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(610.38 KB 1400x2152 91MAb2LGN1L.jpg)
(461.99 KB 1920x1080 mcu-1920x1080-1.jpg)
General Toku/Kaiju thread Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:16:26 No. 1456
Is the MCU considered a Tokusatsu? Other shows/toons and comics that could be considered Toku? What happened to the Power Rangers BOOM! comic? I was posting the PR comic general a couple years back but since Kyle Higgins got replaced as a writer around the Shattered Grid event which seemed hurried as hell I lost interest and the previews just smelled like shark jumping, also the Go Go series, which started pretty weak but it git gud later only to be dragged into the Shattered Grid mess.
>>1456 >Is the MCU considered a Tokusatsu? By the technical definition of the word, yes. Anything with special effects is tokusatsu. >Other shows/toons and comics that could be considered Toku? It has to be live action with special effects to be tokusatsu.
>>1456 >Is the MCU considered a Tokusatsu? Technically. >Other shows/toons and comics that could be considered Toku? Anything with the Aquabats. >What happened to the Power Rangers BOOM! comic? I heard its doing really well financially and getting sequels and crossovers. There used to be an Anon that storytimed the comics but I guess he got lost when 8ch went down.
>>1465 >There used to be an Anon that storytimed the comics Read the OP >Aquabats I really gotta start watching that. >>1461 >It has to be live action with special effects to be tokusatsu. As you said, that's by the technical definition, but we all know there's a toku feel on things.
France Five just released their Making -Of series but is only the last two episodes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U72LNVUB1Sk&list=PLA6qEpt1RAspV1vb5aFEbk1zYgpgAN8yj&index=3&t=0s
(267.62 KB 1280x720 968072-0-q80.jpg)
>>1466 My mistake, but honestly he should continue to storytime them. The main series was getting rushed but it was still enjoyable.
(234.03 KB 780x1147 4dOAjZjBZXIfJytFIGPersyBaOQ.jpg)
(92.28 KB 1280x720 ultimate way big.jpg)
(209.91 KB 879x1360 71UAcWf19IL.jpg)
(649.18 KB 1400x2164 91XTKCtyfmL.jpg)
>>1466 Toku isn't a genre, it's a medium. But yes cartoons & comics inspired by tokusatsu media can exist even if they are technically not tokusatsu.
>>1467 >>1468 First time I heard of them, is it any good? >>1466 They're making mini episodes on their YouTube channel.
>>1499 Is a 6 episode passion project. It started as, I guess affectionate parody is the term. Is good.
>>1501 Isnt that more comedy then toku?
>>1500 Good to hear.
(430.47 KB 1200x1049 EaL1OvsUEAA6tFr.jpeg)
Looks like Go Go Power Rangers is coming to an end.
(571.06 KB 1500x2310 ultraman2020001_cov.jpg)
Marvel is doing an Ultraman comic.
>>1996 At least the cover art is good.
>>1996 I didn't know this. >>2016 It's by Alex Ross isn't it? His stuff is usually good.
(1.42 MB 2435x4096 power-rangers-new-relaunch-01.jpg)
(1018.78 KB 1280x2153 esJKxy78fXr5QPuNn2Eqs7.jpg)
Boom is relaunching their Power Rangers comics. MMPR and Go Go are ending and they are being replaced by 2 comics called "Mighty Morphin" and "Power Rangers". There is also going to be a new green ranger. It's going to be fucking Drakken, isn't it.
>>3037 >A ranger team with a green and white ranger together What heresy is this?
>>3041 Power Rangers is already heretical to Super Sentai.
>>3044 Oh dont get snippy here.
>>3045 I'm getting snippy, all right! Dairanger, where the White Ranger is originally from, had a green ranger on the original team from the offset.
>>3046 those 90s japanese people look so happy...i feel envy. On my region they dubbed Flashman, Liveman and Jiban back in the early 90s. Wonder if they had continued dubbing more sentai shows if PR never existed.
>>3044 Not really, Super Sentai was borne out of the Marvel team up with Toei in the late seventies (because Stan Lee was in hyper shill mode then) giving us Battle Fever J. So if anything, Power Rangers is just a boomerang effect of an American inspired product coming back to it's shores.
>>3048 It's not a boomerang effect if it's just using the footage then stitching it together with amateur sitcom acting. If it was original creations inspired heavily by Super Sentai then it'd be a different story.
>>3048 1: GoRanger and JAKQ predate Battle Fever 2: it was the brainchild of Shotaro Ishinomori, who also created Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009, and the Link to the Past comic that ran in Nintendo Power for a solid year
Looks like they're going to release a prequel comic for Godzilla vs Kong and the film on time. https://archive.is/PrPGW
>>3067 I was gonna ask how this was even possible. I saw Skull Island and King of Monsters, Godzilla is so fucking OP, Kong doesn't stand a chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqCUDh73G-M
>>3068 To be fair that was a temporary power boost. As long as Kong can avoid the atomic breath, he has a fighting chance.
>>3070 Just shove a tree down his throat like the last time.
>>3087 That movie ended in a draw.
>>3088 Im pretty sure toho said kong won but left a roar at the end to not disappoint any team godzilla people.
>>3089 Can't find anything about that.
>>3090 >Since King Kong was seen as the bigger draw (at the time, he was even more popular in Japan than Godzilla), and since Godzilla was still a villain at this point in the series, it led to the decision to not only give King Kong top billing, but also to present him as the winner of the climactic fight. While the ending of the film does look somewhat ambiguous, Toho confirmed that King Kong was indeed the winner in their 1962/63 English-language film brochure Toho Films Vol. 8, which states in the film's plot synopsis, A spectacular duel is arranged on the summit of Mt. Fuji, and King Kong is victorious. https://www.kaijubattle.net/kaiju-movie-database/king-kong-vs-godzilla
>>3099 Well how about that.
If we're talking about cartoons then Godzilla The Series was really good. It had some of the most creative monster designs I've seen in tokusatsu.
>>3099 I really don't get how it's even debatable, other than the old rumor that Japan received a different cut of the movie. Watching the movie, of course King Kong wins. Godzilla lost in every movie up to that point because he was a bad guy. King Kong wasn't. A roar doesn't mean it's a draw. Godzilla might have survived, but he obviously lost the fight. This is like Homer Simpson going "Joke's on you, I'm still alive."
>>5539 Nigger he literally gave you proof to the context behind the movie's two different cuts & you're just ignoring it.
>>5541 I wasn't contradicting the post I was replying to. The post I was replying to also said King Kong won. I was just adding my comment that the idea that it's even a "tie" is ridiculous to anyone who actually watched the movie.
