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(87.72 KB 514x407 Until all is clear.jpg)

(5.50 MB 8771x5040 Abandoning ship.png)

Offical /co/ Homecoming Thread Frank Board owner 04/26/2020 (Sun) 01:57:49 No. 18
Welcome Aboard If you're reading this now you've just survived the latest exodus in 8chan's ridiculous history. I'll be your Board Owner, if you haven't been following along I recently took over /co/ since the great Cripplegeddon. When 8ch came back as 8kun the previous guys were nowhere to be found so I took it upon myself to answer the call and moderate. Before moving here, I spent the time cleaning up /co/ and taking suggestions over how the board was run. If you're somehow someone that didn't know 8chan returned temporarily as a boomer zombie and only just came back; Believe me these people exist and I don't blame them then you haven't missed much other than the BO change. For more in depth details I recommend reading the archived meta threads below or any of the archived threads in the provided pastebin. But I'd be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have. >So what's the gameplan? Currently I plan on moving over some storytimes from 8kun to here, to help fill up the board and to avoid losing any of them if the pig farmer decides to pull the plug. Beyond that I'm still thinking of ways of how to grow /co/. If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to say them. >Why here and not one of the webring boards? Name recognition and user overlap. Lets be honest the comics industry is dead and western animation isn't any better, so a lot of interest has been lost. Boards like /v/, /delicious/, /tg/ and /m/ are the only Anons with any remote interest in anything /co/ related and most of the bunkers they're staying at are either dead, have little user overlap, are unwilling to host /co/ or just filled to the brim with autism. Fatchan looked nice but the software was too new/buggy, too few people and I rather gamble my chance on 8chan's name bringing people back than some bunker that has no real pull. >What of 8kun? I'll still "maintain" it just to make sure people find their way here. But once the administration finds out I'm sure to lose the board. All the same rules apply here as it did before, I still haven't found a way to link the rules page so everything will be in the pastebin. I'm still only one guy so don't expect lighting fast responses (vols will be added eventually). I recently made a twitter account Probably the worst decision I've ever made just so people know what's happening if 8chan were to be taken out again. You can contact me from there but be warned I'm not very active and prefer if people contacted me through my protonmail. But besides all that's been said, this thread will be for any open discussion. I also want to thank those of you that made the jump and for sticking around, it means a lot. Be aware that 8chan.moe is still in beta and will be going up and down for bug fixes, so don't be alarmed. Rules https://pastebin.com/XCEZ1dra Alt: https://files.catbox.moe/ox7jz0.txt Cancer https://twitter.com/8_gauntlet Archived 8kun Threads https://pastebin.com/KRQdmUBG Alt: https://files.catbox.moe/vwzgry.txt Previous Meta Threads 1. https://archive.is/qzC5Z 2. https://archive.is/BlLTp 3. https://archive.vn/jyYc3
Edited last time by Frank on 02/26/2021 (Fri) 05:01:13.
Glad we found a new place, honestly I can't stand 8kun script, I prefer this one.
>>18 It's good to see you again, Frank.
>>18 well here's hoping it all works out
>>18 >Lets be honest the comics industry is dead and western animation isn't any better Come on, Frank, don't be so pessimistic. With Marvel and DC killing themselves we already reached bottom, from here only things can get better.
>>183 It can always get worse, the same hacks that killed comics will try to move on to webcomics, cartoons, anime and manga; we'll see another boom of faux anime/manga shit like the early 2000s. There's a light at the end of the tunnel but its only there after blasting through bedrock and reaching China.
Is Netflix still owned by Soros and turning cartoons into lefty propaganda?
>>188 Probably, it is a hot commodity at the moment.
I currently have /co/ unlisted, I just wanted to get used to lynx and notify Anons about where everyone moved. Should I list /co/ tomorrow or should I wait another day?
>>211 Wait until the refresh bug is fixed, the reason I say this is because we're still developing the software and are testing things out. The site will be in a usable state soon, however at the same time I wanna upgrade the software to 2.4, mainly so I can start pushing the place.
>>215 Sure.
>>224 You guys can list any time you like. A code upgrade will come at some point but its a ways off, and the refresh bug is on the CDNs end and they can't fix it for a couple weeks until they get settled into their new datacenter.
It seems like the whole community is fractured now. Everything happened so fast. I really hope we can all meet back in one place again.
>>255 Hopefully, people just need to spread the word.
Video embedding now works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhILkbx3HdI Just click the Embed link.
/co/ is now fully listed, hopefully it'll help attract one or two more eyes here.
Looks like julay is banning loli until further notice. It turns out 8chan has a loli board for western stuff but its unlisted, whether intentional or not I don't know.
>>325 Julay didn't ban it, their domain registrar wants to take /delicious/ down after the same kike that has been reporting other image boards (includind 9chan, smuglo.li and Fatchan) reported them for "hosting CP".
>>329 Give an inch they take a mile. I also heard this site also got a complaint, I guess whoever's doing it is going to target the entire webring at this rate.
>>330 I saw a post on Fatchan mentioning that 8moe would change its domain to .cc, but Acid hasn't said anything here yet.
>>331 Only if necessary it appears. We won't know until .moe stops working.
>>332 >>331 The registrar received a complaint with the domain. We responded and their decision will be rendered in about 60 hours from now. In case they decide to take it, we're trying to get 8chan.cc set up as a fallback through a secure registrar.
(95.90 KB 1378x658 julay_dying.png)

Oh fuck.
>>332 I don't even intend on using this site but fuck will I be pissed if it gets deplatformed. Fuck all those cowardly cucks that call themselves registrars. Sad to see what the fucking internet has come to.
>>337 They got filled up by a bunch of bleeding hearts, it doesn't help the bone goblin probably showed a bunch of journalists the proper way to deplatform an ib and they showed it to others leading to today's problem.
>>336 Just when I thought we became stabilized this happens. I'm getting a bit nervous tbh.
>>370 Looks like 8moe will be the only site that'll allow loli boards.
>>338 God, I hate that little cocksucker. I can't believe I ever liked him before.
>>374 That's why you should never drink soy.
Fatchan's down
>>380 Shame
Be advised, The CDN and Vanwanet, is going through a major infrastructure upgrade. Everything works perfectly with the server, but going through the domain gets a lot of Failed to Connect and 502 Gateway errors because of the CDN. Text posting works fine but image uploading is wonky. Hopefully this issue is resolved soon. >>380 And they called me crazy for picking 8moe.
(4.05 MB 1080x1080 It is not I who am crazy.mp4)

>>385 >And they called me crazy for picking 8moe. vid related
8chan's back up link 8chan.se is functional. The moe link is currently spazing out due to the ip switch caused by the CDN. Probably won't be fixed for a couple hours because the admin is at work.
>>388 Also https is broken for both.
>>389 We should be fully back in gear as DNS updates propagate. Sorry for the headache everyone, this time it wasn't on us.
Looks like everything is back to normal. Carry on.
(639.98 KB 944x768 0jto4qyhqul41.png)

>>18 Herer's the link to the vola. https://volafile.org/r/co It still gets use, so feel free to drop in.
>>423 Added it to the share thread op.
The drama never ends, looks like some faggot is trying to take down multiple imageboards by mass reporting loli content. The moe address has been given a 24 hour notice before removal, the admins are trying to salvage it. If moe is lost everyone please use 8chan.se (the site's alt) to access /co/.)
>>18 >the previous guys were nowhere to be found so I took it upon myself to answer the call and moderate Yeah, and the board instantly went to shit because of your attention-seeking micromanagement moderation and bullshit bans. Maybe you shouldn't have answered the phone.
>>436 Anon, Chowder will never be redpilled no matter how hard you push for it.
>>447 Oh shit posted in the wrong place please delete.
>>448 Done
There's been recent upgrades done to the site, if you encounter any problems refresh and/or empty your cache.
8chan.moe is fine now but knowing the alt urls always helps.
(1002.30 KB 592x2566 Top Kek.png)

>>433 If the likes of Dr. Pizza and Amirox are any indication, I fully suspect this anti lolifag is a closeted, repressed pedo. You've always got to keep an eye on people who are ridiculously outspoken and violent about how much they hate this stuff.
>>644 No doubt there, but targeting loli is just a tactic depending on the reasoning of the faggot.
>>644 Instead of doing some self reflection they rather hound people over harmless shit because they think it'll absolve them of their sins.
(46.02 KB 800x600 tony robbins.jpg)

>>644 Remember if you're ever in a situation like this to never cuck out, always justify your actions through any means necessary, if you admit you're wrong you've already lost.
>>704 Sadly most people dont have the spine to do it.
Looks like the original BO of /delicious/ finally came back. >>>/delicious/
>>18 TL;DR: This admin/mod's a cucked faggot. Return to 8kun if you want a good site.
>>811 I BO for both, Einstein.
(144.22 KB 1052x862 shiggydiggy.jpg)

