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The Looney Tunes are Back Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 00:55:19 No. 311 [Reply]
>Looney Tunes Cartoons will premiere when HBO Max does, on May 27. Its first season will contain 11 80-minute episodes, each composed of multiple shorts. It honestly looks good, call me surprised. They're taking direct inspiration from the original shorts, from the designs and to the voices. Other than some weird animation quirks Its obvious its made in toonboom and some "modern" references it looks solid. https://archive.is/WGBzT#selection-1383.31-1383.43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13bU5genKJI
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>>1741 >>1705 My country's media has been going on and on about how progressive this shit is, it's embarrassing. Also, he had a hunting spear in Lost in Time, which makes sense, since it's a Prehistoric version of him. Sam could be retooled similarly by being a Pirate, since that's what he also used to look like in the games.
>>1708 >They gave Fudd a scythe. Ah so he's still a hunter then. Just a different sort...
So did they show Lola's personality here yet? I kinda doubt they'll keep the grug brain Lola from LTS and we just might get the OG one here. Hopefully they can at least let her get jokes at her expense.

RIP Dennis O'Neil Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 17:00:57 No. 1824 [Reply]
>Dennis J. "Denny" O'Neil has died at age 81. As confirmed by his family, the legendary comic book writer died at home of natural causes on the night of June 11. >During his time on Batman, he created/co-created Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, Leslie Thompkins, Azrael, and Richard Dragon; he was also involved in the revitalization of the Joker and Two-Face as modern DC villains, and oversaw the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. https://archive.is/BL5K9
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>>1825 Jason Todd had problems as a character to begin with. They had to drastically retool him after the Crisis on Infinite Earths because he always kind of sucked. And frankly, he wasn't actually alive for that long, so it's not like they were ruining a great deal when they killed him. Bringing him back kind of ruins things though.
(488.22 KB 1280x906 The Question.jpg)

His run on the Question is one of my favorite Capeshit works of all time, so it sucks that he died, but at least he lived a long life.
>>1824 He is my favorite Batman writer. A shame to see him go. All my favs are getting old, so I should probably start bracing myself for more of them to die.

(77.65 KB 313x470 unnamed (2).jpg)

The midnight gospel Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 01:27:18 No. 1085 [Reply]
Have any of you seen this thing? I tried watching it a couple of days ago but I just couldn't stand it, it feels so aimless and boring yet it looks like it was made for people with ADD. What are your thoughts on this show?
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(591.87 KB 622x388 Screenshot_4.png)

>>1370 >My main gripe with transhumanism is that they don't understand how computers work. Good. They'll find out the hard way, the cock-suckers. There's a Black Mirror episode called "San Junipero." My wife and I watched it with my brother and our friends. At the end of it, the two women are dancing the nights away forever in the titular town, forever young and beautiful and in love. "Finally!" exclaimed my brother. "A happy ending!" <Ha ha ha! NO, dumbass! As we know, Black Mirror is one shitty abuse of technology after another. It makes no sense for there to be a "happy ending." If you think you've just watched something heart-warming, think again. There are several ways this was a nightmare ending: >Heaven is real, and the computer upload works, therefore they never go to Heaven to receive a much, much better afterlife. Instead they spend eternity hanging around a fucking arcade >Heaven is real, and the computer upload DOESN'T work, in which case their brains have only been copied, and they've still moved on to the afterlife, leaving a server full of simulations dancing the night away for no good reason >The brain upload works and they dance the nights away... right up until some natural disaster, lack of funding, or inevitable system failure causes the server to be shut down. >The brain upload works and they spend decades together... until they can no longer stand the sight of each other. Then they're stuck in the small town in the computer, forever running into each other over and over and over again. Awkward conversation/fights with the ex...FOREVER I could go on. The Transhumanists (or Luciferians I think they call themselves, sometimes) don't understand how retarded it is to try and live forever through machines. It doesn't matter if you get a steel body that lasts for millions of years if your fucking brain dies within 90 of old age.
>>1939 Reminds me of oneshot Eve and Eve, about two lesbians who become immortal through an archival science experiment, and they end up committing suicide at the "age" of 70.
Duncan Trussel has his moments but he's too susceptible to hippy woo-wha bullshit, especially on podcasts, which is what 80% of the show is. I kind of like the chaotic animation, it's be nice to have more shows with that element and when it actually tries to tell a story too it worked out alright, the prisoner episode was ok.