>>5542 Just based on the actual japanese version of the movie, no you can't say for certain who won. Kong just turns around & leaves back to his island. With Godzilla presumably swimming underwater. There's no in movie definitive winner. Hence why the original post says that the winner was only officially declared by outside material.
>>5544 >Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe. After beating Godzilla's ass and stopping Godzilla from wrecking shit. Kong achieved his goal of stopping Godzilla, Godzilla failed in his goal of continuing to wreck shit. It's incredibly clear. Godzilla being alive doesn't mean it's a tie.
>>5550 Did you even watch the movie? Kong's goal was never to save Japan from Godzilla. He was just as destructive. The humans just forced them to fight to resolve the problem of them rampaging. Kong walking away is literally just him giving up & going home.
>>5554 He got tired and went home after fighting Godzilla and seeing that Godzilla got tossed into the water and didn't want to come back up to fight anymore. The fight was over and Kong wasn't the one who bitched out and stopped fighting first.
>>5574 You can argue who won or lost till the cows come home but the official statement is Kong won while the movie itself leaves it open to who was truly the victor.
>>5575 The movie itself doesn't, though. >Guy 1 and Guy 2 are fighting >Guy 2 gets knocked down and stops fighting >realizing Guy 2 stopped fighting and the fight is over, Guy 1 goes home >but Guy 2 is still alive, so actually the fight is a tie
>>5580 Wait that is actually what you think? I was expressing it that way to point out the absurdity of it. Guy 1 got his ass beat and stopped fighting. Guy 2 seeing that Guy 1 stopped fighting, and then going home, doesn't mean that it's a tie. A fight doesn't have to end in death to have a very obvious victor.
>>5592 Assuming you didn't mean to reply to yourself, I'm telling you very carefully here & I hope you listen. The official statement on the film is that Kong won. But JUST FROM THE MOVIE ITSELF it's left unclear & undecided who truly won the fight. You can easily interpret it as Kong giving up OR Godzilla losing by knockout. All I've been saying is that the movie does not make it clear. Hence why SECONDARY MATERIAL had to be used to clear up the confusion.
(16.19 KB 1691x89 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5603 >But JUST FROM THE MOVIE ITSELF it's left unclear & undecided who truly won the fight. But it's not. Go watch the movie. It's 100% clear Kong won. How can you possibly interpret it as Kong giving up? Godzilla is the one who stopped fighting. Kong only leaves after the fight is over, and the fight is over because Godzilla got tossed into the water and was too big a bitch to come back up and keep fighting. >>5604 That's not what retcon means. It's just a statement by the company. Author statements, "word of god," are not the same as retcons. A retcon would be if a later story revealed that right after the end of the movie, Godzilla actually popped back up and continued the fight that everyone thought was over, and then later in this now continued fight, a new situation arose which was more like a draw. It would be new continuity that was added in retroactively. Retroactive continuity. Also, counting word of god over what is seen in the actual published material is retarded. George Lucas can call Lightsabers "Laser Swords" as much as he wants, but they're not called that in the movie. If Christopher Nolan comes out tomorrow and says that Batman died in Batman Begins, that wouldn't make it true. Just watch the movie for yourself. Akira Toriyama forgot that Super Saiyan 2 even existed, and made statements where he referred to Super Saiyan 3 as Super Saiyan 2. That doesn't mean that it is actually 2. It doesn't override what he actually put in the story. But if he did a new story where he revealed new info that somehow recontextualized things so that 3 was actually always called 2, but we just didn't know it, then that would be a retcon.
>>5606 A retcon does not have to be through a story. The company have the final say on matters of their productions. You're just blatantly denying reality now.
>>5608 Word of God should never be considered canon. It's certainly not the same as a retcon. Creators change their minds about ideas all the time before they make it to actual publication. Creators also forget and misremember things. Wolverine was originally supposed to be a wolverine mutated to be like a human, not the other way around. Chris Claremont has stated as much. But they never actually published a story where this was revealed. Are we supposed to act confused because Word of God is contradicted by things that were actually published? I've seen so many people on /co/ act confused over the years because they hear an interview where some creator says something which they take as canon despite not actually making it into the story, then later when a story comes out that's not what that creator said in an interview, they act like the story is contradictory and a "retcon" or "plothole." But that isn't what those words mean, and stuff said outside the actual works isn't actually canon anyway. This is all very beside the point that the claim that "the movie itself" makes the fight look like a tie is ridiculous. The movie itself has one guy get thrown off a cliff and not resurface to continue fighting. The other guy then goes home, since the first guy stopped fighting. That's not a draw. This is practically Wimp Lo logic.
>>5609 That's all just your opinion, man.
So, how bad are they going to mess it up?
(946.31 KB 320x240 Izanagi.gif)
(1.03 MB 320x240 Korrag.gif)
(973.41 KB 320x240 Magnam.gif)
(1.73 MB 320x240 Morphin jason.gif)
(853.16 KB 320x240 SPD Emergency gif.gif)
>>1456 I liked Shattered Grid. Everything since that has just been a pile of shit. PR went from the only comic book I was reading since Marvel and DC went pozzed to another pozzed comic book that proves the industry is dead. Which is sad because Higgins run was everything I wanted content and tone wise from a PR reboot for a YA audience. It's cool though because I do autistic RP of toku characters in City of Heroes. Pretty good fun.
>>7141 I hoped the Ranger Slayer continuation would be good yet I keep hearing its a disappointment.
>>7097 I don't get why American Godzilla gets so much flack. Sure, 90's Zilla wasn't good but King of Monsters is leagues better than The Three Headed Monster. Both plots are thin paper, both have flat characters that aren't worth for shit, as for special effects, the whole point of Toku, there isn't even a competition. And King of Monsters at least TRIES to not have a thin plot and characters and make it engaging. There's obviously very good Toho movies but the gatekeeping on the western production seems very silly when out of all 4 American Godzilla productions 1 is really good, 1 is fun, 1 is boring and 1 is bad but not as bad as the worst in the japanese library.
>>7157 I thought people liked King of The Monsters, I mean I understand why people would complain how its constantly cluttered with rain but I thought people liked the film overall.
>they almost made Godzilla fuck Kong in the next film The hell is going through the producers mind? >>7160 It is but for some dumb reason people expect the human element to be good in a Godzilla film, granted ShinGodzilla did set a high bar.
>>7713 >The hell is going through the producers mind? The question you should be asking is whether someone already made smut of it yet.
>>7713 That's concept art for a fucking figure you disingenuous faggot, and it doesn't reflect on anything in the movie the figure maker just thought it would be cool to combine the two.