>>811 >8kunt >good site
Looks like Julay finally kicked the bucket, I hope their /co/ Anons are doing well. Edit: Never mind its back.
Edited last time by Frank on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:32:04.
>>811 Hi Jim. Bring back lolicon and maybe we'll talk, until then I hope you have a heart attack. >>822 Poor Rob didn't even make it to 81 days.
>>18 did you end up winning that SNES switch
>>830 What?
>>822 Julay dead is quite sad, but to be honest, it's /co/ was quite dead, so nothing was lost.
Be advised 8moe is being blasted by a ddos, things may be rocky for a bit.
Edited last time by Frank on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 19:24:28.
>>840 Looks like things should be back to normal.
>>832 On your dumb twitter
>>889 Oh, ah no.
>>824 >Bring back lolicon and maybe we'll talk, until then I hope you have a heart attack. Done.
>>959 Did Jim actually bring back loli within a day and make no formal announcement what so ever? Like I haven't checked 8kun yet but please tell me.
>>1269 No he hasn't.
(320.77 KB 1536x2048 me in a few months.jpg)

8moe is getting ddosed again, please standby.
Site's working again.
Edited last time by Frank on 05/21/2020 (Thu) 00:26:25.
The name field has been disabled until further notice.
>>1432 was it because of that sadcat guy who kept posting?
>>1434 I gave him multiple warnings.
(6.77 MB 640x360 8chan will be right back.webm)

(8.35 MB 540x360 ▶_skeletor_vs._beastman.mp4)

(1.04 MB 640x480 gondolareich.mp4)

(2.21 MB 1920x1080 cat_and_coon_modelsanim.mp4)

(5.27 MB 352x480 dancing_shit.webm)

Apparently we can now upload up to 24mb.
(7.78 MB 1280x720 red 8ch.webm)

(15.79 MB 1280x520 8ch.webm)

>>1444 i found the other webm
>>1269 Yes.
>>1503 No he hasn't.
Heads up, 8chan is going down for maintenance at around 12am est till 3am est
We're back.
>>1506 But he has.
(7.10 KB 830x440 1.PNG)

>>1605 No he hasn't.
I've increased the bump limit from 300 to 500, sadly it wont undo anchors for threads that already hit 300 before I made the change.
(121.22 KB 956x1024 ETEvxPIUwAYCon9.jpg)

Alright, its been 2 months since you doomed the whole board to Acidman's website. The supposed population boom from being in a place named 8chan never came. Are you eventually going to move, or?
>>2197 Why would we move? Where would we move?
>>2198 >Why would we move? Do you know why this website exists? Mark being desperate about losing power and doing increasingly rabid things in a bid to keep his imaginary internet power. 8moe/v/'s quality drop is associated with him advertising the website on reddit. >Where would we move? Good question. My immediate guess is anon cafe. >>2199 Shut up.
>>2200 >>2197 >My immediate guess is anon cafe. Any more migrations would only have a negative impact and that place is no more active than here. >Mark being desperate about losing power and doing increasingly rabid things in a bid to keep his imaginary internet power Anon this is /co/, if you want to go bitch about your Jewish lover then go to /site/ or /v/.
>>2201 >Why do you want to leave the website >Well, for- >I don't want to hear about it. I pretended your wall of poorly made excuses in >>18 wasn't there. Be more grateful.
>>2203 >Be more grateful. I am grateful, this site works and the development has been smooth. Activity has been steady and the site has proven to be resilient against multiple attacks.
>>2200 Maybe you should go & stay go then. Since you love being fucked over & censored by 8kun.
>>2200 >Good question. My immediate guess is anon cafe. Regardless of where we stay, we should still ask one of the other bunkers to make us a board. I wouldn't want to touch Julay, but we could hope to get one on tvch.moe (even though it's gahoole's shithole, it's at least pretty stable). I've seen the Italians do something similar by having about four different bunkers just for their dozen members, I don't see why /co/ shouldn't do the same.
>>2197 >The supposed population boom from being in a place named 8chan never came The board movement is actually fairly better than in 8kun and the retards that used to derail threads finally fucking died. I just can't stand the old and crummy 8kun script, so posting here is more comfortable. >>Where would we move? When mark kills himself or something we'll figure it out, I'm quite sure everybody here knows the name of every single altchan that came from 8chan's fall, but so far the site has been working decent enough I guess, so don't worry and enjoy the bunker.
Frank, yo, we got four stickyied threads, I think that's way too much, I think just one is enough.
>>2554 One's deleted after the stream ends. The other is only for 4th of July.
>>2555 Still, I think three stickied threads are way too much, just one is enough.
The rules are unintelligent and I could have done better. But then I really ought not to expect dumb plebs to be anywhere near my level. Reddit and making an imageboard loosely based on reddit was a mistake.
>>2934 >saging a pinned thread
(571.08 KB 2000x1233 1409445380300.png)

>>18 Why was >>3175 banned?
>>2941 Not the other anon, but pinned threads do get bumped; if there are multiple ones, you'll notice it. I'm now going to sah-gay my post to spite you and other plebeians like you.
>>3209 I doubt it was a true ban, it was probable a joke ban that lasted an insignifcant amount of time. Although we don't have public mod logs so i'm just going off of what frank's done in the past.
>>3209 Idk his thread looked quite stupid.
Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /co/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
Sorry for the sporadic down times, the site's been having connections issues with its CDN provider. something about undersea cables getting too much traffic at certain times and sharks biting them Apparently there's a massive update happening later today so the site should be down for an hour around noon est time. The update is adding a lot of fixes and quality of life improvements.
>>3447 Looks like the site is working again.
The site has officially been updated to LynxChan 2.4, for more info check the link below. >>>/site/628 So carry on with your usual activities.
(125.15 KB 601x583 smug_kuroko.jpg)

>>3450 >they kept the glow-in-the-dark™ echoes Oh well. At least we have THIS and others.
>>3533 Wait, you wanted them to remove a feature? Also, echoes aren't for those who glow in the dark. If you don't understand these things, perhaps you should go back to whatever shithole you came from.
(333.10 KB 566x800 50907547_p0.jpg)

(281.06 KB 566x800 47417998_p0.jpg)

(274.63 KB 566x800 46445746_p0.jpg)

(219.17 KB 566x800 36307969_p0.jpg)

(262.81 KB 566x800 20095071_p0.jpg)

testing to see if image posting is broken
(27.63 KB 520x390 eat_shit_and_die_murissa.png)

