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National/Regional food Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 04:50:47 No. 7
Post food that defines your nation/region.
(2.40 MB 3640x2736 3c5tp9.JPG)
(233.69 KB 1170x780 new-poutine-1.jpg)
I'll have to admit that I've never eaten it but that's mostly because I don't have much of a taste for cooked greens of any kind.
(76.55 KB 618x663 BIG BOY BURGER.jpg)
Kakalinski - this was the bomb growing up. >>12 This also defines me, but I wish it didn't.
(219.51 KB 800x600 plov.jpg)
>>36 >That rice >That meat >Those carrots Holy shit that looks delicious, is the rice cooked with the water made to cook the vegetables and meat?
>>49 Yep, you essentially sear then fry the carrots together with the onions, add meat, then shortly after you add enough stock to barely cover the meat, and stir from time to time. You wanna add the spices while the meat is stewing, or shortly before you add the stock, you only really need salt, pepper, curcuma, thats where the orange color comes from, allspice and bay leaf. After that you pour in the rice, basmati or parboiled are both fine, stir it thoroughly, turn down the heat to low and put a lid on it. Then add water or stock if needed until the rice is done. Traditionally you want a big ass cast iron pot, as its a dish for family gatherings. If youre a degenerate you can add raisins but personally I find it a bit too sweet. For meat, traditionally its mutton, personally I like beef, but you can use any meat really, just make sure its not too fatty. Also you want to use sunflower oil specifically, filtered or unfiltered doesnt matter. Olive oil is way too heavy and what burgers call vegetable oil adds a wierd taste thats not supposed to be there. Thats about it, its essentially mongol risotto.
>>51 Forgot to mention garlic, traditionally you put a couple of whole cloves in there before you add rice but you can add it in however you like, I personally mince it, and add it right before I add the stock.
(675.15 KB 800x600 food.png)
Guess the country
>>61 Is that top dish sweet or savoury? Otherwise, see those cured meats and sausage with rye bread is giving me German or Polish vibes...
>>62 Top dish is called "žganci", made from boiling buckwheat and that brown on top is heated ocvirki, basically its a pigs lard mixed with pieces of skin. Its amazing when you eat a mushroom soup as side with it. The bottom image is kranjska sausage, a protected national dish here, habsburgs kaiser named it after he was so amazed from its taste. You were close, all those are from slovenian cousine.
>>64 I'm not familiar with Slovenian cooking, so pretty cool to learn something new. Ocvirki sounds similar to what we call "oreilles de crisse" in French-Canadian cuisine. "Žganci" sounds nifty - I never thought to use buckwheat flour in that way! If I can get my hands on that sausage somehow, I'd be down to try it.
(121.30 KB 811x811 кот блины.jpg)
(146.27 KB 1200x1600 savaloy1.jpg)
(6.97 KB 225x225 saveloy3.jpg)
(1.78 MB 2592x1936 saveloy2.jpg)
Saveloy with chips is a London/Essex specialty
(509.04 KB 999x1566 choucroute.jpeg)
>>851 The color is amazing, wow.
(30.91 KB 300x458 cassabanana.jpg)
>>851 Thought that was a cassabanana from the home page. What's the flavor like?
>>10 It's just toast and eggs. You can't get more basic bitch than this, and isn't it eaten universally in any country that eats eggs and bread?
>>36 Looks like riceroni. What is this garbage from a third world country?
(11.13 KB 246x205 quichea.jpg)
(233.56 KB 660x660 i14072-quiche-lorraine.jpeg)

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