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Cartoons that don't deserve a thread Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 21:00:41 No. 5165
So, I'm watching through this early-2000's series called Alienators: Evolution Continues, and the entire show just feels...off for some reason. I cannot put my finger on why. The show comes across as generic in every way, but even saying that doesn't seem to classify the show properly. You can watch it here to see what I'm talking about: https://invidio.us/playlist?list=PLkLimRXN6NKyhCEvWdWl0Kmab6YefDh6h Has anyone else had this feeling about other series?
(1006.83 KB 1250x704 1.png)

(984.82 KB 1256x707 2.png)

(1.06 MB 1254x709 3.png)

(743.93 KB 1252x697 4.png)

(420.63 KB 1223x704 5.png)

>>21294 Character's will often into characters from past episodes in other seasons which I don't mind. And yeah, this is pretty good if a bit rushed. Shame it's over but it's better than being protracted like Archer became.
>>21297 sure looks like shit
(476.39 KB 1242x710 1.png)

(713.69 KB 1258x696 2.png)

(884.53 KB 1232x707 3.png)

(781.22 KB 1163x694 4.png)

(691.70 KB 1227x711 5.png)

>>21297 Episode 5, Kevin burns down a synagogue sign, bill shows porn to kids and Pogo runs from the mafia. Great.
(448.94 KB 1232x706 Untitled.png)

(867.77 KB 1225x686 Untitled2.png)

(469.37 KB 1235x702 Untitled4.png)

(945.88 KB 1244x688 Untitled5.png)

(1.24 MB 1227x703 Untitled3.png)

>>21311 >Genny turns lez with Frank's sister. >Her maiden name is Deichpfister. >Uncle Lewis is gay in 1975. >5 years later, Aids would happen. >Pogo gets paralysed >Spends the rest of his fatass life in a relaxing chair. >Can't make a living making people laugh. Self stab by Burr. Yeah, this was a pretty decent series.
(21.59 KB 300x425 stiahnuť (16).jpeg)

>>21295 No. It was an cartoon and the mc was the ginger trickster. The owl could talk too I think? Also have you heard of el guerrero sin nombre?
>>21272 Kinda wish Vic had found a way to bond with Frank with his newfound miserable existence as a dad. Perfect opportunity to find the friendship he never could while living the high life.
(415.17 KB 522x451 Screenshot.png)

>>21316 I think they found out it was the last season late in the day, because you can tell some plotlines were being set in place, like Kevin using one of Smokey's sabotaged rubbers on his jewess and Sue finally finding her get rich quick scheme as a teacher to the stoned out accidental parents of the 70s. I guess they decided there had been enough evil and to just give the Murphys the slightly happy ending we wanted to see. Vic believed in Sue and her teachings, so I'm sure he embraced it all and became father of the year, although part of me kept waiting for the kid to do something that was reminiscent of Kevin, given that he tapped that blonde bimbo as well. As for bonding with Frank, you can see Frank start to very slowly warm to Vic all through the series, so I think it's safe to say they became good friends once Vic was completely sober and started being more responsible... and Frank decided to lighten up a bit. It's all head-canon, but I think it's a reasonable assumption, given where both of them were in the finale. On a personal note, I've been caring for elderly parents who are still mostly with it, but are having bad days where all sorts of crazy crap can happen. Frank's desperate search for (and understanding of) "Box 16" was oddly comforting considering what I was going through the week I watched it. I felt like someone understood what I was going through with my own parents.
>>13810 >>13823 I think the melancholy in his expression is that he knows he likely doesn't live up the expectations that his younger self had. Regardless of if you ad on positive or negative values, Harold probably doesn't know at this point in his life that he will end up gay, and this would likely be a shock for him especially if he doesn't realize this for a while, and Old Harold likely realize this will be confusing for his younger self.
(1.90 MB 316x213 jew larry david meh.gif)

>>21367 Old Harold is more likely considering whether or not to step in and save his younger self from the grooming and rape that will convert him into a homosexual.
So, I just remembered that this cartoon was a thing.
>>28699 they tried a 3D revival some years ago. Then never heard of it again
(1.01 MB 1139x476 el tigre villains.png)

>>8047 >>8090 El tigre is actually pretty good for a western kids cartoon, not only does it have cool mexican wrestler aesthethics mixed with aztec shit, but the show was about many being neither good nor evil.
>>21313 It really felt like a mockumentary of the 70s than a Simpsons clone, did they mention what happened to Vince Vaughn's character?
(115.21 KB 640x472 laugh ronald reagan.jpg)

>>21313 >Uncle Lewis is gay in 1975. That show, if nothing else, gave me some A+ homoslurs. >"Isn't Uncle Lewis a pickle-sniffer?" >"NO! He's a 'fancy man!'" My favorite arc was Frank's dad's "Box 16." Watching Frank go insane trying to find meaning in a psychopath hoarder's boxes of shit was way funnier than it should have been, especially when he finally finds out what box 16 really was and finally realizes that his dad was a sick piece of shit and if he kept letting his dad play mindgames from beyond the grave, he'd never be free of the old bastard. I also enjoyed Kevin's hatecrimes against the jews
>>28763 >about many being neither good nor evil. Ah yes, the so-called True Neutral so often talked about in D&D. They don't exist. Everyone is one or the other, anon. If you think otherwise, you're obviously one of the evil ones.
>>21377 Or to volunteer to get it done sooner by his older self and "husband."
>>5165 They used to air that when I was a kid. Don't remember it though
>>28895 That sounds like the opinion of a Randian objectivist.
(93.01 KB 600x900 Live action Question.jpg)

>>29154 In other words, someone who actually cares and is honest with himself.
>>29154 What's a 'Randian'?
>>29159 See: Ayn Rand
>>29155 Anon, even libertarians, of all stripes, can't stand Randians. Randians can't even stand other Randians for very long.
>>29171 I posted the pic for a reason, Anon.
(218.72 KB 1920x1080 dhmis_all4.jpg)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared finally has their show completed, but it's only on that Britbong streaming service All 4.
>>29271 Is it any good?
>>29314 NTA but it disturbed me enough.
I don't know what any of this means.
>>29317 Like there's the obvious references to Roy but I think this may go deeper than just a critique on children's television having a negative bias teaching children the wrong things. Shame there's not enough anons here to really make theory crafting a viable option.
>>29319 It increasingly looks like nothing but theory channel bait.
>>29321 That's just the nature of the game. Whether it has an actual point or not is up in the air till more is made.
I would honestly watch the marvels what if...? Doing a Transformers crossover.
(276.18 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)

>>29317 >>29318 >>29321 The best that I could describe it is simply the spiritual successor to Wonder Showzen, although it's more accessible for theory e-celebs and teens. The show is aware that every episode always ends up back to where it began. Regardless of themes, I hope it gets another season; it was funny to see the sequences unfold throughout with a better budget and designs.
>>29330 Yeah it's very technically impressive if anything for being a existential horror with puppets. It's obviously not for everyone though & I don't knock people for writing it off if they don't find intentionally speculative media interesting.

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