>>3574 I just knew one of you idiots would mistake me despite how clear I was. Really, I don't know why I bother. Jew echoes were used by the CIA to refer to Israelis. Secondly, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't some of the ones who supposedly popularized them among the COINTELPRO "alt-right" also spooks? In any case, the "movement" had ZOG written all over it. The echoes are obnoxious and overused to the point where it isn't even used correctly, much like many other pseudo-political buzzwords e.g. "cuck", because the kiddie morons (including you) who got into politics ~2015-16 are just that—morons, and morons don't think much about what they'd like to say, or think much at all. 8chan != /pol/, newfag. /pol/ was tolerated and accepted because those commie niggers on /leftypol/ felt the need to "liberate" the other boards. Fuck you and your faggot, kike-loving president, only good for signalling the changing political landscape to favor Caesarism, which, by the way, is not the same as fascism. But it's not like you'd have any idea of what I'm talking about, given how little you no doubt read.
Take it easy its just a post feature.
>>3616 >CIA agents used echoes in the same way everyone else uses echoes >this means echoes are only for use by CIA agents Huh? You're the one using them incorrectly. Your claim that words like "cuck" have lost their meaning is only used by people who don't like that the term obviously applies to them. You people did it with the word "hipster" before, too, and ruined /co/ by allowing hipster shit, which then morphed into SJWs, which resulted in cucks like you. Or maybe you're just actually a glow in the dark CIA nigger trying to spread disinformation. The options aren't mutually exclusive. I never claimed 8chan = /pol/, but you showing you clearly don't understand non-SJW parts of the internet, and want them to work like your shitty places that have already been taken over, shows you might as well just go to one of the many sites that your kind has already conquered. You took the regular internet so we had Something Awful, then you took that so we got cuckchannel, then you took that so we got 8chan, then you destroyed like three 8chans and finally now we're here. Can't you just be happy with one of the sites you already took from us? The entire rest of the internet? Why come here just to complain about things you don't understand? >/pol/ was tolerated because of /leftypol/ /leftypol/ was invented years after /pol/, retard. And don't think I don't think /pol/ helped to ruin things as well. They ruined /new/ and got a containment board, but only because they had already ruined /b/ before the containment board was made. But I'll tell you one thing, I'll take them over faggots like you any day. You both helped to ruin cuckchannel and then 8chan, but your kind has also ruined the entire rest of the internet and society, so I still hate you more.
>>3616 >Anime girl >Descriptive filename >Metal breakdowns out of literally nothing I'm just glad the BO is keeping you banned.
Archived meta discussion in the Owl House thread. https://archive.is/OAxZs
>>3762 >>3762 Yo, Frank, you forgot this post: >>3755
I've heard this /co/ isn't totally dead. Want to watch old cartoons like Oban, Gargoyles, TGAoB&M again but have issues finding them. Went through the share thread repository before, but could only find Gargoyles in Spanish I think, and Oban with bad sound reverberation. Hopefully I'll have more luck here, especially since there's a vola. Gonna watch Venture Bros first. >>3574 >Wait, you wanted them to remove a feature? Echoes formatting was always shit because it ruined anything with more than (((three))) echoes like (((((((this))))))). It was the norm for so long though, that everyone tends to limit themselves to three out of habit even when there is not a blue/white text function.
>>3973 >Echoes formatting was always shit because it ruined anything with more than (((three))) echoes I'll send a dm to the admin about it.
>>3976 >>3973 I've modified it to work as long as there's 3+ on each side. Downside is that it won't enforce balance, but it should extend from one end to another now. (((((((Example)))))))
>>3977 >Downside is that it won't enforce balance That actually seems like an upside since if you miscount one side it should still cover the whole thing, assuming it works the way you're implying. (((test))) ((((test)))) (((((((((test))))))))) (((((((((test)))) (((test))))))))))))) (((test))
>>3981 >>3977 And it does, very nice. Fuck codechunky's lazy ass. I've complained about echoes for years.
>>3977 Neat. I have discovered an inconsistency though. ((((((TEST))))))
>>3985 Looks like an order of operations problem. I've got an idea for how to fix it, but I want to be sure it won't just break something else. Overlapping markdown is a breeding ground for edge cases.
Archived meta discussion in the Comic Industry Collapse Watch Thread. https://archive.is/Cb7Wx#selection-2507.0-2509.36
>>4004 >Why they didn't move the metatalk to the meta thread? Because you gave a public ban, if you think people won't start derailing the thread with meta shit then you are a delusional. <Inb4 it's not a public ban it's a public warning It wouldn't matter because people would derail the thread anyways.
(275.89 KB 319x710 ClipboardImage.png)

(949.59 KB 1449x901 ClipboardImage.png)

How does this board take to QTDDTOT threads? Didn't see anything about it in the rules. I'm wondering why starting from season 3 of the Venture Bros. dicks and tits are suddenly visible instead of mosaic blurred out. I noticed the first two seasons on the vola are 480 while the rest are 1080, so it might have something to do with the source of the rips. Maybe they're uncensored on the dvds ripped and the first two seasons are from TV? Or did this show actually get away with putting that stuff on Adult Swim uncensored after it got enough popularity and the creators got enough pull by season 3? It's been over a decade and I can't honestly recall anymore. Do NSFW pics still need to be spoilered even if they're from the show itself?
>>4394 I'd imagine they're just uncensored on the dvd. I don't think Burger regulations have relaxed enough that you can have uncensored tits and cock on late night tv without the FCC tearing them a new one.
Why does Bugs Bunny draw the Imeperial Japan flag on all the palm trees in Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips? >>4439 Didn't the Simpsons get away with Bart's penis in the movie?
>>4394 >8.) Threads made in a template fashion or copied & pasted from another place will result in thread deletion or bumplock. >Threads made in a template fashion
>>4511 The TV version is censored.
Frank, when are you gonna start enforcing the template thread rule? There's too many threads without subject fields that should be counted as template or at the very least low quality.
>>4551 Can you list some examples?
(104.56 KB 743x199 ClipboardImage.png)

(178.58 KB 794x249 ClipboardImage.png)

(145.77 KB 699x289 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4612 Low effort threads like these that aren't really focused enough. Sure the Jenny one is a little but it still has no subject & could've been more active as a "what cartoons do you wanna see revived" thread. These are just the kinds of post you'd see on cuck/co/. Endless subjectless spam.
>>4613 Those threads are fine, if anything they're harmless. Not every thread needs to have the subject field filled out or a concrete subject to talk about. Plus they're nowhere near to what I consider to be a deleteable offense.
>>4614 I dunno. It can easily dip worse in quality. But you're right the shitty waifu spam threads back in the day were a problem.
>>4615 So far the threads are fine, but if it gets too cancerous I'll delete the low quality posts to salvage the thread.
Been thinking about deleting >>4675 and moving the discussion to the draw thread. It seems more shilly and off topic than anything else but I rather ask for a second opinion.
>>4856 I think it's fine.
>>4856 It's fine, I guess, but I would prefer only /co/ related artists, like people who work on comics and fanart from comics and cartoons, OP samefagging people in that thread are posting artists that barely have anything to do with board subject. I think I'm going to post a couple later.
>>4894 I'd say at the very least start buying up physical copies of the seasons while you can. If not for sentimental value then for selling later in life.
>>4943 Okay I accidentally replied to the wrong comment. Guess I was really tired last night.
There might be trouble, 8moe is getting harassed again so I hope everyone knows the alternative links to the site. >>>/v/107281
>>5102 Looks like /delicious/ and /tot/ have been cryogenically frozen until 8moe finds a way to bypass the Russians.
>>5103 Acid plans to bring them back as Tor-only boards (and make other lolishota boards Tor-only as well) until he figures how to appease the Russians without banning lolis. If things go well you may be able to use redchannit.net (the tor2web proxy set up by Acid) to browse these boards without Tor.
EMERGENCY: Russian government is taking us down, ETA downtime is about 1 or 2 days. Plan B WILL be in effect.
No one is taking Tor down.
(925.00 B 170x29 EiLPwqJXsAQmbtM.png)

(86.75 KB 957x728 12342.PNG)

Redchannit link is live and working for the surface web.
(115.88 KB 1172x744 234.PNG)

>>5130 A temporary proxy URL has been set up.
Why can't I fucking post in the Lewd Thread?
>>5143 Finally. Doing it through redchannit worked, though I still got connection failed errors when filling out the block bypass captcha.
>>5145 >>5143 There's some bugs going around.
>>5155 I hope we can get the normal site back by tuesday at least.
>>5158 That's the goal. Right now things are on track, and we're ready to jump at the new server as soon as it is hooked up and ready. If they get it up Monday as they said they would, the site will be back to normal by Monday night or Tuesday. If any sort of delay comes up, we'll let everyone know and adjust the timetable. My only concern is that since they're on the other side of the planet, their "Monday" might be our Monday night, and thus we don't get to start until Tuesday. If that's the case Codexx should be doing prep throughout the day and the site will relaunch Tuesday night sometime late.
(3.92 MB 4096x2354 EWfwSq4XYAYNMwF.png)

The old domain is up (except for the .se one) along with 8ch.net and redchannit.org. Looks like the loli boards are tor only until Acid can set up his own CND, also be mindful of bugs the move from the previous server was a bit rocky.
I wonder where the comic-making anons and some of the other regulars are doing. I see some month old posts on 8kun, but they don't seem to have come over here.
>>5890 It shouldn't be too surprising that a lot of people didn't make the jump. Constantly migrating from site to site gets annoying so they probably just decided it wasn't worth the trouble.
>>5896 >>5890 Or they're on the webring.
>>5906 Only place I can think of is /loomis/. The /co/ back on julay was so dead it was basically a tombstone on arrival, /co/ was the only board that truly benefited from 8kun coming back.
>>5907 Perhaps those that didn't just disappear integrated back to cuckchan.
(7.15 MB 960x720 Waiting.mp4)

