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(21.55 KB 254x261 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT - Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 04:34:07 No. 14184
The Taito Superman arcade game from 1988 has this woman as an unused graphic. Is she an existing DC character?
Considering the game itself has little to do with the comics or film, its probably a random model imported from another game, recolored and used for testing.
>>14184 I checked most of the covers of Superman publications that would have been contemporaneous with the development and couldn't find any designs that matched that. If it is based on an existing DC character, I would guess that it's either an unused prototype design for Supergirl or an original design for Supergirl. The build is about right, the color palate is Superman-esque, she's the most major Superman-related female hero, the boots look similar enough, and her hair is the same color and length.
>>14208 Not the OP, but though I agree with you, there's something very adult woman about her, like a gal in her thirties. Also, the costume's ringing some bells but I just can't find it in the ol' memory cells. I feel like this is an unused boss-fight villain. It's too bad the image is so small.
>>14247 >but though I agree with you Sorry, that was worded wrong. I think you're possibly correct in that they might have made Supergirl to look like that, but I can't shake the feeling that it's someone else.
>>14248 I thought she resembled the harbinger a little.
>>14208 It's probably not Supergirl considering how Kara Zor-El was erased from continuity and off limits at the time, and Matrix as Supergirl was a new character who only debuted in 1988, and didn't look like this. Granted, she is a shapeshifter, so it's theoretically possible. Also, I doubt Taito gave enough of a fuck to care either way, and DC might not have cared either. She could also just be a random Phantom Zone criminal or something.
Will it ever happen that going forward with the timeline we actually will see a retired capeshit? Like spidy with all the time conversion is pushing 40. Same as batman or ironmanwhich he died and got taken over by a stronknig Are we gonna see spiderman #2000 where he actually hang his web shooter and let whoever is the new character take over?therefor actually ending The amazing spiderman
>>14270 The original Batman retired in DC Super-Stars 17, from 1977, and died in Adventure Comics #462, in 1979. He never came back to life or anything, though according to the wiki he did once appear as a spirit in JSA #82 in 2006. To be clear, the current Batman is not the original, but a multiversal doppelganger of the original, and technically his first appearance is considered to be in Superman #76, from 1952, which is said to be the first time Superman and Batman teamed up, which means they were never in the Justice Society, which means this must be a different Batman (and Superman) than the original versions, which were in the Justice Society. Also note that this second Batman's history from before Superman #76 is considered to be very similar to the original Batman's history up to that point, just without particular differences, such as the aforementioned Justice Society thing, and the fact that the original Batman (and his whole universe) seemed to move more in real time, while the second (current) Batman operates on a sliding timescale, so he ages much more slowly and is much younger than the original. While I'm at it, I should also note that that second Batman I mentioned, though technically the current one, has had aspects of his history altered a few times, most notably after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, he is still technically the same guy, but history changed around him. Batman has generally had his history changed less than other major characters, though. Also, while the original Batman was from Earth-Two, and there is another universe called Earth-2 and later Earth 2, that is technically a different universe entirely, created by Alexander Luthor, Jr. in 2006. Earth-2 had a history very close to Earth-Two, and its Batman was already dead, but the point is that it still wasn't actually the same as Earth-Two. After the Flashpoint, Earth-2 had its history drastically changed, and the Post-Flashpoint universes drop the hyphen to make it slightly easier to identify them, so from there, we'll call it Earth 2. Earth 2's history was drastically different from Earth-Two, but did feature doppelgangers of people who were well known for being from Earth-Two. Still, it was technically not the same universe, and also was really different anyway. Also, in 2015 Brainiac of Earth-0, who had escaped the Flashpoint and then absorbed Crisis Energy and became super powerful, went throughout time and grabbed cities from various notable moments throughout the multiverse, such as the moment before a universe got destroyed, and brought them to the present. Then he turned all these cities back into whole universes, including Earth-Two right before it was destroyed in 1986. Then he sent a few characters back in time to make sure that places that were about to be destroyed won't be destroyed anymore. So technically there is a splinter timeline/universe of Earth-Two that currently exists (though note that it's outside the "local multiverse" so it's harder to reach from the main universe), however, this is still just an alternate timeline/universe that splintered off of the real Earth-Two, which was still folded on top of Earth-One to become New Earth in 1986. Also, Batman of Earth-Two was dead well before 1986 anyway, so the Batman of the new Earth-Two is also dead. With Batman out of the way, I'll also mention that the original Superman retired in 1986 and died in 2006. He briefly came back to life as a zombie in Blackest Night in 2009, but so did everyone else who ever died. The original Wonder Woman also retired in 1986 and then left reality in 2006. All my explanation for why the current versions and the Earth 2 versions and New Earth-Two versions aren't the originals still applies here. I mention those three because they're among the most famous characters ever. Of course, it applies to many others as well. The more obscure, the less likely it is that they'll get brought back to life. There are plenty of Justice Society characters who died and stayed dead. The first two Blue Beetles (Dan Garret and Dan Garrett) died and stayed dead, and while the third one (Ted Kord) currently has some sort of Post-Flashpoint rebooted version running around, note that the pre-Flashpoint version's story ended completely, and the pre-Flashpoint version of his best friend, Booster Gold, is still around (as the current Waverider), as a distinct character from the Post-Flashpoint Booster Gold, so for Booster and characters close to him, especially those who were heavily altered, like Ted Kord, they really are completely separate characters. A similar case is with the original Supergirl. Kara Zor-El died in 1986. History was then altered so that she "never existed," but really she did, but people didn't remember her. A new Supergirl, Matrix, debuted in 1988, but while she is called Supergirl, she has an entirely different story. She is not the same character. Later, Kara's ghost would appear a few times, and they would say there was some fucked up multiverse shit that was preventing her from being rebooted into the new history, but they solved it, and then she was rebooted into the new history. So technically the Kara Zor-El of New Earth is the same soul as the Kara Zor-El of Earth-One, but they have entirely separate, though similar, stories. Kara of Earth-One's story completely ended and then Kara of New Earth's story began. She would then be fully rebooted again after Flashpoint. Technically the same person, but really, it's a completely new story, that begins from the beginning and counts no elements from the old version as canon (though many current elements are shared with the old version). >tl;dr: Lots of characters died for real and stayed dead. The simplest examples are the original Batman and Superman. Go read those if you want.
>>14253 >harbinger That's it! I don't think it's her, but, minus the red helmet, that's who she's reminding me of. Thanks, anon.
>>14295 The thing over her right breast sort of evokes the shape of Harbinger's costume, not to mention the general color scheme, but those weird things on her arms look more like Lady Quark, also from the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Of course the rest of her doesn't look similar at all.
(119.08 KB 480x315 ClipboardImage.png)

Is the design on the Legion Flight Ring ever used in-universe as a logo for the Legion itself? Has their backstory ever been elaborated on, or is it just tech that exists in the 31st century?
(86.72 KB 350x262 chinman.jpg)

