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(5.65 MB 1399x2116 ClipboardImage.png)

(220.96 KB 1024x1024 EzclMjFXMAEx-pb.jpg)

(124.96 KB 750x671 Ezce4rBVgAYdsix.jpg)

(97.07 KB 1024x648 Ezce4viVEAQJXsj.jpg)

Artists Tracing Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 03:33:35 No. 11968 [Reply]
Just today it came to my attention that the artist for the recent tie-in comic, Godzilla Dominion, has been found to be tracing. Not just Godzilla himself but the fucking Bass Pro Shop logo too. If you try to call him out on twitter, he will immediately block you for it. https://twitter.com/Drew_E_Johnson
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(147.78 KB 636x657 frog pepe meh.png)

>>12352 >ywn hurt a hero so badly, s/he orgasms Why live?
(585.02 KB 1280x1821 Perfection.jpg)

(5.68 MB 1202x1702 Perfection 2.png)

>>12029 >>12057 <tracing background and still making it look sketchy and not well defined Pathetic >>14685 <typical realistic art style stiffness - mostly boring static poses, even the action poses are mostly straight looking with minimal tilt. <over-detailing - Red Hood mask with all those straight lines almost looking like greeble, Red Hood' ugly room <bad anatomy - Nightwing got bigger face than his head in profile, Nightwing body is tilting yet his torso is straight and there's no connection between it and the neck, Red Hood looking up with weird looking jaw and his facial features positioned as if he looking straight <bad construction - see above (Nightwing' pose), usually it goes along with bad anatomy <random shading for realistic art - best example would be Red Hood standing the room, he doesn't have a shadow under his feet and nothing in the room is shaded in the same direction <lousy color scheme - all similar (red, yellow and bright brown) warm and bright colors, nothing to compliment or contrast and the ugly bright yellow color is distracting from seeing the big picture <lousy compositions - Damian tilting his head where everything else is centered, Red hood' room- the left side is disgustingly busy and overdecorated while the right side quite empty with noting to parallel or continue as part of something The assumed tracing of Iron Man helmet is the least of the problems that ugly art has. Now let's compare and contrast to an exquisite art. Behold first pic; the page is divided to three segments, with left and the right parts (the horses, the people and rocks) are tilting in opposite direction from each other and then you got one center piece (cactus Plastic Man) although not completely in the center of the picture. In addition to that, Plastic Man' punch being paralleled to the similar angle of the running horse below and the dust is used as filling the gap between the background horse and the stone as well surrounding the main horse in half circle. So as you can see, it's beautifully and perfectly balanced and connected composition. The color scheme is great too; it's colorful in the right amount with cold colors being in the center and warm colors on the left and right sides contrasting each other, furthermore the blue figure is being complemented by the orange stones next to is and green Plastic man cactus is being complemented by the red figure beneath it. Of course, the drawing got good construction of the figures and objects, nice cartoony anatomy and shading and also great cartoony dynamism.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

There is a bit of a commotion right now over Joelle Jones. She was caught swiping art from Pepe Larraz. It's odd and refreshing to see people complain about someone other than Land doing it. https://twitter.com/samuli47/status/1489675965533986819?s=20&t=2ydDXYp8wOeU2EWJXx3hdQ

(79.78 KB 1270x540 FHGiF4LVcAUlIA-.jfif)

(207.11 KB 1440x1080 FHHBGF9VIAIRf0X.jfif)

(82.50 KB 960x720 1639595502410.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1440x1080 elfbobb-211213-195748.jpg)

Scenes/Screenshots Redrawns/Vaporware ShinPepi 01/05/2022 (Wed) 05:09:45 No. 21759 [Reply]
This is something that become a bit quite popular last year but on shitchan threads get shitgnored or drained doined by them mods, (btw i did the spongebob one) Can we make a thread to post decent or interesting artstyle shift redrawns or fake screenshots? (not tumblr redrawns, but good ones)
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>>22757 Nice. Glad to see you're still here.
(425.71 KB 720x540 FKy54PpVUAM8grp.png)

(475.74 KB 693x520 FK0h1kzVEAEQABl.png)

Anonymous 02/01/2022 (Tue) 01:17:22 No. 22731 [Reply]
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(1.66 MB 1600x900 btcoach.png)