>>5910 Lurking around when 8chan went down, I know a couple that just gave up and decided to move on to other hobbies. Though just by lurking /v/, there are Anons that just didnt know where everyone went and are still lost in the void. >vid kinda related Never knew what happened to this guy, he was a /co/ Anon and was making the video as a memorial type of thing back in the smug bunker general.
>>5910 How repulsive
(741.79 KB 1867x918 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5919 >Never knew what happened to this guy, he was a /co/ Anon and was making the video as a memorial type of thing back in the smug bunker general. I am still here, but mainly focus on drawfaging, getting fit, and wageslaving. It actually warms the cockles of my heart that someone saved my sloppy video.
>>5910 You say it like the board is slower when we were on 8chan pre lolicaust, it isn't >>6134 Keep the hard work, dude.
>>6134 Glad to see you're still around.
did I get banned as well o rwas it just the two faggots fighting in the 5g thread.
>>6222 ok not banned, just wanted to do a test, apologies.
>>5910 >Perhaps those that didn't just disappear integrated back to cuckchan. There's not really a lot of alternatives to cuckchannel (I hope it's not on filter since using other names to call that site makes me cringe), most of them are quite dead, the only fairly active alternatives are tacochan /ac/ and here, I would also say the russian chan's /c/ but I wouldn't count that since both language, historically and culture is different from over here. So I would say people who didn't find this place just gave up already with the hobby and moved on.
Frank you ban happy faggot relax. Every thread has you butting in and banning people hours if not days after a conversation. Pull the stick out of your ass and let people post what they want. >inb4 muh derailing rule The people posting had stopped already. Either relax or give the board to someone who isn't a little bitch.
>>6238 >Either relax or give the board to someone who isn't a little bitch. I let the entire conversation go on for a while, thinking it was a one off thing but the bullshit continued on. I don't give a shit what you two masturbate too, but when it devolves to retarded shit, I'm going to take action. Same thing with the Star Wars thread (the only other recent thread where I made a public ban) when the Anon started sperging about Gundam and another nigger started going off about all anime. > Pull the stick out of your ass and let people post what they want. >>>/b/ >>>/tv/ >>6239 >>6240 Also I have nothing to do with any stream threads. The people hosting them have been around for as long as 8/co/ was a thing. Because of that I allow them, they're the only ones actively doing something so I simply pin the thread out of courtesy.
>>6243 Problem is the stream threads don't have anything to do with the board subject matter. If it was just animated movies then it'd be different but they're not.
>>6247 They're fine. <The people hosting them have been around for as long as 8/co/ was a thing. Because of that I allow them, they're the only ones actively doing something so I simply pin the thread out of courtesy.
>>6249 Yes. Selectively enforcing rules is always a good sign. Off topic shit you like is allowed but an hours old conversation is ban worthy. What a faggot.
>>6249 Yes. But like I said, the threads are still unrelated. They've always been unrelated. By the rules they shouldn't be allowed.
>>6254 Dont expect consistency from him. At the end of the day he'll selectively enforce rules or just outright ban people who've done nothing wrong. He was a faggot before the migration and he's still one now.
>>6257 Still more reasonable than Janni.
>>6253 >>6254 If they weren't a problem for the last several years, they aren't a problem now. >an hours old conversation is ban worthy <Bitching at another Anon's cuck fetish and blaming the SJWs for jungle fever should be allowed There's a perfectly good Lewd thread, take it there. - >>2073 >>6254 >By the rules they shouldn't be allowed. If you actually read the rules heck if you actually been around /co/ longer than a year, there's a shit ton of exceptions. Ranging from Tokusatsu content and obscure things like Ani-monday. I tried to be fairly specific without being too strict, but writing every little minute detail won't stop people from bitching about things. >>6257 You're free to leave whenever you want.
>>6259 ><Bitching at another Anon's cuck fetish and blaming the SJWs for jungle fever should be allowed The conversation had been over for almost a day. If it had began to encompass the thread I would get it, but a few shitflining posts that had already stopped aren't ban worthy. >You're free to leave whenever you want I'm considering it. That's not really a good attitude to have though with a dying board. You were like this on 8kun too. Pissing off story timers and the like and then you wonder why a bunch of people didn't migrate here. You're a bitch, Frank.
(2.68 KB 970x50 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6259 Literally against the first rule. There is no rule about stream exceptions or tokusatsu content. Only rules relating to dubbed anime shown on toonami & chinese/korean comics/cartoons being allowed. You're doing a really poor job defending not policing the board properly.
>>6261 >The conversation had been over for almost a day. >shitflining posts that had already stopped It should've stopped when the faggot started to go full "muh sjws" over an Anon's fetish. I'm not standing for that dumb shit because it would've flared up again one way or the other. If I deleted the posts without making it a public ban, just to clean up the thread, you'd probably still be complaining about it. >I'm considering it. How many times have you said this? >>6262 <The current rules for now could be considered somewhat "laissez faire". Good lord, how are you so bothered by a stream thread that only happens on Fridays and Saturdays? >pics related These streams have been going on since 2015 and 2017, according to the archives. (even earlier considering there's not much archived /co/ material on archive.is) https://archive.is/M2KHj https://archive.is/1pMCA
>>6264 Doesn't matter how long they've been allowed. They shouldn't be in the first place or should be enforced with /co/ only material.
>>6265 >They shouldn't be in the first place Tough shit, the stream threads can stay.
>>6266 Well that's retarded. You can't police the board ridiculously while ignoring actual rule breaking in the same breath. You're a hypocrite.
(199.13 KB 1024x1024 1441577119888.jpg)

>>6267 Whatever you say newfag, reddit is always a block away.
>>6268 Great work, Frank. Push away more people from a site struggling with poster count already.
>>6269 What can I say? The faggot needs to lurk moar.
>>6270 No Frank. You need to do your job properly or start altering rules to fit your autistic standards.
>>6271 Or you can simply hide the stream threads if you hate them so much.
This is fun.
>>6247 How come they don't? Saturday streams are nothing but animation. Friday streams are at least 50% made up of /co/ related content whenever i check them out. You are either retarded or trying to stir shit up.
>>6358 I don't mean the saturday streams. The friday streams are the problem. They're almost always live action, dubbed anime, then on the very rare occasion western animation.
(110.12 KB 1200x444 1200px-Birthday_candles.jpg)

Happy birthday 8chan.
Archived " The Death of DC 5G" thread. https://archive.is/oRZix
>>6432 But this site is less than a year old?
>>6580 Borrowed from the /v/ thread.
Oi frank put on the banners and spoiler file again.
Something broke recently and you need to re-up the spoiler file and banners. This especially horrible in the lewd thread, where 99% of the images have broken thumbnails.
>>7106 >>7096 Looks like the spoiler part is going to take a bit. I have all the banners ready to upload, but it came to my realization the Admin removed the size limits and increased the file size. So I'm probably making a new banner thread soon.
>>7096 >>7106 >>7122 The issue should be fixed now, so you won't need to reupload anything. But we have increased the filesize limit on banners to 1024 Kb to facilitate better animated banners.
>>7122 >>7125 Danke.
Archive of the "Future State is much worse than we thought and DC going full Scholastic" https://archive.is/MGgLm
Edited last time by Frank on 11/18/2020 (Wed) 04:29:58.
Don't be alarmed if the site is going up and down tonight, maintenance is going on.
Looks like 8chan now has liveposting, though it may be buggy for a bit, along with some new features and general improvements listed in the linked thread below. >>>/site/1518 In other news apparently 8chan is now a livestreaming site or something (more info about it in the linked thread below). So apologies to drKleiner who's been running a /co/ flavored marathon since last Thursday. I've been pretty busy this month and this news flew over my head; if you want just pick a day and I'll pin any livestream just for you. https://watch.8ch.moe/channel/6/ >>>/site/1519 >>7385
Turns out the max file size has been increased too, now 32MB. So if anyone wants to rip entire episodes (at least 11 minute ones) and post them, now's your chance.
Archive of unrelated meta-thread. https://archive.is/xFX1R
>>18 Lurk more, Frank.
Just to make you know, plus is finally having some decent movement after so many years of being a tomb; so I suggest you to check it out, since there aren't a lot of /co/ related image boards out there.
>>8111 I always thought pluscuckchannel was just cuckchan but even more cucked. I remember thier /a/ had a bunch of people bitching abotu lolicon even though the damn site pretty much got popular because it hosted western shota shit.
>>8136 Idk, I first entered that place when It had like three post a month, so I can't really, but since /co/ related image board are quite scarce I think it's worth checking.
>>8111 >>8137 >cuckchanplus Yeah no ya filthy crossposting shill.
(2.73 KB 219x91 plus4chan porn boards.png)

>>8137 A casual browse looks like it's just cuckchan /co/ but slower. The fact that they have a "queer" porn board is a final nail in the coffin. How on earth did you think it would appeal to anybody here? In case you haven't noticed nigger but most people here want to avoid that kind of faggotry.
Why is the Star Wars thread pinned? The latest posts in the thread don't even seem to concern cartoons or comics.
(66.95 KB 1920x1080 EpiJUv4VQAASXT_.jpg)

