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(465.22 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_1.jpg)

(578.69 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_2.jpg)

(411.77 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_5.jpg)

(346.72 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_3.jpg)

(608.58 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_4.jpg)

Long Gone Gulch Pilot Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 04:27:34 No. 8850 [Reply]
https://invidio.us/watch?v=tmSx5Ywc_YI (also available on /co/ volafile) It's alright, although it's meant for a TV-Y7 kind of audience. I didn't know that it was a 2016 Kickstarter project; must have taken years. Best character is Snag, while the worst was BW; her voice sounds more bored than intimidating. It's no Hazbin Hotel, but the Wild West setting has potential. Animation, backdrops and most of the characters are overall lively.
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>>8957 I was wondering why her voice acting specifically was so hideously terrible.
>>8974 Turns out being an average actor in one area doesnt make you even semi-decent in another area.
>>8864 the creators said he was a Godzilla/Kaiju movie fan (hence the spines on his jacket) on their Tumblr and the they also said he was a Mad Max influenced character which also made think for while that Snag was going to be Australian until they said he wasn't

(778.95 KB 738x554 What ya say co.png)

Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 04:02:06 No. 7621 [Reply]
So, /co/ would you ever put your dick in a robot body?
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(1.11 MB 1013x765 sven coop in a nutshell.png)

>>7670 Come on, Anon.. We all know the words.. If you're looking for me..
>>7670 >When you realize the original Cpt. Murphy also passed away

(206.47 KB 1920x1080 smiling_friends.jpg)

(775.60 KB 1000x1500 WolfWalkers.jpg)

(38.02 KB 1000x600 primal.jpg)

Comic/Cartoon of the Year - Coronachan Edition Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 23:10:53 No. 8630 [Reply]
Even if there were barely any works that were released (let alone any decent ones), what would (you) consider to be your favorite cartoon/comic/animation in 2020? For me, the only good ones that I've watched were Wolfwalkers, Primal, and Smiling Friends. Couldn't find any okay comics, sadly - too busy laughing at the complete destruction of it all.
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>>8819 >I swear the Irish can do no wrong How many animated films did they even made?
>>8840 Land before time is an Irish coproduction
>>8840 The particular studio, Cartoon Saloon, has done four. Along with some short films, some forgettable tv shows and some short films. >The Secret of Kells >Song of the Sea >The Breadwinner >Wolfwalkers

(32.32 KB 760x398 legjpeg.jpeg)

Anonymous 10/29/2020 (Thu) 01:54:50 No. 6773 [Reply] [Last]
Another reboot is getting woke. How I know? Erin Gibson is the show runner behind the new Tiny tunes.
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>>8638 > 80s VHS filter, like how the fuck is that considered to be an aesthetic? Its supposed to be nostalgic, which goes to show who the real audience this short was really made for.
>>8638 >I fucking hate the broken 80s VHS filter I just wish I could figure out how to replicate it in paint.NET.
>>8778 You could always pirate photoshot.

(2.37 MB 1280x720 Hoop Beating 2.webm)

Stroker and Hook Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 17:13:43 No. 8764 [Reply]
Here is a magnet link for all 13 episodes. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:OR74VAG2NLV3GPFAJ6CKLL6AFSYO3GNE&dn=Stroker%20and%20Hoop&xl=972284202
Put it in the share there.

Just saw "WW84", ask me anything about it Anonymous 12/25/2020 (Fri) 23:12:39 No. 8444 [Reply]
Overall story: >A touching movie about a business tycoon, who built his company from the ground up, that's down on his luck >Tries to prove how great of a man he is to his son >Finds a magic item that gives him fame, fortune, and everything >Said item is a huge monkey's paw that ends up effecting everything and everyone else >Man realizes his mistakes and renounces his hold over said item >Reconnects with his son, admits his faults, and wants to become a better man than he was >The End It was a great movie touching movie. However, there are some obvious cons to it: <There were needless action scenes that didn't add anything to the movie <The characters of Wonder Women, Cheetah, Steve Trevor, and Linda Carter make appearances throughout the film, almost as if they play some role in the plot but they really don't, despite the entire story being about the business tycoon <There's no conclusion to the business tycoon's story, it just ends with him reconnecting with his son and then tries to make some random brunette guy and girl a couple because of their matching outfits I AM NOT SHITTING YOU! You could edit out all the action scenes and everything having to do with WW, and the film would not only be the same BUT better. I remember hearing that the original script was going to be MUCH worse, but it almost seems like they ended up grabbing the script of an unrelated film, slapped WW onto it, and called it a day.
13 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>8726 Still went out in a retarded way to push some shitty crisis or another
(42.84 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>8729 No, Blue Beetle went into the public domain so they had to replace him.
>>8726 >>8644 strictly speaking, Ted Kord is the secpnd Blue Beetle. Dan Garrett is the first

(542.98 KB 720x480 index.png)

(597.71 KB 720x480 index12.png)

(22.25 KB 517x514 Capture564.PNG)