>>7742 >fucking figure you disingenuous faggot Calm down, it was a shitpost. Of course they're not going to make a giant mutated dinosaur fuck an oversized ape.
>>7713 >It is but for some dumb reason people expect the human element to be good in a Godzilla film Although like 90% of Godzilla movies have awful human elements, I don't think it's wrong to at least want them to actually be good. Otherwise just get rid of them and cut to the fucking chase. King Kong actually generally has good human characters and stories, so it would have been reasonable to expect the American Kong/Godzilla crossover universe to be reasonable in that regard. Shin Godzilla has an okay human story, but the characters are all very muddled and forgettable. Which is fine if they all serve their role in the story, but I certainly wouldn't say the story is anywhere near as good as King Kong or its two direct remakes, nor is it as good as the original Godzilla. The only other Godzilla movie I'd say has a good human element at all is Final Wars, because at least there the humans did action scenes, too, so even if they didn't make for a very compelling story, they weren't that much more boring than the monsters. Actually, I can almost respect the story in Godzilla's Revenge, the one where the whole movie is just in a kid's mind. It might still be the worst kaiju movie Toho ever made, but at least I can kind of remember a couple of the main characters in it, which is more than I can usually say in a kaiju movie. I know it won't happen because it's too expensive, but let's be honest here, all anyone really wants is 90 minutes of monsters kicking the shit out of each other. I'll gladly take a more artsy movie like the original Godzilla, but that usually isn't what we get either, and even when they try, it's never as good as that original.
>>7780 Shin lost me when Godzilla evolved into a laser porcupine and every *American* was flanderized to hell. I don't mind new takes on Godzilla but if you're going for the serious route, having him shoot a new form of his atomic breathe is cool and all but later multiplying it by 5 ruins it.
(50.57 KB 1920x909 godzilla-vs-kong-2.jpg)
(102.92 KB 1920x906 godzilla-vs-kong-1.jpg)
>two largest monsters finally duking it out again after several years <its going to get an instant streaming release
I'll be honest, I kinda wanted Kong to be smaller.
(200.76 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>Boom crowdfunds a PR hardcover collection <The usual crowd throws a bitch fit as another company circumvents their power I just hope they dont bend the knee like Archie did.
>>9048 How does one bend knees when your backers gave 500 USD on average for it?
(2.72 MB 2016x3072 Gojira_1954_poster_3.jpg)
>>7743 >Of course they're not going to make a giant mutated dinosaur fuck an oversized ape. Dreams crushed. >>7878 >>7831 They've never been able to return to the feel of the Showa era. Even the Heisei era Godzilla, which was pretty good, didn't quite get back to that feel.
>>9074 Godzilla 2014 almost got it right, sadly it got really corny by the end.
(1.43 MB 2764x4096 EsRUFLjU0AEggnI.jpg)
Poster looks nice but they honestly should've chosen a different tag line.
>>9088 Should've been something like "The Battle for the Crown" or "The War of Kings".
>>9092 I would've gone with "Clash of The Titans".
Great, more teen drama.
(379.94 KB 1454x2048 ElTI83lUYAAQBTN.jpg)
>>9095 I mean that's not different from what Japan is planning.
(148.63 KB 635x457 1447475203042.png)
>>9096 >putting burger teen dramas on the same pedestal as jap ones
>>9096 By the cover alone I wouldn't have never guess that's supposed to be a Godzilla comic
>>9117 But it has a silhouette of Godzilla in the background.
>>9117 It's an anime.
>>9139 Even worst >>9119 It's not the focus, like those Mickey Mouse doujins where there's a cute picture of Mickey with a small +18 down in a corner.
I wish they'd stop putting rap music in movie trailers.
>>9153 >Old man Kong is going to sacrifice himself for a little girl Jesus christ. Every fucking time. Do they think this symbolism is subtle? They have to do it in every fucking franchise? I accepted when Wolverine did it, and I suppose when Rambo did it it was fine since the stupid bitch died too, but I thought it could never get more absurd than when Planet of the Apes did it. But here we are.
>>9157 Does Ripley and Newt from Aliens count too?
>>9158 You know I'm glad that they only made 2 Alien movies. Imagine if they'd made another movie where they killed off Newt and Ripley and then followed that up pointless sequel after pointless sequel for the next two decades? >>9140 >like those Mickey Mouse doujins where there's a cute picture of Mickey with a small +18 down in a corner. Or worse those Winnie the Pooh doujins where there's a cute picture of Pooh and Christopher Robin with a small +18 down in a corner. Don't look it up.
>>9158 Depends, are we strictly talking about a father-daughter bond or is it just Parent-child.
>>9140 >>9159 >like those Mickey Mouse doujins where there's a cute picture of Mickey with a small +18 down in a corner. >Or worse those Winnie the Pooh doujins where there's a cute picture of Pooh and Christopher Robin with a small +18 down in a corner
>>9161 Yes I agree. That's the correct response.
(2.10 MB 1000x1399 2.png)
(3.95 MB 2040x2880 24.png)
(5.48 MB 2059x2880 1.png)
>>9140 >like those Mickey Mouse doujins where there's a cute picture of Mickey with a small +18 down in a corner. >>9159 > those Winnie the Pooh doujins where there's a cute picture of Pooh and Christopher Robin with a small +18 down in a corner. Which one?
(403.89 KB 640x360 oh fuck no.webm)
>>9164 The Mickey ones make me feel nothing but I have to admit the Christopher Robin ones upset me a little. If anyone hasn't already looked up The secret of Christopher Robin then I would suggest not doing that.
>>9160 >>9158 Note how it's most often old man sacrificing for little girl. There are a couple slight variations, but the fact that he's old is important, so they can push the "future is female" message more strongly. God of War gets to count too, since it might be a boy, but the symbolism of making Kratos a relative soyboy is still pushed. The Last of Us is the ur-example, even though he doesn't die, but all the ridiculously obvious symbolism is there. Other obvious examples of the symbolism, though perhaps in slightly less obvious presentations, would include Avengers Infinity War, where Iron Man is given a daughter to motivate him toward sacrifice, despite her not existing in previous movies or in the source material. And if they get the chance, they'll do the same with Hawkeye and the daughter they gave him in the movie, since they showed him showing her how to use a bow. I don't know if it works for Ripley, not just because she is female, but because she's actually more of a badass in the second movie than she is in the first. It's not about her learning to become quiet and feminized, or sacrificing herself for a symbol of femininity or anti-masculinity, it's about adding an angry mother element to her character, to justify her being a badass when she wasn't before. Ripley is an example not just of a good character, but of symbolism done right. At least in the second movie. In the third the whole story is fucking garbage the third act is pretty awesome, though and Resurrection is just retarded enough that I don't think anyone would make the mistake of thinking that there is any deeper meaning behind it. I liked Covenant a lot.