>>8155 What do ya mean? Deepfake look is pretty cartoony.
>>8155 The actor for Boba Fett died so I guess he just pinned it out of respect.
Heads up there's site wide testing going on, so if you're having trouble posting that's why. Also please be mindful of the falling snow. >>>/v/186954
>>8157 Boy they fucked that up good, totally took all the air out of the thing, putting GGI bods in shots when you're immediately cutting to a real person is death knell for any believability, the contrast was fucked, half his face not moving didn't help much either. They should have made it Kyle Katyrn, I thought it was at first what with all the darktrooper shit but they literally threw that out in 5 seconds cos of course you keep a door to open space right next to the most valuable troops you've ever had. Also babby Yoda handcuffs, second series was fucking retarded.
>>8412 I agree. I couldn't believe how badly they fucked up the last few episodes. >Boba Fett repeatedly gets beaten up by muh stong independent Mandalorians who like totally fight the old traditionalists >This definitely isn't an allegory for fighting the toxic patriarchy or the religious establishment or anything >Darktroopers that can do absolutely fuck-all against these people >Muh magical beskar that can block the darksaber >That retarded "now you guys have to fight for the darksaber hee hee hee" twist >Luke showing up like an anime protagonist >Mando taking his helmet off for no good goddamned reason yet again just to remind us that under that admittedly pretty cool helmet is an ugly mystery meat human Season 1 was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a great deal more than I expected, because it was a space cowboy making his own way across space, occasionally getting in space gunfights in space saloons. Now it's about a bunch of side characters, most who suck and some who I can't even remember (when did that Asian sniper show up? Why is she important?) and all of whom have shitty goals. I have no doubt that the next season will be about muh strong Jedi baby Yoda, with the Mandalorian just tagging along and doing fuck all aside from occasionally shooting a guy or taking a beating for comedic purposes. Season 2 was awful and I fully expect Season 3 to be a complete garbage fire.
>>8414 >Boba Fett repeatedly gets beaten up by muh stong independent Mandalorians who like totally fight the old traditionalists He's also old as hell and out of shape with a beer belly, if that honestly were the case Disney wouldn't have allowed him to call Bo Katan "Princess" as an insult or even threaten her. >This definitely isn't an allegory for fighting the toxic patriarchy or the religious establishment or anything Then they wouldn't have had Luke save everyone in the end. >Darktroopers that can do absolutely fuck-all against these people They showed they were a prominent threat but against a jedi they stood no better than a GCW era assassin battledroid. >Muh magical beskar that can block the darksaber Beskar can withstand lightsabers but isn't invincible especially how it slowly got super heated during combat. >That retarded "now you guys have to fight for the darksaber hee hee hee" twist That's one of the whole points/problems plaguing Mandalore. >Luke showing up like an anime protagonist Do you do nothing but bitch and moan over the littlest of things? >Mando taking his helmet off for no good goddamned reason yet again just to remind us that under that admittedly pretty cool helmet is an ugly mystery meat human <In a series that barely shows his face unless to highlight a tense of meaningful situation. He can't say goodbye to what is essentially his foster son?
>>8481 Mandalor's problem is that Bo Katann has been on the losing side of the last 3 civil wars but still thinks she ought to be in charge somehow.
>>8485 And now she's the probable villain of season 3.
Would the crossposting faggot from cuckchannel put some effort in making threads, I mean other than the OP's pic the text was word for word that google found it without issue. https://archive.is/E3rSi
>>8580 Frank, take it easy, just delete the crosspoter thread and move on; I don't like shitty crosspoter threads but you are giving way too much attention to a fag that probably doesn't even post here.
Happy New Year Everyone!
(791.14 KB 2560x1024 sealab_2021_by_static010.jpg)

>>8597 Undersea hijinks when?
For some reason the posts haven't come through but /toy/ thanks you for your Christmas card and wishes you all the best for 2021.
>>8597 I accidentally posted the same post somehow three times >>8646 >>8647 and I can't delete it. Please delete only the two repeating posts and not all them, thanks in advance and sorry.
Had to put down the Disney/Pixar's Soul thread like a monkey with rabies. It became apparent no matter what other people did to get back on topic, the faggots arguing about getting BLACKd like the admin wasn't going to die. Here's the archive for those wanting to see the retardation. https://archive.is/FWjrq
>>8652 You could've, I don't know, delete the post from the people derailing the thread before ban if they insist and finally delete it if nothing works? That thread was way more active compared to other threads in the catalog, people posting the black shit weren't clearly from here. But whatever, glad you are still here a giving some attention to the board.
>>8659 If we're going into specifics, the OP was asking for trouble from the very first sentence but the rest of it seemed alright enough. So I let it live for a bit just to see what would happen, after New Years it was shifting between legitimate discussion and pure shitposting. One of the things I wanted to do is see each post history every shitpost had, turns out most of it were brand new ids, telling me whoever was doing it were either tor posters or anons trickling down from the other boards. I also didn't want to ban anyone by accident and the last thing I need is another turbo sperg going to other boards/threads and bitch about /co/ and something about censorship (So I let the thread cook for a bit before taking action). Last time that happened I had to dm the admin, apologizing since he was also there when it was happening.
(96.57 KB 495x768 amazingfantasy_02.jpg)

Too bad some useless fags chased away the only story time poster this board had, i miss those quality story times.
>>8771 You can, I don't know, post the comics you like instead of bitching. It's a storytime, for god's sake it's not some forbiben knowledge just download the fucking comic and post the pages
>>8782 You expect me to entertain you for free? Do you think altruists simply grow on trees? You do it, nigger.
I've been thinking about cleaning up all the RIP threads from 2020 and saving them as archive links. I just want a second opinion whether I should go through with it.
>>9022 Sure. Having old threads is boring
>>9022 If there's no new threads to replace them, I think not or at least keep the threads you think have potential for new conversions.
>>9022 I say delete and archive them. Then create a new thread for future deaths. That way anons don't have to keep making a new one every time.
>>9022 Yeah as >>9043 said. Kill the old but keep the old with potentials
Pastebin is being retarded, anyone know any alternatives?
>>9663 If you have to ask you should probably go away.
Because of Pastebin's dumb filter, I've made alt-links to the Rules and Archived Links with catbox. I've also uploaded the rules to 8chan's official Rule Tab but it's currently a mess because the developer decided to make it an automatic list and not just a simple text box.
>>9862 >The current rules for now could be considered somewhat "laissez faire". Frank, take that out, this is no longer Laissez faire, it has never been
So, was 2020 a pleasant year for /co/ or not?
>>10051 Disney nearly burned to the ground but besides that not really.
>>10051 Mostly a mediocre year of the second season of Hilda and Wolfwalkers made it worthty
>>10054 When did that happen?
>>10087 Soul bombed. I was the first pixar movie to underperform in several years
(615.38 KB 300x100 pepe.gif)

new banner
(25.78 KB 336x375 1363231704070.png)

Next Sunday is going to be Hell.
(441.21 KB 664x1000 A_frank_that_franks_franks.jpg)

>>10317 I hope /vhs/ streams the movie.
>>10317 What happened now?
>>10320 Mark fucked you guys for a hundred dollars worth of buggerking.
>>10321 Wrong, he fucked everyone who's not on cuckchan for a hundred dollars, plus Burger King. The man got food and money out of it.
>>10320 HBO made a documentary about 8chan/8kun and Q, and Mark got paid two cakes to appear in an interview. People fear that normalfags decide to investigate Mark and manage to find both 8moe and the webring.
Until the HBO thing blows over, I'm locking the cancer account.
>>10554 Well that was a stream of retardation.
(242.68 KB 540x721 1405210885024.png)

To the Anon going by " E-Ratic storytime", just because you do one storytime, unless you plan on doing more tangible content, it doesn't give you the go ahead to go beyond the thread that called for the name in the first place.
Saw someone storytime Serenity, I'm going to leave the thread pinned until Tuesday considering how late it was posted.
>>11384 Off topic, but why was my post got deleted?
>>11751 Why are you namefagging?
>>11753 Dude, I was asking a question? But if you want to be a total bitch about my username, the OK then. No reason to complain about it. Also, please don't use homophobic words kthx
>>11764 *OK then Fucking typo
Well shit, that crazy wannabe /pol/ack was the one spamming pizza here. Or the vpn was abused too much.
>>11888 False alarm, though I don't know why /co/ is particularly targeted.
(769.35 KB 280x158 exterminatus .gif)