>>14184 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Valiant#Reprints >Hastings House produced seven hardback Prince Valiant books in the 1950s, using the illustrations by Foster but with the text simplified by Max Trell and for the last two books by James Flowers. >text simplified Does anyone know what they mean by this? It's really vague, since it can either mean that the text itself was made to be more simple i.e. more legible, or that they fucked with the prose. I'm curious because I seemed to have found a source for the comics, but it seems to be the '50s reprint. Thanks.
We all know that Disney is a cancer woke machinecheck pixar, you can see the shift from good movies to dumb soulless cashgrab and is align with when they got bought off... circa Brave period but when did they become one? It was a slow change and we can see the wokeness creep into it or did it change one day without upcoming call? And did DreamWorks had more shit movies then good ones?
>>16446 If you look into disney history, you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface. It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid on where men started being portrayed as either bumbling buffoons or villains with no real middle ground bar some exceptions (Simba in the Lion King Which doesn't really count since that entire story was stolen from Tezuka anyway, and had it's own shit with Timon and Pumba being portrayed as "good friends" in the same way homos used to hide themselves. and Aladin (though Jasmine is still the "strong independent princess" archtype.)There's been interviews where certain animators claim Gaston was designed to essentially be western bara. Basically, what happened is that the wokeness was always there, it just was so innocuous at first that it didn't affect the bottom line until Current Year when the films stopped being about telling stories and started being about the wokeness for wokeness sake. A book I would recommend is something from the late 90's called "Disney: The Mouse Betrayed" it's about half boomer nonsense (Disney bought Hollywood records and signed Glen Danzig and Insane Clown Posse, they're trying to corrupt our kids!" Though maybe they're right with the latter, too many juggalos.) There's also stuff in there about (((Harvey Weinstein))) two decades before the MeToo shit. You'll also see a bunch of other stuff about Disney sneaking in subversive shit even in the 90s, see that even in the 90s they were sucking up to China, etc.
>>16449 >Which doesn't really count since that entire story was stolen from Tezuka anyway
>>16496 Sure you can trace the story to Shakespear, however entire scenes were lifted from the anime. yewtu.be/watch?v=vHps2iC8W3o
>>16449 >bara Link to these interviews? >>16223 >expecting new-/co/ to have even heard of Prince Valiant You might as well ask elsewhere, mate, unless you get really lucky. If it helps, I've never heard about this change, but I've only read the later reprint (up to 1980); I'm sure it's neglible, but yeah I would still look into it.
>>16449 >you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface Since the 30's?! You need to give handful of examples to prove it, you only mentioned the 90's. >It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid on where men started being portrayed as either bumbling buffoons or villains with no real middle ground Huh? The main male characters such as Eric and king Triton are fine, side characters are usually comic relief. >Aladin (though Jasmine is still the "strong independent princess" archtype.) Jasmin was just the rebellious type, that started with Ariel, but she is saved by Aladdin so I wouldn't count it. >There's been interviews where certain animators claim Gaston was designed to essentially be western bara Souce? >Timon and Pumba being portrayed as "good friends" in the same way homos used to hide themselves That's probably the only thing I count as progressive in 90's Disney. >see that even in the 90s they were sucking up to China And they failed back then like they do today.
>>16449 >If you look into disney history, you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface. It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid So not "always." It started with the Disney renaissance. I'll accept that The Little Mermaid was intended to have feminist messaging, and they admit Beauty and the Beast was rewritten to make Belle more feminist. Belle was also the last white Disney Princess until Tangled, like 20 years later, and nobody is going to pretend Tangled isn't SJW. But still, it wasn't "always" there, it started with The Little Mermaid, in 1989. So under (((Michael Eisner))), once the Disney family lost control of the company. But that must be pure coincidence.
>>14184 I was recommending Wakfu season 1 to a buddy and when I went to track down a torrent for him I remembered that Nyaa.se is fucking dead. I found a link on Nyaa.si https://nyaa.si/view/577738 but it looks dead, and then I think I remembered somehting about the number of seeders being wrong due to the old tracker. tl;dr >is this torrent still alive? https://nyaa.si/view/577738 >is there another place to get the old subs?
>>16497 Wasn't this complete bullshit though, as in the scenes from Kimba were taken from the series/movies that were released after the Lion King in the first place?
>>16653 >started with The Little Mermaid, in 1989 Anon take your meds.
(26.75 KB 326x320 EMhpbvfXkAA054E0090.png)

>>17425 Anon he's a fucking idiot. I hate to shill youtubers but its already been proven the Lion King never ripped off Kimba. If anything newer adaptations of Tezuka's work actually ripped scenes from the Lion King for its own cinematic scenes. https://youtu.be/G5B1mIfQuo4
>>17428 YMS fucks dogs & promotes bestiality as normal.
>>17429 Not the guy you are replying too but he is correct in this instance.
>>17430 I'd say it's open to a lot of debate. My point still stands YMS is a horrid degenerate. I wouldn't take any of his word as gospel.
(316.55 KB 599x388 furry diaper degeneracy.png)

>>17429 >YMS fucks dogs & promotes bestiality as normal. AND, if memory serves, he's a diaperfur, so everyone can safely ignore him because he's a degen faggot who shits his "Cool Cat" suit and then plays with it.

(392.80 KB 1280x1780 8b46e7f0d0445b1cc6eecaf95d48754f.jpg)

(285.08 KB 473x357 lsh1.png)

>>15942 I found a few examples of it being used in their HQ.
>>17422 Torrent appears to be dead, however I have found a live torrent here. https://nyaa.si/view/1024005 It's unfortunately quite big(1 gb per episode) because it includes both French and English audio(can't opt out of either in the download). >>17432 No argument on how insufferable these "I'm a movie critic" faggots are but still in the same vein of thinking I wouldn't take that comparison video as gospel either.
>>17435 Thanks.
>>17435 That second pic scratches the autistic architect part of my brain really well.
(41.47 KB 273x364 The_Mask-comic.jpg)

Anyone know if the Mask comics are any good? There was also a 2020 series recently and wondering about that as well.

(402.77 KB 966x1522 lawd hammercy.jpg)

(452.15 KB 967x1506 The-Mask-Strikes-Back.jpg)

(549.86 KB 987x1514 The-Green-October.jpg)

>>17587 Some people hate the mid 90s comic for the fact that Stanley Ipkiss isn't the sole keeper of the mask, which constantly gets past onto various people. My cousin got me a couple because we would watch the CBS series. The Mask is the same as in both the series and movie. With the usual madcap stuff. Reposted because I was going to sleep in front while typing.
>>17587 the 2020 comic has some Current Year bullshit to my knowledge. I recall hearing trump or an expy plays a major part.
(495.73 KB 1024x1567 RCO018_1470045810.jpg)

(359.73 KB 963x1443 RCO021_1470043853.jpg)

(349.59 KB 971x1430 RCO020_1470044704.jpg)

(358.40 KB 957x1426 RCO021_1470044704.jpg)

(481.18 KB 977x1524 RCO022_w_1470044704.jpg)

I'm getting into old static shock and it's truly a good read, I only knew him for the cartoon but damn it's a well written character, with normal teenage flaws and a belivableish black neighbor. Plus he actually use his power with brains rather then arrive, spark and leave Should I try out blood syndicate and icon since it's in the same city? How do I read them? I mean going #3SS then #3BS and then #3I&R to start again with #4SS #4BS and #4I&R etcetc or there is another reading order?
>>17427 Disney has bragged about how they delayed Beauty and the Beast for years to make it more feminist. You don't think it applied to the movie they released two years earlier? I haven't heard them openly bragging about it, but compare Disney's version to Andersen's. It's a hell of a lot more feminist, losing the original's key themes in the process.
>>18428 Yeah I'm sure Disney really wanted the suicide part in their G rated adaptation about a dizzy mermaid fawning over a prince and land people. Foot fetishes be damned.
>>18427 >I'm getting into old static shock and it's truly a good read, I only knew him for the cartoon but damn it's a well written character, with normal teenage flaws and a belivableish black neighbor. Plus he actually use his power with brains rather then arrive, spark and leave Dwayne McDuffie really was a one in million writer. He actually knew what he was doing, both when writing the original comic and adapting it for tv.
>>18437 You're avoiding the point and you know it. >>18427 Personally, I was a bit disappointed in Static Shock once I actually read it. I think McDuffie became a much better writer as he went on. Static Shock was a little simpler than I expected it to be and thus a bit more SJW than I would have liked, as it lacked some nuance that I've seen in McDuffie's later work. Though I only read his solo stuff and not appearances he had in other Milestone comics. Maybe I should look into those.
>>14184 There is mangas with similar plots or characters like Sentry or Green goblin? Villain with enhancement abilities at cost of his sanity with gadgets but not too sci-fi. Someone trying to be a hero but with a uncontrollable power. Yes, there is /a/ and I have a edgy taste, just asking.
Archer gets S13, but no Malory cause Jessica is dead and no Ray because he's had enough.
(229.92 KB 808x516 207.jpeg)

