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Cartoons that don't deserve a thread Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 21:00:41 No. 5165
So, I'm watching through this early-2000's series called Alienators: Evolution Continues, and the entire show just feels...off for some reason. I cannot put my finger on why. The show comes across as generic in every way, but even saying that doesn't seem to classify the show properly. You can watch it here to see what I'm talking about: https://invidio.us/playlist?list=PLkLimRXN6NKyhCEvWdWl0Kmab6YefDh6h Has anyone else had this feeling about other series?
(617.73 KB 1246x522 Untitled3.png)

(898.62 KB 1232x485 Untitled.png)

(965.05 KB 1258x536 Untitled2.png)

(1.45 MB 1247x522 Untitled4.png)

>>10076 Ohhhh, god. It's Nora Lum, or Awkwafina. Her voice is terrible. Tran knows how to act, mostly but has a decent voice. Lum's sounds black. And I have to endure this for another hour. Another. Hour. >I got water skills that kill. *Laugh Track* >Dragon never shuts up, just like Ghostbusters 2016. Talking and talking and talking is not comedy. >More talking Make it stop.
(1.45 MB 1335x546 Untitled.png)

(662.22 KB 1232x523 Untitled2.png)

(1.10 MB 1243x532 Untitled3.png)

(1.11 MB 1248x492 Untitle4d.png)

>>10077 Know one group of people who will make art out of this. >Con-baby. This is someone's fanfic. Or a wuxia setting with the shittiest DM ever. This script is so dumb, it's not the contrivances, it's the lack of intelligence. Fugging White Snake had snake demon loses memory, finds boy, meets up with half-sister (Who's weirdly into her, like more than siblings) she starts to rage blah blah blah kind of a happy ending. Story isn't the best but at least it tries. Here, oh god... it's just plodding along with no serious events impacting the story. >Use con-baby to break into house. >Shishu? gets tricked and thrown at dark monster. >Chief says, "You tell me where other gem pieces are, or you get turned to stone." >Ignoring the fact the Chief HEARD Shishu say they had other pieces. >Why would you throw away your only lead and risk them being turned into Stone, you know, so they can't tell you any fucking thing. This is the level of stupidity of this movie. If it were any other curse, it'd be fine but the fact she'd be stone and therefore unable to say anything makes the threat useless. If I was Raya in this Lone Wolf and Cub situation, I'd kill the two kids she's picked up already and reap a path towards those gems. I know it's Murder Hoboish but still, much better plot. Also what is it with Disney and shaved heads? I saw a random episode of the last bit of clone wars and there were 2 sisters, shocker, with shaved heads as well. It's like aposematism but without color.
(1.12 MB 1255x526 Untitled.png)

(855.44 KB 1243x491 Untitled2.png)

(1.17 MB 1247x519 Untitled3.png)

(1.04 MB 1245x529 Untitled4.png)

(29.50 MB 5000x8655 KIRYU_BACK_TATTOO.png)

>>10078 >We're running out of space, we need to expand to the mainland. I get that it's basically Tenochtitlan but you could slope down the edges right to the water and buy yourself a few more years. >Your fear is like delectable nectar feeding the tum-tum of my soul. Tastes like Mango. >I love Mango. >Of course you love Mango, everyone does. I'd keep count of how many times I've cringed but I broke my counter by pressing it too fast. >MLP Dragons. >Is not even proper Chinese dragons.
>>10079 >Subsequent to Crazy Rich Asians, Adele has been recruited by Disney to develop an animated feature film Raya and the Last Dragon. >Qui Nguyen is a Vietnamese American playwright, television writer, and screenwriter.[ So Crazy rich asians writer and Diane try to write an asian movie, absolutely fail in basic fucking themes and as a surprise, it sucks. Both females are also flat, no one is over a B cup. Typical Disney. >I'm taking the dragon. >Shishu says to Raya trust me. >After being backstabbed. >After being repeatably attacked. >After they didn't leave her in Spine to easily get the last piece. >After she says "I don't have a choice." Urgh, the heroes are doing the high and mighty thing in we'll show that our goals and values are better than Fangs, who are... nothing. But it's such a fucking handicap to people that have turned to stone. If Raya were more bloodthirsty, she could free people and put down Fang. This living harmoniously BS doesn't work when the stakes are the end of life as we know it. >“Stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.” Replace ash with stone and trillion with a few dozen. That's your answer. >But muh Wuxia This is a Disney film, so of course they're going to saccharine it up but to this degree is too much for me. HAHAHA, she shot Shishu. Hahaha. There goes your final hope. People should be sad and dramatic over this. But fug is it funny to me. >The dragon goes so does the water. Contrived. Even 12 Kingdoms is better. Hey. >Can you post a better east asian setting that has a female protag with better hair, better fantastical monsters and actually has a sensible plot and no modern fucking themes? >Hurr Durr it's your fault. For fugs sake, kill the bitch and be done with it.
(594.41 KB 1252x525 Untitled.png)

