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(77.65 KB 313x470 unnamed (2).jpg)

The midnight gospel Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 01:27:18 No. 1085
Have any of you seen this thing? I tried watching it a couple of days ago but I just couldn't stand it, it feels so aimless and boring yet it looks like it was made for people with ADD. What are your thoughts on this show?
/x/ violently circlejerks to it. That's all I need to know.
>>1153 >/x/ Which one?
>>1085 The show is a hit or miss. You hate it or you love it, haven't seen people with an opinion in between. That's because if you don't agree or you aren't into the subjects discussed in the podcast you won't enjoy it and probably you won't like the rest of the show, like the story or the animation. In this regard I think is quite well animated despite being shooted in threes. https://youtu.be/sAOW5kwYNHg https://youtu.be/rLvUztp7Iog
>>1085 It's a hippie podcast made into Adventure Time on acid tier animated sequences. It's trying to be deeper than it is but it's really just some new age philosophical nonsense. The first episode is literally just "drugs are good because they make me introspective". Which is just pathetic. If you need a mind altering substance just to realize your life is fucked or you need to change yourself then you're already too far gone. It's sweet the creator used the ending of the show as a tribute/goodbye to his mom but the journey to get there sucks.
(58.05 KB 561x503 Capture.JPG)

>>1175 The show is about a self centered boy who starts a podcast to cope with the loss of his mother.The hippy dippy philosophical nonsense conversation that the main character has with random people and the world around them is always the polar opposite, they might be talking about peace, love and good vibrations but the world around them is full of violence,discord and suffering .The boy never dose anything to change anything or help any one that he meets and the suffering continues or the world ends. He dose not learn anything from his conversations, his character dose not grow and no one watches his podcast .This character is the embodiment of the navel gazing new age cunts who think that they are the center of the universe and they believe that they can bring about world peace by thinking happy thoughts and smoking weed .They live meaningless & empty lives without doing anything or taking any action to change the things in society/life to make a better world & to live a better life. They just die with their head in their own ass without ever doing anything. The animation is good at times but the character designs and background art are random,It reminds me of problem solvers than adventure time, the worlds that he visits is composed of random crap that someone threw in together because they thought it would look cool or just because, not much thought was put into art direction. Its just random shapes and colors moving around the screen without any meaning. If this cartoon is trying to portray the new age cultists as selfish,docile,narcissistic & indolent then it has done a great job.
>>1187 >>1175 This genuinely sounds god awful. Netflix continues to be terrible I guess.
I don't know about the animation being good, it looks kinda generic and choppy at times. It feels like an amalgamation of problem solvers and the new power puff girls
>>1187 >The boy never dose anything to change anything or help any one that he meets and the suffering continues or the world ends Now you mention that, there's an episode where Clancy (the protagonist) was "I'm enlightened" at the end of the episode, but just at the start of the next episode he points "I'm not into that anymore" or something like that, you you might be right and they went for a character who goes for meaningless new age crap. >>1188 I mean the animation is good, and I like that they are experimenting with the medium, even though I loved the show I do thing most of the things they are talking about is new age bullshit or basic concepts of meditation that you get from the wikipedia (aside from, maybe the Clancy's mother episode), I must be honest, I kept watching it because I wanted to practice my english with more mundane talking, but if it was in my native tongue I wouldn't have been able to stand it even considering the animation. >>1217 >It feels like an amalgamation of problem solvers and the new power puff girls How so? It doesn't look like nuPPG at least not in my opinion, haven't watched problem solvers so I can't really say if they are alike.
>>1085 Midnight Gospel is a podcast that Duncan Trussel did as Clancy in character with a number of different people. The rambling dialogues they do are largely unscripted as it is really just a podcast where they talk about random shit. Its kinda misadvertised as an animation show first and foremost when its really the podcast supplemented with mostly unrelated visualisation where they tell the animation team to go nuts. If you like JRE style conversational podcasts or if you like experimental animation you might get a kick out of it. >>1187 There is no chatacter and there is no story m8. Youre looking for the wrong things in the wrong place.
>>1239 > there is no story m8. There is tho, the fact that is not complex doesn't mean it's inexistence.
>>1239 >There is no chatacter and there is no story m8 True,but If I wanted to entertained by random nonsense I wold rather watch youtube poop or actually listen to a JRE podcasts.This is neither entertaining to watch or listen, JRE podcasts can be fun as he was a comedian and some times his conversation with other comedians can be entertaining.In midnight gospel the conversations are composed of New Age gibberish and it is not fun to listen to if you are not into New Age shit.The show dose have some occult symbolism thrown around which can be fun to spot if you know what they are The random "experimental" animation can be entertaining at times but most of the time is just background noise just like youtube poop
>>1242 Rogan and Trussel are IRL friends and if you listen to any of the JRE episodes with Trussel on youll see that its exactly the same shit they talk on JRE as they talk about on Midnight Gospel. The new age shit comes from everyone involved having taken copious amounts of psychodelics, so if you cant stand that kind of talk, well I cant blame you. Heres my take on it: Theres art for the observers and theres art for the artists. Midnight Gospel a show made by creators for creators. The podcast element is mostly just a bunch of stoner creatives talking about spiritual shit for other stoner creatives to listen to. If youre not a stoner creative, you might very much be put off by the new age shit. Personally, I dont care either way for it. The animation part is just animation for animations sake, its the animators going ham on a serious budget that they would usually not be able to do. Its wierd and its random because the first draft goes, theres no editors and suits to go through that might say change this and that cause it wont sell. Experimental animation is called experimental because the artists just throw shit at the wall without any filters to see what sticks. You might not like it, and I may be ambivalent to it in this specific case, but there exists a need for prolific experimental animation in order to break the paradigm from time to time. Now this one will probably not break shit because the podcast part is boring for the average viewer, but the principle stands. Id rather have Aeon Flux than this, but beggars cant be choosers.
(9.50 MB 640x360 transhumancrap.mp4)