(4.77 MB 294x207 a5d.gif)

>>19658 left one looks better, are both of these CGI?
(117.25 KB 239x294 zootopia unimpressed.png)

>>18814 >cute bunny is JFK instead of fox >fox is stuck in a destiny string where he'll end up marrying a disgusting Greek for his money Absolutely disgusting.
>>19663 not that anon since I don't repost twitter memes. But I do know that the left one's a cosplayer.
(153.87 KB 200x524 hitlerzisthread.jpg)

>>18427 >"Ah'm'll MELT you" >"Ah'm'll" >"AH'M'LL"
>>19665 >>19663 Yeah cosplayer. Even got the lighting correct in each scene.
(13.76 MB 3975x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.88 MB 1988x3156 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.14 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.59 MB 1440x2228 ClipboardImage.png)

What the hell is Batman's inner armor weave supposed to be?
>>19873 Scifi stuff. Kevlar is weak to knives
(183.78 KB 1040x480 Not cool Damien.jpg)

Why is Damien so racist?
I remember buying this Fantastic Four comic it must've been 2002-2003 or so. They were trapped on an alien ship or other dimension or something. Sue Storm was turning into one of the aliens somehow. Ben and Reed ended up fighting for a bit. I remember Reed saying something about having to roll with the punches because Ben could still really hurt him. I've looked and looked and can't find anything that fits that came out in that time frame. Unless I had bought something older but the art style definitely seemed like early 00s or late 90s. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
(329.39 KB 362x343 Screenshot.png)

I know I'm going to regret asking this. I KNOW I'm going to regret it. Every time I'm on TVTropes (don't judge me) and Grant Morrison comes up, the faggot tropers who handle his stuff keep referring to him as they/them/their and it's not only jarring as fuck, it's a little disappointing that he's such a anus with the pronoun shit. All The Tropes calls him a dude, like a sane person would, and it's no surprise to me that TVTropes has been infected with the SJW virus, but I can only assume that they're following his "preferred pronouns." Here's my question: is Morrison really that big a shit-head, or is he just doing it for the shiggles to annoy people?
>>20502 He's not even a nog. He's a gook.
>>19873 >What the hell is Batman's inner armor weave supposed to be? Mithril.
>>21323 Honestly should just be magic or alien material.
(47.06 KB 500x573 batman haters gonna hate.jpg)

>>21324 I think the gist of it is: >Waynetech puts millions into research >Batman gets first dibs >When the next upgrade is ready, Batman, again, gets first dibs, then Waynetech makes the previous stuff available to buy for police, peacekeepers, and whomever else will benefit from it without killing people >Batman stays ahead of the current bleeding edge and is less likely to be killed by some dick with armor that will cut/shoot through his stuff
>>21328 Were comics a logical one person made narrative then that would work. Too bad comic writers can't work together & all want to push their own ideas. Not to mention no consistency among artists. What I'm saying is, no answer will really come because comics aren't written to even make sense in universe.
>>21330 Man, do you remember back when writers actually kept track of continuity instead of rudely throwing everything out the window and typing their disgusting SJW headcanon? Good times.
>>21321 Bumping for this
>>21330 No consistency among artists would not be as bad if they changed along with the whole creative team, or maybe at least stuck around for a whole story arc. Writing situation is just a mess. There is so much continuity it's hard to keep track of, and good chunk of it is trash. It is annoying however when a new writer comes in and throws what just came before into trash, completely ignoring setups provided by the previous team. Bendis is the most notorious for this. It might have been better to switch to a very loosely connected story arcs, with each being a standalone and self contained. Kind of like Italian comics do it.
>>21353 >Bendis is the most notorious for this. Byrne is also a complete choad for that sort of thing. An issue of What The...?! back in the 90s had stories about the local superhero bar, and one of the tables was designated the "Byrne Ward" because it was occupied by characters Byrne had raped for shiggles. >Turned Scarlet Witch and Vision into Wendy the Good Witch and Casper the Friendly Ghost, ending their marriage and making her crazy because reasons >Cut off Namor's ankle wings and gave him some sort of oxygenated blood disorder which I believe is usually ignored, these days... and riding The Griffon into battle was just nuts. >Non-Fixit Gray Hulk because reasons >Nerfing Superman only for future writers to restore him to former power levels >Cringey 4th wall breaking things, like the Trial of Galactus and She-Hulk (I know She-Hulk was loved by some, but "talking to the camera" in comics is just awful to me) >Cuckolding Ben Grimm by his best friend, Johnny Storm >Mindraping the ever-loving hell out of Susan Richards and starting the whole "Malice" nonsense There is a type of writer who is the equivalent of a kid coming over to visit your kid, who sees all your kid's beloved toys and thinks "I can break these." Byrne and Bendis and >>21321 are like this with work that came before. There's no respect, just destruction that other writers will spend years (or decades) trying to clean up.
>>21321 Morison was always a weirdo, anon. As far as I know his pronoun shit is genuine. I think he even went as far as to retcon his past gender to say he was always a they/them.
>>21353 It's almost like this kind of system doesn't work. You can't tell a coherent story with an ever changing creative team & no amount of progression.
>>21362 How many times are you and the capeshit autist going to rehash the samae talking a points?
>>21364 Do you think only one person can be dissatisfied with comic books? Why else do you think no one even bothers storytiming or even talking about weekly new capeshit issues?
>>21369 Because they hate women, they're racists, they're homophobic, they're probably anti vaxxers and they cannot stand how stunning AND brave every single new issue is?
>>21369 No but your points are almost always word for word a repost of the last 30 times you talked about it.
>>21370 Yes. >>21371 Almost like nothing changes so the same point stands.
>>21373 >Almost like nothing changes so the same point stands. You can always talk about non-big two capeshit comics so you stop time looping.
>>21374 Why? The rest of them are garbage, too.
>>21374 Because no one cares about indie books. Look at how Locke & Key, Resident Alien, Umbrella Academy, & Sweet Tooth were butchered in live action. No one cared. People only cared about Invincible because it was animated capeshit.
Embracer buys Dark Horse comics https://archive.md/Rsd6d
(184.96 KB 554x622 31a.jpg)

(192.57 KB 843x1303 53f.jpg)

(1.65 MB 1388x1125 f7d.png)

(2.75 MB 1167x1980 105.png)

(3.55 MB 1167x1980 441.png)

These edits are pretty funny.
(733.53 KB 1988x3056 ec4.jpg)

(26.29 KB 397x367 Laughing Bad.jpg)

>>22825 Fuck, that's a good punchline.
>>22825 And he wonders why he cant keep a steady marriage.
>>21813 What's this comic called?
>>23128 I think it's AMERICANIZASIAN.
(1.23 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

