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DC DTV Animated Movies Anonymous 08/06/2020 (Thu) 19:18:13 No. 3495
Let's talk about the DC animated movies. What are some of your favorites? Which ones do you think are complete shit? Is there a particular comic that you would like to see get adapted? Justice League Dark Apokolips War finally put an end to the terrible New 52 animated universe. I was hoping they would take a break from the terrible shared universe shit and do stand alone movies for a few years, but it seems like they are just starting a new universe. The first movie will be a Superman movie based on that garbage comic Max Landis did a few years ago. And if you thought the artstyle was bad for the New 52 universe the new Superman movie's style is even worse. And if you somehow haven't figured out that DC is creatively bankrupt they've decided to go back and milk one of the animated movies that people actually like. They are doing an Under the Red Hood interactive prequel where you choose whether Jason lives or dies.
(1.91 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.31 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.16 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Alright did some research on the Death in the Family interactive movie. There's 3 sections. A recap of the Under the Red Hood movie with little new footage & ends with Bruce at a diner with Clark. Jason survives his incident with Joker & becomes Hush then start murdering villains. Supposedly the shortest of the 3 segments. Batman dies & Jason becomes Red Robin. This route has the most choices & can end with Jason staying a mass murderer or trying to be good again. With Tim Drake becoming Batkid. Another route this can take is Talia reviving Bruce with the Lazarus pit but he's insane.
(141.85 KB 1296x730 BatmanSouloftheDragon.jpg)
The DCAMU was based on the New 52, but by the end they weren't even adapting New 52 stuff. I know New 52 gets shit on a lot, deservedly so, but there was still some good stuff there. Here's just a few of my ideas for what should have gotten movies. >angry new 52 supergirl >lemiere green arrow since we were at peak arrow popularity >demon knights >animal man >swamp thing >animal man swamp thing crossover >red hood and the outlaws was a rough book but could have been polished into a great movie like under the red hood Those are just a few off the top of my head. Anyone of these would have been better than fucking Death of Superman or Hush.
(88.97 KB 682x1050 71q6AijVg0L._AC_SL1050_.jpg)
>>5894 >no mention of Dial H for Hero For shame Anon.
>>5997 I know I liked this comic, but I don't remember much about it. All I remember is the main character fucking the granny and then being a faggot about it the next day.
>>5894 The New 52 had plenty of good stuff. But it is the correct choice to not focus purely on stuff from The New 52, simply because a lot of stories from there were sequels to earlier stories. New 52 wasn't a full reboot. You can't do the Damien Wayne story, or anything with the full Bat-Family, while only adapting New 52 stories, simply because most of their stories began before Flashpoint. I could say the same about a lot of other New 52 comics, but most of them never got movies, so as far as the movies go, it mostly applies to Batman stuff.
>>5894 >angry New 52 Supergirl I never saw her as particularly angry, but I did think her series was really good. The bit where she actually couldn't speak any language other than Kryptonese until quite a few issues in was a pretty neat idea, and they did a good job making you feel for her situation, I guess because her narration did a good job at showing how alone she felt. That might be hard to adapt to a movie, though. The fact that she spoke with an accent even after learning English (and I think they even reference it well into the Rebirth era), but I imagine a movie would butcher that and just make her into Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon. >Animal Man Swamp Thing crossover This was awesome and I'd love to see a movie about it. But as you pointed out, you'd need to establish who Animal Man and Swamp Thing are, since casuals aren't very aware of their stories these days, despite Swamp Thing getting two movies, a cartoon, and a live action tv show back in the day. I actually think the second Swamp Thing movie is pretty great, but it isn't exactly the tone that modern Swamp Thing is known for. Also, don't forget Frankenstein. Frankenstein was in that crossover, too. I really liked his series. Gotta read more of his pre-Flashpoint stuff. Plus, Agent Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos would be an awesome movie regardless. I wish we got more stuff that explored those weird little bits of the DCU that casuals don't know about. Wonder Woman does a movie about a world war and it isn't world war II? They could have done The Creature Commandos, GI Robot, Dinosaur Island, the original Suicide Squad, the goddamn Justice Society. Instead we get World War I, and they don't even have the decency to mention Enemy Ace. I really loved Forever Evil, and thought it was an even better Crime Syndicate story than Earth-2. One of my favorite universal crossovers ever. However, I don't know if they could condense such an absurdly long crossover with so many tie ins which feature all the members of the Crime Syndicate into 80 or 90 minutes without losing a lot of what made it great. Also, I think part of why I liked it was all the autistic references to deep DCU lore, including previous iterations of the Crime Syndicate, and that probably wouldn't transfer well to other media. I actually appreciated the Death of Superman movie, since it's the best adaptation of that story so far. Things like replacing Mongul with Darkseid make total sense, and most of the cuts for time make sense too. It's too bad that a lot of the best stuff from the comics is the "World Without a Superman" part, which was not adapted to the movie, but again, I can understand why.