>>9166 >I don't know if it works for Ripley, not just because she is female, but because she's actually more of a badass in the second movie than she is in the first. Newt is a surrogate for Ripley's daughter that died from old age while Ripley was lost in hypersleep after the first movie. >Kong I don't really get the same vibe from Kong and the little girl. It comes more across as a Gamera kind of thing or a Mighty Joe Young kind of thing.
>>9168 >Newt is a surrogate for Ripley's daughter that died from old age while Ripley was lost in hypersleep after the first movie. Yes, I'm aware. That's why it works as more of a "mama bear" thing than a "future is female" thing. >I don't really get the same vibe from Kong and the little girl. It comes more across as a Gamera kind of thing or a Mighty Joe Young kind of thing. >being optimistic What year do you think it is?
>>9183 Not the same Anon but its looking more as a generic trope then anything else.
>>9188 They've made it a generic trope over the last decade. Even less, over the last seven or eight years.
>>9194 Kid or little kid plus big pet animal was a thing for a long as while now.
(58.40 KB 620x960 EsnJMapXMAMCvEJ.jpg)
(230.83 KB 2048x1364 Esn1CqDXIAUorf1.jpg)
(67.38 KB 640x935 EsoUopeWMAAmD2s.jpg)
I'll be honest the Godzilla vs Kong shitposting has become an amusing guilty pleasure.
>>9235 If only that's what this was going to be. I wish I could be as naive and hopeful as you.
>>9283 Nigger how are two little girls going to replace fucking kaiju?
(166.68 KB 1669x740 Es9FsURXcAMIdl6.jpg)
>>9280 a lot of it aint bad.
>>9153 Kong was never a godzilla style kajiu. This is not only dumb but also anathema to everything about King Kong
>>9284 Is it two? I thought only one. They probably aren't doing any sequels after this. They probably wouldn't have even done this one after the performance of the previous Godzilla movie, but they were already locked in. Plenty of stories with this premise don't actually have sequels. The metaphor remains the same. >>9286 Like Godzilla, King Kong has the one "good" movie, then it has a bunch of fun schlock. Well the original King Kong has plenty of "fun" parts to it, but you get my point. They've remade King Kong several times, and done plenty of sequels where it's not very different from what we're seeing here. Not to mention tv shows and the like. Godzilla sequels aren't exactly faithful to the original movie either, except for rare occasions which are usually reboots. They both work the same way.
(425.22 KB 982x768 KKvG.jpg)
>>9286 Are you unfamiliar with the 3rd Godzilla Movie?
(38.62 KB 853x448 mothra5.jpg)
(26.24 KB 415x600 FrankensteinPhoto1.jpg)
>>9284 >Nigger how are two little girls going to replace fucking kaiju? There's a couple of ways actually. >Mothra comes back Having them secretly be the Shobijin would make all sorts of sense. >Frankenstein reboot While unlikely but having two little kids turn into Gargautuas and fight would be hilariously weird for an American movie.
>>9291 That's all kinds of stupid. >>9287 Two. Kong's little girl & Millie Brown, or whatever the fuck her name is, for Godzilla. You're really reaching for something to angry at just because there's little girls tied to the monsters in the loosest of ways based only on one trailer.
>>9304 >That's all kinds of stupid. It's just what one might expect out of Hollywood though.
>>9304 >You're really reaching God, I hope you're right. I want to be wrong. I really do. But I'm very on edge after seeing so many stories do it. If Caesar from Planet of the Apes can do it, then so can King Kong.
>>9320 >>9235 >>9166 It is quite the overused character dynamic. It's more or less just a newer version of the kid tag-along character from the 80s. Where the kid is placed or is places himself in a dangerous situation for the real main character to save him. Unless they do something new or more fresh with the kid, like telling Kong to fight Godzilla for her people, I can see any moment with her and Kong will be more or less nothing than played out filler.
>>9319 I really doubt they'd blow the final movie installment that hard. Plus they already referenced the fairy twins in King of the Monsters with the chinese sisters. >>9320 Man Planet of the Apes is a stupid example too. Especially because there were no female apes given focus. Caesar left behind two sons & Nova is more like a pet than an important character. You're jumping at shadows here.
>>9323 The latest Planet of the Apes was practically a remake of Logan with Old Man Caesar as Old Man Logan and Nova as X-23. >>9321 >It's more or less just a newer version of the kid tag-along character from the 80s. Where the kid is placed or is places himself in a dangerous situation for the real main character to save him. It gets much more specific than that. This isn't Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane being saved by Superman. It's not just a kid sidekick, it's specifically an old man version of a previously established action hero learning that the world is no longer the one he knew, and sacrificing himself for a little girl, which represents the future. Come on, this is the Literature 101, which is probably why all these hack modern writers do it.
>>9326 Not at all. I've seen the damn movie. Caesar takes in Nova but the orangutan is the one that's primarily looking after her. Caesar is more concerned with his mission & there's nothing implying she's "replacing him". Stop being so fucking paranoid. It's making you look like a schizo.
>>9153 Hold up a fucking second! The previous three films established that the titans are "forces of nature". Now, they're turning the titans into Pokemon?
>>9434 You've never seen a Godzilla film before?
(37.21 KB 400x599 godzilla-1998_poster.jpg)
>>9435 Outside of WB's series? <Just the '98 film. And, as far as kaiju films in general, the only Japanese one I remember viewing was Gamera on MST3K.
>>9436 Boy you're in for a rude awakening.
(1.72 MB 285x300 1442797613835.gif)
>>9436 You are the absolute bottom of the barrel casual when it comes to Godzilla, go watch something Showa era.
>>9434 >Now, they're turning the titans into Pokemon? Nigger what are you even saying? >>9436 >only seen 98 American Zilla Fuck off & torrent some Heisei movies at least. Good lord.
>>9328 >Caesar takes in Nova but the orangutan is the one that's primarily looking after her. Caesar is the leader and very much concerned with Nova. This "difference" is superficial. Old man sacrificing self for little girl is in too many damn movies in the last eight years or so. >>9436 Gamera isn't a Godzilla movie. Rival film franchise. Never crossed over. Though they should.
>>9467 Nigger he dies after his tribe was finally lead to safety. Stop being a stupid fucking cunt looking for shit to get mad at in movies where it isn't there!
>>9468 >Nigger he dies after his tribe was finally lead to safety. Yes. The tribe and Nova, who was suddenly super special and a central character that needed to be brought to safety. Nova, of all characters. You're not even contradicting my point.