I'm seriously considering deleting the Invincible thread and making a new one from scratch. Just looking over it a majority of the thread would have to be deleted, it was a bad decision just letting it be and hoping it would get back on topic. It doesn't help no one ever bothers to report posts or other shit. Here's an archive if I do go forward with it. https://archive.is/wtTch
>>12567 Frank why are you such a trigger happy retard?
>>12569 If I were I wouldn't be contemplating nuking a thread.
>>12567 I'm fine with you nuking the thread Just to be sure, what exactly do you want me to report? Because people on that thread have been bitching about niggers basically since the show aired, do you want me to report people complaining about politics instead of actually discussing the show? Because that's basically what I've seen here, people bitching about comics and cartoons so I just assumed that's part of board culture and moved on instead of reporting it.
>>12584 >so I just assumed that's part of board culture It's not a one size fits all type of thing or else every board would be a /b/ clone wearing a skin suit. There are universal attributes but each board is its own character. >people complaining about politics instead of actually discussing the show? Basically, and why I didn't really set a foot down. You can't talk about the show without going a little into that area but it's reached a point where at times Invincible isn't even the topic. It's not even an insightful or fun derailing either, just vitriol. That and the same handful of retards are using twitter/reddit colloquialisms which would probably explain why the thread devolved the way it did.
The archive for those that want it. https://archive.is/etkbo
(2.86 KB 512x512 pleroma.png)

>>10554 Have you considered using a Pleroma instance as a secondary account when shit hits the fan? I've made one for freely shitposting and finding some artists (although there's more cake than cartoons).
(12.63 KB 250x194 1550978518410.gif)

So have you guys considered an extraction plan for you and loomis from this shithole now that youa re officially the only two boards worth a damn here?
>>12923 8chan is doing fine, regardless what the usual bad actors try to do. >>12748 I've been considering baraag.
>>12924 Baraag (a Mastodon instance, not Pleroma) would be a weird choice considering how artist orientated it is, and your reach would be limited since there are people and instances that block Baraag and Pawoo entirely because of the porn. General instances like Poast, Neckbeard, or FreeSpeechExtremist would be a better fit for something meant to relay board/site information.
(343.46 KB 640x480 1621482887205.png)

>>12924 You're not concerned that Acid and Mark are allowing /hebe/ to remain, potentially putting the site at risk?
>>12923 Well /loomis/ already has an outpost on comfychan.
Requesting >>13410 be a banner.
(3.70 MB 1100x452 527.gif)

>>13432 Colored.
>>13372 I would honestly tell you guys to pack bag and move. I know it hurts to do so but just look at your neighbors man.
>>13517 Sure thing /cow/.
(280.27 KB 265x376 ClipboardImage.png)

(390.85 KB 780x1170 ClipboardImage.png)

(383.43 KB 300x450 ClipboardImage.png)

>Ask for Oban Star Racers on the vola >Adonis delivers >He also points out that it's technically anime >Thought it was originally French, in both writing and audio at least >Shift into the old "What counts as anime?" debate >Adonis says AniDB doesn't list non-anime >Point to https://anidb.net/anime/11957, a Chinese 3DCG western looking cartoon that's listed as anime >Adonis says it's anime too, because it has Japanese production >It's 100% Chinese from top to bottom >Adonis says it must be a user mistake >AniDB wiki explicitly states chink and gook stuff is anime >Adonis gets assblasted <Well, let's just let the vola sorting decide, and see where the files want to be :^) >Adonis removes Oban from the vola, as well as another higher res version someone else uploaded Wew laddy. Someone really likes being king of the sandcastle. Mods are powertripping fags no matter where you go. Batman TAS had production in Japan too. I don't know much about the vola circlejerk, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's a vol, or even Frank himself here, and this post is deleted out of sheer asshurt.
>>13786 lmao where do these fags come from and why delete other's file?
(823.04 KB 947x1043 G1.png)

>>13787 When he did it he said, >Oh look, I guess it is anime The kicker? I might ultimately agree with him on Oban, since it has both production in Japan and a fairly anime sub-style. He just couldn't stand that he was wrong about AniDB and that I didn't agree with him that any animation coming out of Japan is "anime". If he really cared about whether or not it was anime, he shouldn't have put in on the /co/ vola in the first place. Oh look, Cybersix was animated in Japan too. His standards make no sense.
>>13788 >>13787 >>13786 I have no idea who Adonis is. Last time I used vola was two years ago when someone was dumping Bone (if I recall) from the share thread. The board and vola are two separate entities.
>>13789 >The board and vola are two separate entities. Sorry if this has nothing to do with the board then. This thread seemed like the place to talk about meta shittery such as this. Since you're here, what's your opinion on Oban? Anime or cartoon?
>>13790 Oban Star Racers is absolutely fine. Their definition of anime is pretty retarded, like how the other Anon pointed it out, BTAS was animated in Japan but isn't anime, so was Batman Shanghai. I mainly base /co/'s definition on the type of audience the show was tended for, even then I left some wiggle room.
>>13791 >like how the other Anon pointed it out That was me.
>>13789 >The board and vola are two separate entities Why tho?
>>13933 Because I know nothing of how or who runs the vola, only that this particular channel has been used for the share thread for a long ass time.
If anyone is wondering where the other He-Man thread went, I tried out the "merge thread" feature and it seemed to work.
>8chan is now on LynxChan 2.4, be mindful of some bugs. Also be aware of 8chan's other domains. 8chan has been running Lynxchan 2.5 for months with an upgrade to v2.6 in the works. You may want to update or change your board message.
(952.23 KB 1074x1453 86853135_p14.jpg)

Also stealing these super Hitler digits for Hilda.
"Ukinojoe was such a colossal faggot" Thread archive: https://archive.is/eI5QL
>>14587 "Ukinojoe was such a colossal faggot" Thread archive 2: https://archive.is/N9tuz
Edited last time by Frank on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 03:56:54.
Well looks like Acid broke the mod tools again, bans still work but anything else is toast.
You really need to lock the Ukinojoe thread because it's becoming /cow/lite in there. You really don't want that sort of infestation to continue or it'll drag the whole board down. e.g. >>15466 >>16584 >>16585 >>16586 >>16587 >>16588 >>16590 >>16591 >>16580 >>16581
>>16595 To further prove my point they're now shitting in the Roosterteeth thread. >>16593 >>16594 >>16596 >>16598
(23.55 KB 640x430 1459001304746.jpg)

>>16600 >they get deleted <they start reposting the exact same shit with the exact same images
>>16609 That's the reason I requested the thread be locked. It's close enough to e-celeb territory that it just draws in bloodsports /cow/shitters like moths to a flame. They've marked that thread as their territory so they won't stop until it's gone. Unfortunately.
I accidentally posted the same post twice >>16691 >>16692 and I can't delete it...please delete only one of them, sorry and thanks in advance.
This is definitely my /co/ board. I can't stand the legal blurb on the other sites. I could be a good boy
>>16700 >the legal blurb on the other sites what?
>>16759 probably taking about 8kunt.
(89.04 KB 1116x1314 E-pLJddWYAA5HN5.jpg)

Congrats everyone.
>>17593 They come for the v/ and b/. But clearly can't handle the big CO/.
>>17593 >Average minutes duration >8chan: 14 >8Kun: 4. BAHAHAHAHAHHA
>>17593 >0.27% is mail >5.83 is referrals Hi fedfags!
>>13786 >Several months pass >Want to hop on the Vola and mock Adonis for his retardation >Vola is dead Sad.
So this place is like a sane /co/, huh?
>>18450 What brought ya?
>>18450 /co/ - Comedy & tragedy.
>>18450 I wouldn't call it "sane" it's more like "grumpy grandpa /co/".
Archive of Roosterteeth Funeral Thread https://archive.md/6THAY https://archive.md/UjzQy
Edited last time by Frank on 10/24/2021 (Sun) 19:35:39.
Night of the Were-Ed Storytime (2020) Archive https://archive.md/NXW9g
>>18 Hey uhh your pastebin is gone.
>>19881 Use the Alt.
Arcane Thread Archive https://archive.md/bxtkY Please direct meta shit to meta thread.
The Unfinished Corner Archive https://archive.md/IyyTg
Comic Industry Collapse Watch Thread Archive https://archive.md/HjS8K
Thanks for cleaning the storytime thread, I was about to ask when are you going to do something about it.
Frank, you might be interested in this: The guys from anoncafe are organizing a christmas global event today: https://anon.cafe/christmas/ We might post that we are interested and ask for an invitation and open an embassy thread over there. What do you think?
(649.91 KB 774x1032 MegaKayos.png)