Could Ben 10 turn into a nigger?
>>23194 Only the gay ones from outer space.
>>23194 The Omnitrix doesn't accept dna from subsapient animals since intelligent races would be driven nuts by their feral natures. So no Ben couldn't turn into a nigger.
>>21813 Got any more edits? This is some great LOL
(589.19 KB 1004x1699 bbc.jpg)

(1014.50 KB 968x1573 0ab.jpg)

(262.27 KB 467x467 c06.png)

(1.59 MB 1614x3464 00e.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1618x3464 eb4.jpg)

(905.86 KB 947x1536 ff5.jpg)

(60.15 KB 588x588 yv0f16kfrawy.jpg)

>>23309 >have the capacity to draw cute anime girls >draw disgusting charicatures of westerners instead >make basic political commentary to boot
>>23307 >last pic >tweet Will Luna realize that women needs to know their place?
>>23311 You know this is an edit right?
Archer Danger Island's version of Pam gave me a feeling so complicated. I'd like any cartoons or comics where there exists a character, or art designer who is a completely shameless musclegirl fag who dares me to enter his magical realm in every episode.
(3.06 MB 1633x856 j9q0xte6dar21.png)

>>23594 Proper fit as well, the type you get hauling around heavy machinery. If she does have any body fat, it's in thighs, ass and tits.
>>14184 Help me out /co/mrades I was suddenly reminded of this very weird cartoon, which I assume got canceled early on, where the main character was a superhero/detective woman solving crimes in a futuristic city (which looked more like 90s cities + zeerust elements like those weird circled collars on all shirts). One thing that I recall standing out as a kid was the fact that the mayor of the city she was protecting was also the henchman of the main villain and would send her on suicidal missions on purpose.
>>23626 cybersix?
>>23627 No, but thanks for the suggestion as it looks way cooler than what I had in mind.
>>23633 Still a no, it was much lower quality
>>23675 Still no, though it's getting closer to the style. I'm starting to wonder if it was even real, but I have some images in my mind and search engines are turning nothing. Thanks a lot though.
>>23626 >>23655 I barely remember the show, but "canceled early on" and "much lower quality" makes me remember that Stripperella existed. Could that have been it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9kw4RxcUkA
Started watching Ruby Gloom. It's a neat little show.
(377.26 KB 562x611 Ninja making sense.png)

Black Dynamite is pretty good.
(495.53 KB 1381x690 Profile12.png)

(406.56 KB 611x823 Profile11.png)

(537.52 KB 1436x710 Profile10.png)

(390.66 KB 1349x1053 AkuSpoilers.png)

>>14184 Did everyone in the Aku timeline only exist because of Aku and his actions or will all the characters we've seen in Jacks adventures also appear in a Aku-less timeline?
>>24310 Even if they did exist in some form they'd be effectively different people. To erase someone's entire life but have someone with similar DNA exist in his place is still a different person.
>>24226 Sir this is "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" not "statements that don't deserve their own thread". >>24310 Possibly, possibly not. We have no idea. I assume Aku's rise to power had massive population shifting implications so it's fairly unlikely they would after thousands of years divergence, unless they're one of those really old dudes like the guy that guarded that one time portal.
>>24310 Aku didn't influence literally everything everywhere though. He left some places untouched. Like the Imakandi planet.
>>24310 The characters would look identical, but their life experiences and thus who they fundamentally are as people would be different due to not growing up with Aku as the supreme power in the universe.
>>24323 Aku severely changed the world. Between his mass destructive events many people would migrate. As the Earth became mined unto death this would increase. As well Aku has an interstellar empire. And so even more humans wound up as colonists. A future without Aku would differ in it's population within the 2nd generation and this split would become more marked as time went on. As we read the period of time wherein Jack appears the individuals he meets are almost certainly unique to that timeline. And the odda of them ever being born, their parents even being born or meeting, are ridiculously low.
are there any good non capeshit comic ? I got tired reading manga and light novel a few weeks back and find a complete tintin and alpha art which kinda re ignite my interest in western comic
>>24978 Dont you ask this exact same question every week?
>>24980 nah first time I ever post in /co/ I usually only lurk at /v/
(640.29 KB 1206x2087 Co Non-superhero comics.jpeg)

(669.34 KB 1629x1920 co list of good comics.jpeg)

(356.88 KB 2400x2000 co suggest readings.png)

>>24978 Here are a couple of charts I have saved from pre-exodus cuckchan /co/, but I haven't read everything on these charts. I can vouch for Bone, Scud the Disposable Assassin; and liked what I've read of 100 bullets, and Cerebus so far. I also remember liking Elephentmen, but I haven't read that in a while. A Lot of these also contain capeshit or non-capeshit big two books. It's a given you should make sure to pirate everything you can. Even if they're good, there's a 90% chance the creator turned into a fag, like western creators tend to do.
(272.74 KB 1280x749 Co comic strips.jpg)

(604.20 KB 1999x1449 Co crime comics.jpeg)

(334.10 KB 1440x810 Co science fiction.jpg)

>>24995 >>24978 Some more charts I found from here:https://imgur.com/a/efZc7
>>24995 >Big Guy God damnit Bane go away already.
>>25003 Do you feel in charge?
>>25003 Hi I'm CIA
(39.41 KB 425x234 121409.jpg)

>>24978 What kind of stories or genres do you like? Recommendations in >>24995 are ok, but some of them are pretty normalfag tier. I would skip anything Bendis, Aaron, and Ellis books that aren't Transmetropolitan.
>>24995 thanks for the reccomendation >>25011 I like light stuff like tintin or uncle scrooge but outside light stuff I like it when the main character is an antihero protagonist or just evil
(8.22 MB 1958x2560 ClipboardImage.png)

(933.34 KB 650x880 ClipboardImage.png)

(810.66 KB 650x856 ClipboardImage.png)

>>24978 Since you mentioned Tinti I'd suggest some BD I've recently read
>>25013 >first image Oh no....
(371.25 KB 463x622 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.03 MB 668x898 ClipboardImage.png)

(271.57 KB 483x639 ClipboardImage.png)

(468.13 KB 377x561 ClipboardImage.png)