(786.63 KB 1440x1080 End this Pain.webm)

(527.71 KB 1232x541 Untitled2.png)

(382.60 KB 670x602 Untitled3.png)

(921.55 KB 1499x657 Untitled4.png)

>>10080 >Rocks fall, get surrounded. >They're going to offer their rocks and get turned to stone. >Raya then finds and revives Shishu and then they revive everyone. This plot is so pedestrian you could install a crosswalk on it. The mist monsters are also contrived writer drama points because they don't follow any rules on on how they infect. They just seem to do it always. >The magic rocks isn't powered by magic that Shishu used, it's Trust instead. When the dragons offered up their magic, they trusted Shishu with it. It's not magic, it's Trust. This is Pre-school level BS. Like, seriously. >Raya gives up her stone. It's not even a moment of self sacrifice, it's just stupid. >Hey, is there another Disney heroine in a better animated film that gave up her stone to save her friends/people/culture? The 4k of Atlantis is *Italian chef kiss*. Level of detail still holds up today and makes me sad that Disney only produce heroine focused movies now instead of actual adventure pieces that might not have made back money but god damn were they original. >They all trust dragonslayer with the rocks, she puts them back together again but also gets turned to stone. Okay, a swerve.
(1.07 MB 1484x637 Untitled.png)

(1.67 MB 1505x639 Untitled2.png)

(1.87 MB 1483x632 Untitled3.png)

