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(704.95 KB 650x365 latest.png)
Anonymous 01/11/2021 (Mon) 18:42:53 No. 8793 [Reply]
Meanwhile, on Bizarro /co/…
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(389.97 KB 608x456 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10933 >Fresh start What I have seen from screenshots, her personality atrophied to basically be a green gorilla. Either a benign retard like Koko or a rampaging animal. Nothing but a green lump of muscle in the background that rarely does or says anything important or entertaining. Fresh start made her an objectively worse as a character. Before Bendis missile she actually had a distinct personality, sense of humor, and unlike most other Hulks she was in control, retained her intellect, and was able to have a proper career.
>>11011 > her personality atrophied to basically be a green gorilla. A happy magical green gorilla that's totally superior to anything that came before, right Bizarro Nona?
(313.69 KB 529x571 Screenshot.png)
>>11011 Bruce had the potential for multiple personalities before the gamma bomb went off and gave them form. Jen's never shown any sign of MPD. But, because she's a lot more confident when she's a seven-foot-tall gorgeous powerhouse, some bitter cunts decided to make it so gamma causes multiple personalities. It's fucking preposterous and does nothing to explain why Bruce was the only one for decades who had that problem. ... ...is what I'd say if this wasn't Bizarroworld! Ha! I sure do like me a raging amazon who looks like a dude!

Cartoons that don't deserve a thread Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 21:00:41 No. 5165 [Reply] [Last]
So, I'm watching through this early-2000's series called Alienators: Evolution Continues, and the entire show just feels...off for some reason. I cannot put my finger on why. The show comes across as generic in every way, but even saying that doesn't seem to classify the show properly. You can watch it here to see what I'm talking about: https://invidio.us/playlist?list=PLkLimRXN6NKyhCEvWdWl0Kmab6YefDh6h Has anyone else had this feeling about other series?
48 posts and 51 images omitted.
>>10085 >why no serious resistance for their heroines? Just deciding to look it up, here's the "resistances" in all of the "Walt Disney Animated Classics" films: I may be missing something because I haven't seen some of these films in years. >Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs <The queens using her magic and influence to kill Snow White >Pinocchio <The conman and the whale >Dumbo <Dumbo lacking self-confidence >Bambi <Bambi going through the pains of growing up >The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad <Mr Toad running from the law in order to prove his innocence, and Ichabod attempting to escape the horseman (With his fate left uncertain) >Cinderella <Cinderella being lorded over by he step mother and sisters >Alice in Wonderland

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>10085 >why no serious resistance for their heroines? Because if a female character ever faces difficulty it means that the film is misogynist propaganda, you shitlord.
>>9465 The cartoon was decent, but the premise was broken from the beginning. If Godzilla-spawn were capable of imprinting on the first thing they saw when hatching, then Matthew Broderick should have had an army of nuke-raptors at his command. Also, there's the little problem of Zilla 2.0 ALSO being a hermaphrodite capable of impregnating and laying dozens of its eggs all over the place. Earth should have been lousy with feral kaiju every bit Zilla Jr's equal. Plus, and this is just the /pol/ack in me, I suppose, I got sick and fucking tired of the token black continually making fun of the clumsy smart white guy.

(125.10 KB 1024x1024 EpNybyMXIAIWk-E.jpg)
(127.21 KB 1024x1024 EpNyb89XcAImIfn.jpg)
(104.95 KB 1024x1024 EpNycG2XIAEhhOa.jpg)
(112.76 KB 1024x1024 EpNycThXYAE8aie.jpg)
(398.78 KB 640x1006 ClipboardImage.png)
Cartoon Network Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 22:48:05 No. 8049 [Reply] [Last]
>Are you sure this will make kids watch our cartoons? <Cartoons? https://archive.md/IJ5wG
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(148.45 KB 265x293 laugh bing.png)
>>10088 (heiled) >"Great job, niggy!
>>10618 its never gonna be better than drake & josh, and its all just going to be pozzed to hell. dont get surprised if one of the episodes involves the kids going to tranny storytime hour.
(287.01 KB 1365x960 sjw bella bulldogs6.jpg)
(768.95 KB 820x3106 sjw bella bulldogs1.jpg)
(141.99 KB 800x892 sjw bella bulldogs5.jpg)
(433.54 KB 824x560 sjw bella bulldogs2.png)
(5.83 MB 1000x9000 sjw bella bulldogs3.jpg)
>>10618 inb4 The Cuckold: The Next Generation