(520.22 KB 478x637 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25012 >tintin You might try Blake and Mortimer then. It's in similar vein, but with a dose of scifi and mystery. It's an older comic, so be ready for something that's word heavy. For something more serious, but in a similar vein to Tin Tin, there is Corto Maltese. It is aimed at adults and the main character is inserted into fictionalized versions of historical events. Both of the abovare a bit more serious than Tintin or Scrouge, but ultimately light pulp adventures at heart. For some lighter adventure stuff you could try Yoko Tsuno, The Duck Avenger and Papernik New Adventures scanlations, Campbells, Asterix, and Venezia.
>>24996 Is Blacksad only 5 volumes? I've gone through volume 1 and it's pretty damn good.
>>25016 >blake & mortimer I read blake & mortimer and its pretty good but start of pretty strange I read them following the france release and not the english release so the first volume is Plutarch staff the story starting with the government having access to a start wars tier fighter is clashing real hard with the 50s background but it does get better as the story progress the later volume is more grounded which makes it more enjoyable and yeah its clearly heavier than tintin its very close to a hercule poirot comic >yoko tsuno I read yoko tsuno beforehand and I like it, the french sure knows how to draw women. The story is good the "mystery" doesnt clash with the time period the story is in too bad the english version is a bit hard to find I only able to find one website and it doesnt have all the enlish version >duck avenger I dont like the duck avenger story because it clash with the established lore. as far as I know the superdon (I think the name's different in english version) story start with donald getting a winning lottery ticket that was owned by gladstone which clashed very hard with the established lore (the story where gladstone have a day where he is unlucky because when donald and gladstone is playing when theyre a kid they got hit by lightning and because theyre hit in front of some symbol their luck get reverse, in that story donald and gladstone find out the way to get back the luck back for gladstone or take the whole gladstone luck away for donald, and it ended up with gladstone wining so its the lore where if donald try to fight gladstone even when he is at the most unlucky point he will lost. but in the superdon orign story he able to get gladstone lottery and able to claim it. The prize of the lottery is a villa ( I forget the name) who was owned by fantasious (something along that line a great robber) and donald able to find the secret of the villa which makes donald get the fantasious power (not really a power more like a suit, a list of thing he had on his car, and a villa self destruct button) then donald somehow able to make gearloose modified his car to have the same thing as the list and then he able to stole uncle scrooge money and donald get daisy, and scrooge on his side while gladstone get the blame later gladstone find the money but he trigger the self destruc mechanism and the money is flying everywhere and not gladstone needs to collect them all, while donald is fine. but I guess you can said that donald able to get superdon power because at that time its the same day where gladstone luck is at its lowest and gladstone still havent fix his luck but in the superdon origin story gladstone able to find uncle scrooge money that is hidden on the villa based on his luck (I forget whether gladstone find the money on the next day or not because if its the next day then its kinda in line with the lore but he is still unlucky because he trigger the self destruct mechanism which scatter the money. I do know that this isnt the first story where donald able to bead gladstone luck the earliest one is probably that story where both donald and gladstone get a boat from scrooge because tax reason and then they try to find scrooge because the news said scrooge have gone missing and gladstone did find scrooge first but scrooge is missing because he wanted to he want a holiday and because gladstone find him scrooge got angry and scratched gladstone out of the inheritance list.
(2.10 MB 1000x1288 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25021 3 in english right now. Part 1 of They All Fall Down comes out in July.
(7.13 MB 2097x2989 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25014 >Oh no.... Oh yes >>25021 IIRC there's another volume that was recently published, but I'm not sure of there are rips out there >>25024 Only 3? that's a bit underwhelming. There are very good Blacksad scans in spanish done by the Mansion CRG comics community. They scan and archive comics specially niche french stuff. On a related note, why there aren't more BD threads on this board? by the looks of these replys looks like it's something anon actually enjoy, but most of the comic threads on the catalog right now are for shitting on american comics.
>>25025 Fucking hell that comic disturbs me. Even now it makes me upset. 3 in total physically with the first volume containing several stories while the others focus on one long one each. They All Fall Down is the newest entry. Not a very big series since it takes a long time to y'know draw all that.
>>25025 >On a related note, why there aren't more BD threads on this board? by the looks of these replys looks like it's something anon actually enjoy, but most of the comic threads on the catalog right now are for shitting on american comics. I't easier to talk about something that you don't like or find upsetting than it is to talk about what you like. There was an eurocomics thread that died because the people who posted in it rather go to capeshit or cartoon threads to bitch. Even /v/ mostly talks about the shit they like in opposition to modern games.
>>24980 >>24978 Just lurk around some threads not centered around capes.
>>25049 There aren't a lot of those and they usually die very quickly so I don't blame anon for not checking non cape comic threads
>>25022 Looks like you are quite well read. I will post more recs for the antihero protagonist. Euro: >Requiem the Vampire Chevalier aka Requiem Vampire Knight - evil people get reincarnated in hell as vampires, zombies, or other monsters and fight ones of other kind over supremacy in hell >Barracuda - it's an edgy and degenerate comic about pirates >Long John Silver - John's and doctor's another adventure that happens years after events ofthe treasure island >Undertaker - wild west antihero undertaker who gets strange burial contracts >Black Sun - main character is a former special forces agent who travels through post apocalyptic Europe with his Darpa dog robot and a sweet gun >Jeremiah - postapocalyptic comic. One of the protagonist is an idealist, other one is an opportunistic scumbag, but has a soft spot for his buddy >Torpedo - psychotic mobster in 30s New York doing mobster things >Diabolik >Zaroff - eccentric aristocrat who likes to hunt people becomes the hunted. It's an unofficial comic sequel to The Most Dangerous Game American: >Grimjack - it's about a sword or gun for hire in a city at an intersection of different dimensions >Witch Doctor - main character is a good guy, but a prick. He is an occult doctor and supernatural issues in comic's setting are treated like diseases, parasites, and other medical problems. >Mysterious the Unfathomable - one of the main duo is a selfish, prickly antihero magician who sometimes helps with crimes involving supernatural. It was story timed here a while back. >Cerebus - antihero aardvark barbarian who is interested in money and not much else >Grendel - where to even begin. It starts as a vigilante or gentleman criminal story, but it turns into something very different over time >Ice Cream Man - anthology connected together by a malicious being that appears to people as an ice cream man
What is the horniest/lewdest Batman comic? He has some very fleshed out villainesses and heroines that I would like to explore and go deeper into.
(1.95 MB 920x1980 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.27 MB 2695x1494 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.81 MB 1280x1962 ClipboardImage.png)

(863.38 KB 740x719 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25204 >villainesses >heroines >batman comics Anon....
>>25214 >cat women doesn't exist >poison ivy? Who? >oh fuck harley she's a whore >barbara Gordon? Who cares about jims kid? Anon are you retarded.
(6.35 MB 1988x3057 ClipboardImage.png)

(885.19 KB 740x814 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.26 MB 840x1003 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.61 MB 720x1104 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.36 MB 1280x894 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25215 Yes they all exist. But Bat books are obsessed with objectifying the men even before the era of woke said sexy women aren't allowed anymore.
>>25216 That's some jew talk anon. Men can't be objectified. It follows the old pulp tradition of showing muscle men doing manly things. To be emulated by impressionable youths. Hell check the old Tarzan covers. And he's straight as an arrow.
>>25217 Impressionable youths don't read capeshit comics. Not since the 80s. This is all done for eye candy. >jew talk Who do you think made these companies & characters?
>>25217 >>25216 You both sound like low effort wannabe /pol/acks that somehow got rejected for being even more autistic than the usual Anon there.
>>25219 >rejected Anon 8moe /pol/ is pretty dead. >>25218 You may have a point there. I maintain it started as an innocent tradition, but perverting such things is the bread and butter of sheenies, and now is almost certainly adjacent to gay porn.
>>25220 Just wait for them to have Jon have implied gay sex with the pink haired twinkus.
>>25221 Christ. This world needs to be burned.
(2.79 MB 864x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25222 Well if Russia has it's way, you may get your wish. I'd rather the comic industry burn. Speaking of which, what does everyone think the muslim response will be to MCU Kamala? Any hopes for outrage on Marvel's HQ in minecraft?
>>25223 That's not Carol Danvers. With luck Rogue still kills her though.
>>25217 >Men can't be objectified Women are objectified sexually, their only value is being sexy Men are objectified as sacrificial utilities, their only value is dying to protect women/kids
>>25225 i couldve phrased this better but i thinkmy point gets across well enough
>>25225 I disagree. Men build. They create. Their worth is in their vision. And the strength of their hands. To kill is a mans work, to die is a women's.
>>25227 still sacrifice their lifetime toiling to build civilization to make sure women and children are comfy
>>25228 I would argue they work not sacrifice, to create a place where they are happy to live. Women being comfortable is a side effect. Not the end goal.
>>25229 >Women being comfortable is a side effect. Not the end goal. there are men stuck paying child support for other mens kids, because its "the best interest of the child." ex husbands are held responsible for "maintaining the lifestyle their ex wife] became accustomed to" via alimoney/spousal support. in some countries it is even illegal to order a private paternity test because they dont want cucks weaseling out of their child support payments. society sees men as slaves whose only purpose is to work and die for women and kids. being an incel (aka not having female approval) is considered one of the biggest shames possible
>>25230 bringing it back to comics, the difference between superhero and supervillain is the heroes all die or risk death for women and kids at some point. if you have superpowers it is your responsibility to risk your life. that is literally the tagline in spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. when peter parker tries to take vacations or retire hes shown as selfish
>>25231 and thor too, when he takes a mental health break, hes shown as a fat lazy selfish cowardly slob. his job is to get back out there and die for women and kids. if earth was 100% grown men then his burden would be relieved, he would no longer be expected to risk death or to sacrifice anything.
>>25232 contrast that with female super"heroes" who have no expectation to die for anyone, theyre celebrated simply for being powerful, empowered, and sexy
(431.38 KB 1200x502 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25233 lmao wonderwoman's big "sacrifice" is that she had to let her boyfriend die.
God damnit anon all I want to do is fire my grappling hook to catwoman and Talia, you're telling me there are no good comics for that? Bullshit.
>>25204 >>25236 >What is the horniest/lewdest Batman comic? <the first few issues of Catwoman's New 52 run, where she fucks Batman and gave us this sequence <Batman Confidential #17-18 where Batgirl chased Catwoman into an nude club and had to strip to enter. <90's Catwoman drawn by Jim Balent, the guy that would go on to do Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.
(385.99 KB 1280x1916 RCO002.jpg)