>>9477 Fuck you. Fuck off. Nova was one of the least important characters. She's just an innocent young girl caught up in the madness. You're insane if you think it's some deep feminist message about how men need to die to preserve the future for women.
>Godzilla pimp slapping the chimp Yeah its obvious who's going to win.
>>9478 In isolation, I wouldn't notice. In a decade where so many other major franchises did it, it starts to add up. I hope I'm wrong about this next one, but to deny it's happened many times in the last decade is... well it's blissful ignorance. /co/ always was the most normalfag-friendly board. I almost don't want to ruin that. But then we've seen what it lead to before. So I'm sorry to burst your bubble. I loved those Planet of the Apes movies, too. Logan was great. They still both did this shit.
>>9494 Take your schizo meds.
>>9493 Was anyone seriously considering that Godzilla would loose? After the reception of Godzilla 1998 people were skeptical of another American made Godzilla film, so legendary made sure to make him look all 'badass' in that film and its sequel. You think after that they would just have Godzilla loose to an American monster?
>>9497 He lost in the original.
>>9504 Lost in the sense that he just tapped out & fucked off underwater while Kong walked away. Toho definitively said it was a Kong victory despite this.
>>9497 >You think after that they would just have Godzilla loose to an American monster? It wouldn't bake any sense for Kong to win because Legendary Godzilla is a Japanese style giant monster, a proper kaiju, where as Legendary Kong is more of an American style giant monster. What will actually happen of course is that Kong will fight "Godzilla" and it will be revealed that it's actually Mechagodzilla. Then the real Godzilla will show up and Kong and Godzilla will spitroast Mechagodzilla. Hopefully not literally. So really this new movie isn't a modern remake of King Kong vs Godzilla, it's actually a remake of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla with King Kong standing in for King Ceaser.
>>9506 Shit, I was hoping we could get alien mind control again but this works too.
>>9506 The people behind the film already said that wasn't the case. They also mentioned that Ghidorah will still play a part in the film, so its more likely APEX (the evil organization in the film) is using Ghidorah's brain to control Mechagodzilla as some sort of bio-supercomputer. Godzilla is some how aware of this and is attacking every APEX facility looking for Ghidorah's brain.
>>9508 >The people behind the film already said that wasn't the case. Bullshit. We know MechaGodzilla is already going to be a thing in the movie & there's no justification for Godzilla to suddenly be attacking humanity when he was a peaceful guardian keeping balance up till now.
(374.92 KB 954x395 Dumb fucks waking the alien.png)
(46.17 KB 1280x720 Home nuked.jpg)
(441.60 KB 2280x1080 oxygen destroyer.jpg)
(121.67 KB 1024x576 Esg8fJcXIAABmIJ.jpg)
>>9511 >no justification for Godzilla to suddenly be attacking humanity >pics related Godzilla is far from "peaceful" he's a force of nature, that fights to be the top predator and just tolerates the little ants that seem to cover the surface. Every time the humans woke up a monster he'd come up and slap the shit out of it, other than that he typically stays deep in the ocean where the radiation is plentiful or when nuclear testing is happening he pops his head thinking its a snack. The trailer made the connection between APEX and Godzilla's attacks clear, plus it kinda cheapens the movie if it was just Kong fighting MechaGodzilla with the real Godzilla showing up at the end.
(241.18 KB 1920x1080 mechagodzilla.jpg)
(252.26 KB 1920x1080 mechagodzilla system.jpg)
(1.40 MB 948x610 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.37 MB 614x836 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9512 Nigger you literally haven't watched these movies. No matter what happened, Godzilla didn't retaliate against humans in these movies. He's a guardian of nature & humanity. He doesn't love humans but he never maliciously or carelessly hurt them. Just admit you don't see the obvious angle that that the trailer is implying. Godzilla we see in the trailer is MechaGodzilla in disguise while the real one is likely held prisoner & Apex has something the creators wants.
>This much autism >Over terrible jewwood films
>>9512 >>9508 Anon I kind of see where you're coming from but the whole "Godzilla is violent again after being an ally to humanity in previous films" plays out exactly like the Fake Godzilla's appearance in GvsMg.
(645.46 KB 1089x758 latest.png)
>>9515 >>9517 >Godzilla didn't retaliate against humans in these movies I never said he's retaliating against humans, just Apex in this instance but he has more than enough reason to attack if he wanted to. As I said before he " tolerates the little ants " but that's just it, they're still ants to him. >but he never maliciously or carelessly hurt them Other than level their cities when he pops up to fight another monster. He's a force of nature and anything but peaceful. >Godzilla we see in the trailer is MechaGodzilla in disguise I highly doubt in this universe APEX is going to put a massive rubber suit on a giant robot, when they have access to ORCA technology that can literally rile up Godzilla or any monster with the power of sound.
>>9518 Nigger we don't know who this Apex group is. They're not the terrorists from King of the Monsters. The ORCA doesn't control Godzilla or any of the monsters. It influences them with the sound of an alpha. Godzilla is the alpha. Good lord you're dumb. Go watch the movies first before spouting off your nonsense when the story is right there in front of your face. They wouldn't make a point of saying "Godzilla is acting uncharacteristic" if it wasn't going to be a big plot reveal. Especially when they're hiding the existence of MechaGodzilla so far.
>>9520 >Nigger we don't know who this Apex group is. They have an entire twitter account that's been posting mini-videos and pictures about the monsters for more than over a year. They're a government funded organization like Monarch but are more concerned with killing monsters than to understand them. APEX would have no problem attaining ORCA tech considering their government connections. https://twitter.com/apex_sciences >The ORCA doesn't control Godzilla or any of the monsters. "can literally rile up" is not the same as control. > It influences them with the sound of an alpha Yeah and when it woke up Rodan, he destroyed the neighboring Mexican village and took out the airforce squadron. >Especially when they're hiding the existence of MechaGodzilla so far. But they haven't the trailer clearly shows MechaG, you even posted screenshots of it.
>>9521 >Yeah and when it woke up Rodan, he destroyed the neighboring Mexican village and took out the airforce squadron. Well Rodan is kind of a prick. Always has been.
>>9521 Ever think they're targeting by MechaG because they want to kill monsters that the terrorists want to use to destroy the world? Riling up isn't going to make Godzilla rampage. Rodan rampaged because he was malevolent kaiju that was just woken up surrounded by a bunch of bullshit. Nigger those shots are in the background. Are you the same retard that thinks having two little girl characters means the movie has some bullshit feminist message? Because you're just as retarded.
