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(14.17 MB 640x360 CALARTED.com.mp4)

Anonymous 04/25/2021 (Sun) 21:43:25 No. 12129
(18.62 MB 600x338 4f3.gif)

>>12129 Seems like a lot of work for something no better looking than a Joel G cartoon. >darkened the incredibly pale kiki What is the tumblr obsession with dark skin?
>>12135 <What about Newgrounds Flash animations from over a decade ago? >What is the tumblr obsession with dark skin? Probably for the same reason why everything has to be some abstract shape and have a warm color pallete.
>>12129 It's like watching someone squat over and shit on the Mona Lisa over and over again.
>>12129 As an animation exercise is fine, I guess. Even though it's traditionally animated looks like cheap puppet garbage so she should check that out. >>12135 >Dark Skin It's just slightly purple skin, it doesn't fall into the tumblr shit. >>12136 >everything has to be some abstract shape That has been a thing since the late 50s - early 60s. The trending now comes back from time to time.
>>12156 >she Oh, you sweet summer child.
>>12158 Because of Kiki and video edition I just assumed it was a "she", so what are his chromosomes in reality?
>>12129 That honestly doesn't look that bad.
(19.55 KB 445x322 mel wut.jpg)

>>12129 Why would you post that?
(133.63 KB 500x500 baittalkingheads.jpg)

>>12398 >Cartoons Then <Four shows; all created by the same company, studios, and teams; that re-used animation slides and episode skits across their entire catalog >Cartoons Now <Four shows, two belong to one company and the remaining two another, all created by different teams and studios, none of the animation slides or skits are re-used between shows and are all original
(334.98 KB 1280x976 Gay As Ever.jpg)

>>12398 Anon have you tried not being a faggot?
(234.39 KB 1014x1280 EX_APuBU8AcMl8l.jpg)

(257.58 KB 1017x1280 Eh49BHxVkAAp5Tf.jpg)

(191.32 KB 1016x1280 Eh49BVBVgAI5P2L.jpg)

(216.55 KB 1022x1280 EXld7RNU8AITKha.jpg)

(220.37 KB 1017x1280 Eh49BilVkAAjRLo.jpg)

>>12407 Are those comics SUPPOSE to be ironic and self-defeating, or is that all done with a straight face?
(134.44 KB 900x785 5a1.jpg)

>>12409 All completely unironic, this was made by the same artist.
>>12399 To be fair, HB was basically the only american studio at the time. >>12409 All those were serious, anon.
>>12407 The first one is kinda cute, tho. I'm someone who likes to livestream shit that no ones watches so I kinda related to that. The part of buying the livestream equipment is sad, tho.
>>12411 Oh, I remember that comic, didn't the artist have an absolute fit over how everyone immediately sympathized New Guy? >>12412 >To be fair, HB was basically the only american studio at the time. There was also Filmation (Superman/Aquaman/Batman, Fat Albert) and Jay Ward (Rocky and Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle).
>>12416 How many american animation studios existed during 1960-1980? Didn't know George of the Jungle was from the same studio that made Rocky and Bullwinkle, I'll give it a shot when I have finished the Jet fuel arc. >didn't the artist have an absolute fit over how everyone immediately sympathized New Guy? Yes, he did.
>>12423 I hate women enough already, thank you.
>>12423 How bad is it?
(415.38 KB 949x420 Super_Seducer.png)

>>12407 >last one I took this line at face value
(885.03 KB 1249x1920 5232174-1026399205-XUymu.jpg)

>>12416 >Oh, I remember that comic, didn't the artist have an absolute fit over how everyone immediately sympathized New Guy? You'd better believe it. You can always tell an SJW writer by the way their strawmen are the ones talking sense just before they get BTFO by the "hero."
(5.58 MB 852x852 tumblr 'fixes' anime.mp4)

>>12129 >"Kikey's Delivery Service" Here's some more fun from the mentally handicapped.
>>12454 >They turned Narancia into Riley Freeman lmao
(435.96 KB 639x2433 abortion comic.png)

>>12428 You tell me.
(98.94 KB 913x597 short women.jpg)

