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(17.73 MB 1920x1080 Bugged Cooking Mechanic pt4.webm)
Videos Thread Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 06:14:39 No. 20
Post your favorite cooking videos here, and share your favorite channels.
(22.19 MB 1280x720 low_calorie_smashburger.mp4)
I was just about to post him. YouTube seems to have chosen him recently. While his earlier work (even stuff a few months ago) leaves a lot to be desired, he's been killing it lately. His low calorie series has some pretty good tips to shave off unnecessary calories with minimal impact on taste. He put together a comprehensive spice drawer and a utility cart. And he schools Adam Soygusea on a regular basis.
>>109 >LGR did? What a shame, he did a pretty good job of staying out of political matters up until this point. That's what killed me. Even video game/computer people with a couple dozen or hundred subscribers did, too. Then again, a lot of people in the classic gaming/computing arenas would bitch about Trump, thinking it was funny, out of nowhere, so it was inevitable. "I'd like to take a moment from telling you about the FM Sound module for the Sega Mark III to tell you that George Floyd was a saint who was tortured and murdered by the evil, all-white police nazis, and that all cops are bastards and should die. After this moment of silence, let's listen to the difference between the PSG version of Alex Kidd, and the FM version!" Fucking hell. Very few people I followed kept their yap shut about that, and fewer still spoke out against that marxist terrorist group masquerading as a civil rights charity. Cowboy Kent Rollins is concentrated food porn. Everything he makes looks like heaven. I especially liked his chicken & biscuits recipe. Max comfort.
>>162 >sourdough >yeast ISHYGDDT
(1014.96 KB 322x166 ya cunt.gif)
>>82 >In Canada it's called homo milk Of fucking course it is.
>>82 There's a Q&A video where he's asked something to the effect of "why isn't X raised in the US anymore?". He's visibly uncomfortable at having to say farm subsidies have a large impact on what gets grown and gets to the next question ASAP. That's not even a partisan issue.
(7.74 MB 640x360 Tartare Textures.mp4)
>>302 How exactly does one safely consume tartar? It's always been one of those foods that's concerned me about eating it. Have any of you co/ck/s ever had it or made it?
>>692 I've never made tartar myself, but I've had steak tartar at a high-end restaurant that tasted good and didn't leave me with any qualms. I wouldn't be overly concerned about trying it at a restaurant, unless you have a compromised immune system. But I've made burgers medium-rare before from ground beef so clearly I'm not afraid to live dangerously. Make sure you source your meat well and you should be fine. If you try fish tartar, I can only imagine it's similar to sushi: you need to ensure the fish can generally be consumed raw (i.e. not prone to parasites or certain bacteria) and if it is safe to consume, you can freeze it for seven days before eating. But I'm not speaking from experience, only what I've heard.
>>692 As long as you have good quality beef and you process it with clean tools and in a sanitary possessing area it shouldn't be a problem. Where people get into trouble sometimes is from store bought pre-ground beef that was processed in huge batches in uncertain conditions and has been further held in uncertain conditions. Store bought ground beef should probably be only eaten well done.
>>20 I like Internet Shaquille. He is not wasting any time showing quick recipes and tips related to cooking related things. Most of his videos are under 5 minutes and aimed more towards inexperienced cooks. Vid related is what got me to try chickpeas. This recipe is something very good for a work lunch or to make when you have very little time and want to clean your pantry of leftover herbs and vegetables. There is some wacky normalfag humor, but he usually keeps it contained to the very end of his videos. On the flip side, he is pretty adamant about doing youtube videos as a side project and does not feel to good about putting money in Google's pocket. >>163 He is pretty solid, but baking and pastry are clearly not Chlebowski's specialties. He is far better with meat, potatoes, and salads. Not kissing Ragusea's ass is a bonus. >>692 Answer has been pretty much covered, but there are some other methods you can make to make tartar safer if you are iffy on the meat. Freezing the meat will kill off parasites, but home freezing is not 100% reliable. Slavs and Scandinavians add raw onion to their tartars, and Slavs also include garlic. Both plants have antimicrobial properties. On the other hand, both groups mix raw eggs into their tartars too, so keep that in mind.