>>9523 *targeted by
>>9523 >because they want to kill monsters Yeah that's Apex's whole shtick. After Ghidorah's call during KOTM all the monsters are technically awake and roaming around (besides Kong, he refused it according to a prequel comic or something). >Riling up isn't going to make Godzilla rampage. The ORCA got larva Mothra to spaz out in the beginning and later got her to calm down almost instantaneous. And considering the whole ORCA thing is inspired by the device from Half Century War then it probably can cause Godzilla to rampage. Not mind control but either piss him off or trick him. >Rodan rampaged because he was malevolent kaiju that was just woken up surrounded by a bunch of bullshit. And what about Behemoth, Methuselah, Scylla, Baphomet and Queen MUTO, when they woke up and destroyed the city in the area when they were answering Ghidorah. >Are you the same retard that thinks having two little girl characters means the movie has some bullshit feminist message? Different Anon. Honestly I dont get your sperging, Legendary is not putting MechaG in a rubber suit and pretend he's the real Godzilla. APEX is probably Godzilla's main target and has been attacking their bases on the mainland. MechaG has a direct connection to Ghidorah's head and probably the ORCA, because of the Ghidorah connection Godzilla most likely thinks he's still alive. There could be more stuff like, The Hollow Earth subplot but I think its more of an explanation for Kong's axe and some more monsterverse lore.
>>9525 Nigger just stop.
>always enjoyed the Saiban rehashes of Power Rangers >always enjoyed Godzilla and Toho films >decide to get into Sentai to wade into the Japanese stuff >start with ToQger because it was what was on at the time <painful to get through, stop watching Toku since Where did I go wrong? Did I just pick a shit series to start with? Any recs for Sentai/Kamen/Ultraman to get back into it? I've watched the first 3 Ultraman series, too. I still enjoy Power Rangers, though.
>>9612 Super Sentai might be better than the butcherings Saban made with Power Rangers but it's still targeted towards young children. Ultraman & Kamen Rider are for children too but they tend to be a lot more mature in their subject matters & writing.
>>9612 excellent super sentai to start on: Jetman (was going to be the first Power Rangers series but some dark moments made Saban wait for Zyuranger) Zyuranger (the OG PR series. It's quite interesting to run a comparison nowadays. Bandora is a fairly sympathetic villain once your learn her motivations, and the green ranger constantly arriving late to combat makes a lot more sense than Tommy somehow always being busy) Dekaranger (imo PR:SPD's Doggie Kruger is better than the japanese version's) Boukenger (ADVENTURE! A sentai team comprised of pulp archaeologists. Particularly notable for having 5 or so villain factions and they fight eachother. If you watch nothing else, watch this) Magiranger (they have fucking wizard capes, how can you go wrong? Bandora's actress, Machiko Soga, plays a new non-villainous role in this one, which PR played off as her being a reformed Rita Repulsa) for later: Battle Fever J (disco and spies. I will unironically call it groovy ) Liveman (warning: fucking dark, and I don't mean it's hard to see) Timeranger (just doesn't feel like a starter series) Gokaiger (a celebration of all things Super Sentai, the heroes stole their powers, shoot half the mooks when they transform, and aren't above abusing I-frames to dodge explosions)
>>9633 Not the same Anon, but I was always a big fan of Lightspeed Rescue, with Time Force coming in as second. Every other Saban PR show (Before and after) either felt too silly of too cheesy.
New trailer with lots of new footage.
>Minilla is coming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(42.57 KB 750x542 (wood erecting).png)
>>9641 >we thought it was a remake of Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla >but it was really Destroy All Monsters
Kong's head is pretty large in comparison to godzilla's. If he bit godzilla's neck he could probably kill him, assuming he needs to breath.
>>9642 But Ghidorah fucking died, how are they going to bring him back for Destroy All Monsters?
(13.86 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>9684 One of his heads was recovered From the underwater scene before he and Godzilla got hit with the Oxygen destroyer. considering this Ghidorah can regenerate any limb then its possible he can return given enough time to heal.
(211.68 KB 1200x1017 god damn it kevin.jpg)
>>9685 But that was the retarded head. Is King Ghidorah 2 going to be a big goofball? >>9642 >we thought it was a remake of Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla >but it was really Destroy All Monsters <double twist it's actually of All Monsters Attack
>>9504 >>9505 Kinda. The guy who said Kong won would later say that the fight was actually a draw as Godzilla ALWAYS fucking sleeps in the ocean and Kong fucked off back to his own island.
>>9688 Let's call it a TKO.
>>9686 >Hero or at least non-villain King Ghidorah I'm still sad that no one has taken advantage of this beyond that one film. I mean, I suppose he was non-malicious in the 91 film considering he literally sat around on the island since 54 and wanted to fuck off after his mind control was destroyed while Mecha King Ghidorah was a full on good guy. Ghidorah can carry a movie on his own due to how unique and powerful a monster he is, though I suppose the catch is making a film where such a creature like Ghidorah playing the hero role makes sense. That said, I'm pretty sure the plot will go like this: >APEX decides to make a mecha monster using the bones of the dead Godzilla from 2014 as a framework and the brain of the Ghidorah head >also make some nasty snake bat monsters from Ghidorah cells >decide to use the snake bat monsters as a test to see how obedient things made with ghidorah's cells are and send them after Kong >Godzilla sees ALL of humanity as "one titan" and can tell someone is doing fucky shit with ghidorah >he keeps coming ashore, destroying everything, then fucking off, clearly looking for something >innocent people who don't know what is up go "we need Kong because he will talk with humans and he could maybe fight off the badass who killed a hyper regenerating space dragon" >they yank Kong off Skull island >Godzilla senses Kong and is like "oh no you fucking don't you damn dirty ape, get your hairy ass back on that island like the little bitch you are, you didn't even help with ghidorah" >Kong is like "your grandpa beat up my grandpa!" >eventually realize Kong doesn't stand a fucking chance against Godzilla without some tools >back on skull island, in the caverns that couldn't be explored because skullcrawlers, are remains of the Human + Titan ecosystem >turns out the humans who worshipped Godzilla species and the humans who worshipped Kong's species didn't like each other >neither did the Godzillas and the kongs >remains and documents of the war that nearly extincted the two species >this is where Kong gets his Ax that is a godzilla dorsal fin >probably also where the Godzilla egg is found and where Minilla comes from >Kong goes back to mainland where Godzilla is getting really fucking close to finding the APEX project and stopping it before it's turned on >Kong decides to fight and refuse to back down >Godzilla decides he has to teach the dirty ape who's the boss >they fight >fight is interrupted