>>12424 There is never enough hatred towards women Anon.
(2.04 MB 1242x1195 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12487 Womanlets are really insecure about their height
>>12490 Not just a womanlet, but judging by that Twitter pic and how she draws herself probably a korean too.
>>12487 Women being allowed to vote was a mistake.
>>12490 >Womanlets are really insecure about their height I like petite women. Unfortunately, the porn industry always feeds them to the nogs for some disgusting reason.
>>12486 To be fair to the ogre woman, it was black.
>>12453 I'm currently reading book 5 of The Legacy of the Aldenata or The Posleen War. Book 5 takes it away from the frankly tedious American setting and follows what happens when the German chancellor of parallel-2007 says "Fuck it, we've become abject pussies" and arranges for all surviving SS men to be given rejuvenation and put in charge of the panzer corps. Only one is an actual Nazi partei member, and a completely hated cunt, as well. The rest understand what the Skull is saying in that comic page and act accordingly, eventually rounding up the commies and environmentalists who keep hamstringing them and dealing with them the way they should have been dealt with in our timeline. I suppose there's some evil ending coming with a morality tale about fascism (or possibly not; the author, John Ringo, is surprisingly redpilled for a man whose writing begins in the late 90s). It doesn't matter. The important parts are in the beginning and in the middle, so far. Fight for your people and earn the right to be proud of yourself and your land.
>>12407 >Terf Masher I misread it as "Terf Master". >>12454 The DDP one was actually a troll. >JoJo's Not that different. >>12486 What's the deal with copying Shin Chan's artstyle?
>>12536 >Jojos >Not that different See >>12471
(319.00 KB 265x836 bassriff.png)

>>12536 >What's the deal with copying Shin Chan's artstyle? And what's the deal with interspecies breeding?
(920.27 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.97 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.88 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.29 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.93 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(21.02 KB 500x384 simpsons fat tony rage.jpg)

>>12896 >first pic >mfw Does this moron understand just how badly she's knocking her man's self-esteem into the toilet by getting him to cuck himself with an electric dick? Use it on yourself in private, you bitch, don't try to make him do it. >second pic That never happened. >third That might have happened, although I'm sure mama's boy was laughing when he told her, not deadpan staring ahead like Jason Voorhees. >4th Strawman as fuck. >vaginal strawberries >breasted potted plants >gummy bear with cuckold fetish What the fuck? >5nd What in the absolute dogshit is wrong with this woman? She's covered in body hair, her head sports a different color in each frame, and she's fat as a pregnant sow. Assuming any of these guys existed in real life, she should get down on her knees and praise the (male) God she doesn't believe in that anyone would want to stick his tallywhacker in her fetid swamp. >insisting on changing the tire while the man relaxes Actually, that really might be Joel's problem. If I had to service this freak, I'd make her do all the heavy lifting, too.
>>12400 That's an edit to Tumblr's response to the far-right who were mocking Thundercats Go! The original is much fucking worse tho.
>>12912 > far-right who were mocking Thundercats Go! >impying the "far-right" were the only one's mocknig it. pratically every normalnigger, made fun of it.
(82.06 KB 720x623 CalArts John K, tumblr.png)

>>12916 I mean their boogeyman, they even brought John K. when he was sinking more than he was. >Mock my art, you're a pedophile like him
>>12955 >John K <Fat Albert <Super Friends <Snorks <Tiny Toon Adventures <Ren & Stimpy I'd say this guy's opinion is work considering.
>>12955 John is a giant faggot after everything he's done, but if this is true, he did one good thing at least. The Disney 90's flicks despite being good watches, are ultimately too stylized to be consistent with one another on purpose, a trademarked art style if you will, it reeks of corporate finger prints. While John wasn't an artist fighting against an industry that stood against everything he did and just an entertainer, he at the very least knew it existed.
>>12986 He posts interesting things on his blog about art, stuff about old cartoon characters, and such. He's truly knowledgeable in the right. It's just a shame how much of a prickish faggot he is.
Been a while since I've posted this webcomic in a LOL thread.
(421.21 KB 736x736 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12993 With that understandable look of horror, I thought this was gonna have a twist where she goes back to shaving every day >second one I thought it'd be a cuck thing, what a twist they were ftm trannies Speaking of, is this the webcomic the "fuck yeah I'm proud to be a cuck" thing comes from?
>>12993 >Erica Moen We're really doing this? Okay, you brought this on yourself, Ramses.
(6.12 MB 352x262 renkaboom.gif)

>>12955 >John K. is child predator who should be publicly caned No problem >nothing he says is correct, ever. Like one time he said it was raining but it wasn't and I went out in a little sun dress and almost drowned Fucking retard.
>>12993 Everything else in that cesspit collection of images didn't particularly bother me until the last one. Then I REALLY got LOL**ing
(270.01 KB 1851x779 3ZGtVvvMLf.png)

(294.03 KB 1848x852 cmRxjrystE.png)

(6.95 MB 1849x13808 wERsxtdDgW.jpg)