(621.52 KB 375x211 Smug Amalia.gif)

Wakfu Season 4 Anonymous 06/08/2020 (Mon) 15:48:27 No. 1759 [Reply]
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>>1892 Indeed, its pay2play to get full access to the game. So a entire roster of characters from a multi-boxxer is loads of money coming in.
>>1894 I never knew the French were such large money whales.
season 3 was pretty shit to me Dunno why you want a season 4

(27.73 KB 539x292 EXocwL2UwAASVL.jpg)

(177.92 KB 637x769 EXrLIuMXgAMvGBc.jpg)

Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 21:58:04 No. 761 [Reply]
Well you look at that, they kept MJ a redhead.
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>>1860 To be fair, new MJ is Michelle Jones rather than Mary Jane Watson. She's a stand-in for MJ, but not the same character.
>>1882 It's never "the same character" in any adaptation, unless it's one of the very rare cases where the adaptation is actually in the same universe as the original. That's no excuse. If anything, it's even worse. Now you're just arguing that it's actually an OC instead of a character from the thing that they paid to license? Why would I want to watch a Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man characters?
>>1882 Bitch you know it was Mary Jane in the original script. They changed the character's name last minute because of the backlash.

Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space Discussion Anonymous 06/08/2020 (Mon) 19:31:57 No. 1763 [Reply]
Anyone want to discuss this fact that Fred Seibert leaked Lazy in Space by making a playlist on Vimeo? The raw uploads are gone and we're now stuck with the Kimcartoon watermarked versions, but I'm sure some of y'all still watched it
6 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1801 Fanfiction implies it's based on something established with concrete events. It's just shit.
>>1795 That's about it. The pilot felt like it was going to go somewhere with hints of some lore to flesh out. Then months later the REAL episodes arrive and their look worse and don't go anywhere all while ramping up the Q U I R K Y for no reason.
>>1763 >y'all Last I checked 8chan /co/ isn't Dixieland or Twatter.

(2.15 MB 854x480 Anger.webm)

== Doctor Who's a furry now! == Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:29:28 No. 1803 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NJ4HC9LOsU TL;DR Doctor's countless past regeneration isn't limited to gallifreyans but pretty much any species including animals. For those not on the loop The Doctor's backstory had shown that he's original incarnation was some POC little girl that repeatedly died due to numerous experiments that allowed the time lords to gain immortality and serve as the origin for gallifreyan civilization.
1 post omitted.
>>1803 I personally dont mind a WHO thread considering there's no /tv/ here but Im not sure if its /co/ related. I mean there's comics but not much else.
>>1805 Some of the otherwise lost episodes with surviving audio tracks were recreated as cartoons.
>>1805 It is based on a "kind of" animated short about the the tv series, so it is /co/ related but stretching it a lot. With the new direction of the show it looks more like a thread to farm rage.

(636.80 KB 1041x1600 RCO006.jpg)

(500.16 KB 1041x1600 RCO007.jpg)

(395.95 KB 1041x1600 RCO008.jpg)

(474.75 KB 1041x1600 RCO009.jpg)

Godzilla, Kaiju and Monster Comics - Repost Edition Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 02:35:13 No. 371 [Reply] [Last]
Since Godzillia was brought up recently, might as well have a storytime. Starting with Godzilla Gangsters & Goliaths
304 posts and 1289 images omitted.
Thread hit bumplimit.
>>1773 No problem dude. >>1792 Oh, shoot. You guys want another storytime thread with kaiju stories? I was planning on storytiming Kaijumax if you guys wanted?
>>1730 Yeah I think so.

Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 01:17:47 No. 1610 [Reply]
Of all the streaming services HBO looks like the only one with decent shows coming.
>>1610 Stop being a normalnigger & just pirate. Nothing's going to be good anyway.
>>1612 I plan too but they're really gunning for animation and dc stuff.

8chan Writefag Society: The Return Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 06:23:30 No. 610 [Reply]
Welcome to 8chan Writefag Society ITT: We talk about what we're writing. Simple as that. there's nothing else to explain. Even if you just write as a hobby and aren't working on anything serious, feel free to pop in and say hello! Anyway. To business! (Keep in mind, you don't have to answer all of these) You do tho >What are you writing? >Who is your protagonist(s) >Who is your antagonist(s) >What is the setting of your story? >What genre would you consider your story to be? >What song do you think describes your protagonist(s)? >What song do you think describes your antagonist(s) >If your protagonist was sitting in the room with you right now, how fucked would you be? >Why do you write? >Don't be a punk! Mingle, dammit!
13 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>1509 It doesn't seem permanent but its reassuring that he's taken a hard stance against them.
>>1474 >>1509 >>1528 Looks like the name field is back for now.
(79.15 KB 600x592 Life Day with the project.jpg)

>>709 >knowledge Big Balloon Botswana is only a theory.