(169.34 KB 2048x1024 encanto.jpg)

(133.03 KB 992x558 Encanto_family.jpg)

(56.36 KB 1500x750 Bruno.jpg)

Encanto Anonymous 02/02/2022 (Wed) 02:47:21 No. 22750 [Reply]
Another musical film by Disney is popular, and unsurprisingly, it's praised for the usual cruft. I doubt that Colombia is like this. It's mediocre, although one or two songs were okay. Bruno did nothing wrong.
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>>22798 Sounds like you just don't like anything, anon.
>>22799 What can I say, I hate shit movies.
>>22791 >and they would say you always need a conflict and a villain or it would be completely non-interesting. But there are things that prove otherwise, like this example, and slice of life anime. The "conflict" in the story is just living life, smart-ass! Simply put, it's just the frustrations an annoyances of everyday life. One easy example to point to is Renkin San-Kyuu Magical Pokaan. In one segment, you have Yuuma putting on a magical show and getting frustrated about how it's turning out. In another segment, Aiko wants to become human, but she only has a day to accomplish it. Pachira and Liru both have a segment about them obsessing over a boy and the troubles that cause. There's another segment where they're all stuck in a elevator. All of that is conflict.

The Loud House Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 04:18:17 No. 7348 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone even talk about this show anymore? outside the porn It's still going, but It feels like ever since the creator got the shaft, there hasn't been much discussion.
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>>22739 Plus they account walled loli too.
>>22746 Apparently they made it as lax as possible (no emails and no punishment for multiple accounts), they just needed a paper-thin barrier like how Acid made it impossible to access /delicious/ via address bar.
>>22739 >pretty light on that too it shows with all the porn they have been dumping on atfbooru, barely tagged shit that doesn't have the artist name even though it's clearly in the fucking picture.

(697.53 KB 589x857 93.png)

(589.70 KB 592x849 95.png)

(732.91 KB 599x868 94.png)

(766.04 KB 581x862 96.png)

The Maus "Ban" Anonymous 02/02/2022 (Wed) 01:32:52 No. 22747 [Reply]
This tidbit of news came across to me, and here is probably the only good place to complain about it. I read the transcript of the school board decision. It was laughable. What bothers me about this whole conversation is this: This controversy was fabricated by the MSM to appeal to people's outrage. The MSM, who claims that this is a thing only Fox News does. The actual headline is: "Tennessee school board votes to replace Maus in English curriculum for 8th graders." This was twisted into: "Tennessee school board votes to BAN Maus". Despite the fact that they weren't removing it from the library. Students were now no longer required to read it. Is this content suitable for 13 and 14 year-olds? Probably. And all of these people are just eating this propaganda up.
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(119.37 KB 300x300 1364331455284.png)