>>29 She is good for the most part, but has some oddities. On one hand, she is not afraid of mercury content in swordfish and all the potential dangers of raw or under-cooked meat. On the other hand, she is terrified of nuts and oils going rancid and refrigerates them. Bit of an overkill in my opinion as she lives in New England, so that process will take at least 6 months in a cupboard. Her Russian-Bostonian accent might be grating to some people too.
Anyone else watch the YT channels Binging with Babish or Epicurious?
>>727 I do sometimes but it's so fucking hard to take him seriously when he partook in the BLM media black out. It always seems like cooking and other stuff like that is over populated with leftist faggots. I kind of enjoy Adam Ragusea but he's a faggot as well. Worse yet, he's a transplanted Jew Yorker shitting up Georgia. Regardless, if you can ignore their politics and pay attention to the cooking only, it shouldn't be a problem.
(89.46 KB 1303x524 ClipboardImage.png)
>>727 >Babish I can't stand Babish and his fanbase. He is not very competent, does not know much, and is a typical hipster. He has a pantry full of ingredients for asian cuisine, and can't even prepare proper fried rice. He does not know what a medium rare steak looks like, or even how to make pizza. What's worse, in his basics with Babish videos he shows an improper pinch grip on a knife, and cutting the way he demonstrates is a good way to get a carpal tunnel syndrome. Despite that, people treat him as some culinary authority. His fanbase thinks that Babish knows best, and somehow ignores how many Babish's videos are just thinly disguised ads. >Epicurious They are not too bad. Some chefs show interesting techniques, like cooking scrambled eggs in a whirpool of water. They do bust some myths, and that's always a plus too. On the other hand, there is some bad examples on occasion, like salting pasta water before it comes to boiling. Leaving salty water in stainless steel cookware is a good way to ruin it. >>729 >Ragusea He is an authoritative prick who can't even cook a thanksgiving turkey without making it dry and tasteless. He also thinks that his idiotic ideas like "salting the cutting board, not the steak" are revolutionary. Instead they are just bad gimmicks.
>>729 >Worse yet, he's a transplanted Jew Yorker shitting up Georgia I guess his insistence on using (((kosher))) salt is a giveaway
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=s34Qk_LMIZ0 Kent Rollins is a fun watch, especially if you want to try cooking food out on a fire. >>723 >Her Russian-Bostonian accent might be grating to some people too. I guess having listened to enough Indian videos, I'm immune to almost any other accent. But you raise some good points otherwise. >>727 I watch Babish on the off-chance I need to kill time before doing something else. Not bad, but it's not where I'd go to learn about cooking. Epicurious just has too many buzzword video titles that I tend to stay away, but again, would use to kill time if needed. >>729 >Regardless, if you can ignore their politics and pay attention to the cooking only, it shouldn't be a problem I'm slightly on board, but he makes videos at times where I can't imagine there would be any political standpoint and there is. For example, thought his video about "corn vs. wheat tortillas" would just be a video comparing the two, but not so. After that, I dropped watching him because I never knew if I was going to get some statement. I also have to say that the sponsorship promotions in videos get old quick, especially when they place them in the middle of a video. >>730 I legitimately laughed at Ragusea's responses. What the hell was going on in his head with that one?