>>1242 I forgot to add,this show is full of transhumanist propaganda,like merging your consciousness with machines and living forever.Unfortunately this is mainstream propaganda peddled by people like Elon Mersk and Zoltan Istvan (a US presidential candidate), they are promoting New age crap + transhumanist bullshit like to expand your mind & become enlightened with DMT & shrooms then plug your brain into a computer(Elon's neural link brain chip). JRE also promotes this kind of crap so dose NETFLIX >>1263 yes I would also prefer aeon flux or the french animation Fantastic Planet for the transhumanism and the yellow submarine for the new age shit & experimental animation animation
>>1268 >transhumanist propaganda Theres 3 ways to understand transhumanism: philosophical hippie transhumanism, commie tabula rasa transhumanism, and transhumanism by circumstance aka technological integration. These cross over into each other somewhat but they are not the same thing. You are complaining about hippie and tech transhumanism while your problem is with commie transhumanism. Musks neural link shit is a "someones gonna do it anyway so better its be us" situation, and Id rather have an autistic mad genius in charge of it than any of the rest of the hackfrauds of silicon valley.
>>1268 Is transhumanism a thing? I though we are decades to actually merging the human mind to a machine, but I don't know about the topic.
>>1302 Neuralink is supposedly pretty close to completion, its an invasive brain surgery where an MMI gets implanted into your noggin. Will allegedly be completed in the next 5 years.
>>1085 I have to agree with others. It is just Duncan Trussel rambling about weed, psychedelics, and his pseudo-philosophical, pseudo-intellectual musings. There is just some choppy animation playing over it. >>1268 >Transhumanist propaganda >JRE also promotes this kind of crap Does he? I saw few episodes with physicists, biologists, tech people, and other scientists that talk about transhumanism. Rogan is weirded out and wary of trans-humanism. His guests vary. >>1302 >>1309 Transhumanism is already here. Utah arrays allow brain to computer interfacing. It is a bit limited. Things like moving mouse cursor and typing are its main functions. As far Neuralink goes Musk is overly optimistic and focused on hyping it up for investors. In 2018 he was saying that it will be in humans in 2019. In early 2019 he said that they are planning to implant humans by the end of the year. In mid 2019 he said that human trials will take place in 2020. 2020 is almost half done but there are still no news regarding the human testing. Virus is complicating things on top of it. Based on my experience with medical devices, technology is still limited and human testing will take years. It will likely be closer to seven or ten years until neural link becomes functional and reliable enough to be released for medical applications, and that is an optimistic estimate. Just look at robotic limbs and exoskeletons or comparison. There were some impressive examples as far back as mid 2000s, and actual functional replacements were around back in early 2010s, but they are still not as functional as actual limbs, most are still stuck in testing, and the ones you can get cost a fortune.
>>1263 I think you are being too unfair with the show. I mean, I would like something more experimental too, but saying it's not good because it's not Aeon Flux it's like saying any big screen feature is not good because it's not Fantasia.
>>1085 From the first two episodes so far, it's a lot more dialogue driven and reminded me of aqua teen hunger force in a way though without the comedy. As for the topics of the first two episodes though, they were pseudo-intellectual in a sense, as the first episode was about drugs not being bad because chemicals are defined by their relationship to humanity, and how overdosing on marijuana can be used to transcend the ego, and help you discover parts of yourself you didn't know needed work. The second episode was about death, and how society copes with it. The woman talking talks about how she had to be drunk to be funny otherwise the reality of death would catch up with her, and then there was a whole thing about transcendence through meditation, with some guys meditating in India and receiving the revelation of Jesus' suffering never having read the Bible, with some guy with a similar name in India being Jesus, and Jesus going through labor or some shit with the Father being the mother. The show claims to be about a guy wanting to get the perspectives of different kinds of people, but from the two episodes I've seen so far, all they do is bounce similar ideals off each other, and circle jerk about their idea transcendence. Feel free to correct me if I missed anything. I'm still watching an episode a day.
(10.51 MB 640x304 Operator 1-1.m4v)

