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Kappa Mikey
The gameplay looks lame, but I'm glad we're getting official models of classic April and the Loud sister for SFM people.
>>17724 So what the fuck is this, OP? Crossover event? A game? Fucking shit thread.
>>17724 Id feel better about this game if it didn't have Korra in it.
>>17737 There was no way she wasn't going to be in the game. She's the avatar and you've gotta deal with it.
>>17740 I wouldve rather had Jenny or Vicky instead.
>>17740 But I don't gotta pay for it.
I'll give you two hints: he's much more unique than the other guy and his sister is the hottest girl in his show.
>>17748 >his sister is the hottest girl in his show. Followed closly by his mom, yes. The goth is highly overrated.
>>17724 >It's a unfinished clusterfuck shitshow Just like Super Smash!
>>18485 At least the devs are interacting with the community and patches have been rolling out.
>>17724 Why the fuck is this piece of shit thread still up?
>>18489 Low activity on this board, as there is on every board on this site. /v/ is the only non-ghost town and it has powertripping faggot mods.
>>18485 Although Smash has another Mary Sues Fire Emblems and the gay rape baby of Chumlee and Shadow the Hedgehog who both dies of coronavirus LMFAO >>18488 All because Banjo Kazooie didn't have enuff cuckime retards shit like Megaman got on PS1
>>18695 Is this post made by a chatbot? This random string of words surely couldn't have been made a human. Has anyone ever been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
>>17724 Which cartoon is the equivalent of Fire Emblems? Is it Legend of the Avatar?
>>18972 Its either TMNT, Avatar or Spongebob.
>>17748 >I'll give you two hints: he's much more unique than the other guy and his sister is the hottest girl in his show. I figured it out. I hope his finishing move is "Omlette du Fromage"

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