg)
(105.67 KB 1280x720 nokedli.jpg)
Halloween Cooking and Recipes Anonymous 10/11/2020 (Sun) 04:19:00 No. 450 [Reply]
It's the time of year for spooky treats and dishes of all sorts. I'll start with a meal from one of the first horror novels: Paprika Hendl from Dracula There's several different versions of this dish, this is the recipe I've used before. 1 lb. chicken 2 Tablespoons of olive oil 2 Chopped onions 1-2 cloves of garlic (optional) 2 Tablespoons Hungarian Paprika 1/2 Cup of tomato juice or tomato sauce 2 Tablespoons of flour 1/2 Cup of sour cream Defrost and cut chicken into serving-size pieces. In a large pot, lightly saute chopped onions in oil until brown. Blend half of your paprika with your onions.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Made myself some pumpkin sourdough pancakes. Had a pretty nice flavour, but the sourdough starter was a gluten-y mess that took forever to incorporate into the rest of the batter. Still, tastes pretty legit. I'm about to carve up a pumpkin myself, so that flan will happen as soon as I buy myself some eggs.
>>548 >I'm about to carve up a pumpkin myself, so that flan will happen as soon as I buy myself some eggs. I'm very much looking forward to how this will turn out.
(1.06 MB 2127x1239 pumpkinpurin.jpg)
>>519 >>550 This took forever, but I finally made the pumpkin purin. I didn't use a pumpkin pie filling recipe to make the purin I make my filling with homemade sweetened condensed milk and considering this was already taking forever, I decided against it but instead modified a no-bake purin recipe (this here https://www.justonecookbook.com/no-bake-creme-caramel/). I ended up replacing by weight a quarter of the milk with pumpkin and instead of vanilla extract, I used powdered cinnamon. I ended up quartering the recipe, which in itself caused some problems. Still, I think it turned out well. The caramel was on the darker side (how I like it). The pudding had a nice level of pumpkin, but I might increase the amount of cinnamon next time. If I did this again, I might replace part of the milk and cream with pumpkin, but this way led to absolute richness.

(479.09 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
(479.10 KB 728x376 ClipboardImage.png)
(973.26 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
お酒スル・Booze/Alcohol Thread Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 22:26:11 No. 338 [Reply]
Post all about booze for cooking, be it beer, wine, rum, liquor, nihonshu, shaoxing, whisky, vodka, hard cider, tequila, vanilla extract or whatever. Maybe mention how you clean your kitchen with isopropyl alcohol. What do I look for in a beer for hot dogs? Are any of the ones Aldi sells good enough for it? Any cheap suggestions for hot dog beer?
20 posts and 12 images omitted.
(82.01 KB 1200x630 rhubarb.jpg)
(101.32 KB 960x640 elderberry.jpg)
I decided to try making rhubarb wine and elderberry wine for the first time this year. I finally bottled them yesterday and got to taste the fruits of my labour. The rhubarb wine is good for cooking and not much else. But by the time I decided to try making this wine, it was way into late summer and I didn't have much rhubarb available. In the end, I didn't get all that much juice out of the rhubarb so the wine was primarily water and sugar with some tea leaves. Consequently, I'd like to try it one more time in the spring with plentiful rhubarb harvests. As for the elderberry wine, it needs to mellow out for the coming months in the bottles, but it was a nice tasting wine. Had a creamy texture and a pleasant taste. I only wish preparing elderberries wasn't such a pain in the ass.
(1.09 MB 640x360 awful.mp4)
>>375 Friendly reminder to lurk for two years before posting.
>>338 >お酒スル お酒スレ?

(26.40 KB 320x240 curry.jpg)
(119.49 KB 1080x1350 1519294730-2.jpg)
(207.87 KB 1600x968 kimbap1.jpg)
(117.02 KB 800x672 Ginger Salad dressing.jpg)
Oriental Recipies Database Anonymous 08/24/2020 (Mon) 01:31:16 No. 258 [Reply]
All this talk about curry has got me hungry. Post your Asian recipes here. I'll start by contributing a couple of asian salad dressing recipes. ------ ORIENTAL SPICY SALAD DRESSING 1 inch piece fresh ginger 3 cloves garlic 1 c. oil Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp. tamari or soy sauce 2 tbsp. tahini (sesame seed paste) Just blend it all together and chill. ------ Japanese Restaurant-Style Salad Dressing 1/2 cup minced onion

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(185.80 KB 1854x1866 mochiko.jpg)
(121.26 KB 1126x1500 5038s244_sweetwhitericeflour_f_2.jpg)
>>565 >>566 Considering Goya's website even advertises for their own selection of Adzuki beans (https://www.goya.com/en/products/adzuki-beans), I'm convinced they're different. Still, the question raised that they are functionally the same bean is still a valid point. Reminds me of when I made mochi cake and the recipe specified mochiko flour. Since this was for a birthday, I went with mochiko flour instead of experimenting with sweet white rice flour (which I read several places is different than mochiko), but I still wonder if you can't use it for mochi.
(267.68 KB 1500x1500 Corrientes.jpg)
>>570 >Still, the question raised that they are functionally the same bean is still a valid point. I you mean could one be substituted for another in cooking then I don't know and I've gotten curious about that myself. I would honestly think that one of the red varieties of cowpea would probably be a better substitute but I'm uncertain at this point.
(1.02 MB 2356x1564 steamedbuns.jpg)
I decided to try making steamed buns for the first time today. I made a lentil filling with soy sauce and ginger. Otherwise, the dough is yeasted, but you ferment it for only a total of an hour before steaming. I can't say steamed buns are something I really love (I like matured doughs), but they were relatively quick to make and I appreciate that I could fill them with random leftovers.