(285.43 KB 1280x1940 RCO021.jpg)

>>25223 >Well if Russia has it's way, you may get your wish. Russia its hostile against porn and probably don't care about pandering to "neckbeards". Their industry don't have any jewish propaganda but the chance of any "big tiddie perfect girl" its low. Maybe I'm wrong anyways.
>>25239 My wish is for it all to burn. That's what he's refrencing.
How was heroines behavior before all the woke shit? It seems to be more cheerful and maybe "childish" in some cases, before everyone being a stone cold "independent women".
>>25237 Thanks, anon. >third image >that censoring Now that's funny.
(2.06 MB 947x1471 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25241 I know X-23 was more of a tortured character who wanted to actually find herself instead of living in Logan's shadow as his clone. WAS. Now she's just a generic Whedon quip machine that NEEDS to be Wolverine. Fucking Tom Taylor that bitchass motherfucker.
>>25244 I didn't disapprove until I was told that I did. I didn't care until I was told that I did. Now I'll do whatever it takes to see the authors and publishers dead and these stories erased from history. Congrats, I guess.
>>25245 Anon are you havin a laugh?
>>25216 >even before the era of woke said sexy women aren't allowed anymore. Weird thing its that there is a supposed "non-feminist" lesbian/bi women market that its ok or even demands sexy women with fanservice, a market that SJW seems to ignore.
(2.18 MB 1200x1823 ClipboardImage.png)

(902.30 KB 553x825 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25265 You'd think that. In my experience, most lesbians just want to turn women into ugly men.
>>25266 I say supposed
(161.84 KB 850x904 Bearhug.jpg)

>>25265 Look man it's not fanservice if Tan Amazoness Heroine #4 just happened to have her face buried in Big Tiddied Villainess #6 while bearhugging her. Now if Big Tiddied Villainess #6 happened to like that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that you bigot.
>>25214 >circumcise dick I knew that batfag was a jew weapon to keep the poor man down
Anon you're trying to hard.
>>25277 Circumcision is pretty standard in american hospitals, sadly.
>>25270 Too bad there isn't a drawfag around to redraw it.
(24.20 KB 600x338 awooga_awooga.jpg)

I recall hearing years ago an anon saying how they love how King of the Hill ended nicely with a big summer cookout, but that episode, where a different version of the main theme is played over the happy ending, is the 5th to last episode. There's four more after that, and the last one is a pretty regular episode where Kahn has manic mood swings, with a normal ending sequence. Why didn't they release To Sirloin with Love as the last episode? It would have been perfect.
>>25286 Either the network played the series in the order in which they were made or they thought Kahn suffering would be funny.
>>25288 I looked at their public air dates to be sure. The finale-like episode is also where it's finally revealed what Boomhauer does for a living just before the end. Zooms in on his wallet. He's a ranger.
>>25294 That's airdate order, but is it production order?
>>25295 The order they produced them is irrelevant if they didn't air the finale final. Just like how Smoking Bandit aired before Bystander Me, so Peggy was working at the Arlen Bystander before she ever got the job, creating a plothole.
>>25244 >guys on the internet mainly These people don't think of how pathetic its to give a bunch of potential losers behind a screen that much power?
>>25298 You can take it as a plothole, or you can just watch them in the order that was actually intended. Why you would want to deliberately make the show worse for yourself, instead of recognizing how the network fucked up, then just fixing their mistake when you watch it, is beyond me. This happens with many shows, and there is no reason to just damage your own enjoyment and not even see it the way the artists intended. It's not like anyone gives a fuck about what the network suits think. Nobody is defending them and saying you should watch it in their envisioned order, like some might do for the actual creators of the show. You should do what the actual creators intended, because by your own evidence, you'd enjoy it more.
(1.29 MB 640x984 ClipboardImage.png)

