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(672.43 KB 780x711 ClipboardImage.png)

(76.43 KB 585x809 ClipboardImage.png)

/co/ related PAIN Anonymous 06/11/2021 (Fri) 21:29:40 No. 13936
For any & all related pain posting. News, announcements, & just talking about any problems or bullshit in /co/ media of all sorts. https://archive.md/Arq23
(168.47 KB 1321x2202 hank_and_dean.jpg)

>>17618 Which adult cartoons did balance drama and humor well? The only one that I know of is The Venture Bros.
(87.29 KB 592x841 moral orel.jpg)

>>17625 I am not sure if I could call it well balanced, however Moral Orel did have a sweet spot of drama and comedy in Season 2, though it's a show that through out it's 3 season run, went from straight comedy to straight drama, with season 3 being so depressing and "realistic" that Adult Swim decided to cancel the show prematurely, but at least it managed to have a wholesome and hopeful ending in spite of everything that had happened up until that point. >inb4 it's claymation, not cartoon
>>17625 Baby Blues, Mission Hill, King of the Hill, Duckman, and Undergrads. >>17633 >inb4 it's claymation, not cartoon As a person that watched The PJs and remembers those Three Musketeer and Brisk Tea commercials. I always disagree with such malarkey. Dino's Moral Orel and Mary Shelley's Frankenhole had a turbulent mix of both comedy and drama at times, and I think that was intended. Due to them being heavily oriented with dark comedy.
(174.02 KB 510x287 Beforel-Orel.jpg)

>>17633 >Morel Orel It's astonishing that there was eventually a special made. Developing animated drama is certainly a waste for animation companies, and it's depressing that the adult cartoon landscape are still overshadowed by mostly comedies and children's cartoons.
>>17642 >Developing animated drama is certainly a waste for animation companies Are you saying that there is no reason to make animated drama, since it brings nothing new to the table to be in animated form, and might as well be filmed with real people, or that they are never profitable?
>>17633 So they pulled the plug because of the rape victims episode and not because of throwing jabs at religion?
>>17642 >Developing animated drama is certainly a waste for animation companies Aeon Flux(non-movie) was a decent adult animated action-drama series for its time and Spawn had potential to be something good. Though, because it was on HBO, Spawn's characters had to sex and violence every so often like a goddamn, motherfuckin, shit blasting, motherfuckin, motherfucka's, motherfucka, trucka. To show that the series was indeed for mature a audience. With the rabbit ear networks, the main six WB, Fox, ABC, CBS, UPN and NBC, were in the midst of their sitcom war. So, only had interest in adult animated sitcoms at that time. >it's depressing that the adult cartoon landscape are still overshadowed by mostly comedies and children's cartoons. That's mainly because of the '"cartoons should always ever be only for kids"' idiots with poor parenting skills. Parental control has gotten more advanced over the years. But even the offspring of the former idiots, rather not waste the mere seconds that it takes, to deactivate and reactive them.
(886.14 KB 1184x698 Untitled4.png)

(1.35 MB 1206x698 Untitled5.png)

I'll spare you the cringe this week but Archer himself was based. Writer is of course a black female who uses the story of an all female poaching squad as the basis of this. Doing some cusary digging, the Black Mamba's who are based in Zimbabwe are a squad of 10 women ant poachers covering a territory of 640km2. Likewise numbers provided by the Sheldrick wildlife trust have 18 teams of 8 covering 64,000km2. Wondering which one is more effective. Me thinks that African countries make up all female units for the propaganda and the UN funding they receive from the women's division.
Who the fuck did this soyboy faggot manboy suck off to get this made?
>>17657 >Me thinks Are you like a retard or something Anon?
>>17667 These people can only fail upwards. Jesus Christ. I couldn't even make it 10 seconds in. Very noticeable how they refused to make him white and blonde. I genuinely hope the people responsible all get raped by a nigger with aids.
>>17667 >OK K.O.! We're Gonna Be Another Metrosexual Version of Auqaman Now
>>14907 Looks like a lot of low effort shit
>>15195 >>15218 The very concept of 'Space Jam 2' screams failure, how did they think this would be worth watching? If anything they should try a Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 but then Jessica would have to be a titless FAT rockabilly with a half-shave to stop feminist shitting themselves in envy over a cartoon.
>>15268 Fuck me this sounds like a convoluted trainwreck >>15279 It's great when fucking clueless people are given hundreds of millions of dollars to waste on trash.
>>15324 >'tune' world not >'toon' world They had one job.
>>17711 Anon that's because they're the Looney TUNES not the Looney Toons.
>>17712 I know and I get it being the old counterpoint to 'Merry Melodies' and all that but it both looks and sounds shit when 'toons' is right there waiting to be had. 'Tune World' sounds like somewhere you go to get a wonky old piano fixed. 'Toon World' explains its self.
>>17714 Toon World would imply like all cartoons in one world. While Tune World is specific to the Looney Tunes.
this bullshit is happening,...again https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=tdjG44HX7Fc
>>15591 Didn't also Steve admit to Parker that he isn't actually a cpt anymore but has an higher rank? Like major or colonel or whatever the fuck, but he kept using captain because it was more sound
(10.26 MB 1920x1080 Injustice trailer.webm)

I'm sick of Injustice and I'm sick of apparent terrorist mastermind Joker and I'm extra sick of evil Superman.
>>17750 Capeniggers keep eating that shit up like it's revolutionary despite this shit being done a million times. Reminder the "Batman who Laughs" has actual unironic fans.
>>17751 Apparently according to some leaks Batman Who Laughs is in the upcoming Injustice 3 so it's like circular cancer here.
>>17752 They probably won't even have the decency to at least have them try to be funny when interacting together either because HURR DARK EDGY NO PUNCHLINE EXCEPT MASS MURDER has been the only tone of anything Joker related, if not rehashes of Killing Joke or Death In The Family. I mean, fuck, even if they're insistent on nothing but death jokes, black comedy isn't that hard. Give Batman an expired coupon for new parents or something, christ.
(145.66 KB 1055x508 DC Comics.JPG)

(34.98 KB 720x762 Cortex0.jpg)

>>17754 >"Trans women are not women!" The leader of the EdgeLords gleefully squeals! >Superman falls to his knees in pain, Batman crawls into the fetal position, and Wonder Woman sobs herself into a coma! How will our heroes ever recover!? Tune in again next time dear readers to find out how the Justice League will defeat the Violent Words of the EdgeLords! I just want it all to burn.
>>17754 >>17781 Looks like that's roughly the context of the actual page.
(34.33 KB 271x200 W1.gif)

(47.60 KB 425x217 W2.gif)

>>17650 Of course. Since when has anyone ever been fired for making fun of Christians? They're everyone's punching bag, meanwhile Jews and Mudslimes are protected from criticisms.
>>17783 This is sad.
(145.61 KB 1280x720 smugsuperman.jpg)

>>17784 That's actually pretty good (笑).
>>17650 Context was also important in that case, since in Season 1, Orel raped a dozen or so women and left them pregnant, however that was fine, since it was edgy/dark comedy, and wasn't supposed to be taken serious, whereas in Season 3, everything became serious and "real", thus the rape was no longer a joke. Apparently you can do all sorts of edgy things on Adult Swim such as alluding to the rape of dead babies, however only if it's a comedy, because if it's meant to be taken seriously then they will shut it down.
(3.49 MB 480x270 Sam Hyde confounded.gif)

>>17792 >Adult shows are fine if heavy topics aren't taken seriously <Just play it safe

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