>>6056 >I wish we got more stuff that explored those weird little bits of the DCU that casuals don't know about I think they're still burned by Beware The Batman's attempt at exploring lesser-known villains blowing up in their face. Granted, it had an uphill battle between having to replace BTATB and getting schedule screwed.
>>6135 I think the Jonah Hex movie bombing probably scared them even more. But then that was marketed as a vehicle for that one slut from Transformers that Hollywood tried to convince us was hot, rather than being marketed as a cool cowboy movie with light connections to Batman and stuff. Then soon after, Green Lantern bombed despite Big Bang Theory getting hipsters to pretend they like it, even though all that meant is that they heard of it, and none of them actually cared enough to go see the movie. So now they've very nervous to do anything that isn't already popular. That's why the movies we do have are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, the characters that literally everyone in the world already knows. No Flash movie yet, despite a tv show (on CW, so that barely counts) and his appearance in Justice League. Suicide Squad was marketed as a Batman movie, and even that couldn't make Birds of Prey not a bomb. Also, Beware the Batman's animation style didn't help it one bit. It comes off as the joke replacement series teased at the end of Brave and the Bold. Still, these DTV movies seem like the perfect place to do weird stories. Instead we get dozens of Batman movies, including some that are adapting the same story multiple times. Plus we got two Death of Superman movies. We can't get one full length Jonah Hex? We can't get something about the original Suicide Squad, despite normalfags knowing who the Suicide Squad is now? We can't get the Justice Society? The Justice League International? I'm lowering my standards here, since I was originally arguing for the really weird stuff like The Haunted Tank, The War Wheel, or The Atomic Knights, but if I can't even get a Justice Society movie, I know I'll never get my dream mashup that includes all the other weird World War II stuff too.
>>6137 >We can't get the Justice Society? We are getting the Justice Society next year.
>>6137 >The Haunted Tank That and Enemy Ace are my two favorite DC war comics. Though I don't know how they'd do it now what with all the hubbub over Confederates, though Jeb Stuart calling German's Yankees and Federals isn't really controversial, at least it shouldn't be. Some of the Von Hammer stories deserve their own animated movies.
>>6144 What version? Classic Earth-Two version in World War II? Later Earth-Two version training the next generation? New Earth version that are old people who operate in the same world as the Justice League? That shitty New 52 version that only focused on heavily altered version of the classic Justice Society for like eight issues before becoming about the trinity again? Probably the last one just because it's the shittiest. >>6146 You raise a good point. They can never do anything with confederates, so I'd be surprised if Jonah Hex is ever prominent again, despite his story making very clear that he's apolitical and thinks humanity is all fucked up anyway. But SJWs have made anything but moral absolutism verboten. Of course, they think comics are all about moral absolutism, but anyone actually reading the stories would know otherwise. If we were allowed any sense of moral ambiguity, and any sense of not being for filthy casuals, we could have had Enemy Ace in the Wonder Woman movie, being a rival of Steve Trevor and helping to express the theme that wars aren't caused by cartoonish evil gods, but by disagreements and broad social issues that makes otherwise good people fight. Of course, that theme, while in the movie, didn't come across very strongly, IMO. Too busy being pulled in the other direction and talking shit about "Man's World" instead. The movie never should have been in World War I anyway.
>>6191 >What version? Literally all we know is the title. See >>5797
So Death in the Family came out a few days ago, how was it? I'm guessing it wasn't very good.
The Red Son movie was bad. Missed what the comic was saying for making Luthor a good White Man who lets President Obongo be his ruler. And Dyke Diana.
>>6620 The comic was terrible too, the time travel stuff was retarded, plenty characters were introduced with no real purpose whatosever, and Lutor representation was dumb.
(64.69 KB 625x626 cff.png)
>>6625 >The comic was terrible too
Figure I'd revive this thread to talk about this movie, Justice League: The New Frontier. Why does this feel much more pozzed than I remember? Throwing around so-called "McCarthyism" (When he turned out to be right), having some bullshit "If you kill your enemies, they win", and the usual hold hands and sing Kumbaya shpeel of "Build bridges, not walls". If it wasn't for this coming out in 2008 (With the comic back in 2003), I'd almost think this was written by the current brand of Progressive writers that are involved with the industry.
