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(108.89 KB 600x416 perfect_muffins.jpg)
Muffins Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 21:02:54 No. 297
I've been inspired to make blueberry muffins, as they have always been one of my favorite things since I was young. Deciding to make them from scratch the other weekend, they were an absolute disaster. >No muffin tin >Borrow neighbor's >only have stone muffin 'tin' >hope it will work >heat distribution in the oven isnt the same, muffins turn out horribly undercooked in center, but completely stuck to the muffin wrappers. So, general muffin thread. Favorite muffins? Favorite recipes? Similar disasters? Muffin cups, or non-stick? Experimental ingredients?
(1.16 MB 2312x1308 muffins1.jpg)
(1.06 MB 2228x1396 muffins2.jpg)
I know this is coming in late, but I do have a recipe to share that I tend to use for muffins. It's from the Bravetart cookbook (yeah, I'm the one who talks about Stella Parks all the time, but I'm a creature of habit) and there are two major steps. One, you can make the muffin mix ahead of time and leave it on your shelf until you want to use it. It also provides a bunch of different options for flour and flavours, so kudos to that. I use other muffin recipes online, but I really like the options for this one. Two, you actually add in the liquids in order to make the muffins. A few modifications I've done with the recipe (I've done a lot at this point, so bear with me). There's a lot of sugar and oil/butter in these. The recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar, but I've gone as low as 1/4 cup (sorry, in this case, I didn't weigh ingredients). If you go that low, I recommend adding in some fruit because it might be a touch savoury. Otherwise, I think 1/3 cup is a fair balance. For butter/oil, I'm not as adverse, but I've certainly used 4 oz in the past. With these changes, the muffins do not necessarily rise as much, but they still taste nice. For the squash version, I've used spaghetti squash and used milk anyway and it turned out fine. In that case, it didn't give much taste, but if you have squash to use up, then by all means, put in what you want. Whenever I've been out of eggs, I tried that baking powder/water/oil replacement. It works in terms of rise, but the muffin is more crumbly. Finally, my phone camera sucks balls, so if anything is unclear, let me know and I can provide information.
Weird coincidence; I just watched NYT compare two famous recipes last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhftXOkyGlM
>>297 What heat did you bake them at? For how long? A lot of problems with baking comes from not baking long enough or using a wrong heat. >>458 That video is fucking unbearable.
>>458 Why do all these magazine food channels have valley girls or homosexuals at the forefront of their videos?
>>466 Because, ironically, gender roles. Faggots have assumed a feminine role, so they get associated with home cooking.
(4.13 MB 1876x1432 edit.png)
I made some pumpkin-black-sesame-seed muffins. I added some oats, sugar, and almonds on top because I had some in the freezer. Not too bad all things considered. I think I should have upped the amount of sesame seed because I put cinnamon in them and that's all I got. I made them more out of necessity because I had a lot of pumpkin in the fridge that needs to be used up. But they'll be good for breakfast.
>>531 Maybe you could try shelled pumpkin seeds instead of almonds next time.
>>532 Can you even eat the shells? If so, I don't imagine they're pleasant.
>>532 Would have enhanced the pumpkin, but in this case, it was to use a mixture I had in the freezer already from a pie. But if I make these again, I should try! >>533 You can eat the shells and out of the oven, they're great. But I have mixed feelings about them in baked goods - I find the shell gives it a weird texture.
(180.04 KB 1600x900 012.JPG)
>>533 You can but I was talking about shelled seed. Much better for cooking with. If you're just eating them out of hand then it doesn't matter whether they're shelled or not.

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