Model Sheets Anonymous 01/27/2021 (Wed) 22:19:39 No. 9212 [Reply]
Model sheets thread? Also concept art, because that's fun too. It's relatively easy to find model sheets for cartoons, but I wonder if there's any for comics.
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(510.47 KB 1183x681 God you're an idiot.png)
>>10873 <reading comprehension You illiterate dumbass, I mentioned both minimalism and simplicity in positive context both in my written post and in the pics. <bland >minimalism These are two different things that not necessarily correlate and this an entire new argument. I also talked about the other extreme which is over-detailing. Of course, autsimo, not every character design done back then in cel animation was spectacular, but it wasn't nearly as bad and wide-speared as today. The character designs you brought as examples are still good character designs despite being relatively bland; they got good construction, nice contrast between round and straight lines and overall look appealing. Do you actually try to equate these with SU and AT?! Are you completely retarded? The point was SU and AT are oversimplified , not just simplified. <there's nothing about the process of traditional animation that requires the character design to follow certain rules The limitations of cel animation forced decent construction and simplicity, unlike today when you have motion-tween crap and CGI Greeble which easily enable bad character designs. <cell It's called cel, not the smallest unit of life.
(483.07 KB 435x455 ClipboardImage.png)
(522.24 KB 605x479 ClipboardImage.png)
(796.01 KB 789x681 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10888 >but it wasn't nearly as bad and wide-speared as today Yes, it was, you utterly ignorant. UPA art style and animation style spread like wild fire because it was cheap and easy to produce in a time where TV animation overthrew theatrical animation. HB took inspiration from UPA, the entire easter block animated tradition is based on these kind of character designs, even Disney and MGM took inspiration from UPA in some degree. Returning to my last post, the first two are fine, as I stated I like a lot Gerald McBoing Boing but the artstyle gets old really quickly and as a example showed the last two: When a UPA influenced cartoon shows a man, generally draws it in a cookie cutter way, with rounded body bit nose and rounded eyes, in other words really generic with really nothing interesting going on. I'm not defending modern crap like AT or SU, what I mean they have bad character design because the people working on them are mediocre, not because of the technique employed and thinking otherwise is stupid and you are retarded for thinking otherwise. The difference between digital and cel is the difference between a mechanical and an electrical typing machine, if the result will be good or bad is up to the artist. >It's called cel, not the smallest unit of life. Meh, you get the idea.
>>10896 <b..but muh UPA >but after watching the same artstyle for a fiftieth time it gets boring and tedious So you got a hateboner for UPA because you watched it so many times to the point you hate it, autistic moron. As I've said before UPA wasn't the greatest, but it was decent and way better than current shit. <the first two are fine All of them are fine you pretentious faggot. <I'm not defending modern crap like AT or SU That wasn't the point you illiterate idiot, the point was you saying UPA is bad as current Calarts/beansmile shit is complete bollocks. <because the people working on them are mediocre, not because of the technique employed and thinking otherwise is stupid <technological advancements have no meaning nor impact It's both, you disingenuous retard; motion tween-crap will easily let you move badly constructed design, CGI will easily allow you to add greeble, digital painting would allow to add as many colors as you'd like without having to consider paint budget, etc. <The difference between digital and cel is the difference between a mechanical and an electrical typing machine No, a good comparison would be between traditional (hand) sculpting to 3D sculpting. Your comparison is stupid because there's little to no difference between the capabilities/limitations of these machines.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(610.38 KB 1400x2152 91MAb2LGN1L.jpg)
(461.99 KB 1920x1080 mcu-1920x1080-1.jpg)
General Toku/Kaiju thread Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:16:26 No. 1456 [Reply] [Last]
Is the MCU considered a Tokusatsu? Other shows/toons and comics that could be considered Toku? What happened to the Power Rangers BOOM! comic? I was posting the PR comic general a couple years back but since Kyle Higgins got replaced as a writer around the Shattered Grid event which seemed hurried as hell I lost interest and the previews just smelled like shark jumping, also the Go Go series, which started pretty weak but it git gud later only to be dragged into the Shattered Grid mess.
224 posts and 100 images omitted.
>>10841 Can't win em all. Still I really liked the movie.
(837.75 KB 2899x3728 Eu7GYPkXIAEsji5.jpg)
The movie was good. It' fixed all the issues I had with the previous one. No bullshit family drama, human characters never interrupted the action, and the kaiju fights are a lot longer and more engaging instead of one sided fights like the GKotM
>>10853 King of the Monsters was a lot more epic in scope & hype. Plus had a kick ass theme. I'd rank this just below it but I did really like it. Just a straight forward monster brawl.