>>733 >I legitimately laughed at Ragusea's responses. What the hell was going on in his head with that one? He's basically Cooking Spoony. Can't handle criticism or people telling him he's wrong. His defense is no different than a "games journalist" who says they're "just a blogger" when convenient. Having used most forms of cooktops, induction is nice for portability, especially when you're concerned about fire hazards. But I would never trade my gas line for an all-electric stovetop. Adam should have just said "it's a bit easier to clean and safer around my young kids, so I'll deal with the downsides", but instead he doubled down. >>730 >Babish I tolerated him for a long time because he did "spectacle food" videos that weren't totally awful. A lot of meme recipes entail making a giant thing, or some kind of insane hybrid of two foods, or something otherwise unpalatable. He just made things from movies to see how viable they were. Unfortunately, he seems to have run out of ideas. New episodes are often "this is impossible so I'm going to do something else that suits the name" or he deliberately doesn't mimic it because he wants to try something else. He's also started citing where he gets his sub-recipes from, which is fine but it's a little awkward when he's just taking one thing from America's Test Kitchen, another from Kenji, another from Alton Brown, and then just combining them. Just modify them a little. I struggle to think of any recipes I use without modifications. At the very least, I usually combine two recipes and then make further tweaks, even my first time through. Reading recipes is just research unless you make literally zero changes, and it's not like people really own recipes. It's a shame, because I can think of a few dozen other movie recipes I'd love to know how to make but don't have the time to research. A Babish video would be perfect for them, but instead he'll just make another meme casserole or Krabby Patty that doesn't even attempt to mimic the thing. And don't get me started on his Binging videos that might as well be a Basics for obscure food. I put both these faggots on in the background to kill time and remove them from my YouTube queue. Sometimes they cite a study or a recipe that's actually useful. But they've both chronically mismanaged their content. Soygusea can't go three videos without political content. At least Babish doesn't comment on such things. Makes me grateful we have the Townsends, who produce great content regularly and actively refuse to have politics be part of the channel.
(93.99 KB 900x899 towsends.jpg)
>>736 >Makes me grateful we have the Townsends, who produce great content regularly and actively refuse to have politics be part of the channel. Amen brother.
(34.16 KB 351x499 plus-size-elf.jpg)
Don't know if this is appropriate to put here since it's not a video series or focused one hundred percent on cooking, but I read through Elf-san wa Yaserarenai エルフさんは痩せられない。and it has some great moments of explaining controlling weight through exercise and diet. Might be worth a read if you had previously never heard of it and it's something you're into. The artist is inconsistent with the girls in the manga, going from slightly-chubby to absolutely obese over the course of the series. Manga also got censored after chapter 36 or so - you've been warned.
>>774 >absolutely obese over the course of the series Only when the Satyr s ruining everyone's fun. >Manga also got censored after chapter 36 or so It was always censored, until the tankabon releases and the censored bits get uncensored.
>>774 Anon this looks like borderline hentai and absolutely doesn't belong here if so
>>776 I think the artist was actually a hentai artist before, and it shows. It's stock full of fanservice and thick fetish.
>>776 You new or sumthin?
https://www.youtube.com/user/CookinginRussia/videos Cooking in Russia is back after a 4 year hiatus! Imho he is the most skilled chef on yt. He gives a lot of tricks how they achieve things in the restaurant.
>>1056 Heck yeah. Every time I make a roux I have his voice in my head, it's comforting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAdF-IdMzxQ
I love watching old Sandra Lee videos. I'm not sure if her videos were intentionally bad or if she's just that bad of a cook, but it's entertaining regardless.
(5.79 MB 480x360 Kwanzaa Cake-GrQbWeNQpiA.webm)
>>1064 Can't forget her infamous Kwanzaa cake of course.
(6.59 MB 240x426 ULTIMATE NACHO HACK_.mp4)
(7.82 MB 640x480 lush lagoon.mp4)
>>1064 It kinda takes me back to simpler times. She sounds like a mom whose only worries are making food for guests and making sure she still fits in her prom dress. Is this what nostalgia feels like?
>>1065 What's so infamous about it? Sure, the fact that it's all premade shit is pathetic, as is the entire concept of Kwanzaa, and it doesn't deserve a TV appearance or any payment, but it doesn't seem all that deserving of the reaction. I'm sure you can find countless equally bad recipes on any website that lets the public upload them. Maybe I'm just so used to seeing people post garbage recipes online that it no longer seems odd to see them proudly broadcast.
(34.76 KB 1377x214 war crime.png)
>>1072 People made a big fuss about it at the time. There are indeed countless bad recipes online or on TV but she was particularly popular on TV at the time: her show, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, had 15 seasons, she wrote 25 books, some of which were best-sellers, etc. She might have had a big impact on American cuisine (for the worse, admittedly)
>>1066 >canned cheese sauce >not using a bowl why
>>1073 Can you be sued for stealing recipes from other published sources and passing them off as your own?

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