Christmas Thread 12/19/2020 (Sat) 07:34:04 No. 8202 [Reply]
Christmas is in one week /co/. How are you celebrating? Watching animated classics with family or just reading some Christmas comics to get in the festive mood? As for me I'm preparing to do a Christmas stream on the 23rd. Anyone wants to make suggestions to add feel free.
9 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>8388 If you hate it so much why are you still here? Do you hate yourself even more?
>>8202 where's the cartoon stream anon?
>>8569 >Christmas stream on the 23rd You missed it by a week, anon

(431.56 KB 1021x1600 DC Holiday Bash! (1).jpg)

MEGA CHRISTMAS STORYTIME #1 Anonymous 12/03/2020 (Thu) 05:10:13 No. 7744 [Reply] [Last]
HO HO HO! Christmas time is here again and what better way to celebrate the month than with a storytim-no, MULTIPLE STORYTIMES! For the month of December expect 3 stories each week, right around on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting today and ending on Christmas. SO GET SOME MILK AND COOKIES, LIGHT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AND GET COMFY! IT'S TIME FOR SOME JOLLY OLE TALES! Our first tale of the night is- 1997's DCU Holiday Bash! #1
149 posts and 620 images omitted.
(450.83 KB 1020x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (56).jpg)

(455.63 KB 1022x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (57).jpg)

(401.00 KB 977x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (58).jpg)

(329.29 KB 1013x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (59).jpg)

(412.52 KB 1023x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (60).jpg)

(410.07 KB 1028x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (61).jpg)

(425.62 KB 1014x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (62).jpg)

(426.83 KB 980x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (63).jpg)

(413.73 KB 986x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (64).jpg)

(333.59 KB 1039x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (65).jpg)

(288.63 KB 1028x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (66).jpg)

(302.55 KB 1036x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (67).jpg)

(400.35 KB 1012x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (68).jpg)

(438.65 KB 1033x1600 dc xmas 2009.jpg (69).jpg)

(453.83 KB 1280x1986 dc xmas 2009.jpg (70).jpg)

>>8468 And that's it true believers. It was a pleasure storytiming for you all and I hope I can do it again either next year or at some point in the future. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish all of 8chan a wonderful new year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Frank Board owner 12/25/2020 (Fri) 05:46:40 No. 8410 [Reply]
Its been a rough year but I'm happy to see everyone still together. Here's hoping 2021 isn't complete ass. Also thanks to the drawfag from the card thread for the new piece of art.
(860.56 KB 773x1000 MerryXmas.png)

Merry Xmas /co/, be merry!
(4.11 MB 680x657 christmaspolts.gif)

Merry Christmas you faggots.

(1.95 MB 3826x2542 bg.png)

(1.04 MB 1728x1200 co tans 2-2.png)

/co/ Christmas card 2020 Anonymous 12/06/2020 (Sun) 15:21:49 No. 7853 [Reply] [Last]
We've given our thanks and weened our hallows, so it's time for our last annual tradition: the /co/ Christmas card! If you don't know what this is: congratulations, you're probably the board's last newfag. We make an overview of notable comics, cartoons, and events relating thereto or to the board, of the past year, and submit (preferably backgroundless) pictures of characters from said media to be put in a collage. The result will be posted on various to be selected boards on Christmas Day. Suggestions are welcome, submissions all the more. Feel free to also mention what boards you'd like to receive the card.
79 posts and 113 images omitted.
>>8386 >hispachan >the site that helped cripplekike after he backstabbed 8chan GO FUCK YOURSELVES YA FILTHY SPICS
(15.22 MB 8459x5638 co_XMAS 2020_Test5.png)

>>8384 Added. Last call for any additions!
(24.85 MB 11278x7517 co_XMAS 2020 Finished.png)

The finished card!

(30.45 KB 330x330 Clone High.jpg)

Clone High Reebot at work at MTV Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 19:57:44 No. 2649 [Reply]
Everything you love will be dug up and turned into shit. http://archive.is/j1NO7
24 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>6596 >Danny Antonucci owns the rights to the Eds so CN can never puppet their corpses for something retarded like they did with the Powerpuff Girls. >Even if CN tried approaching him with a reboot offer, he's such a crank he'd probably tell them to get fucked. God bless that bitter old Quebecois and his hatred of anything to the south of Mapleland
>>6596 >>6674 Good on Antonucci for being a stubborn fuck. I also respect that he at least had the idea to end Ed Edd n Eddy when it started going downhill. The school season wasn't great, but ending with the movie still let it go out on a high note. How did he negotiate to keep the rights to EEnE when show pitching anyway? Usually media companies want full control before agreeing to produce anything.
>>8252 >How did he negotiate to keep the rights to EEnE when show pitching anyway? If I had to guess, abusing the fact that he has his own studio based in Canada and thus using Canadian law while negotiating.