>>21312 Merry Christmas /co/,
X-men comics: Chris Claremont edition Thread Archive https://archive.is/9Pmq9
>>22248 >>22260 The meta thread isn't just for announcements or thread archives, the sole reason I keep it pinned is to allow discussion that won't badly derail threads, unrelated shit and for questions. Like its the first thing you see yet sometimes I'm forced to nuke threads because of how bad it gets. >Why did you delete the first post? Considering how badly the X-Men thread went and how there's one or two Anons that perpetually bitch about multiverses and cape shit in general, I didn't want the pain thread to get cluttered with that shit. At least to that same extent.
Edited last time by Frank on 01/17/2022 (Mon) 23:57:47.
>>22268 I like X-Men and maintain they should be allowed a general thread. It's on topic to the board. Though the last one was trash.
>>22269 >I like X-Men and maintain they should be allowed a general thread. Who told you, you couldn't?
>>22270 The french guy who hates X-Men.
>>22313 French guy?
>>22317 I guess.
The meta thread is stickied for a reason, try to use it and not derail multiple threads. Thread Archive's of the Following Threads: Peni parker https://archive.is/gBkzv Projects You're Working On https://archive.md/pGHiv /co/ related Pain Thread 2: The Starfox Cometh https://archive.ph/0bQGM Star Wars: The Empire did nothing wrong. https://archive.ph/FaXkB
So I wanna start watching smallville. Knowing me I'll wanna talk about what I'm watching. Problem. It's not a cartoon, and I don't think a thread exists for it. It could be argued that comic roots aside it's a regular tv show and therefore should be on another board. On the other hand it is a superman tv show, and as such this is probably the best place for it. I think there's merit to both arguments, but can reach no consensus by myself. Thoughts?
>>22569 The way I see it, adaptations of comics and cartoons should be allowed on the comics and cartoons board. But then I'm not the BO, and he is known to make very retarded decisions. Multimedia adaptations should be allowed on multiple boards. Yes it should be allowed on /vhs/ as well, but the type of discussion you'll get about it on /vhs/ will be different than the discussion you'll get here. Here you'll have more comparisons to the source comics and other adaptations of them, while on /vhs/ you'll get more comparisons specifically with tv shows and movies, and probably little discussion of comics and cartoons. If you want to discuss it purely as a standalone tv show, or only in comparison to other tv shows, /vhs/ makes sense. If you want to discuss it as a comic book adaptation and compare it to comics and other adaptations, it should be here. Both should be allowed depending on how the user wants to focus the thread. Also, Smallville is my favorite show. Normally I'd say it's a guilty pleasure, but fuck it. I'm anonymous here. I will make sure there is a lot of discussion if a thread pops up, just because I'm autistic as fuck for it. It's also the thing that I would say is most responsible for getting me into comic book autism. I liked all the previous major comic book movies, Superman, Batman, the early 2000s Marvel movies, but this was the show that got deep enough into comic lore to make me really get into the comic stuff that isn't usually adapted, and thus make me want to read more comics in particular. Now comics are my biggest hobby and I can't find anywhere autistic enough for me to discuss it to the extent I want, including here. And I credit Smallville for a lot of that. And this is a big reason why adaptations, and this one in particular, should be allowed here.
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>>22569 >smallville It's fine, but if you're still worried just make a cw general.
>>22572 Cool! Halfway through the first episode and loving it. Already better than expected. >>22573 Fuck yeah! Now that's what's up. I haven't watched any of the other CW shows, but fuck it why not. The broader the scope the more discussion. Thanks Frank!
>>22573 >advocating generals Generals were mandated by moot because of bronies and the like being fucking annoying and spamming their shit everywhere, so they were contained to a single thread. Generals are a punishment, not something that should be wanted. Also, threads should actually be because the OP wants to say something (or ask something), and not just "I want to talk about this, here's a thread about the general topic." OP should actually say something he wants to say to start the thread, and if the thread then spreads out to a more general discussion of the topic, then fine. Of course, discussion of Smallville would likely lead to discussion of the other CW DC shows, and other DC shows in general (and maybe some other adjacent CW shows like Supernatural or Riverdale), and that is part of the point of posting it here. But still, to encourage a "general" is stupid. Just let threads become about wider topics as they evolve, rather than encouraging that they start with little to no direction. >>22576 >I haven't watched any of the other CW shows, but fuck it why not. The broader the scope the more discussion. Flash Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 are cool. Legends Season 1 and Flash Season 3 are watchable. Everything else sucks. But fine, I'll save it for another thread. But of course discussion of those things will spoil Smallville for you since they're all related, not as much by plot, but by creative development of ideas and concepts, and since they came after, they're developed off of concepts from later seasons of Smallville, and to discuss those concepts is to discuss the later seasons.
>>22577 >Generals were mandated by moot because of bronies Generals have always been around in some shape or form before the horsefuckers, I only suggest making one just to concentrate the discussion/ encourage activity by making the topic more generalized especially for a slow board like /co/. It's ultimately up to the Anon asking about it.
>>22584 >Generals have always been around in some shape or form before the horsefuckers Some threads would always become more generalized over their lifespan, but making "X Topic General" was not, and the latter is not something to be desired, for the reasons I explained.
>>22589 >the latter is not something to be desired, for the reasons I explained. And I agree but I'd argue /co/ doesn't have enough activity to sustain natural generalization outside of popular topics. CW shit typically lasts a few posts before the thread dies, so condensing the thread helps concentrate the activity. And as I type this I just remembered there already was a Smallville thread. >>5953
>>22590 That other thread is ancient. There is no need to preserve old, inactive threads. If a thread has a few sincere replies and then drops off, that's fine. Not every thread needs to be terribly active.
>>22591 >There is no need to preserve old, inactive threads It's also a storytime. >Not every thread needs to be terribly active. But it is nice.
>>22592 You could merge them if you really wanted, for the sake of preserving a storytime thread. I don't think this level of micromanaging is actually good for the board in the long run, but then I'm not the boss. These things never happened back when /co/ was good, which, granted, was well over a decade ago. I'd just let things be organic. But merging isn't as egregious as deleting or banning.
>>22593 I've merged threads before but sometimes its better to start off with a brand new thread. >I don't think this level of micromanaging is actually good for the board in the long run I didn't say he had to make a general, only if he didn't feel strong about a stand alone thread. The only times I actively force generals to happen is with smut, e-celeb shit and anime (aka stuff on toonami). I generally assume the people coming here have used /co/ in the past, so they would know what typically is okay, like Smallville or honorary /co/ material like the Muppet's, Pokemon, Tokusatsu etc.... >which, granted, was well over a decade ago. Everything is a work in progress.
>>22594 I mean I liked the general idea personally. I don't think this is a big deal. And as far as merging sure whatever. I'm easy Frank. I just wanna watch tv and talk about X-Men. All the other stuff is whatever.
>>22594 >or honorary /co/ material like the Muppet's, Pokemon, Tokusatsu etc.... Wait Tokusatsu is considered honorary /co/ material? So you're telling me there's no rule stopping me from making a tokusatsu general thread and talking about discussing news about it there? No I'm not that guy who shitposts Kamen Rider on here.
>>22611 Knock yourself out. >>1456
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too gay?
>>22693 It's calarts so yes
Frank, I sent you a mail, have you checked it out?
>>22922 Frank its the one marked "grow ten inches over night"
I'm so bored but I can't be bothered going back to managa. What are peoples views on managa on this bored. Are comics any better?
(42.46 KB 812x797 1430367418746-3.png)