(16.09 KB 306x301 ClipboardImage.png)

(18.28 KB 195x259 torquemada.jpg)

(454.48 KB 359x439 ClipboardImage.png)

(577.82 KB 480x463 ClipboardImage.png)

2000AD thread Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 08:05:54 No. 978 [Reply]
Thread devoted to all things 2000AD (Rebellion Publishing). It can be just the Dreddverse or alternatively any of the myriad other stories published.
(269.08 KB 349x719 dredd art deco.png)

>>1530 Thanks Anon. Post it in the share thread too.

(19.19 KB 694x1000 the_shivering_truth.jpg)

(87.31 KB 700x394 comedy_from_isis.jpg)

The Shivering Truth Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 02:00:07 No. 1423 [Reply]
First season was okay. Not as good as Xavier Renegade Angel, but not the worst from PFFR. Season 2 has already started, but I haven't seen it yet. Any thoughts?
>>1423 I haven't seen it either, it looks good. What's it about?
>>1426 It's an anthology of surreal nightmares daymares that's certainly not narrated by Xavier that somewhat connect within (almost) each episode, although it can get pretentious for some. Best episode was the pilot; everything else could have been better as it's heavily relying on the surreal factor. The running time isn't too long (11-12 minutes each), so finishing the first season is quick.
Once you watch a single sketch from it, you've watched all of them.

(3.79 MB 1080x1658 ClipboardImage.png)

(980.22 KB 551x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.57 MB 1050x1660 ClipboardImage.png)

JLA Riddle of The Beast Sadcat 05/24/2020 (Sun) 16:04:59 No. 1415 [Reply]
Has anyone else read this? For those who have not, this is basically a heroic fantasy interpretation of the DC universe in the same tradition as stories like Kull as well as LOTR. The fully painted artwork has its own unique aesthetic and reminds me of some of the stories I read in volumes of 2000AD. Something not surprising as artists like Glenn Fabry and Simon Davis worked on it.
At this point just disable the name field like /v/ did. This autist wont listen and wont stop.
>>1430 Done.

(301.33 KB 768x576 MOMsterybox.jpg)

Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 02:08:08 No. 1374 [Reply] [Last]
Movie time. You know the drill. Pick one of these movies below... DO IT Superman: Brainiac Attacks Mad Monster Party??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Gumby Or pick what's in one of two available boxes. What's in there? Could be anything. The Yaki Box is a really obvious horrible monster living with you The Ted Box is a horrible monster living with you that you aren't aware of. https://vaughn.live/tedfufu
40 posts and 31 images omitted.
(74.03 KB 750x1106 TheBadRemake.jpg)

Next movie of the night is from the Yaki Box, and it's The Bad Seed 2018! Remember the original screenplay and how great it was, and how Rhoda was manipulative and sly and had people wrapped around her finger? Well what if you made Rhoda into the world's most boring Wednesday Addams, made her father a bumbling idiot, made LeRoy into a thirsty thot, and got your coloring tips from Zack Snyder? THANKS, LIFETIME. I HATE IT.
(37.78 KB 280x482 1407726399103.jpg)

Experimental Animation Thread Anonymous 05/21/2020 (Thu) 17:11:52 No. 1336 [Reply]
I've been some anons discussing this topic in another thread so I wanted to make a new one. >What are your favorite experimental animation works? >What do you like from them? >What do you like from experimental animation in general?

(516.57 KB 1186x868 EYWI2fwU4AEfQgg.jpg)

(271.36 KB 1200x668 EYVlggUUcAAdjLo.jpg)

(135.68 KB 840x1200 EYXYmZeUYAA8CPE.jpg)

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 21:10:36 No. 1219 [Reply]
First images of Camp Coral are coming out, how much of a shitshow will this turn out to be? https://archive.is/HxPqC
>>1219 >Squidward >glasses and bowtie Is he a nigger?
>>1219 >Reminder that Hillenburg stated he did not want any spongebob spinoff series to exist. They waited until the ORIGINAL CREATOR died to green light and produce this shit against his wishes. >Reminds me of the time when Hugh Hefner said no transgender people in playboy magazine and then literally like 15-35 days after his death playboy announced transgender people in they magazines And, then, people begin to attack the guy because "That's completely different".
>>1219 continuity can go fuck itself t. nickolodeon

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