Cartoons / Comics You Can't Quite Remember Anonymous 04/01/2021 (Thu) 05:15:38 No. 10855 [Reply]
There are many cartoons and there are many comics. Chances are there's one you've seen some time ago but for the life of you can't remember the name of, the title of, or anything else except for one or two really specific details. Despite living in the space age of 2021 search engines still can't solve all of our problems and we have to rely on plain old brainpower for some. Hell, with all of the lost media from the 70's-00's and a good chunk of webcomics going out with a whimper there isn't even a guarantee some of these things have a digital footprint left, let alone a physical one. So /co/, is there any oddity that's been bugging you for years, some piece of fiction you could never quite put your finger on? Maybe someone knows else knows about it too.

(971.49 KB 1920x1080 kid_cosmic.jpg)
(442.57 KB 1920x1080 kid_cosmic2.jpg)
(358.95 KB 1920x1080 kid_cosmic3.jpg)
(364.31 KB 1920x1080 kid_cosmic4.jpg)
Kid Cosmic Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 04:38:47 No. 9381 [Reply] [Last]
>Craig McCracken >Rob Renzetti >Inspired by classic comics, including Dennis the Menace and Tintin <Netflix Original It's got some potential, but the team is retarded at the moment. Another season is already in the works.
33 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>10022 >>10023 >>10024 Well at least Craig doesn't have to worry about the censors much.
>>10020 Its refreshing for a show to acknowledge an actual government presence for once, you can only fight aliens so many times until you start asking where the military is?
>>10325 Yet another reason Sym-Bionic Titan's cancellation still stings.

Cragera vs Grape Ape Watchalong Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 23:13:01 No. 10811 [Reply]
The cakefather is gonna stream the movie on 8chanTV at around 8pm est. So come and join the fun. >>>/v/273574 Link- https://watch.8ch.moe/view/26985367-f948-4c5a-8da9-bc85a4cdb21d/ Edit: Looks like they moved the date from the 30th to the 31st. So Wednesday it is.
Edited last time by Frank on 03/31/2021 (Wed) 23:53:30.
4 posts omitted.
Thanks, I need chemo now
>>10842 You should've gotten enough radiation already.
(811.04 KB 460x250 godzilla vs kong ultimate.webm)
>>10811 >vegetablesssss You had one fucking job. APES DON'T HISS.

(924.52 KB 2550x3300 CloneWarsPoster.jpg)
Star Wars Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 18:38:28 No. 2582 [Reply] [Last]
No Star Wars thread? Let's change that.
188 posts and 50 images omitted.
(131.35 KB 2078x772 helicopter saber.png)
>>5994 There are things from show that need to be taken seriously, there are one just for laugh. Don't mix them up
(131.34 KB 500x730 Doggo Knows.jpg)
>>7834 more like Boba fat
>>10823 Its called a "dad bod".

(1.33 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 03:35:11 No. 10790 [Reply]
Has anyone checked Invincible? I'm downloading but can't check until later. Episode 1 magnet: 674f498b
>>10790 Episode 2: 0799ccc5 Episode 3: c5848fb2
Check the catalog, faggot: >>3496