>>8036 >Why does this feel much more pozzed than I remember? Capeshit has always been like this. You're just old enough to notice it now.
>wondy as the leader >barry allen time travel shit I don't have high hopes for this. Did anyone here watch Soul of the Dragon? How was it?
(3.02 MB 865x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.23 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10146 I didn't & probably won't watch this either. Both have the same problem the New 52 DC movies did. Low framerate animation with trailers poorly cut together with footage & dialogue that doesn't flow together. Soul of the Dragon even CHINKED Richard Dragon. A character I admittedly knew nothing about. Plus there's no reason for Batman to be there other than he's a recognizable brand name. Then this movie is just so uninteresting. Take the most colorful classic capes & suck all the color out? It's just a Zack Snyder cartoon. No that's not true. This movie at least gives the characters mostly accurate costumes.
(43.80 KB 318x463 JSA.jpg)
(114.52 KB 1000x440 JSA2.jpg)
>>10146 I hope those five aren't the whole lineup, they are missing about half the team or more. Didn't expect actual good stuff, like adding Johnny Thunder or Red Tornado, but not even bothering with Alan Scott or Doctor Fate? Do the people that are making these movies even bothered to read some JSA comics or did they just saw the WW movie and the Flash tv show?
>>10160 dont do much DC, who is the guy with a bucket helmet next to Johnny Thunder?
>>10161 The original red tornado I believe.
>>10146 <more realistic style <yet minimal use of shading <use thicker outline and thinner lines for the "inside" details, thus the contrast between the two plus the use of the realistic style makes it even uglier <looking wonky even in the trailer shots >>10147 >Low framerate animation It started with the JL series and kept getting worse. That Soul of the Dragon pic looks like it has a bit of cel-like "grain"...that's kinda nice actually.
>>10147 >Lo framerate animation Just call it "limited animation" or "shot in threes" like any normal person would do; they are cartoons, not videogames.
>>10172 No. Fuck you. >>10167 >started with the JL series Not really. Plus a cartoon series is of course going to have less animation quality than a movie. Or rather that should be the norm. JL Action had this horrible problem too.
>>10173 <Not really It did. <Plus a cartoon series is of course going to have less animation quality than a movie Did you even watch BTAS, TNBA ,STAS and Batman Beyond? 90's cartoons had great fluid animation despite being TV series.
>>10174 Okay. JL still didn't have this level of terrible low framerate animation.
>>10174 >Did you even watch BTAS, TNBA ,STAS and Batman Beyond? 90's cartoons had great fluid animation despite being TV series. Did you even watch BTAS and STAS? Because Superman: The Animated Series deliberately has much worse animation than Batman did, specifically to be cheaper and less prone to errors caused by the korean animators. Then they used that style for the later seasons of Batman when it got revived, and for all the series that came after. The lesser animation quality began with Superman: The Animated Series. Or rather, Batman: The Animated Series has much better animation than practically every other TV cartoon ever made, except for Ren & Stimpy and a few others that are hardly even comparable.
(311.77 KB 730x526 ClipboardImage.png)
(104.87 KB 500x380 ClipboardImage.png)
(147.80 KB 792x616 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10184 I know, that's why I said it started with JL and it got worse afterwards. >>10187 STAS and BTAS share the same animation studios (Dong Yang, Koko and TMS and Jade) besides one (T.A.C), though BTAS had greater number of animation studios. <Then they used that style for the later seasons of Batman when it got revived Wrong, STAS still had the more rounded artstyle like BTAS, it was when TNBA came out they changed the artstyle to become sharper.
>>10196 Watch the series in order. Batman goes on haitus, Superman starts, there's a Batman crossover episode where Batman has a new artstyle to match Superman, then Batman comes back with the same artstyle he had in Superman.
I avidly watched BTAS and had the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm VHS when I was a kid. Around 2000 I finally got to see Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. Both are good, but if I had the choice to watch them as of now, I'd go Mask of the Phantasm. It speaks more strongly to me.
>>5861 It's funny I always wanted to see a DC movie that was a fighting tournament. Now they're doing it. Hope they use some lesser known characters too like David Cain. >>6135 One thing that bugged me about that show was how they screwed up a lot of the lesser known villains. Professor Pyg I can get since you can't do him properly in a kids cartoon. But Anarky? They royally fucked him up. And then they decided to give Deathstroke daddy issues as his motivation. It's damn shame tbh.
>>10251 I gave you model sheets and list of animation studios as actual proofs. Also, the newer art style is actually harder to animate, why do you think Rubber Hose style and god forbid, Calarts are both rounded.

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