>>1329 My main gripe with transhumanism is its main assumption that there is some thing wrong with death,disease & aging. Transhumanism at its core an elitist antihuman agenda that assumes that machines are superior to human beings every way and humans can not evolve any further without merging with machines, it is inevitable due to progress of civilization. The people who preach this do not explain why do we need to progress into that type of civilization & who gets to decide that ?Who decides how technology should be used and what technology should be created? , I am sure that it is not the average person that decides, we need smart cities with surveillance & social credit scores, micro chips implanted under the skin as biometric IDs, mega factories, synthetic foods,we need automation & AI ... etc . The technocrats,scientists & "experts" keep telling us that it is inevitable that humanity can not keep up with progress and humans must be replaced by machines or modified by them for the sake of efficiency and progress.Why do they get to decide our future? We never got to decide if we really need those technologies, they were forced on us and then they blame us for the damage the that their technologies cause to the environment, Then they tell us that more technology is needed to save the environment & we need to make more sacrifices like eat bugs for breakfast and get a microchip implanted in our heads to progress into some magical utopia. "Its inevitable!"
(12.60 MB 640x304 Operator 1-1(1).m4v)

>>1342 the video did not format properly reuploading it again
>>1335 Im not saying the show is good or bad, Im just entirely ambivalent to the shows contents. >>1342 None of the things you listed are transhumanism, its utilitarianism. Eating bugs and eliminating death, desease and aging are entirely separate issues. Bionic IDs are not a transhumanist issue, they are a utilitarian issue. Transhumanism is about alleviating the human condition, for better or worse. Now I agree that shit like neural MMI integration isnt worth the price, but it is quite literally inevitable because even if the UN unanimously decides to ban neural interfaces, the chinks will fucking do it anyway.
>>1342 You are casting a wide net there, but I do agree with the sentiment. I do not think that trans-humanism will take off for good, and if it will, it will be over quickly. Tech and surgeries will keep being expensive for a long time and most governments and insurance companies do not like to spend money. Rich idiots might get implanted, but sooner or later problems with tech will emerge and people will start backing off and trying to reel things back. Just see what happened with with coal, oil, pesticides, sticking radioactive shit everywhere, social media, antibiotic overuse etc. When it comes to human-machine singularity, many people ignore that technology is fragile and that we know very little about human brain and body in general. Increased dependence on machine creates a load of new problems that I rarely if ever see addressed. Solar flare would be enough to severely cripple human-machine hybrids and straight up exterminate any consciousness uploaded into a machine. >chips Not really needed. Almost everyone has a smartphone and carries it constantly. Governments and companies can use smartphones to track your physical location, record video and audio, track what you do on the internet, and keep tabs on who you are interacting with. For chips to develop the same capabilities, there would need to be a huge breakthrough in energy storage technology. Even then, requiring chips might piss people off and cause issues, while everyone wants and likes their smartphones. Sweden is the only country I can see to succumb to this, as Swedes do not care about privacy, have money, and tend to be obedient drones. South Koreans, Singapereans, and Chinese are distant possibilities. In the U.S. multiple states already banned compulsory chipping or are working on doing that.
(15.51 MB 640x356 Operator Part 2.1.m4v)