(116.19 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Roosterteeth Funeral Thread Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 21:13:04 No. 7098 [Reply] [Last]
Little bit of /v/ and a little bit of /co/, either way the dead horse is burning. So take your bets on when the final death blow is dealt. Because the dream is long dead
77 posts and 37 images omitted.
>>10635 Yeah, I knew they weren't going to kill a lesbian. She just fell in a bottomless ravine, just like the entire team RWBY and Jean, who killed Penny. The still aren't able to do good action scenes, the plot is still shit, they ruined Ironwood, they made Penny into a real girl, only to kill her 2 episodes later. Can't wait for Volume 9 to bitch further about this shit.
>>10765 Has any of characters really died besides the forgotten android?
>>10774 Hazel got killed in an explosion, Penny got killed by Jaune, Vine Zeki(had to look his name up the wiki) also got killed in an explosion, and Weiss' father got killed by Ironwood. Surprisingly they didn't kill Ironwood, but I doubt they are going to give him a redemption arc. The bad guys now have both artifacts, and Weiss' sister is the new Winter maiden. The show is still shit, only reason to watch it, is to see just how shit it is.

>live-action Avatar show Anonymous 06/11/2020 (Thu) 02:29:14 No. 1807 [Reply] [Last]
https://comicbook.com/anime/news/avatar-the-last-airbender-cabbage-man-live-action/ >Of course, fans would love to see Sie return as the character. The unassuming merchant became one of the best running gags of Avatar, and he is still talked about today. The Cabbage Merchant appears through the show with his stand of produce which always gets smushed by the Avatar and Company. The character, which was meant to be part of a one-off joke, became its own role after fans of Avatar championed the ill-fated merchant. How bad do you think the show will be? Legend of Korra bad? Even worse?
256 posts and 37 images omitted.
>>10623 That could have been interesting. I could imagine Zuko going full Tokugawa and isolating the Fire Nation as an attempt for penance and to attempt to rebuild his country as a peace time culture only to be invaded by blackships from the Earth Kingdom 70 something years later. Would have been more interesting than what we got.
(1.05 MB 4032x2277 image0.jpg)
did some zutaran write that fire nation book >>10624 It's weird how even though they set LoK not that long after TLA and even brought back old characters like Toph they didn't really try to make any of the conflicts in it besides Kuvira's be actually rooted in it and the Fire Nation (and that was just an extension of making her Girl Meme Hitler). Not even Unalaq said anything about the war and its' impact on his kind especially. Doubly with how woke Bryke and Co. are so you'd think that just having an anti-colonial villain would be enough.
>>9881 I only watched the first series and not Korra. They can stroke on the woke all they want with stuff like the later. It's clearly not for people like me.

(115.82 KB 600x600 wadina davis.png)
all imageboards are dead check em hail caesar Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 02:00:59 No. 4444 [Reply]
12 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>8797 That's gonna take a while.
Where is the wadina porn?
>>10501 In your heart, and mind. try spee's librejp board, he seems to be posting there again

Drawthread: New Beginnings Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 02:47:59 No. 23 [Reply] [Last]
Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread Books and Tutorials Sometimes they get nuked but "we" try to keep them updated. https://zerobin.net/?c77aff93ea8cd611#dv10wGQfDTvmpECggSodqxgnQ2RqvcdS2oPi9eWndYs= PW hint: You always have to read more of it Helpful Resources 'Learn fundamentals with excercises' : drawabox.com '8Chan Art Wiki': infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki 'Online poses with timer': quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed 'HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide': hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn 'Drawfag resources': mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube 'ProkoTV': Good for basic anatomy needs

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

104 posts and 84 images omitted.
(23.70 KB 529x443 images.jpeg-3.jpg)
(22.34 KB 372x400 images.jpeg-4.jpg)
(11.57 KB 250x260 images.jpeg-2.jpg)
(61.86 KB 480x445 Harveybeaks550x510-Miriam.png)
Requesting Fee, Claire, Piri Piri and Miriam (from Harvey Beaks) playing strip poker
(1.13 MB 1950x2600 request_done.png)
>>975 >>26 >>8673 The request is complete, although I could have fixed up the coloring and perspective. I'm still trying to handle Krita's UI, and I've yet to use it to its full potential. Also, I've recently gotten a Large Wacom tablet to configure on my computer. Soon, I'll spend more time with anatomy practice with my new setup.
>>10622 OR of Shanti Here Well done good job, thanks

(397.09 KB 1041x1600 01.jpg)
Boondock Saints Storytime Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 07:31:19 No. 10390 [Reply] [Last]
Erin Go Bragh motherfuckers! Happy Saint Patricks Day! Sorry this took so long I was busy today. Here's the storytime for the Boondock Saints comics! Hope you enjoy!
38 posts and 177 images omitted.
Also have some music to set the mood. >inb4 muh youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuC1DqC67GM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gulaRoKv6E
>>10430 >>10429 Thanks for the read op.
>>10390 Are these a complete retelling or just a sequel series?