(828.18 KB 576x1023 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25316 Nope they really don't.
In the episode of King of the Kill where Donna goes crazy, is just me, or is she drawn significantly curvier than usual? And in the same episode, there's a bit where Melinda pulls up her shirt to show off her abs. This wasn't even really an episode about sex. Were the writers and animators just horny this episode? >>25317 >Why you would want to deliberately make the show worse for yourself I didn't know that was supposed to be the final episode until it was just about over and the alternate main theme began playing. Though I did have a feeling something was different towards the end when Bobby was winning a state competition solo. Things were just going too well too close to the end of the episode for them to pull a partial reversal and have Bobby take second place, like in the shooting competition.
>>25334 >Get your own identity. Oh god, it's a strawman gone wrong.
(7.61 MB 1920x2951 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.04 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25470 Oh you wanna see a strawman gone wrong?
>>25471 I've seen that one before though. The other was fresh to me.
>>25471 What I find hilarious is that I guarantee you the writer's sole argument against this sort of thinking is "people literally™ unironically think this" as a way of decrying it without making even the tiniest argument against it when writing either panel.
>>25473 Exactly why I posted them.
>>25473 Every single one of that people probably is lining up to lick Japan shoes, there is no point to "humanize" them or portrait them beyond a caricature.
>>25286 Fox decided to order an extra four episodes at the last minute. Those four were only aired in syndication.
>>25469 Yes, that sucks. My asking why you'd make it worse for yourself was in response to saying that production order is irrelevant. It isn't, obviously, and ignoring it when you've found evidence that it was obviously intended to be viewed differently is only harming yourself. But at least now in your head you can mentally rearrange the episodes into the proper order. A few years ago I rewatched the entire DCAU and tried to get it into the proper order, but some shows were meant to be viewed in production order, and others in chronological order. I didn't manage to guess right every time, but I made a chart as I watched, and noted what the right orders should have been. So it wasn't perfect when I last watched it, but it will be next time I watch it. Except I probably will never watch it all again because it's a fuckload of episodes and I don't have that kind of time. But at least I have my chart now.
>>25472 How come have you missed Whor era? That same issue has some of the dumbest writing I have ever seen in comics. >Absorbing man has Titania working with him >Titania takes a while to realize that Thor is a woman now >As soon as she does, she give up the fight in the name of sisterhood >She sucker punches absorbing man to knock him out, and lets herself and her partner be caught >This is accompanied by apology for Absorbing Man's behavior >Titania renders weeks of work, damage, money, and lets herself and her criminal associate to be put in prison for years just to own the misogynists Crap like that is why I can't take people claiming that Jason Aaron is a good writer seriously. This is as bad as America Chavez comic by Gabby Rivera.
Which are the recommended animated DC movies? I've watched >Mask of Phantasm(Liked it) >Return of the Joker(Really liked it) >The Dark Knight Returns(Also liked it) >Under the Red Hood(Plot made no sense by the end but damn if it didn't tug on my heart strings and I would love to see more red hood) >Assault on Arkham(Dumb fun but it felt off in the animation, in the sense that every sentence was followed by a pause at least a second longer than was necessary)
>>25651 Assault on Arkham is also a poor tie in to the Arkham games. As for other recommendations. >The Batman vs. Dracula >Batman Ninja (Subbed only. Dubs being terrible aside, the dub is literally adlibbed. They didn't translate the actual script.) >All-Star Superman >Superman/Batman: Apocalypse >Superman vs. The Elite >Justice League: The New Frontier >Justice League: Doom >Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths >Justice League: Gods & Monsters >Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
>>25651 Batman/Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero is pretty good. If you like Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker, this is the movie that goes between them (Well, in addition to a ton of episodes of tv shows). Also, Mystery of the Batwoman is the same continuity as well, releasing after Return of the Joker, and is also a pretty good movie.
>>25652 You'll have to find fansubs for Batman Ninja as well, due to the official subs being the dub dialogue.
>>25728 Actually there's 2 official subs. On the blu-ray itself, they included actual subs to the japanese dialogue.... in the special features. Rather than y'know the audio section of the menu.
>>25652 Gods and Monsters was quite nice. I liked those incarnations of Batman and Superman. Thanks anon!
>>25734 Ayyyy that's good to hear. Glad you enjoyed it.
What its the most edgy take in Archangel? There is others characters that anger its a big part in them? Not insanity or evil, just anger, aside of Hulk and the Red Lanterns.
>>25992 Speak english.
>Apparently there's an animated sequel to Under the Red Hood >kind of difficult to find >deeper digging reveals it's kind of an animated webcomic Choose Your Own Adventure where the only animated bits are used from Under the Red Hood and the rest are kind of phoned in God damnit. I don't want a sequel to UtRH I just want more of Red Hood interacting with Batman and Gotham as a whole. Even something like Arkham Knight barely delivered on that.
>>26046 There's Arkham Knight if you're that desperate.
>>26049 Like I said, it barely delivers on it. I wish it had more interactions between Batman and his allies beyond just Oracle. There's a part at the epilogue of the game where you go into the GCPD section where they have all the gadgets from the villains, there's a display for the Arkham Knight's helmet or gun or something where Gordon gives a brief summary of who the Knight is and how Batman acted kind of weird around him. I wished to see more of that.
>>26050 I think they cut down on the allies so they could give Mark Hamill a paycheck include the stupid Joker stuff, because we can't have a single piece of Batman media without the clown.
>>26051 >because we can't have a single piece of Batman media without the clown. It makes me so fucking angry that someone looked at the plot of Origins and went "early years batman being hunted down by 8 assassins on christmas eve isn't an interesting plot, let's have jokerfaggotry instead and push the assassins to a really tiny minor role besides Bane".
>>26052 It is shitty that they spent a bunch of the marketing hyping up Deathstroke, only to boil him down to one boss fight in the early game.
(1.66 MB 2151x545 d.png)

I miss how acceptable big breasted women in cartoons used to be, such a shame that liberals now listened to the worst examples of women when making female characters.
>>26302 This is a factor in the incel problem?
>>26308 What's with the uptick in reddit tier responses?
>>26309 I'm saying that it seems that most kids exposed to "sexy women" in cartoons and video games ended being incels today, still better than being brainwashed by SJW I guess.
>>26310 That is "video games cause violence" tier reasoning.
>>26071 Calling it a boss fight was too generous(I cannot understand anyone who actually liked that fight) but that's the issue with so many of the assassins, instead of building up the stakes to a climax they show up only to be put down as fast as possible. Come to think of it that was also the case with a lot of the side missions in Knight/City as well.
(1.77 MB 640x360 DC Showcase Catwoman.mp4)

Now here's a very important, serious, not magical realm question(that my friend wanted me to ask) for the purposes of research. Would Batman be a better story if it was a Black General type deal with all of his villains being lusty ladies who want his dick and do crime for his attention, to his increasing frustration?
(2.37 MB 1078x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>26339 Comics would have to be able to tell a story first. That said, it would make at least characters like Harley Quinn better if she was made a Joker henchman turned Batman fangirl. Catwoman's already a whore for his attention. Poison Ivy's just a hippie.
>>26339 What makes Batman stories fun is to mix cape comics paraphernalia with detective comic stories and tropes and to see a guy obsessed over the death of his parents to recover from every hit he takes. How would you fit "villains being lusty ladies who want his dick and do crime for his attention" on that?
>>26346 "I can't fuck these ladies, take responsibility, give them pearls and be a parent because I've lost mine".
>>26346 >How would you fit "villains being lusty ladies who want his dick and do crime for his attention" on that? Have you ever read a noir story?
>>26339 Noir could work but I'm wondering what other settings, plots and characters could make this actually work apart from being cheap smut. Maybe an Alice in Wonderland type scenario where Batman is a warden at Arkham and the villianesses adopt their persona due to their trauma that Batman has to heal?
>>26350 >Batman is a warden at Arkham and the villianesses adopt their persona due to their trauma that Batman has to heal I can see a VN working with this premise.
>>26345 >That said, it would make at least characters like Harley Quinn better if she was made a Joker henchman turned Batman fangirl. What would make Harley Quinn better was if she was back to being a villain, a Joker henchman with a somewhat tragic backstory. Trying to make her anything more than that has been a disaster.
>>26352 >>26345 Instead of making Harley a Batman fangirl, wouldn't it just be easier to make a version of the Joker that's a woman from the start and just have her be a psycho yandere for Batman like the Joker already is.?
>>26353 Martha Wayne? A live action female Joker can even work? Who would be the actress?
>>26352 A Joker henchman yes but a villain on her own is bad. If she isn't Joker's henchman or Batman's crazy cum dump then there's no point to have her. >>26353 What're you fuckin gay?
>>26356 Man clearly wants clown titties, how is that gay?
>>26357 Because he has to genderbend Joker to get them instead of just using Harley.
>>26350 Believe it or not I don't want it to be completely smut. Just a bit smutty. I was replaying Arkham Knight recently and there's this bit with Catwoman after she's caught by riddler, she goes >You haven't apologized <For what >For this, criminals like Eddie left me alone until I started associating with you. They think I help you. And Kevin Conroy responds, in the most "I'm so tired of this shit" voice <You do.
>>26356 >A Joker henchman yes but a villain on her own is bad. It can work for the rare story where for some reason Joker isn't there. There can be one story where she tries to pull herself away from him, only to find she can't actually bring herself to do it, and come crawling back in the end. There can be a story or two where Joker is missing and Harley thinks she is fulfilling his wishes while he's away. But yes, even a story where Joker isn't actually there, Harley should still intrinsically be his henchman.
Any page for wallpapers?
(3.23 MB 1920x1080 Riddler mate.png)

