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Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 21:10:36 No. 1219
First images of Camp Coral are coming out, how much of a shitshow will this turn out to be? https://archive.is/HxPqC
>>1219 >Squidward >glasses and bowtie Is he a nigger?
>>1219 >Reminder that Hillenburg stated he did not want any spongebob spinoff series to exist. They waited until the ORIGINAL CREATOR died to green light and produce this shit against his wishes. >Reminds me of the time when Hugh Hefner said no transgender people in playboy magazine and then literally like 15-35 days after his death playboy announced transgender people in they magazines And, then, people begin to attack the guy because "That's completely different".
>>1219 continuity can go fuck itself t. nickolodeon

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