80's Cartoons Anonymous 09/05/2020 (Sat) 03:43:30 No. 4807 [Reply]
What are you anons currently watching? I've been re-watching The Transformers, TMNT and The Real Ghostbusters.
14 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>4899 unlikely; MCoG takes place starting in 1532, William Adams was born in 1564
>>4810 G1 was good in bursts, sometimes it came off as good but yeah as mentioned its mostly just a childrens show. Some episodes were fun and gave interesting ideas; and probably were the final turning point in regards to whether transformers should just try proper stories rather than a giant mess of whatever. But it really is just incredibly inconsistent, you'd think Fire in the Sky saying Starscream was a scientist would be ignored or kept; but the show seriously just keeps on swapping back and forth. Season 1/3 are probably the higher points; both have a higher consistency to whether they're really trying at all. Too bad that doesn't apply to season 3s animation; which is usually the worst the show has to offer. All and all, i think ideas and backgrounds are the best the show has; not exactly worth it to watch much of it. The movie is a pretty fun romp even if it is almost incoherent due to how much of it was just cut out. >>4858 >After Beast Machines, the whole franchise got a hard reboot with Robots in Disguise, originally made in Japan and called Car Robots, which is a new continuity, as far as the west is concerned. It should be pointed out, Car Robots was officially a part of G1 and western dub wise its wasn't super distinct. >Then after that there were a series of three more animes that were originally not in continuity with each other, but the english localization mashed them together and said they were the "Unicron Trilogy." Fun fact about this, the unicron trilogy was pre-planned and armada-energon were a part of the same series even in japan. It seems like the japs really didn't want to follow the outline that was made in the west and constantly ignored it till the point of galaxy force where they just made it detached; except even in japan this was retconned into it being the sequel to energon. The english version of armada actually uses earlier versions of episodes, and energon has a dub thats practically nonsense and the only episode they cut is a major character one. Like seriously, the armada toyline had shit that a leaked version of the clear "energon linking point" actually integrated into the show but it is nonexistent in the final. They wanted to use classic characters around the time of unicron arriving, so you have shit like Terrorsaur in the toyline.
>>10404 Actually i misremembered, it was the outline for energon; not the end of armada. I could post all of it but instead i'll just post what i remember rather than digging it up. They find "classic" transformers in unicrons insides(one thing this actually shows is that armada wasn't actually meant to have a fight against unicron); they get mutated by staying in unicron gaining combination abilities(something the autobots in energon retained). And minicons becoming "Omnicons" which also did make it into energon but i don't even remember what the final show really gives as an explanation in regards to them. Basically the outline calls this process unicron turning them into drones, megatron thinks if he finds unicrons spark he can control him so he touches it and begins to mutate rapidly and becomes "galvatron"; the whole "megatron tries to control unicron and it backfires" exists in the final show. Primus was also a part of the outline so it seems that while the final shows are pretty fucking detached they did loosely follow them; though the bios make me think they sometimes very intentionally went in the other direction like with starscream just getting mind wiped. A lot of the bios seem to be reliant on something that isn't the show; starscreams reflects what you would think he'd do in the show so i have to think his armada character arc was actually something planned from the start. The english bios make it pretty clear that the random extreme design changes for some of the armada characters wasn't intended; in fact Demolishor got a third repaint for the cybertron line. Galaxy Force/Cybertron notably feature a really weird continuity in the bios, there's this pretty fleshed out minicon conflict so i have to imagine it was an outline thing; Thunderblast is randomly noted to be friends with Sideways so i have to think the starscream allegiance was planned from the start though was probably intended to last. The black hole focus in the bios makes it seem like it was always intended for unicron to become one after he "died", even if the insanely stupid way they attached it to energon is now reliant on it. Though unicron got a totally new design and toy so who knows.


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