by Mecha Godzilla being activated >Mecha Godzilla takes advantage of Godzilla and Kong's extended fight and injures them both (battle damage toys) >Monsters are thought dead and Mecha G can mimic Godzilla's roar so it can control other titans >Mecha G possibly kills other titans either because it's commanded to or Ghidorah's brain takes over >Kong and Godzilla eventually recover, possibly due to help from humans >both go after Mecha G and eventually destroy it <due to some synopsis claim, Godzilla and Kong fight again after Mecha G is destroyed >results in G vs K >claims a winner will be definitive Now this can go a couple of ways, but I think Mililla will be the keystone to this. If Kong Wins: >Kong batters Godzilla (somehow) and basically kills him >Minilla hatches >Kong takes Minilla to skull island to raise it because "let the past be buried", ignoring that he just killed the only active adult of Minilla's species because he wouldn't settle the fuck down OR >Kong is losing to Godzilla and Kong threatens to kill newly hatched Minilla if Godzilla doesn't back off, making Godzilla forfeit via pressure <Either of these outcomes leads to only nigger rap fans and a few kong fanatics to enjoy the film whereas Toho and the japanese lambast the film as "the americans can't not jerk themselves off when it comes to their own monster and produce a hypocritical viewpoint on who instigated the fight in the first place" and Toho shitcans american rights to make Godzilla films, ending the monsterverse much like how the Universal "dark universe" died before it left the gate, as well as cheapening KOTM and G2014 as "what was even the point, Kong could have handled that apparently" If Godzilla Wins: >Godzilla rightfully beats the shit out of Kong. The only reason Godzilla doesn't kill him is because Minilla hatches and raising the next generation is more important than killing a dumb ape who basically started the fight This would lead to: >Japan and Godzilla fans as a whole get satisfaction in Godzilla keeping his King of the Monsters title and earn some respect with universal for having Kong take the loss. Leads to the monsterverse potentially continuing with spin off movies focusing on specific monsters
>>9686 >>9691 >my file didn't upload
Fuck it: yewtu.be/watch?v=R7PbiV6kClk
https://archive.is/ayx79 >I think in a subtle way, Ghidorah kind of haunts this movie," Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard explained. "That's the most recent event, and even though in terms of the monster world, because this film takes place a relatively short period afterwards, >"No one had ever really designed the Ghidorah skull," production designer Owen Paterson explained. "We designed like the idea of the computer underneath it where all the lights were. This glass floor, so they could be sneaking along and looking up through the glass floor. I don’t know if we ever really do that. And then, of course, the brain, which we call the brain that’s in there. It’s meant to be some sort of quasi-technical thing that’s been worked out by APEX to do it. So funnily enough, it was quite a complex scene, that sort of human relationship to something that we all know." Looks like Ghidorah being a brain in a jar for Mechagodzilla is confirmed.
(813.40 KB 768x512 GVK-17053-768x512_jpg.png)
>>9800 After all this Monsterverse stuff and Planet Godzilla stuff is over do you think we will get back to kaiju realized via suitimation like what is good and proper?
>>9819 Probably not. Super Sentai & Ultraman still use kaiju suitmation at least.
Not a fan of the blocky spikes.
>>9820 ShinGodzilla had a fully made anamontronic, outside some environmental shots, they barely used it at all.
>>9865 I know. CGI is kind of here to stay in modern Japan cinema.
I'm loving the Jaws reference. >>9868 Too bad they're still kinda shit at it.
Its really looking like WWF type of smackdowns.
(403.74 KB 2048x2048 EtvLDUnVIAQOpAU.jpg)
I'm eagerly awaiting them showing Godzilla get injured by Kong.... only to show some metal or a red eye where he was hit. A Terminator style reveal.
I think the Chinks just spoiled the ending.
>>10002 Not really. No MechaGodzilla reveal. No new footage of the bat snake kaiju. Nothing but more footage of the supposed Godzilla fighting Kong.
>Mechagodzilla in Eyes
>>10053 Okay so then if the Godzilla we see isn't MechaGodzilla in disguise then they better have a real damn good reason for why Godzilla suddenly is hostile to all humans. Or this could be a footage of MechaGodzilla defeating & capturing Godzilla before taking his place.
(1.01 MB 1080x944 EvpK9xbXYA0oYdU.png)
(85.23 KB 1242x622 Evlqxb5VIAMOChP.jpg)
What the hell am I looking at?
I think Kong's legs are too short >but he's a gorilla He's a fictional species, and while that means there's technically no correct way to depict him, I think having bigger legs would fit his godzilla-sized scale better. Of course it would still be biologically impossible for him to be that large, but I would be able to suspend my disbelief easier. >>10092 So this is going full batman v superman
>>9800 >Looks like Ghidorah being a brain in a jar for Mechagodzilla is confirmed. How were they able to saw his skull open when he could presumably take a nuke to the face without being disintegrated?
>>10098 Dead tissue isn't as strong as live tissue.
>>10103 Then wouldn't his brain be rotten as well?
>>10122 Well the head was Kevin so probably wasn't intact much to begin with.
(1.65 MB 1153x823 ClipboardImage.png)
Apparently there's a King Kong animated series on the work as a continuation of the Skull Island movie https://archive.is/ccdx7 >Uses the word "anime" to describe it <Powerhouse is working on it Into the trash it goes. >>9164 The first one and the last one, at least with the others you can imply there something wrong going on, the other are just a novice trap: "Oh look at these cute characters, this fanart looks really cool".
(42.90 KB 1080x608 godzilla mechagodzilla eye.jpg)
>>10002 Is Eleven piloting Mechagodzilla or is she inside a Moguera or something?
>>10149 That's a low quality image of mg, it honestly could be in any situation.
>>10092 I don't really care for this rendition of Mechagodzilla.
>>10152 >>10149 Actually, the more I look at it, the more it looks like a SFM animination. Along with the fact the MG fight happens in the daylight.
>>10153 All we know is MechaGodzilla shows up during the day. That could very well be after this reveal. Like they fight well into the morning.
>>10149 >I called the thing that many other people already called and was fairly obvious, isn't that so impressive! No, it's not.
>>10155 Anon I have seen WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more people completely missing the obvious.
>>10162 If any of the "leaked footage" is real there would be a million leeching youtube videos and movie journalists trying to dissect it. The guy who made this so called "leaked fight scene" probably made the video posted above. Not to mention several Godzilla forums would be talking about it and just from glancing at the cancer sore known as reddit and their Godzilla section, there's no mention about it and in their dedicated leak thread there's no mention of a disguised MG.
>>10163 That's because they're all fools who miss the obvious.
I really hope it looks better in cgi.
(72.20 KB 960x731 1545243215-1.jpg)
>>10221 Those are really shitty looking toys.
>>10227 Well yeah. Playmates are really cheap easily mass produced toys for children.
