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(116.05 KB 500x383 ma4jpTJ1qe37lgo1_500.gif)

Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 15:29:38 No. 654
So how long does the mouse have before he drowns to death from debt?
>>13819 >Disney arent the types to rehire people that lambast them.
>>13818 The way I read it a few months ago, the third season was going to be picked up by Netflix. >>13824 They had to do that because he's WWE property.
(579.28 KB 640x360 jokerlaugh.webm)

>>13675 >Cruella is Disney's direct response to Warner's Joker Holy fuck, no. No no no. For one thing, no one's asking Emma Stone in interviews if she thinks a bunch of femcels are going to be inspired to kill people.
>>13845 I know it hurts but it's the truth. They really marketed this film as the villain against an unjust society with a hard girl power message.
(10.99 MB 1280x720 dmcIEi2ObHtJMm69.mp4)

(7.95 MB 450x360 Mouse_Polka.webm)

>>654 Some things can never die, they can only be killed. I think D is more like those 50's scifi dystopian world machines. We just don't see the gogs turning, because they are half digital, half organic. Creepy shit for sure.
(24.36 KB 687x233 What_for.png)

>>13720 >>13724 Yeah, we all know they project like lighthouses those people. Most of them don't even understand where their "creative spark" comes from. Or they do, and think that nobody notices.
>>13850 >that vid Did they drug a monkey and put it in a Mickey costume, and then replay the same few bits of viable footage of it?
>>13850 I would just like you to know that as I woke up I at like 3 in the morning I opened up 8chan on my phone and this was what I saw as I started my day.
(26.21 KB 450x360 mous.jpg)

>>13856 g̴̡͙̟͔̖͍̰̽̃ō̴̤̊̉͒̒̕ö̷̭̦͇́d̸̢̧̗͗̅̅ ̴̧͔̺̟͉̪́̇̕͜m̶̢̋̾̆o̴̢̱̓͑͋͂͋̆r̸͈̤͛̈́͘ṉ̶̡͉̦̓́͂̕͝i̷̧̓͐̔̕͘͝ṇ̵͕̗͚͈͊g̸̡̫̟͔̣̅̿̔̉̈́͝͠ ̷̧̛͚͚̤̲͉̺̋̚̕̚ǎ̸̢̱̳͙͋̒̿͒̕͝ͅn̷̢̜̅̌͌̅̓͆͘o̷̜̯̯̥̍͌̆̕͜n̴̛̪̭̝̲͗̉̂͆͌̇
(54.40 KB 1073x525 v1p6wntpqwr31.jpg)

>>13848 >>13849 They really are trying to market her as 2019 Joker X Harle Quinn. The woman most famously known for wanting to skin puppies. So it's going about as well as you would expect. >>13845 >For one thing, no one's asking Emma Stone in interviews if she thinks a bunch of femcels are going to be inspired to kill people. That was the media's response to Joker not the marketing.
>>13858 Nu Harley Quinn ruined a generation of women.
(412.99 KB 412x372 disney brer fox.png)

>>13850 Iä! Iä! Mickey fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Mickey Anaheim wgah'nagl fhtagn!
(156.80 KB 314x373 joker couch.png)

>>13848 >They really marketed this film as the villain against an unjust society with a hard girl power message. So after villainizing one of Hollywood's most painfully autistic autists for appearing in a movie, they turned around and made The Joker Wears Prada in order to make CY+6 women crazier?!
>>13867 >villainizing one of Hollywood's most painfully autistic autists for appearing in a movie Who are you referring to exactly?
(417.46 KB 800x1000 manjoaquintinfoil.jpg)

>>13867 Yep. Funny enough, Frozen 2 had more actual violence caused from it's release than Joker did.
>>13899 I'll bet. Do you remember the guy who got up to use the bathroom at a Joker screening who got tackled by some soyfaggot who thought he was about to start shooting?
>>13902 Heard nothing about that but that's hilarious.
>>13899 I remember it, I think it had a short tempered sandnigger beating up a girl in England, also Black Panther.
>>13852 It was indeed a monkey in a mouse costume. Dopped up and/or drunk? Possibly.
https://archive.fo/srBMu Walt Disney Co. is facing a lawsuit from an insurance company that does not want to pay out coverage for certain delays of film and TV productions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain lockdown parameters held by Disney weren't mandated by the government and Disney took advantage of this situation possibly to save money and offset their losses.
(528.13 KB 474x474 grin.png)