>>22758 >Can we solve the hubris of the academics, who hold that to be anti-academic is to be anti-intellectual? Hit them in their wallets. Home school your kids and encourage others to do the same. Note that home school doesn't mean that everyone only teaches their own kids (though I do think that has an appeal). Many home schoolers get together and make their own small classes, with parents each teaching one day every week or two, each able to focus on the subjects that they know best, which they are frequently actually specialists and experts in, since they all have hands-on experience with their varied careers, unlike teachers. Also, many home-schoolers hire independent teachers, but now the teachers work for the students and parents, and not some administration. Even private schools are still corrupted by administration, which is an extra step of separation from the students and parents. And private schools are also still cucked by government rules. Home schools have very few government rules, since technically they're legally classified as daycares, if anything, and the students just need to pass a few standardized tests, like the GED and things like that, in order to get the qualifications. Because go ahead and ask any actual students at any level of education, and they all know school is a waste of time, and they're only going to get qualifications so the government will allow them to have jobs. Anyway, home school and then academics will lose many of their jobs, mostly in administration anyway, since they're all just middle managers who are just more evil versions of the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert. At least his evil was simply banal. School administrators are responsible for pushing the SJW shit more than the teachers are. The teachers you see doing it willfully are a minority. Even the ones that are SJW will usually not go out of their way to make things more SJW, because really they're just there to collect a paycheck, and simply reusing textbooks and assignments from 20 years ago is easier. But administration forces them to make things more SJW. So home school, or private school if you can't home school (though that isn't as good), and the few people left in the education industry will be more beholden to students and parents instead of administrators and government. Universities are already losing their power as more and more average people are realizing they're nothing but cults that the government funds and says are the only groups that can give licenses that the government deems are legally required to hold certain jobs. While the latter is still a factor for people, the illusion that they actually teach anything is gone, and their proportional numbers are dropping, especially among people who actually do useful things for society, AKA men. Of course the problem then is that since the jobs that require qualifications are less done by men and more done by the cult-brainwashed women, the jobs end up not getting done at all, or done badly, and then you get engineers trained in how traditional bridge structures are misogynist, and hired because they are women and not because their designs are best, and then our bridges collapse. And for all the liberal arts majors these institutions churn out, who think they are brilliant artists who can see the underlying meanings of everything, none of them will stop to realize that those bridges are microcosms of society. But so be it. Since the government gives the universities so much power, they won't fix themselves. Either the people rise up and fix the government, or society collapses. I'll take either option at this point. It's better to fuck off innawoods and be left alone in hell than to serve in heaven. Pic related. It's George Costanza home schooling, not wasting his time in school with that maniac Mr. Bevilacqua, trying to climb a stupid rope. If only he was able to just stay at home and learn on his own, maybe he wouldn't be so fucking stupid. Maybe he could have ended up like that nice boy, Lloyd Braun. Well maybe not with his parents, but they could have hired somebody.
>>22767 >I know this is a very naive stance to take but I like to think anyone capable and willing to make something worthwhile will do so regardless of labels or cliques. The people capable of building bridges aren't allowed to do so unless they get authorization from a university, which demands that instead of learning how to build bridges, they spend the better part of a decade learning why they are evil for being male and white and not liking penises in their butts. So many people who are capable don't sign up for the training, or stop going because they realize they aren't being trained at all. But oh, wait, many of the people who would be capable aren't even accepted into the training because they are white (or asian) and male, and they don't like penises in their butts, but plenty of unqualified "people" get in literally because they aren't those things. The people who do finish the training haven't learned anything, and their grades are at least partially based on the same factors that got them into the school, instead of how well they can design and build bridges. And the graduates that then get hired aren't hired on their merit anyway, they're hired based on the same factors that got them into the schools. Then bridges fall down. Your only hope is the people who were actually qualified, worked even harder than they should need to so that their grades were so damn high they couldn't be ignored even though they were the wrong race and sex, and they had the wrong opinion on if it feels good to take a penis in the butt. Then those people had to sit through nearly a decade of soul crushing time wasting, being told in every "class" that they are evil for