>>1352 >eliminating death, disease and aging are entirely separate issues Solving those issues using technology by merging human consciousness with a computer and living in VR forever like the ending of this show, the boy lets go of his body of flesh to live in side the VR machine. I know that all of this seems far fetched but people like Zoltan Istvan (the US presidential candidate) promote this and even claim to bring back dead people using quantum archeology.They have set up many churches like Christian Transhumanist Association ,Mormon Transhumanist Association ,etc that are a cult that promises an ageless disease free perpetual life.The transhumanist technology made by the mega corps wont be to alleviate the human condition, when have they ever done that, they use all of their resources & power to deceive and control people.Why do you think the transhumanist technology that they create will benefit humanity and not enslave it ? > literally inevitable I am sick of that blackpilled word "inevitable", Yes! The chinks would do it and the soylent normalfags would rush toward their inevitable servitude to the ruling technocrats but it dose not mean it is inevitable for the rest of us. Those who want to live free will find a way to live without technology controlling every aspect of their lives. >>1346 > technology is fragile and that we know very little about human brain and body I agree with this completely but I don't think they would give people a chance to opt out and it will be expensive, inefficient and cause harm.They will spend the money to force this on the public as the end goal of elites & government is not money, its control.Money is tool that they use to have control over society and they can print an Infinite amount of it. Liability for causing damage to humans through their forced technology integration wont be an issue, they get away with endless wars,financial scams, destruction of environment etc.When have they ever been held accountable for their crimes? In the 60s Dr Jose Delgado invented a stimoceiver, a radio which joined a stimulator of brain waves with a receiver that were as small as half-dollars.He could use this device to to stimulate emotions and control behavior of his subjects remotely. He tested it out on animals and humans, might have burnt holes in his subjects skulls but it did get them to react the way he wanted them to react by stimulating certain ares of the brain.This was done in the 60s, tech today is much advanced but still might cause harm to humans by getting their brains zapped. My point is Governments and companies today can use smartphones to track monitor & control us in the future they will use these technologies to have more direct control over humans (Its inevitable) .Good to know people in the US are resisting & I hope they continue to do so in the future because the people in positions of power will push all of this crap on us by pretending to be humanity's savior by offering transhumanism.
(12.91 MB 640x356 Part 2.2.m4v)

>>1356 Final part of operator.Episode 3 might come out this year. Another cool short film with Transhumanist themes is junk head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge18Ieyi9bI&pbjreload=10
(250.39 KB 600x886 big brain.jpg)

>>1356 >local man encounters the idea of technological integration for the first time
>>1342 My main gripe with transhumanism is that they don't understand how computers work. When data is being transfered from one computer to another, what's actually happening is that the other computer copys the electric blipping pattern that the first computer has. It's not literally picking up the "data" and moving it into a different machine. The most common method of immortality you hear from trannyhumanists is "consicousness uploading". All that would really do is create a AI clone of you, that clone would live for ever or at least until it needs to transfer to a new computer but you would still die. I don't know how you would actually transfer your consciousness since I don't know much about how it works, I even read somewhere that a study suggested it involves quantum mechanics, but I do know enough about computers that copying and pasting your memories onto a computer is not the path to immortality.
>>1370 That's basically the twist of SOMA. Worst part is that the machines still think they're human.
>>1372 No, the worst part is that the protagonist gets it explained to him several times in the game that he's not getting transferred into new bodies- he's copying his consciousness to new ones and the old ones are left behind to stay behind forever but he still gets upset in the end when he realizes the 'him' that escaped is a copy.
(37.71 KB 480x640 mangoodmood.jpg)

>>1085 It's objectively shit. He seems to interview people, then get high and write some weird alien thing around it, and then gets them back in to add in dumb little lines like "Oh, look out for that spider-zombie." I watched the first two episodes and then moved on with my life.
(591.87 KB 622x388 Screenshot_4.png)

>>1370 >My main gripe with transhumanism is that they don't understand how computers work. Good. They'll find out the hard way, the cock-suckers. There's a Black Mirror episode called "San Junipero." My wife and I watched it with my brother and our friends. At the end of it, the two women are dancing the nights away forever in the titular town, forever young and beautiful and in love. "Finally!" exclaimed my brother. "A happy ending!" <Ha ha ha! NO, dumbass! As we know, Black Mirror is one shitty abuse of technology after another. It makes no sense for there to be a "happy ending." If you think you've just watched something heart-warming, think again. There are several ways this was a nightmare ending: >Heaven is real, and the computer upload works, therefore they never go to Heaven to receive a much, much better afterlife. Instead they spend eternity hanging around a fucking arcade >Heaven is real, and the computer upload DOESN'T work, in which case their brains have only been copied, and they've still moved on to the afterlife, leaving a server full of simulations dancing the night away for no good reason >The brain upload works and they dance the nights away... right up until some natural disaster, lack of funding, or inevitable system failure causes the server to be shut down. >The brain upload works and they spend decades together... until they can no longer stand the sight of each other. Then they're stuck in the small town in the computer, forever running into each other over and over and over again. Awkward conversation/fights with the ex...FOREVER I could go on. The Transhumanists (or Luciferians I think they call themselves, sometimes) don't understand how retarded it is to try and live forever through machines. It doesn't matter if you get a steel body that lasts for millions of years if your fucking brain dies within 90 of old age.
>>1939 Reminds me of oneshot Eve and Eve, about two lesbians who become immortal through an archival science experiment, and they end up committing suicide at the "age" of 70.
Duncan Trussel has his moments but he's too susceptible to hippy woo-wha bullshit, especially on podcasts, which is what 80% of the show is. I kind of like the chaotic animation, it's be nice to have more shows with that element and when it actually tries to tell a story too it worked out alright, the prisoner episode was ok.

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