>>14842 >Walt Disney Co. is facing a lawsuit
>>14843 Surely Corona-chan money losses means they'll only get the high-grade kike lawyers instead of the top tier uberschlomo lawyers?
(312.88 KB 599x406 Xi_Jinping__Simu_Liu.png)

(28.13 KB 805x251 ClipboardImage (1).png)

(20.74 KB 788x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(213.43 KB 269x1130 Budget.png)

Shang-Chi wasn't the worst grossing Marvel Movie but it still did pretty bad. Just Behind at 75.5$ Million Black Widow which grossed around 80.3$ Million on the opening weekend. It barely made back its initial budget in a span of 4 days so far. Meaning it's not actually doing as well as it would appear or claimed to be by critics. https://archive.fo/DwA4b Repost from >>>/v/410776 Sorry for the spam I just had to remake the threads cause I kept making errors.
>>17627 So ignoring the financial part of this, just how bad was the movie?
>>17628 I question the quality of a martial arts movie from a studio whose best action scenes were quite average and from a movie that's a decade or so old by now. And honestly having looked at what passes for action scenes in the most recent tv shows(particularly the Falcon's one) and Black Widow I have zero faith.
>>17627 Is it still banned in China?
>>17632 It still is, the director talked smack about the Chinese government years ago and that hasn't rescinded its stance against any movie produced by her.
>>17627 >4 days >already broke even Anon, we all love to laugh at the mouse but that's not a bad result for a shitty 4 rate hero, during a wahn cough shithouse, out in the summer. Ain't gonna be like like BW with only 100m of gain but it's gonna get some cash anyway Marvel causal will eat up anything
>>13926 I've got the pig+tongue scene as a .gif at home. Need to save this longer .webm as all I had was a .gif of the dying mousekateer and a different one with the happy-cat, seen late in the clip here. I also have the name of the movie ... somewhere
>>17640 1: It made back production budget, but not its marketing budget. 2: Things slow down for almost all films after opening week 3: Its budget was spent before massive inflation hit, so the money is made "back" is worth less than the money that was put into it. 4:All the films is supposedly outperformed were old films based on pre-inflation numbers.
>>17640 A movie needs TRIPLE it's budget to be considered a success. Over a 4 day weekend it only managed to make back it's initial budget when accounting for worldwide grossing. If a movie doesn't make it's money back in that time in just one area then it's a failure. This is also an MCU capeshit movie from Disney. The fact it's flopped is a big deal.
>>17643 1 yeah, but we ain't ever gonna have a marketing budget nunber therefor it means nothing assuming about jt. Plus until two weeks ago there wasn't any normalfag hype or anything, they were still too much jerking off over Muh feels, muh shield and muh brother or the trailer for nuspoderman to actually give a fuck. I can recall maybe 1 ad I've seen since they announced this shitfest and I've seen it on a /tv/ dead board 2 true, I'm also non accounting the biggest cow not allowing the movie in cause Winnie the poo didn't like certain opinions. Again I'm not saying it's gonna be top grossing or something, it will float fine tho 3 mmmm yeah, that's true, but since half of its income is international rather then domestic that's still not too badnot all countries dumped helicopter money 4yeah the outperforming literally only works for jewtube critics, they compare it to similar budget movies but don't account that those same movies were done 15-18y ago when Capshit wasn't as big as it is now >>17644 >needs to TRIPLE its budget Again, you are probably right but we don't have hard numbers on marketing unless they say anything about it therefor double production expenses is already good on paper. >This is also an MCU capeshit movie from Disney. The fact it's flopped is a big deal I don't think it is, after endgame normalfags got burnt out from quippy upbeat capeshit, all the series are meh at best and get liked only on brand name, seriously normalfags ain't talking about the previous one when the shiny new comes out...wanda was the best thing ever then along came falcon, which was the second coming, then loki allowed ascension of everyone, then what if is just rain of gold and rivers of milk....but they don't talk about the previous one anymorewhich with the movies at least they kept referencing or at least comparing, phase 4 ain't getting the love that the mouse is hoping and I'm pretty sure pushing 5rate characters is only gonna burn fans even more But I'm diverting here, ching Chong and the 10 bingbong is not gonna flop too much and they already screwed up since the hero4hires are 90%Netflix materialunless Disney buys the rights back and use the same characters, we will never see them on the big screen but being a 4rate hero it doesn't matter that the story ain't followed
>>654 >So how long does the mouse have before he drowns to death from debt? If the sony leaked e-mails tells us anything. Democrats will try to bail them out. Sony e-mails admit Zero dark thirty was only made to help obama and spider-man the only thing keeping Sony studio alive.

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