the way they were born, and that their hard work only makes them more evil. Then they have to continue being leagues better, and even then, they'll lose out on many jobs, but they might get some, and those bridges might not fall down. Except bridges take many people, and some of the others might be unqualified hires, and they might fuck things up anyway. Meanwhile if people who are qualified but don't want to put up with all that bullshit try to build a bridge, the government will stop them and put them in jail, or steal enough money that their lives will be ruined. So those people go off to become other things instead. And those things may be useful, but so are bridges, and those aren't gonna get built to as high standards as we had for thousands of years, because the government won't allow them to be. We have bridges from Ancient Rome that are still in use. Meanwhile we have modern bridges where the government is so busy celebrating that they only allowed women to work on their construction that they don't care that the bridges collapse within six months and kill hundreds of people. And again, bridges are just an example, and a microcosm of society. >I'm curious, what kind of rape porn do modern stacy SJW teachers assign? A teenage girl goes to a party and gets drunk, then she fucks chad thundercock, but later decides she doesn't like the realization that she is a slut, so she cries rape, and the guy gets his life ruined. The end. There. I just told 45% of the books that are assigned in Junior High and High Schools. Another 45% is about the holocaust. Maybe 10% is actual stuff that a kid might like, or is at least classic enough that the kid would learn some bit of literary canon and understand cultural references better. But oh wait, I forgot that now everything is about racism. So now it's 33% rape, 33% holocaust, and 33% racism. 1% standards or classics or things kids (or anyone who isn't a 40 year old SJW stacy) might actually like. But note that there is significant crossover between these groups. Many things will have holocaust, racism, and rape, or at least two of the three. In fact I'd say most would have significant crossover of at least two of the three. Rape is usually involved. Racism and holocaust don't cross over much though because jews and blacks both don't want to share the spotlight, but almost every book assigned will be written by a feminist cunt, and have rape in the holocaust, or rape that is somehow based on racism (which makes no fucking sense because, as other boards on this site, and dating site stats, for that matter, will show you, racists don't want to touch, let alone fuck, the races that disgust them). Also there is crossover between what I am counting as a "standard" or "classic" and the other three categories. I'm not going to complain about To Kill A Mockingbird because at least it is a very influential work that is commonly referenced in American society, so reading it will give students an understanding of those ubiquitous references. Also it isn't even really about racism at its core, it's about prejudice in general, as exemplified by Boo Radley being a much more important part of the book than Tom Robinson, but most teachers are too stupid to understand this. Also there are cases like Othello, where dumbass SJWs will try to claim that the moors were black and then make the whole thing about black people, even though A) the moors weren't black and a fucking cursory knowledge or google search of basic history would teach you this, and anyone with this Costanza-esque level of illiteracy of basic history shouldn't be a teacher anyway, and B) Othello's race is a side issue to the story at best. But they make it all about that instead of the themes that are far more prevalent in the play. But still, I'm not going to lump in Othello with all the black supremacist shit they're forcing on children, just because they teach it wrong. Again, Shakespeare is very culturally important, and at the very least, by knowing it, students would be able to interact more with a culture that constantly references it, so it is a much more valid choice to assign in schools than most things. The problem isn't that Othello shouldn't be assigned to students, it's that those teachers who teach it wrong shouldn't be assigned to students. And to answer your spoiler, don't worry, none of the rape porn is explicit. What makes them cum isn't the descriptions of chad cock, it's getting immersed in the feeling of "victimhood." "Ooh, yes, everyone feels bad for me. Ohh, they're all gonna kill that mean boy that I already had my way with before I stopped and thought about how he doesn't have enough money or status to help me monkey-branch up the social ladder. Ugggh, I love convincing myself that not only am I not a slut for cheating on Beta Brad with Chad Thundercock, but actually I'm the victim and therefore everyone else will treat me better. Mmmh, I'm so oppressed. I'm not a rich stacy that's never been told no in her life, and never felt an ounce of true loneliness or want, because not only am I too selfish and uncaring to be thankful for what I have, but my own fucked up worldview relies on convincing myself that all the people I hurt deserve it because they were born more privileged than me, even though my life is objectively better in every conceivable way. Oooh it's so good!." >>22763 You understand everything but you still call everyone who agrees with you Neo-Nazis. You realize that the same people who told you to call us Neo-Nazis think you are too, right? The very views you shared in that post are exactly why they call us Neo-Nazis, and you are no different.
american news is not only a joke when it comes to being informative, it's actually poison being pumped into the veins of the people who watch it.