>>26339 This was not what I meant.
>>25471 First one you hide redskull and normalfags will agree with it and realize its a straw man gone wrong. Second one is going too strong on keywords that triggers their training and they will immediately refuse it
(319.33 KB 600x726 demon vag.jpg)

It's is true that Frank become a icon for police and military (ignoring any character background) or was exaggerated?
>>26809 A lot of Military guys used the Punisher skull, but mostly because it looked cool. Military guys tend to use a lot of stuff because it looks cool without really caring where it comes from. I remember a couple guys not using the Punisher skull, but instead the symbol of the Iron Warriors from 40k.
(30.80 KB 743x1000 Punisher.png)

>>26809 Exaggerated. The skull simply looks cool and edgy in a way that appeals to normalfags who've never touched a Punisher comic in their lives. "The Punisher is an icon for police/military" just seems like an easy spin for Marvel to rage-bait people into reading another Jason Aaron story.
>>26810 >I remember a couple guys not using the Punisher skull, but instead the symbol of the Iron Warriors from 40k. There's a joke in there somewhere.
(295.62 KB 1355x1121 j.jpg)

Recommend me some 90s cartoons with attractive women who are skinny with hour glass bodies like Jessica rabbit with big boobs. I've already have Animaniacs, King of the Hill, who framed Roger Rabbit,
(612.37 KB 2312x3584 Inquisiton.webp)

>>26810 >>26932 I saw a bunch of pics of russians and ukranians using the symbols of the inquisition or other imperial logos in the ongoing war, shits hilarius.
>>26809 The question is: did they manage to sell Ninja Punisher at all?
Seeing all the lewds posted on /delicious/ and /ss/, I want to know, what is the list of shows, made in the past decade, that are actually worth watching and/or are non-pozzed?
>>28637 That's a pretty loaded question. It'd be easier to point out shows to avoid than shows that aren't pozzed.
>>28637 Primal, the only one I can think of.
>>28641 Just list off all the ones worth watching in green text, and pink text it if the show is pozzed despite being worth watching. Sort of like: >Good Cartoon 1 >Good Cartoon 2 <Good Cartoon 3 >Good Cartoon 4
>>28643 I'll just recommend Over The Garden Wall, Primal, & Kid Cosmic. I know at least Hilda has interracial couples. Don't know if it has any gays shoved into it but it is on Netflix.
>>28483 People only care about Marvel censoring the original skull, others complain about taking Frank out of the "street/semi-realistic" environment. It seems that the comic retcon Franks origin and also gave him superpowers
Out of curiousity, if modern capeshit writers are so obsessed with making villains out to be good guys, why do they never do anything like have Poison Ivy "greenifying" absolute deserts like North Africa and West Taiwan? You know, solve real problems.
>>29075 Because they're not good writers, the characters aren't good people, & the companies don't wanna piss off China.
>>29076 That, and their obsession with thinking that making something subversive is automatically clever and interesting. It isn't, especially now that antiheroes are the biggest cliche there is.
>>29075 The problem with the big two is the status quo of real life. The geopolitical nature of the world can't deviate much from the real world except for 'what if's. The mere presence of all these superpeople, let alone their actions, should change the course of history. The world should become it's own setting like DnD, or maybe fallout would be a better example. Instead, the timeline keeps grabbing things back from ours, mere lip service is paid to events that should be world-changing, and the world isn't allowed to have things like greenification of deserts happen. That said, deserts have their own flora and fauna so terraforming them may have a negative effect on said lifeforms. That's just off the top of my head though.
>>29102 >That said, deserts have their own flora and fauna so terraforming them may have a negative effect on said lifeforms. I mean things like the Sahara, where nothing grows. I don't mean "deserts" like the Middle East and Midwest America.
>>29102 Almost like superhero stories shouldn't be reflections of reality but what we should strive to be & dream of. Almost like it should be entertainment first or something. From there you can still have conflicts & allusions to reality but from the lens of a fictional world tackling the problems. Star Trek did it for decades.
>>29075 I'm pretty sure various villains have done that. I could have sworn I read some Swamp Thing stories from like 2014 about precisely what you describe. Might have been Floronic Man doing it, though. Or maybe that was a different but similar story since of course Swamp Thing would deal with stuff like that often. As has been mentioned, the stories end up being about how it doesn't actually help as much as it just disrupts equilibrium and causes more damage. >>29102 Watchmen and some other stories are about what you describe, the effect of these things on the world. That's why things work best when very specific real world events aren't mentioned often. 9/11 making Doctor Doom and Magneto cry is famously stupid since they do things a million times worse than 9/11 every day. Meanwhile, in the DC Universe, Imperiex was busy destroying the entire universe, and tons of major characters died, but to be fair, I can't recall any times DC actually mentioned 9/11 in universe. Because maybe it happened, but nobody would care since the world is such a nightmarish hellscape that 9/11 wouldn't even be newsworthy. Also, DC is helped by the fact Lex Luthor was president at the time, so there was no George Bush to set up the inside job. President Luthor's inside job was a giant kryptonite meteor instead. Much cooler. I mostly bring this up to point out how stupid it is to have Spider-Man meet Obama. Things like that shouldn't be referenced very specifically, especially by that point in the timeline, because yeah, things would change, and it's more fun if it's more sci-fi and more related to the story. I can buy early stories having Kennedy or Johnson or Nixon as president, but after a point it begins to beg the question of why things haven't changed more. On the other hand, sliding timescales make it so the past essentially becomes more and more like our world as it shifts further and further into the past. The Fantastic Four were the first people on the moon, until the timescale slid far enough so that their origin story took place after Apollo 11, so now Armstrong was the first guy on the moon.
>>29075 >why do they never do anything like have Poison Ivy "greenifying" absolute deserts like North Africa and West Taiwan? You know, solve real problems. Aside from the obvious, that'd be a bad fit for Ivy, given that Swamp Thing already exists and even the most charitable interpretations treat her "love" for plants as an extension of her psychopathy. Plus, it'd make DC pairing her with Harley Quinn more ridiculous.
>>29126 Yeah, the only "heroic" thing I could see Ivy doing is finally killing the Joker when he inevitably kills Harley at some point and then Batman stops her because "muh justice, muh due process, you can't kill my genocidal clown boyfriend."
>>29123 >9/11 making Doctor Doom and Magneto cry I would have thought Magneto would be happy given 9/11 was a triumph over the goyim non-mutants. > I can't recall any times DC actually mentioned 9/11 in universe. They might have just relegated it to special issues with Superman flying down meeting NYPD and NYCFD personnel and posed in front of the American flag at Ground Zero. But not in the mainline universe, no. The only reason I can think people would support real life events in comics is trying to go back to WW2 and say, "We had Superman fighting Nazis and Captain America punching Hitler so comics have always reflected the real world 1:1" Ignoring what propaganda is and the purpose it serves vs. regular storytelling.
>>29276 >reading dark avengers thunderbolts because bullseye and gargan venom >there is like 3 times when iron patriot osborn starts to talk about "in universe" politics like why the chinese radioactive men needs to hide his face to not show a chink beating american men, show the thunderbolts as non-lethal as possible and make songbird the leader because she was the most "friendly-looking" of the team I read it a time ago and not full I read Siege instead after a few volumes but probably there is a lot of that. Also the time when JJ Jameson prefer to have Moonstone Ms.Marvel instead of Gargan Spider-Man as the hero city because "sex sells" textually.

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