>>10083 Dragons come back, they revive Shishu, world united, happy end. Yayyyy. Except they use Dragon magic for that, not Trust. Urgh, god this movie is bad. >"Another gorgeously animated, skillfully voiced entry in the Disney canon, Raya and the Last Dragon continues the studio's increased representation while reaffirming that its classic formula is just as reliable as ever. >The film was criticized for the lack of Southeast Asian representation in the cast, as the film's setting is set in a fictional land that represents Southeast Asia. Most of the cast are of East Asian heritage, with the exception of K. Tran, Butler, T. Tran, Wang and Harrison. The film's theme song "Lead the Way" is performed by Aiko, who is also East Asian and of Japanese descent. Diversity first, story second. God it's fucken pedantic. Urgh, that was horrible, not as bad as Moana but almost as worst was Wreck it Ralph 2. Don't watch, please. Don't. Save yourself this bad product I implore you and watch White Snake instead, that has an actual story and haughty demon loli.
>>10078 Actually that's another Disney thing with recent movies, why no serious resistance for their heroines? Atlantis has Milo rescuing Kida inside a damn volcano, Treasure Planet has the finding the treasure but when escaping after the trap goes off. Tangled, evil step mother, (Which ironically has more of a self sacrifice from Flynn after he cuts her hair that could save him than Raya in this movie). Frozen, twist villian. Moana? volcano god thing? Don't remember. Here? negative energy that makes people stone for some reason. The lack of a proper threat for their heroines to overcome doesn't make them worthy. It's the Mary-Sue traits all over again, because modern Disney heroines can never lose, they always jump over the lowest hurdles they can.
>>10085 >why no serious resistance for their heroines? Just deciding to look it up, here's the "resistances" in all of the "Walt Disney Animated Classics" films: I may be missing something because I haven't seen some of these films in years. >Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs <The queens using her magic and influence to kill Snow White >Pinocchio <The conman and the whale >Dumbo <Dumbo lacking self-confidence >Bambi <Bambi going through the pains of growing up >The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad <Mr Toad running from the law in order to prove his innocence, and Ichabod attempting to escape the horseman (With his fate left uncertain) >Cinderella <Cinderella being lorded over by he step mother and sisters >Alice in Wonderland <Alice almost dying in her dream world >Peter Pan <Hook doing everything he can to kill Peter >Lady and the Tramp <Lady feeling like she's unloved and used >Sleeping Beauty <The prince having to actually fight Maleficent as a dragon >One Hundred and One Dalmatians <Cruella hunting down the escape dogs >The Sword in the Stone <Arthur never really wanting anything better for himself >The Jungle Book <Mogli's finally meeting Khan >The Aristocats <The butler attempting to kill the cats for the inheritance >Robin Hood <Prince John lording over the English and attempting to capture Robin >The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh <Winnie and friends getting into trouble and having to get themselves out >The Rescuers <Saving Penny from drowning the well and escaping Miss Medusa >The Fox and the Hound <Tod hunting down and almost killing Copper >The Black Cauldron <The party having to stop the Horned King from conquering the world after he raises and army of the dead >Oliver & Company <The entire group escaping Sykes on the bridge, who's hunting them down so that he can hold Penny for ransom >The Little Mermaid <Prince Eric having to fight a giant Ursula >Beauty and the Beast <Beast finally letting Bell go >Aladdin <Aladdin having to defeat and almighty Jafar with nothing but his whits >The Lion King <Simba fighting Scar for control over the Pride Lands >Pocahontas <Pocahontas trying to prevent her people and the English from slaughtering each other >The Hunchback of Notre Dame <Quasimodo protecting Esmeralda in Notre Dame while Frollo has the police attempting to invade the building >Hercules <Hercules continuing to fight because there's no one else who can do it >Mulan <Mulan continuing on to prevent the Huns from taking over China, despite whatever consequences she may face >Tarzan <Tarzan fighting the group of hunters >Dinosaur <All of the dinosaurs standing together against the T-Rex >The Emperor's New Groove <Defeating Yzma while on the side of the castle >Lilo & Stitch <Thwarting Gantu to save Lilo >Home on the Range <Attempting to capture Slim at his hideout (It fails, but it still counts) >Chicken Little <Bringing the baby AYY to the mother ship >Meet the Robinsons <Lewis attempting to escape the bad future where Doris takes over the world >Bolt <Bolt saving Penny from the fire >The Princess and the Frog <Trying to destroy the Shadow Man's amulet >Wreck-It Ralph <Ralph saving "Sugar Rush" by sacrificing himself >Big Hero 6 <Fighting Callaghan and preventing him from killing Krei >Zootopia <Attempting to escape with the evidence exposing Bellwether's conspiracy against the city's predators
>>10085 >why no serious resistance for their heroines? Because if a female character ever faces difficulty it means that the film is misogynist propaganda, you shitlord.
>>9465 The cartoon was decent, but the premise was broken from the beginning. If Godzilla-spawn were capable of imprinting on the first thing they saw when hatching, then Matthew Broderick should have had an army of nuke-raptors at his command. Also, there's the little problem of Zilla 2.0 ALSO being a hermaphrodite capable of impregnating and laying dozens of its eggs all over the place. Earth should have been lousy with feral kaiju every bit Zilla Jr's equal. Plus, and this is just the /pol/ack in me, I suppose, I got sick and fucking tired of the token black continually making fun of the clumsy smart white guy.
(177.23 KB 1200x630 Captain Underpanties.jpg)

>>5165 >Cpt Underpants guy get cancelled again and this time is okay because it's a good cause.
(12.72 MB 1280x720 Rescue Heros Theme Song.mp4)

Just remembered that I really liked Rescue Heroes, and vaguely wondering why they don't revive that if they're so desperate for a show "without violence". For those that haven't seen it, here you go: https://yewtu.be/playlist?list=PLUIixndCOJ8zPGm6OEdiMwtYadXBA_gvY
>>13332 The closest you'll find to that in CY+6 is Transformers: Rescue Bots... which is the tits.
(67.03 KB 640x645 EOyDxfyU4AAP4lO.jpg)

>>13336 >which is the tits
(3.94 MB 3816x9797 6c9.jpg)