(1.21 MB 987x729 don2.png)

Anonymous 10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:04:34 No. 6611 [Reply]
You guys don't appreciate Don Bluth enough. He tried to stop this.
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>8243 >>8254 >double posting hours apart Did you mean to make a different second post?
>>8258 are you retarded?
>>8263 probably, I feel myself get dumber after each new Hollywood remake that gets announced

Civil War I and II Anonymous 12/15/2020 (Tue) 01:04:56 No. 8058 [Reply]
The dust has been settled for years, but now that the hype and shilling have all died out lets critically examine why the event was so repugnant to some people.
8 posts and 6 images omitted.
Only good thing to come out of Civil War was dent in Millar's reputation. Before it, people sucked his dick and insisted that something like Wanted is a masterpiece. This started to stop soon after Civil War was done.
>>8159 Do you have any screencaps of this anon?
>>8171 No. It is pretty tough to screencap a trend that takes years of gradual change. If you look at his award nominations, they stopped after 2004, right around the time when the Road to Civil war was starting. Millar's project garnered less and less attention over time, and Kick-Ass was the last overall liked book by him. Other stuff was either ignored (Superior) or became internet's laughing stock (Nemesis). Then you have years of bitching about Ultimates, Spider-Man's identity reveal and how it set up One More Day, and so on.

(68.79 KB 1280x720 cqxybvtt_hc.jpg)

DuckTales Rumored To Be Cancelled by Disney Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 20:39:43 No. 7730 [Reply]
>Disney’s DuckTales reboot is rumored to have been quietly cancelled, according to Collider associate editor Drew Taylor >When pressed as to how he knew DuckTales season 3 would be the end of the series, Taylor said most of the crew have already moved on to new projects. >Disney is severely cash strapped right now, and despite animation being a key focus for other streaming services during the pandemic, it doesn’t appear to be a major focus for Disney+. <DuckTales is an incredibly expensive show to produce, and it might have been a casualty of The Mouse House’s dwindling fortunes. Other than hearing decent things about it I'm honestly shocked its getting axed. Of all the shows the Mouse still has they kill one of the few things that can pump out new episodes for a sizable fanbase. https://archive.is/gtftj
6 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>8095 Let them die.
have they canned Owl House or amphibia yet?
>>8108 Not yet, but keeping in mind they have already moved those to plus I doubt they are in-risk to be canned because of lack of audience.

(277.39 KB 1582x2048 RCO001_1582379123.jpg)

(64.18 KB 2048x1325 RCO002_1582379123.jpg)

(91.84 KB 1582x2048 RCO003_1582379123.jpg)

(535.86 KB 1582x2048 RCO004_1582379123.jpg)

(35.97 KB 1582x2048 RCO005_1582379123.jpg)

Siegfried Storytime Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 23:49:46 No. 4772 [Reply] [Last]
I'm not very familiar with the mythology but I have heard of this graphic novel original take on the legend based on both the norse myth & the Wagner opera. Seemed worth a share.
50 posts and 222 images omitted.
>>4772 This comic makes some of the characters a lot nicer than in Wagner's opera. Not that I mind in this instance.
>>4772 >I'm not very familiar with the mythology but I have heard of this graphic novel original take on the legend based on both the norse myth & the Wagner opera. >>4776 >Now enters our title character. Mowg- I mean Siegfried. Or Sigurd from the norse myth version. Siegfried is a German translation. This is a french comic, by the way. Nigga, do you even know your history? Das Nibelungenlied is a medieval German epic. There's also a Norse version of the story - the Völsunga saga - but the German version is similarly old, with both being from the 13th century. The German version of the story isn't something that started with fucking Wagner. The original story isn't exactly Norse or Scandinavian either - except for that escapade in Iceland (which is only a small part of the original story) also, Siegfried dies fairly early on, the whole thing is set in mainland Europe. The focus is on the Burgundian court, it features groups like the Saxons and the Huns (with Hunnish king Etzel likely being based on Atilla). And the whole thing is likely based on an oral tradition about the Burgundian kings during the age of the Great Migrations. Relevant side note: the Scandinavians weren't actually all that original; they picked up quite a few popular tales from mainland Europe. You know how the Elder Edda is divided in poems about gods and poems about heroes? Almost all of those hero poems are set in mainland Europe. Atilla the Hun (Atli) shows up in several of them. Of course the Scandinavians did add their own elements to the stories they adopted - but hey, that's just how premodern literature and storytelling work. If you want a story that probably *is* based on a Scandinavian original, look at Beowulf. Even though it's an Anglosaxon work, the story is set in Denmark, and its style may have Scandinavian influences.
>>8081 No I don't know German history. They don't teach that shit.

Shows That Deserved Another Season Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 22:57:26 No. 7896 [Reply]
It may have been McCracken's weakest work but it sure made its argument for a continuation.
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
(55.64 KB 500x375 Dfu9s1EWAAA5R6F.jpg)

they had a happy ending, kinda, but the beast planet is still there, consuming another planets.
I think sylvia's hot
(90.16 KB 282x359 ClipboardImage.gif)

>>7941 >>8011 Speaking of Mainframe, the Beast Wars/Beast Machines sequel that was originally planned, Transtech, would have been a hell of a lot better than the Unicron Trilogy. Instead of a full on reboot, erasing any investment I had in the world and characters, we could have had a bunch of G1 guys come back with their original histories in tact, and team up with the cooler Beast era guys. There are a few convention exclusive stories where stuff vaguely along these lines happens, and they're really cool. I'm sure an actual show would have been a lot better. Also, Nightscream wouldn't have looked like an absolute faggot.

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