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(94.83 KB 800x800 ginger.png)
spices zipredacts 02/11/2021 (Thu) 23:59:15 No. 933
cumin ginger basil oregano cilantro
if black pepper were to disappear forever, nobody would blink an eye
>>934 Nigger, every culture has used black pepper, it and salt are universal
yes, exactly, but just because it is used does not mean it is needed or wanted :)
>basically tripleposted, namefagging and not even replying properly Bitch I'll cumin your face
I cut up and froze some chicken breasts in bags to thaw and make dinner with. Gave it this seasoning "Asian" >ginger >black and white pepper >onion powder >garlic powder >no salt because everything I'd use this for gets salt from broth or shoyu Western >garlic powder >onion powder >fresh rosemary >thyme >black and white pepper >sage >bloom everything in a bit of butter and then whatever booze I have handy >salt >msg Any suggestions for improving these?
>>959 Lovage. Lovage times ten. It's often not sold in personal-sized containers, but it's half the reason that restaurant food is better than yours. Grow it if you have to. Add it to anything savory. Also, bay leaves. They can be added to basically anything as well. I prefer using Sichuan pepper instead of black pepper in most applications since it has a nice mouthfeel and a fruitier taste. I only black pepper if I'm going for that nutmeg flair it has, and in combination with honey.
Couldn't you use salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder as a generic spice mix base?
>>961 That system has existed for eternity (look up Poudre Fort for a medieval example). Yes, you can. The benefit is that spicing is easy and if you balance it to your taste, everything will be automatically tasty. The downside is that everything tastes kind of samey and you lose a significant amount of ability to react to any ingredient's natural flavor.
(1.11 MB 821x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
How much MSG do I use for everything? All I know is 2 pounds of meat or 12 eggs=1 teaspoon msg 2 teaspoon salt
(206.23 KB 1064x1500 91dpQqbFZrL._SL1500_.jpg)
>>993 The bag tells you how much to use for everything.
>>1002 It bases it on "servings", which is as vague and incoherent as Biden's ramblings.
>>1003 I mean yea sure kinda but its worked for me. If I'm making something I should know roughly how many servings it will make and the suggestions have served me well so far. I've seen some videos say you can almost replace salt for MSG but MSG is not a total salt replacement so you can replace roughly 45% of the salt of a recipe for MSG is the basic gist of what I understood from what I watched. I haven't done that cause I'm a little skeptical and truthfully I haven't used it much, since I'm a lazy bastard and eat a lot of frozen shit that I can just toss in the oven. I've used it in beans, fried rice, sausage gravy, spaghetti, and hamburger helper I think. Might have forgotten something else but I think thats it.
I want to start trying different spices in cooking. Are there any foods you can generally mix with most spices to see how they taste in a finished product or with other spices? Or do I just have to taste a pinch of something and just guess how it will mix? Otherwise my go-to is always salt, pepper, garlic, onion.
>>1007 ground beef is an excellent spice host, but I wouldn't say "most" simply because there's a ton of spices you'd never use with that type of flavor (most of the ones associated with confectionery are a good start).
use oregano with meat
(21.10 KB 242x250 deerdentures.jpg)
>>934 I never use black pepper
>>1108 That's right, only use h'wite pepper
>>1113 I had a bad experience with white pepper once. It had an horrible smell but I still made mac&cheese with it. It was delicious except for the aftertaste, that was so disappointing.
>>1113 The flavour is fine, but it's awful to cook with. I hate standing at the stove as the overpowered stink of a barnyard wafts off my dinner.
>>1114 >white pepper in mac & cheese Yikes. Try it in something like a baked potato or mashed potato. It's kind of an oddball spice, but it can really add something once you fight the right use for it.
>>1138 As I recall, the bechamel sauce in the recipe I used called for it. I stick with just nutmeg now
>>1144 Sometimes white sauces like bechamel will call for white pepper purely to avoid black bits being visible in the sauce, even if black pepper is more appropriate for flavour.
>>1149 If it's a French sauce, just add more butter

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