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(55.17 KB 1296x947 Pandan and Water Yam Cake.png)
(184.65 KB 1280x960 Pandan_Cake.jpg)
(13.32 KB 333x250 Ube_Cake.jpg)
Pastries Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 10:55:35 No. 169
A place for sweeter recipes. I'll start with these two cakes. I've never tried them because I don't have the two important ingredients on hand but I do have the recipes.
>>169 I've made cake using sweet potato before and it was good, so I have high hopes for that water yam cake. Never heard of pandan before, but I'm curious as to what the flavour is like. I recently made basil pots de crème. Essentially take a pots de crème recipe and grind basil leaves with the sugar. I made a strawberry reduction sauce to go on top and they were legit. I've tried making basil ice cream before, but this was better. But the highlight was definitely the strawberry reduction - tastes like fresh strawberries and a bunch of sugar.
>>171 Pandanus is a yucca or dracena looking plant with mangrove like roots. If you can get a hold of the actual plant then you should use that because I've heard it's better than the extract but the extract is easier to come by and it's more than adequate. I don't know what it tastes like other than I've seen multiple places describe it as fragrant. >I have high hopes for that water yam cake Just make sure you have the right yam because not all yams are edible. The one you're looking for is Dioscorea alata which looks like this.
>>174 My experience with pandan is that it has a rather dull sweetness and slightly nutty taste that makes it enjoyable as a tea cake but most often can be enjoyed in waffles, as an additive to a lot of South-East asian coconut candies, or even used as an air freshener.
How the fuck do I make puff pastry that doesn't come out dense
>>316 Are you talking about cooking with ready made puff pastry or are you talking about making puff pastry from scratch?
>>326 The latter, but a little bit of the former.
>>327 What's your process for making puff pastry?
>>329 2:1 flour-water with 1/3 the amount of butter in weight Fold out the dough into a rectangle, place butter in the center and fold over the two sides. Roll and let cool in fridge. After 30 minutes, take out and fold three more times. Repeat this step once or twice. I've tried various amounts of butter and water but I think I might be getting too rough in the folding process.
>>335 Are you chilling your rolling pin and rolling surface as well? That might help. What kind of flour are you using?
(29.91 KB 500x375 gingerbreadcake.jpg)
I finally tried a recipe for peperkoek/ontbijtkoek. It's a Dutch gingerbread cake, but in this case, you actually leave the cake to rest for a minimum of twelve hours before baking. It turned out amazing, even though the bottom got a bit too dark. I used a speculaas spice mixture which seemed really similar to the one recommended in the recipe. The initial mixture is a bitch and a half to work with because it is literally sticky like honey (not surprising with the amount of honey in it), and I should have buttered the parchment paper to avoid unnecessary sticking, but it's worth it. I left mine to sit for 15 hours, but I'd be interested to see if longer gives it a deeper flavour. Also, I'd be interested in trying it with some molasses and not just honey. Also, the traditional way is to eat it slathered with butter, but I tried it with homemade apple sauce and it was fantastic. If anyone is interested, I used this recipe: https://coquinaria.nl/en/peperkoek-dutch-gingerbread/
(1.80 MB 1892x1684 sourdoughapplegalette.jpg)
I have a bunch of apples and decided to make an apple galette. However, rather than use the two pie dough recipes I normally stick to, I decided to try a sourdough pie dough. It certainly browned nicely and smelled buttery, but it didn't have the typical flakiness you'd expect from a pie dough. Still, if you're looking to put your sourdough starter to good use, I'd say try it.
Sharing a recipe for oatmeal cookies. It's actually a blueprint where you choose the base ingredient mixtures. I actually found it through someone who made bacon fat molasses cookies (which were great). Here you go: https://leitesculinaria.com/94790/recipes-oatmeal-cookies.html A warning - I used two flax seed eggs for these cookies once and they turned out somewhat flat. I would personally go with two cups of add-ins rather than 1/2 or 1 cup. One cup just isn't enough.
Made a chocolate cake using cauliflower which I got to enjoy today. You process the vegetable up with the liquids and add it to your dry ingredients, baking for thirty minutes. It actually tasted nice. Out of the oven, it had more of a vegetal taste, but once cool, it was a not-so-sweet chocolate cake. Akin to beet chocolate cake in my opinion.
(1.90 MB 2592x1944 molassescake.jpg)
I made my quintessential fall dessert yesterday - apple stack cake. It's a molasses-based cake with apple butter as the icing. I halved the recipe since it makes a huge cake. This year I decided to use some pear butter instead given I had no apple butter in stock. Normally I'd coat the whole thing in pear butter, but I just did it in the intermediate and top layer this time. It was a bit drier without that extra sauce, but it paired super well. If you like molasses, it's a cake to try. This looks similar to the recipe I have, but I use 1 tablespoon each of fresh and powdered ginger instead of cinnamon: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/tennessee-mountain-stack-cake-359949 And a word of caution: you can replace maybe 1/4th of the cake with blackstrap molasses, but one year I tried using only blackstrap and the cake collapsed. It was a very intense-tasting cake too, but not bad.
(3.01 MB 2448x2744 sourdoughcccookies.jpg)
Been feeling burned out with making sourdough bread, so I turned my attention to trying sourdough chocolate chip cookies. I followed this recipe (https://littlespoonfarm.com/sourdough-chocolate-chip-cookies-recipe/) with some minor modifications: I didn't have all that much butter left (I think only 30 g compared to the 113 g called for), so I replaced the rest with coconut oil. I read that coconut oil can be used as an alternative to butter in cookies, but you need to replace I think around 16% of it with water because coconut oil is pure fat whereas butter is around 82% fat. Since I had some butter in the dough, I didn't reduce the coconut oil and add extra water I used both some rye sourdough starter and white flour sourdough starter. I used a cup of chocolate chunks I cut up from a chocolate bar and 1/2 cup of roughly chopped pecans. I added these at the end rather than when it was called for. The 12 portions called for made me realise I'd have a 75 g cookie (normally I go with 25 g or so), so I made 15 instead. I left them in the refrigerator for around 15 hours and baked them up. I was worried the salt would be too high in the dough, but they turned out great. Definitely worth a shot if you had sourdough discard you need to use up. Also, bake directly from the fridge - I let some of them warm up to room temperature and they nearly burnt at the bottom and were a mess to deal with raw.

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