>>10228 Hopefully the more expensive sets aren't as bad.
>>10279 >more expensive Well NECA doesn't have the license anymore so the only expensive option is Monsterarts. The worse you have to worry about is mispainted eyes. But they usually do digital printing now.
(581.70 KB 2560x1806 m77k1riw1ql61.jpg)
Probably the best posters so far.
>>7780 I thought Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla had a pretty good human story. Even Godzilla 2000 had a decent human story with the Godzilla watching group being storm chasers and Katagiri being a humongous asshole. >Final Wars. It's funny you mention that since I remember some people online complaining about the humans being flat. I liked it though since it's just pure badassery. >>9860 Is he going to look like the Mecha Godzilla from Ready Player One? The design feels similar.
>>10305 Getting serious Primal Rage vibes from this.
Recently tried getting into Super Sentai. Watched the first couple of episodes of several series and so far, I've enjoyed Megaranger the most. The fight scenes and basing episode 3 on Digital Devil Story has been pretty fun, but at the end of episode 4 the acting seemed pretty bad, and not just in the over-exaggerated way I've seen in the other sentai. Really hoping this doesn't become a recurring problem. Dropped Carranger episode 1 because it seems like Dappu will be an annoying faggot for the entire season. Dekaranger seems pretty decent, but the siren noises are really annoying and detract from the fights. The intro music to Maskman is what sparked my interest in the first place, but the opening is a waste of the song. The show itself seems competent, but a bit bland. Watched the first episode of Gorenger, the directing seemed pretty bad and there wasn't much acting to speak of, there was too much explosion spam, but on the other hand there's a shot where a stuntman is thrown down a five foot drop and lands right on his ass. Akibaranger is fun in the same way as Gundam Build Fighters, but I'd like to have seen at least a few sentai before watching it in full. Any recommendations on what I should drop, pick up or keep watching?
>>10365 Carranger is extremely comedic so that rules out many more modern Super Sentai since they tend to be as well. If you like darker toned Sentai then I'd say try Jetman. I started watching it recently & while it's pretty lighthearted at times, it gets pretty serious the rest. The reds love interest DIES by getting sucked out into space when their space station is attacked. That's in the first episode. The black member of the team is also this really violent depraved loner type who is constantly fighting physically with red.
>>10362 I would love to see a Primal Rage movie.
>the color grading is reversed Neat.
Intro looking good.
Kong and Godzilla vs mechagodzilla
>>10676 Call this movie predictable if you must but this is exactly what I wanted.
>>10678 Its what everyone wanted.
>>10679 I didn't want this film to exist.
>>10679 Nah, Kong+Godzilla team up is gay shit. Its of lesser quality than what its made of.
>>10690 You're fucking gay if don't think rivals teaming up against a mutual threat isn't the radist shit.
>>10691 Kong and Godzilla don't exactly synergize so it doesn't add anything good to the fight; it just becomes clunky. Fights are usually rad, dumb looking fights are not. Godzilla and Kong both are the type of characters where when they're on the screen they take up most of it so what can be done is minuscule.
>>10693 >Kong and Godzilla don't exactly synergize
>>10693 >Kong and Godzilla don't exactly synergize You've seen all of one single clip of a snippet of a fight.
>>10697 Don't exactly need to see more; nor really needed see it really. Its very obvious if you think about it. You literally can't get reasonable fights from these types of team-ups.
>>10698 >You literally can't get reasonable fights from these types of team-ups. I suppose i should actually make that not vague, i mean that the way godzilla and king kong fight literally clash; at best your getting the garbage in the clip(as in moves that are pretty close in """quality""" to some of the dumbest shit Showa godzilla did). These team-ups with these types of characters tend to just be a big blowout rather than a big fight for a very good reason. I suppose to actually add something i haven't said though, the dumb glowing punches from mecha godzilla are probably actually worse to me despite how much i've talked about this. Also mecha looks worse in motion than the toy in general.
>>10698 >>10699 You guys gotta learn to have fun with big monster brawls.
>>10700 I definitely wouldn't be drawing a line if i didn't care about giant monster fights. The fight looks retarded and by most measures was destined to; the only thing it has going for it is the team-up aspect and guess what? Desire for a team up instead of a fight isn't the same, the type of rivalry king kong and godzilla have doesn't really give a feeling of history; so i really can't give a singular fuck in regards to it. A fight requires much less to think about. "Biollante and Godzilla versus Bagan" or whatever would be the equivalent in regards to relevance feeling wise. Biollante probably works better as a partner though.
>>10702 I'm sorry, anon, but I diagnose you with wrong & gay.
>>10703 Not a diagnosis from a random, how will i ever recover. >>10702 >"Biollante and Godzilla versus Bagan" For whatever reason i feel the need to make this match up more reasonable now, either "Battra and Godzilla versus Bagan" or ""Biollante and Godzilla versus SpaceGodzilla" are actually coherent. Whatever worth that has. Kinda forgot that space godzilla was even a monster that took multiple things on.
>>10676 That's the worst looking Mechagodzilla I've ever seen. >>10690 >>10693 I think it works perfectly well. It fits too since King Ceaser used Kong's roar in the original GvMG. The biggest problem is that Monsterverse Kong really hasn't been shown to be as powerful as what Showa Kong was. Showa Kong could intrensically absorb electricity and shock Godzilla with his touch. Monsterverse Kong needs a magic axe. Not to mention that it was previously shown that Kong's entire species was shown to be wiped out by some big snake-lizard monsters that don't even have any particular special abilities.
>>10715 Well Showa Kong was originally supposed to be Frankenstein and I think they were going for a Rocky vibe, with an underdog willing to take on the champ for the full 12 rounds. People forget Rocky lost in the first film but proved he could go past the limit.
>>10163 When has anyone ever made a convincing fake scene for an up-coming film? It just doesn't happen, I've never seen a leak that wasn't what was on the screen in the end.
>>10800 When the avengers came out, someone made a fake end credit scene with Spider-man crawling around Stark tower and pestering the window wiper guy.
>>10149 >>10163 >>10153 I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. The clip is fake.
>>10839 And no mechagodzilla in a Godzilla suit.
>>10841 Can't win em all. Still I really liked the movie.
(837.75 KB 2899x3728 Eu7GYPkXIAEsji5.jpg)
The movie was good. It' fixed all the issues I had with the previous one. No bullshit family drama, human characters never interrupted the action, and the kaiju fights are a lot longer and more engaging instead of one sided fights like the GKotM
>>10853 King of the Monsters was a lot more epic in scope & hype. Plus had a kick ass theme. I'd rank this just below it but I did really like it. Just a straight forward monster brawl.

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