Well here we are E.V.I.L Heroes: The Pseudo EVIL Bootleg Justice League Anonymous 01/14/2022 (Fri) 05:19:27 No. 22117 [Reply] [Last]
It's entertaining as the joke that it is. But the comic has some things going for it.
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>>22409 >A second captain Chaos It's the same one. They're energy-based entities or some shit, and because they have no physical bodies they need to possess someone to act. It's very clear, no idea how you missed this.
Why is the art so stiff and lifeless?
>>22741 It illustrates the genre

(230.83 KB 1089x1280 1628652470874[1].jpg)

Anonymous 01/30/2022 (Sun) 09:28:11 No. 22694 [Reply]
I've thought about how most of the time, the nature of constant NOTHING IS THE SAME mass-reboot events, inconsistent continuity (contrasted with autistic obsession with status quo) and the failings of a system where there can be no singular "author" guiding the whole universe means that, by and large, there is no lasting impact in Capeshit. Hack decisions made by egotist-writers desperate not to be forgotten in the revolving door can easily be undone or tug-of-warred over unless the editorial is sucking their dick (IE Bendis), and even the characters' names or identities can can easily be shuffled around. Save for one example that keeps coming up. Gayness (and trannies, but there's no notable tranny-infected ones to my knowledge) is the one thing that cannot be erased, like some form of permanent ink spilled on white paper. Iceman, Jon Kent, Tim, those stained by rainbow shit are forever stuck with it. The writer who would dare try would be crucified politically, fired and blacklisted from the entire industry. Not that there are any writers left who would be willing to, in no small part because it's been infiltrated by twatter addicts who'd be the first to cause a fuss and they've bullied out anyone resembling conservative for less. Because of this boomer-esque fear of vocal loudmouths and leftist gatekeeping of Human Resources and other employing areas, the one change the true readerbase would be happiest to see gone is the one that can never be undone. I just found that to be a cruel sort of irony.
14 posts omitted.
>>22722 He just means that Batman and Superman are the major cash cows. Which they are. And even Spider-Man had to rely on nostalgia for the good movies that ended 15 years prior in order to get these numbers, since Sony and Marvel had tanked the series so hard ever since.
>>22724 Meant Batman and Spider-Man. Superman isn't the cash cow he used to be until the '80s.
>>22694 >no lasting impact in Capeshit Do you know of any comics that get lasting changes to the status quo right (apart from manga)?

(937.91 KB 800x600 CB57.png)

Anonymous 01/30/2022 (Sun) 03:31:54 No. 22687 [Reply]
We've got a full lineup tonight. Don't ask Launchpad to show you his corkscrew maneuver Episodes: 47-48 Go ahead, call her a Sissi ONE MORE TIME: Episodes 8-9 Kraft Rurouni And Cheesy Dialog:Episodes 86-88 TMNT 57-58: Krang-A-Boomerang And Three episodes of Slayers Next Please vote for next week's bonus episode https://vaughn.live/starfish_wasteland
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(223.33 KB 1280x1082 Irma dress.jpeg)

Voting Turtles
(76.43 KB 1366x768 moshimoshi.jpg)

(26.07 KB 680x538 1643327314609.jpg)

(39.69 KB 1024x576 zi6jkuwnhkc81.jpg)

Voting Kenshin

(1.14 MB 2252x2545 lf.jpg)

(531.29 KB 880x412 0jeanclaudemezieres-004.jpg)

(156.77 KB 750x583 mezieres-usine-de-fusees.jpg)

Artist Jean-Claude Mézières Passes Away Anonymous 01/28/2022 (Fri) 04:16:43 No. 22635 [Reply]
Didn't see a thread >The French newspaper Le Monde reported on Sunday that artist Jean-Claude Mézières passed away on Sunday. He was 83. >The duo would go on to publish many other graphic novels together, including: La Cité des Eaux Mouvantes, L'Empire des Mille Planètes, Lady Polaris, and Atlas Cosmique: les Habitants du Ciel. >Mézières won the Grand Prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in 1984. https://archive.is/hX8hF
(274.60 KB 797x704 Valerian.jpg)

(1.27 MB 1455x1022 Cantina.jpg)

Anonymous 01/29/2022 (Sat) 02:47:32 No. 22662 [Reply]
Oh me oh my, what will I do? I have a bunch of movies, and no one to watch them with! Guess I'll just put it on the internet and see who joins me. Choose from the following movies: - The Gumby Movie - The Nut Job - The Average Dinosaur OR You can choose from the Ted Box or the Yaki Box. Ted Box smells like a buddy-cop movie that is appropriate for children, except when it's not. Yaki Box smells like delicious, delicious cyberpunk. Join us! https://vaughn.live/tedfufu
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(124.88 KB 1024x1024 1642965505536.jpeg)

Voting Yaki Box
voting Ted Box
Yaki Box

Anonymous 01/19/2022 (Wed) 03:27:22 No. 22320 [Reply]
Now that the dust has settled, can we finally answer the most controversial question to ever grace /co/ boards? Did Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ruin a whole generation of women or were they a lost cause in the first place? Is there anything redeeming about this shitty series?
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(222.48 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)

>>22349 >Gee, who could have possibly seen that coming? The vast majority of Leafs who saw the bullshit marketing campaign promoting latter day hipster Toronto for this film. And a good chunk of the audience that left once word of the film's limited novelty wore out. It had a Spoony Curse on it.
>>22443 Difference is Spoony still never made a movie.
>>22340 Ye cats, look at that greasy, evil face. I wonder how many men she's accused of rape after punching them in the mouth?