/co/ some of your autists escaped to our non-cape superhero thread, kindly take them back
(2.57 MB 480x360 tl-dr.webm)

>>13013 I'd help you but I ain't reading all that shit.
>>13036 You have enough will to read 80 years of comic autism across multiple publishers, but someone's autistic rant on an imageboard is just "too much"?
(8.62 KB 299x293 tmntdonatellowut.jpg)

>>13041 I didn't read them ALL AT ONCE, you psychopath.
What was the name of the artist behind The Barrel (the furry comic about a rapist murderer) and the pickaxes for hands dude? I wanted to post the comics in the /v/ lol thread, but I can't for the life of me remember his name. I know they've been storytimed on our last /co/ board, but I didn't save the comics like a damn moron. Any help would be appreciated. The artist was known for having a rape fetish to the point where his wife was getting worried, and his oc (the blue rabbit), was apparently the devil in some purgatory comic about a female character.
>>13099 Cliff by David Hopkins?
>>13100 YEEEAH, thanks anon! David Hopkins, that was his name! Thank you so much. Now I just need to pirate it all.
(1.13 MB 231x210 blkeyepop.gif)

>>13099 >(the furry comic about a rapist murderer) and the pickaxes for hands dude?
(241.20 KB 1280x720 Come on, join us.webm)

>>13103 I'm posting it over on /v/'s lol thread right now.
(48.63 KB 467x350 simpsonsburnsexcellent.png)

>>13104 I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away.
(452.15 KB 294x342 eye bleach simpsons.gif)

>>13106 I shouldn't have looked.
(64.71 KB 630x394 1416239231297.jpg)

>>13104 You have destroyed me forever.
>>12993 >1st Did the unshaved girl make the happy merchant pose? >4th There's so much wrong with the Brazilian, why did they assume she's white or ignoring her uma delicisia dish? >5th The narcissism and self-loathing of a gay Shoko Asahara. >>13000 >5th image Yup, that's tumblr as a whole
>>13104 You gave me a nightmare last night about it. I hope you're happy
(8.65 KB 190x255 1436116304534.jpg)

(15.47 KB 600x472 Smug_37.jpg)

>>13156 >>13108 Totally worth it.
>>12896 >1st: Sex toy is better than her ginger Creed loving boyfriend Why bother bringing him in in the first place? >2nd: Shit she just made up >3rd: Shit she just made up 2 >4th: Is the first one again just earlier >5th As if any man wouldn't automatically be the first to do this, not least because a woman would probably put the jack in the wrong place and fuck the car up. Aside from her needing to shave, lose weight and stop putting stupid shit on her face perhaps she should examine: >Creed shirt >Limpbizkit shirt >Sherlock Hipster >Rick and Morty shirt If she dates nothing but absolute faggots with no taste what does she expect?
>>12993 >1st 'I decided to stop doing the most basic maintenance on myself and got pissy when people noticed' Fat people do this too. >make yourself a spectacle >'STOP STARING!' I'm hairy as FUCK but have the excuse of being male and even I shave all that shit off now and then.
>>13000 >last pic What's the bets the place stinks of shit and she doesn't realise it.
(70.25 KB 848x998 doge cheems.jpg)

>>12147 >squat over and shit on the Mona Lisa over and over again Which is a good thing. Mona Lisa is cancer.
>>12416 Both Filmation and HB shared the same employees though and some witnessed that the Rocky and Bullwinkle shorts were exported at Mexico, much like South Korea and many Asians countries nowadays, to do the tedious job of polishing each frame.
(1.17 MB 1280x1522 trannies movie night.png)

>>12407 >"comic" #1 So is that its therapist or is that a pedophile who stalks it? >"comic" #2 "People who disagree with coddling my mental illness deserve to be hurt" Was this co-written with Brian "Mags" Vissagio? >"comic" 4 Fuck, its therapist is enabling the shit out of it instead of actually trying to help. No wonder it's so fucking crazy. Pic related: One of my old edits, but it's the same faggot. >>12416 >didn't the artist have an absolute fit over how everyone immediately sympathized New Guy? 1. Don't call him an artist. 2. Oh yes they did. Because, as usual, woketard strawmen are the sanest people in the room.
>>28883 The duality of man
(403.00 KB 415x626 Screenshot.png)

>>12993 >Hairy Tess Thompson Did a search and this came up. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.
>>12993 >get through an entire comic >thank god it's ov >there's 3 more oh god I thought I was done.
>>28894 Erica Moen, like Jeph Jacques, will never die, no matter how much she deserves to. Is this your first time reading her and her friends' filth?
>>28897 I've read some of these before, but the second and third are new to me so far. I thought it was just the hair one spliced up into multiple strips, but since I opened them all at once I didn't notice that I was in for multiple of these.
(520.67 KB 2480x3508 eileen9.jpg)

