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(692.97 KB 939x4978 virgin chad languages.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous Board owner 07/18/2020 (Sat) 10:39:22 No. 102
Submit Your Banners! We need fresh banners to spruce up the board. Bonus points for any with a retro kitchen/cook book aesthetic. I've spent five minutes whipping up a first banner as a demo, but I think it needs work. Needs to have the board name and an infinity sign located somewhere, but feel free to be clever with placement.
(33.31 KB 300x100 what hath god wrought.png)
>>102 I've got something started I think but I don't know where to from here.
(67.75 KB 300x100 BANNER NANNER.png)
This board can not be allowed to die.
>>103 That is a nice start. If you can draw maybe a /ck/ that looks like a butcher's knife or a deli slicer? >>120 Added Activity overall is alright. Maybe we can advertise just to let the webring know we exist.
>>127 >That is a nice start. If you can draw maybe a /ck/ that looks like a butcher's knife or a deli slicer? What kind of background do you think it should have?
(43.76 KB 300x100 ck_banner 1.png)
(47.04 KB 300x100 ck_banner 2.png)
(58.89 KB 300x100 ck_banner 3.png)
(70.09 KB 300x100 ck_banner 4.png)
>>103 I finally got inspired to finish this. I made 4 different versions. I don't know which one's better.
>>449 These turned out pretty well! I think my favourites are either the first or third one.

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