SHTF cooking thread 07/12/2020 (Sun) 02:13:14 No. 40 [Reply]
Cheap, long shelf life, versatile ingredients. Talk about how to utilize basic ingredients to maximize variety, and get defensive about how your favourite french day MRE is totally not overpriced garbage.
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>243 It's been awhile since I've used sodium citrate; evaporated milk is much easier and the ratios are less strict. You don't need any of the other stuff (the powdered bits), just sodium citrate and fresh cheese. Or powdered, if that's your thing, but I think the powdered cheese might just melt in without needing anything to emulsify. For Mac & Cheese in particular, I like to do a pound of pasta, a pound of cheese, and about 12-16 oz of evaporated milk. For sodium citrate, I think 1 cup of milk and 1 tbsp of sodium citrate would be sufficient for a pound of cheese and pasta. Should firm up nicely. If you get the ratio of liquids to cheese correct then it's fine. You just need enough of whatever else to emulsify.
(620.55 KB 1290x1236 fermentedhoneygarlic.jpg)
Fermentation is certainly a survival technique that is simple to do and allows you to enjoy produce for a year or more. My current on-going project is fermenting garlic in honey. For about the first two weeks, you see bubbles coming from the garlic and you need to flip your jar daily to make sure the floating garlic is covered, burping the jar afterward to be sure your jar doesn't explode. After a month, the bubbles go away and the garlic starts darkening and sinks. Technically it's ready after that month, but I'm going to ferment mine for three months for maximum potency before enjoying. You can keep it on a dark, cool shelf for one year at least. Mine pictured is about twenty days away from being three months old. While it's generally made to take when you get sick, I picture myself enjoying it with chicken and pork. Already tested the honey and it's garlicy (without the bite) and sweet.

(1.26 MB 2962x2244 fugu.jpg)
(102.86 KB 1260x630 New England Fish Chowder.jpg)
(3.79 MB 360x202 maggot cheese.gif)
Hazardous Food Thread Anonymous 08/25/2020 (Tue) 23:18:24 No. 285 [Reply]
Anyone have any experience with eating/preparing hazardous food or dishes?
10 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>294 That's a risk with basically any fish though.
Raw chicken. I know you're supposed to wash down any surfaces that touch raw meat with hot soapy water, but I don't really bother. If I'm using ground beef or whatever, I'll wipe the counter top down with a wet cloth that had access to soapy water, whatever. Chicken I know is much riskier, so I have to actively go out of my way, get scalding hot water and soap, and decontaminate everything. I hate it.
>>400 Since I've made this post, I've discovered the joy of Shake and Bake. >Was using bigass chicken breasts, had to cut and fillet them or whatever >Switched to 12 pieces of thighs >Can just pop them in the seasoning bag >One wet hand, one dry hand >Pop them directly on a foiled baking sheet >Wash hands, give counter a quick wipe down >Much faster, less mess, less cleanup, and tastes way better than I'd do on my own And it's even good for little portioned sandwiches.

(108.89 KB 600x416 perfect_muffins.jpg)
Muffins Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 21:02:54 No. 297 [Reply]
I've been inspired to make blueberry muffins, as they have always been one of my favorite things since I was young. Deciding to make them from scratch the other weekend, they were an absolute disaster. >No muffin tin >Borrow neighbor's >only have stone muffin 'tin' >hope it will work >heat distribution in the oven isnt the same, muffins turn out horribly undercooked in center, but completely stuck to the muffin wrappers. So, general muffin thread. Favorite muffins? Favorite recipes? Similar disasters? Muffin cups, or non-stick? Experimental ingredients?
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>532 Can you even eat the shells? If so, I don't imagine they're pleasant.
>>532 Would have enhanced the pumpkin, but in this case, it was to use a mixture I had in the freezer already from a pie. But if I make these again, I should try! >>533 You can eat the shells and out of the oven, they're great. But I have mixed feelings about them in baked goods - I find the shell gives it a weird texture.
(180.04 KB 1600x900 012.JPG)
>>533 You can but I was talking about shelled seed. Much better for cooking with. If you're just eating them out of hand then it doesn't matter whether they're shelled or not.

(26.19 KB 1024x576 butter.jpg)
(632.05 KB 1021x785 scorpion.jpg)
Culinary Highs and Lows Anonymous 10/07/2020 (Wed) 15:46:50 No. 424 [Reply]
Talk about your suppressed memories of horrible food you ate, or fondly reminiscence about a wonderful meal. It doesn't have to be something you made, but it should be memorable. There's a chocolatier near my house who makes ice cream and sorbet during the summer. They are always true to their flavor - the watermelon sorbet tasted like biting into a watermelon, the banana ice cream was spot-on. But the best one to date was a salted butter ice cream. I only saw it one time last year, but it moved me. When I was in China many years back, I tasted scorpion on a dare. I don't know if it was the worst thing I've ever eaten, but it was certainly questionable and bad. Tasted like ill-prepared intestine.
14 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>498 I suppose it was a retroactive response after seeing my own family go to a different third world country and getting sick within days of visiting and staying sick the rest of the trip. My young immune system really must have helped. >>506 Guess I'll need to avoid supermarket-tier food to avoid accumulating more crap in my system from that China trip.
>>488 Still tasted fine after sitting in the fridge. Was the mushroom or dough that went off.
>>526 I'm glad you solved the problem (hopefully).


no cookies?