>>13355 It's great and wholesome as fuck for a CY+6 kids show. >>13800 your furfu a shit
>>11971 He SHOULD have been cancelled for this.
>>13800 The fuck is this autism?
Looks like Trump left one last present for the American people and is OK KO getting shitcanned >>13810 The backlash would go like this: >Is he dogwhistling the fact that homosexual families are more miserable?!!?!?
>>13823 >>Is he dogwhistling the fact that homosexual families are more miserable?!!?!? No shit. The black dude is chill as fuck but the blonde twink's face just screams "PLEASE DON'T LET ME BECOME THIS!"
>>13834 His sanity must be starting to kick in. >>I've been blowing, licking, tonguing, and slurping my spit off another man's hairy asshole every... single... might. For the past 10 years.
>>13823 >Looks like Trump left one last present for the American people and is OK KO getting shitcanned Didn't CN cancel the show two years ago?
>>13844 He was holding it when Trump left.
(639.43 KB 1026x677 Untitled.png)

>According to an interview with IndieWire, the "Wolf Vision" scenes were pre-visualized and built in a virtual reality environment. Rather than simply keeping those scenes to the virtual reality engine, the animators printed out the 3D model frame-by-frame and re-animated all of it on paper with charcoal and pencil. This gives the scenes a uniquely three-dimensional feel while still being hand-drawn. Dedi-fugging-cation. Disney wished it still had animators this good.
>>14413 it's not only the good animators but they are still experimenting with the medium. This is something that sadly most big animation companies had set aside, they don't experiment with modern technology to make easier and cheaper the same stuff that decades ago would cost you a lot of money and experienced people. I'm looking forward to what Saloon and Moore are planning for the future.
(900.68 KB 1444x1079 Lois crying.png)

>>14425 >modern technology to make easier and cheaper the same stuff that decades ago would cost you a lot of money and experienced people So what you saying is that we could've hand-drawn vehicles, robots, buildings etc. again but we don't?
>>14537 I think alot of hand drawing animation talent has died out.
>>14556 >I think alot of hand drawing animation talent has died out. Correction it wasn't just hand drawing talent dying, it was the purposeful destruction of the apprenticeship systems that allowed senior animators to train alot of junior animators on the job. Consider for instance the talents that worked in a jobber shop like filmation for instance like Paul Dini. Local jobber shops got various artists together got them trained under deadline to build up skill and speed. Today Cal arts became a joint to scoop up disjointed artists that have a lot less discipline and talent because they weren't jobbing with older talent.
This is more of a question: are there any current year cartoonists or cartoon animators that still embrace lewd fanart of their work?
>>14647 And it's not as if they can't find said talented artists that can animate true to the original. Even Arthur retained its original animation style from 1994 to 2012. But modernization must sadly be a thing.
>>14657 At this point I imagine most current year cartoonists have made lewd fantart
>>14647 >Paul Dini He's a writer, not an animator. John K. and Bruce Timm worked for Filmation.

(214.19 KB 1172x1448 TFA_Soundwave.webp)

I was watching a youtuber talk about obscure transformers stuff and he brought up animated a couple of times. Said he liked it, studio or whoever is behind it doesn't seem to be supportive of it, may or may not get a fourth season. Decide to check it out; it's quite bad.
>>14692 I don't think this show is obscure at all. If he wanted to talk about obscure Transformers show, any of the Japanese ones that have never been localized, as well as Car Robots, would be much less talked about. Also Rescue Bots. Or just any Transformers things that aren't cartoons. Anyway I never watched it even though it was super popular because the designs all pissed me off. I can accept Optimus as a trukk or a munkey but not as a Jay Leno. Also, his vehicle form still looks like a space vehicle, as do some of the others, so I don't buy he's in disguise at all. Also, while I never watched it at the time, looking back in retrospect, seeing the main character is an indian girl doesn't fill me with hope that it doesn't have proto-sjw shit going on. The humans were always awful in Transformers anyway, and I just want more shows with no stupid humans. The cavemen from Beast Wars were the closest they ever got to not being awful, and they were barely human in the first place. Just like the one from Animated, I suppose.
>>14692 It honestly got better later on when it was revealed thatSari was a hybrid cybertronian/human because her father touched a protoform he found in his lab, which used his DNA to turn into a baby. Also I thought the Weird Al episode was fun.

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