>>13000 >>12993 >>12995 Prepare yourself for the worst. There are noooo humans left. They're all flesh-hungry beasts, now
(132.70 KB 1250x423 Fb275_pVEAE-cDI.jpg)

What a bizarre turn around coming from the Sinfest guy.
>>28900 Are we seeing beginning of the "Punished Sinfest" arc?
>>28901 Fuck if I know, sin fest fell off my radar years ago, I just saw this floating about.
>>28900 Just as he became and un-became of a certain ideology, he will do it again and again. Just give him time.
(194.74 KB 1688x1916 frog pepe lego.jpg)

>>28900 >frog on the sign Uh oh. Did someone accidentally slip a redpill into his white wine spritzer?
(51.83 KB 740x250 2022-09-06.jpg)

(54.77 KB 740x250 2022-09-07.jpg)

(303.83 KB 740x1359 2022-09-04.jpg)

(1.46 MB 446x469 wtf painting.gif)

(91.31 KB 640x453 trannies and pepe.jpg)

Bloody hell! I've been looking further back to the start of the arc. I don't know what happened, but he's going hard in the paint against the trans-narrative.
>>13104 May this humble anon have a repost in this thread for posterity's sake?
(57.87 KB 740x250 Sinfest 2021-06-25.jpeg)

(52.44 KB 740x250 Sinfest 2021-06-26.jpeg)

(51.16 KB 740x250 Sinfest 2022-06-15.jpeg)

>>28900 >>28917 >>28919 >The Sinfest storyline of 2021 is about Baby New Year being raised as a Pro-American redneck >His comics are ani-vaxx and shittalk Twitter's censorship by having it be a literal prison you get sent to >Makes fun of the people calling Jan 6 an "inssurection" >The motherfucker became such a feminist that he's turned into a male TERF and has looped around to based This fucking timeline is wild, I would've though he would be one of their hardcore supporters.
>>28936 Probably just watched someone/something he cared about get absolutely eviscerated by the very people/views he supported, couldn't handle it, and did a complete 180 to cope instead of just octupling down. Don't count on it to stick or even for them to actually understand what or why they're saying/doing what they are. If they were stupid enough to fall for the bullshit before they're always gonna be stupid and fall for some kind of shit because they refuse to think; especially for themselves
(28.45 KB 163x219 Screenshot.png)

>>28963 >Probably just watched someone/something he cared about get absolutely eviscerated by the very people/views he supported, couldn't handle it, and did a complete 180 to cope instead of just octupling down. That's what I was thinking. Too bad more of them don't actually choose sanity over brainwashing. Pic related is how I feel every day, except I'm a Christian, so I understand all too well that I'm still on Earth.
>>12487 This gook wishes she was the loli she draws.
>>12901 >>gummy bear with cuckold fetish That doesn't look like a gummy, and is voyeurism necessarily cuckoldry?
>>28906 this shit here. Wait couple of years til he turns to whatever the righteous thing is...or not
>>12136 >censored version of $00pah NiN10DOH! Faggot.
>>28916 No, that's Gab-"hentai is satan"-.ai. Also known as (((Gabbai))).
>>28982 >is voyeurism necessarily cuckoldry? Yes.
>>12136 How do you guys view .swf files? I haven't been able to for a long time.
(476.33 KB 690x597 Hmm Heed3.png)

>>29020 >He doesn't have a standalone flash player. https://archive.org/details/standalone_flash_player
(227.88 KB 1872x1872 frog pepe cheers.jpg)

>>29027 Thanks, fren
(4.98 MB 476x476 tumblr must die.mp4)

(5.58 MB 852x852 tumblr 'fixes' anime.mp4)

(435.76 KB 900x1467 tumblr comic character.jpg)

(67.00 KB 370x356 tumblrchurch.jpg)

>>29058 Shit, my bad. Thought those were two separate vids instead of just different file sizes.
>>12129 Seems fine. Highlights the sheer volume of work required to make animations, which people often forget. Even stuff that's tweened like Glitch Techs still probably takes heaps of work. I think workflows like the new 3D pencil tool in Blender may signal a new era of animation.
Its getting even stranger..
>>29117 >Glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers
>>29117 There a schism among communists. Some of which adopted MAGA communism the rejects woke corporatism and tranny shit from breadtubers.
>>29117 No argument on Earth its going to make right-wingers more likeable or tolerable.
>>29207 found the jew.

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