X-Men comics: Apocalypse edition Anonymous 01/13/2022 (Thu) 07:16:43 No. 22095 [Reply]
Recommendations, starting points and ongoing storylines No matter how bad it gets Also /v/ wants to know where to start if they wanna read Cable and Deadpool.
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(276.46 KB 583x771 death.png)

(519.90 KB 528x411 Screenshot.png)

(95.77 KB 430x695 37xf-a.jpg)

>>22264 >I mean it was hilarious. >The shock on the other xmens faces alone made it worth it. Yeah, but then he slapped a gold mask on him, so what was really the point? The most hilarious thing about the Archangel story and the Inferno tie-ins later on? Finding out that Walt Simonson can't draw batwings to save his life. I like his stuff, but wings are to Simonson as feet are to Liefeld.
(121.93 KB 400x605 204514-63662-angel.jpg)

(128.07 KB 710x716 tfw dat nigger blue x2.jpg)

(92.16 KB 500x527 dat nigger blue.jpg)

>>22359 >Yeah, but then he slapped a gold mask on him, so what was really the point? The double reveal. First they see him an fight and that's shocking, but later they see him without the mask and double shocker. Honestly pretty funny prank. And christ I forgot about the shitty wings. Capes too. Honestly I'm positive that's how McFarlane got work. He knew how to draw capes and everyone acted like it was an esoteric art.
Finally recovering from that tooth, gonna reread inferno this weekend and hopefully get some more info down.

(48.21 KB 800x532 Pat_Mat (1).jpg)

(13.48 KB 300x429 proxy-image.jpeg)

European cartoons thread Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 14:31:36 No. 22224 [Reply]
Europe has been really overlooked by everyobe outside of europeans on the cartoon side of medias. So why not maje a thread about discussing some of those cartoons >Pat & Mat/...A je to! This show was created by Ľubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek for ČST Bratislava. It is a slapstick comedy show which was made in stop motion it has over 100 episodes of ~7 minute lenght. Atleast for the earlier ones. I don't want to get on to why it was around 7 minute lenght, because you might not get it. It is about two handymen doing stuff, there is always a sort of problem to fix or a present, you get it. Sometimes they do by themselfs most of the time actually and they fix it in a sort of bizzare way that noone would expect. Deffinitly good for someone that just want's to see some funny shit to happen. It's not dubbed whatsoever, because the characters don't speak. And you can find it on youtube easilly. >The Adventures of Aladár Mézga This is an intresting one, it's kind of weird. Atleast the last episode which was censored. It is a story of aladár mézga and his adventures in space. >El Guerrero sin nombre A medieval fantasy story about "a knight with no name" I don't want to spoiler it, because there is actually some weird lore in it
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
You gonna include >W.I.T.C.H >Winx >Angel Friends >Those Corto Maltese animated movies >All the hsit Rainbow puts out etc? Also, some anons used to be obssesed with "The school for little vampires" wih i thnk was german. Somebody randomly mentioned italian toons on another thread couple of years ago https://8chan.se/co/res/2931.html
>>22267 Isnt Miraculous Ladybug pretty popular over in America even though its French?
>>22267 >mentions W.I.T.C.H >doesn't mention Monster Allergy ok

(39.98 KB 300x428 Clementine_5249.jpg)

(240.72 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

Foreign Works Translations and Foreign Translations Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 09:54:12 No. 22222 [Reply]
Is there anything of these two or other good older European/Euro-Japanese shows with English subs? I know they both have an English dub but not only do the dubs tend to be subpar, they also censor somethings, as far as I know (at least with Clémentine). I've come across a fansub of Mysterious Cities Of Gold on YouTube but it's unfinished. Also, if there's any foreign translations of Anglophone series, feel free to mention them. For instance, I think I prefer the Russian voice actress for Gadget Hackwrench over Tress MacNeille, simply because she sounds a bit cuter.
>>22222 Good luck finding many anons who actually want to do a long term project HERE OF ALL PLACES.
>>22223 I mean it isn't unheard of, a couple translation projects were completed. Though I doubt anyone here actually knows any Japanese.

(145.49 KB 1080x1025 FJG-o8PX0AcYR9c.jpg)

Anonymous 01/15/2022 (Sat) 02:29:52 No. 22177 [Reply]
Batwoman 3.0 anyone?

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