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(106.18 KB 1280x720 fang's okay.jpg)

Primal Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 17:18:19 No. 5153
New episodes October 4th. https://youtu.be/fgucEUwQgcc
Call me crazy, fellas, but I think it might've been a bad idea to worship a giant horned shadow creature that appears through fire.
>>28529 Ey, it worked well until a caveman with a Tyranosaur came to shit on everything.
>>28628 He would still be hellbound.
>>28630 Well, they are vikings. Their gods keep demanding to be in war like the Aztecs and certain religion of peace.
>>28631 Yeah but this isn't a very norse god. This is like practically the biblical devil.
>>28633 That's old-school sword and sandle for you. Have a evil supernatural being? Make them look like a big red devil.
Absolutely cathartic episode but oh lord is it about to get a lot worse for everyone.
Very particularly well done animation detail as well.
>>28942 I thought the African Papa was gonna tear the queens leg off and throw her to the sharks. Where did the white slaves go when they jumped out of the smaller boat? Also, did the rest of the African slaves grow absolutely giant with each passing second? By the time they're on the deck with the queen they were clearly over twice her own height.
>>28979 Yes. Exaggeration of size for style.
Oh god, there's a bunch of new episodes, and the vola is dead, and I don't know where to safely get anything except for anime weeaboo trash, why am I so fucking stupid.
>>28983 rarbg
(375.57 KB 530x244 ╱monster╱.webm)

>>28984 Thanks for the honeypot, friend. It is very sweet.
>>28983 Nigger where have you been? Vola as a whole died a long time ago.
>>29000 It has been a long time since I watched cartoons.
(46.51 KB 640x360 man robbierotten pirate.jpg)

>>28983 >and I don't know where to safely get anything except for anime weeaboo trash Do you have a VPN? Because if you do, try fmovies.ps and stream it.
>>28942 I was honestly hoping for a three way battle where the demonic entity absolutely obliterates the ship to establish a bit of a threat.
>>29023 You'll probably still get ship destruction.
>>29024 Yeah but I wanted the episode to end on them narrowly escaping after having a bit of a fight and realising it's probably safer to paddle away.
Season 2 finale is here & what a finale it was! Maybe some will feel it's a little rushed but they only had 22 minutes to wrap up the story. I feel satisfied with it. I don't know if we'll get a season 3 since Genndy is working on another show, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, but it'd likely be an anthology like he proposed.
(173.06 KB 693x274 Primal Quality.PNG)

Season 2 was way rougher than the first
>>29073 That's an obvious in motion action shot. There's plenty of actual animation errors to point out.
>>28313 >Last image That shit fucking killed me, I was expecting it but the delivery was just so fucking good I spent a good 20 seconds laughing.
Something I noticed recently is how similar Spear looks to the caveman from the "Old Flame" episode of Dexter's Lab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfkOh3C6T3s
>>29131 People were making this comparison since Primal was announced. It's a very basic caveman look.
>>29072 I enjoyed the finale and thought it was a satisfying conclusion to Spear's story. The only thing I found weird was Mira having sex with Spear as he lays dying from most of his body being burned. Apparently both his dick was relatively undamaged and functional after that and he had enough awareness and feeling to get it up? It would have made more sense if they had sex shortly before his final battle, either in the finale or one of the episodes before it, rather than as he's dying from horrific burns all over his body. I really liked that last scene with Fang, her new offspring, Mira, and Spear's daughter though. >>29132 I never really participated much in fan discussion or read much media news for Primal so didn't know about that and haven't watched much Dexter's Lab since the 00s reruns on cable. The main reason I only took note of it now is because Spear dies from being burned to death while what could be seen as the prototype for his character decades earlier from another Tartakovsky work is presented as the first caveman to discover how to use fire. It seemed like a kind of interesting comparison.
>>29135 If they had one more episode to make the finale a 2 parter then maybe the first could end on them making love. But you gotta admit what we got has people talking about the show like crazy because of how... surprising it is. I always just find it kinda beautiful in a way that Mira is granting Spear's wish of not feeling alone anymore by continuing his legacy through their daughter.
So that seemed like a true finale, even if I wish it had been a two parter, and would have preferred their daughter to be conceived before the fight. Has there been any word of a third season, assumedly starring Spears daughter?
>>29137 No official greenlight on a season 3 but Genndy has said if he does a season 3 after Unicorn: Warriors Eternal then it'd be an anthology. https://ew.com/tv/primal-creator-finale-uncertain-future/
>>29138 Ah right, an anthology could be fun. Would be nice if one of those eps is about Spear's daughter, but I like the sound of various different Primal settings, characters, locations. Not sure what to think about Unicorn.
>>29166 Gotta wait till there's a real trailer to give an idea of what to expect from Unicorn.
>Primal ends >Ends with loli ried dinosaur Nice. The only word Spear ever learned was Mira's name. So what's up with the Primal world? How do all these different civilizations from different periods all below a certain technological level exist at the same time plus also dinosaurs and magic? Valkyries are real, and so is some sort of devil too, so presumably Valhalla and the pantheon of Norse gods exist, but maybe just for the Viking societies? Is the England episode in the same universe? Did some sort of magic fuckery happen after that episode chronologically to cause the whole world to get all fucked up merging a ton of different time periods together at once?
(603.92 KB 1217x1063 Griselda8.png)

>>29072 >Genndy gets to finish Samurai Jack fairly well >Then makes a series that's basically the dialogue free sections of Samurai Jack, but with a caveman >Primal finishes >Genndy is already working on another original animation Did I somehow slip into a good timeline? I think I might cry. I didn't believe it was possible to have this much quality out of an American cartoon anymore. One that isn't an adult comedy, like Venture Bros. It's like I'm a kid again.
>>29210 Enjoy it while you can. It's rare to get good cartoons in the first place anymore. Even rarer to get a good serious cartoons for an adult audience.
>>29209 Don't look for an explanation, anon. It's not that kind of show. Genndy just put in whatever cool stuff he could think of without worrying about historical accuracy, and made it work.

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