>>23459 >on this bored
>>23459 >managa >bored I don't know if you're trolling or just stupidly left your typos in. But to answer your question, no. For a large part, comics are pretty shit. Especially big two capeshit. Now there's some good indie stuff out there but they're few & far between compared to manga.
>>23459 It doesn't matter where the thing is from. That said, the era it's from seems to matter, because modern comics are shit. However, there is like 80 years of good material. The problem is narrowing it down to what you're interested in. And then also navigating the depths of autism and finding a good point that interests you but is also understandable without a PhD in the History of the DC/Marvel Universe. But there is like 60 years of material where that's easy. It's just the more modern (but not so modern that it's SJW shit) stuff that has that issue. If you're interested in Spider-Man, just go pick up any issue of Amazing Spider-Man from 1 to like 300 and you'll probably understand it and probably like it. >>23585 This guy's problem is that he is focusing on modern comics. Most comicsfags just completely ignore most of the industry since like 2016. It's not worth paying attention to. There is more good stuff from before that era than you'll ever have time to read.
>>23611 The problem is most people see no value in reading old comics that are too numerous to read to begin with & only get more complicated as they go. While left leaning soapboxing may be a problem today, retcons, reboots, deaths that don't matter, & status quo resets all existed in old comics as time went on. This again is only talking about capeshit. It's better to search for & read the quality outside of the capeshit bubble than to stay stagnant in it out of the excuse of old stuff being better than the current.
>>23622 >The problem is most people see no value in reading old comics that are too numerous to read to begin with & only get more complicated as they go. If that is true, then most people are fucking retards. Do you only watch new movies, and ignore anything that came out in the past? Do you only play new games? This mentality is disgusting. >retcons, reboots, deaths that don't matter, & status quo resets all existed in old comics as time went on. To various degrees, but these things are mostly overstated. If reboots really happened things wouldn't be nearly as complicated. Also, retcons are not inherently bad. It's just one type of plot device, and can be used well or badly, like anything else. The real problem with big two capeshit between about 1986 and 2016 was overreliance on continuity and multiple-issue stories. Continuity and multiple-issue stories can be cool, but overreliance on them leads to new readers finding things to be incomprehensible. But still, there were 50 years of capeshit before then. And once you do understand a bit of that, you can then understand the next 30 years. Then it all went to shit. >It's better to search for & read the quality outside of the capeshit bubble than to stay stagnant in it out of the excuse of old stuff being better than the current. >implying modern-non-capeshit is somehow less SJW than the capeshit. Nigga, indieshit got taken over by SJWs way harder and way earlier than the big two did. Yes, of course you should look outside of big two capeshit, but don't go in expecting it to somehow avoid the garbage that plagues the last few years of capeshit.
>>23630 A movie doesn't require 80 years of film knowledge to watch it. Nor does every movie exist in the same universe so you have to watch all of them. My point is just because there's an abundance of old stuff to read doesn't mean it's worth getting into it when you could read anything else that isn't part of that bubble that is capeshit. Half assed reboots are still reboots. DC has done multiversal wide ones multiple times. Retcons are a lazy writer's way of making something he wants rather than respecting or adding onto what came before. You can still find gold among the junk if you look. You're chances are always better with indie books than with digging through the mountain of ice cream for bed wetters that is big two comics.
>>23632 >A movie doesn't require 80 years of film knowledge to watch it. Most comics don't either. Though as I mentioned, I do think it's been a problem for the past 30-35 years. >Half assed reboots are still reboots. DC has done multiversal wide ones multiple times. If it was half assed it would be simpler. Unfortunately, they're not reboots, they just do time travel stories and things like that. It's way more complicated than if they just started over, and it doesn't make things less complicated like a reboot would, it makes them more complicated. >Retcons are a lazy writer's way of making something he wants rather than respecting or adding onto what came before. No, retcons are a writer's way of saying something happened chronologically previous to the "present" of the story without the audience being aware. It's not inherently bad. It's the premise of every "twist" in literature. And while some things can be stupid, some can work fine. Batman's origin is a retcon. But oh, no, it's inherently bad because they didn't start with it. Not only that, I'm willing to bet they never even had it in mind when they first plagiarized that Shadow story and stuck bat-ears on the character. Must mean Batman's origin sucks. >You're chances are always better with indie books than with digging through the mountain of ice cream for bed wetters that is big two comics. You're vastly overestimating the average quality of indieshit. Like anything, it's likely you only remember the good. It's also likely you're deliberately ignoring all the SJW shit. And I get it. I do that too. But let's be real here.
(204.48 KB 956x646 gun.webm)

>>23638 You're very adamant to defend shit practices & not just moving on to finding better stuff.
>>23459 >What are peoples views on managa on this bored. Manga is just another thing to read to me. Though I do think it's harder to find anything that goes against the grain if you want to go beyond the mainstream and FOTM shit. The reliance on the good will of fan-translators (god help you if you come across a translation you hate) and an apparent avoidance of anything older than you and doesn't have an anime makes it a fucking chore if you know you don't have the time to learn Japanese. >Are comics any better? Depends on what you're looking for, so think about why you're bored with manga and use that to discern what you want from comics. Frankly, the question of "which is better" is easy bait for fags to avoid actual literary discussion and comparisons.
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(3.36 MB 1400x2008 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.03 MB 1665x2560 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.41 MB 1710x2459 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23651 While I think the quality question of which is better is far more objective than some would wanna acknowledge, I think it's easier to ask what it is someone is looking for at the time. Do you want a detective noir story with animals or a tragic romance about a society where predator & prey live in a thin sense of peace? Would you rather read the story of an alien posing as a doctor in a small mountain town or an immortal being learning about life & humanity? It comes down to what you as the customer want to read & sink your time into.
>>23644 Not an argument. I'm not defending shit practices, I'm saying to just ignore modern comics because of the shit practices. The only thing you said is shit that I defended is the concept of retcons, which are not inherently bad any more than the concept of a flashback is bad, or any other structural device. And I never said I don't also read other stuff. Actually, I've been getting really into Digimon lately, now that you posted it. V-Tamer 01 is a very underrated manga and a very underrated entry in the franchise. That said, part of the reason I love Digimon is because its autism levels are through the roof and one of the only things I've seen that come close to the autism levels of capeshit comics.
>>23660 >Not an argument Oh you're that sped again.
>>23660 And I'm saying there's no point for someone to read old capeshit comics because they still have the same problems that modern comics do. Nothing matters, they're written like serials instead of stories, death is an inconvenience at best, & again retcons out the ass. Which yes are a terrible thing in comics. Maybe not in of themselves when a writer puts themselves in a corner but comics use retcons as excuses to resurrect characters, alter history dramatically, & completely rewrite backstory on the fly. That's why retcons in big two comics suck.
Do you faggots ever get tired of time looping?
>>23677 Extremely. Not my fault he's so autistic he can't understand why someone doesn't want to read capeshit.
>>23678 I'm sick of you fucking both. Don't act like you didn't almost derail threads until skullkike stepped in. Your both some of the worse posters on this board.
>>23664 >you're able to actually defend your positions. What a retard! >>23676 >And I'm saying there's no point for someone to read old capeshit comics because they still have the same problems that modern comics do. They're not nearly as SJW, for one thing. Generally of much higher quality since the people making them actually cared about making an entertaining product rather than making propaganda. By and large, at least. There were always exceptions. >Nothing matters Yes, it is fiction. Oh, you mean nothing matters in-universe. If only that were true. Then things wouldn't be so autistic that new readers couldn't understand. But then this wasn't a problem until after the Bronze Age. So you'd say stuff from the Bronze Age and before is even worse? What a terrible opinion. >they're written like serials instead of stories >implying serials aren't stories >death is an inconvenience at best Depends on what character, series, and story. And a story which may deal with resurrections isn't inherently bad. Look, if you want to talk shit about writing quality, that's one thing. If you want to say entire plot elements are inherently bad, that's fucking stupid. >& again retcons out the ass. Which yes are a terrible thing in comics. Maybe not in of themselves when a writer puts themselves in a corner No, that's precisely when they are bad, or at least it's a situation one should try to avoid. Well done retcons could still be done in such a situation, I suppose, but the fact that you act like this is better than a retcon not done just because of putting yourself in a corner is, again, retarded. >but comics use retcons as excuses to resurrect characters, alter history dramatically, & completely rewrite backstory on the fly. Sometimes those things are done well. Sometimes they aren't. Batman's origin is a retcon which altered his history quite dramatically and rewrote his backstory on the fly. Wow, so terrible. Forgive me for using this example twice. You're such a filthy casual I know you wouldn't know any other major examples anyway. Maybe Superman's origin? Ever heard of it? I'm sure Superman's origin of growing up with the Kents and not in an orphanage is so stupid and made the character so much worse and wasn't used for decades of stories and character development. Retcons are just flashbacks with surprises. Sometimes those can dramatically alter things. That's not inherently bad. I like when Goku was just a magic monkey boy and Piccolo was just the devil. I also like some of the space adventures that came when both of them were retconned to be aliens. There is no reason to say it's a bad story just because it revealed information about the past out of chronological order. >>23677 I wish it would loop back further so I could go to the '90s again. >>23678 Not my fault you're so autistic you can't articulate critiques about actual storytelling quality and instead make ridiculous claims like entire storytelling devices are inherently bad. Of course, it's obvious you can't articulate because you are a filthy casual that doesn't know what you're talking about. If you just said 'that shit is stupid and gay,' that would make enough sense and nobody would argue with you. >>23687 *worst
>>23687 They really are some retarded faggots.
>>23758 Who cares? I say let em have a thread and then ignore it.
>>23834 Learn2read.
Never bothered to follow up on my bored with manga post. Then in seek new interest in what comics have to offer. The reason why I am bored of manga they have become cliche and predictable. I just need to try something new. I generally think more effort and more care is put into comics. Different art styles.more often then not they have a more cohesive plot. I'd say if I was looking for something would be not really super hero More of classics that come to an end in a reasonable manner not some never ending story like trash such as berserk. Something with emotion, pacing, high risk, rebellion, anarchy. But I know I am done with anime and manga I have lost all interest in for now
>>24216 Sandman. Neil Gaiman.
(177.54 KB 410x523 spectral huff.png)

>>24216 >more of classics that come to an end in a reasonable manner not some never ending story like trash such as berserk. Yeah, you're just going to start a berserk derail. If you are unhappy with manga you're probably just going to be unhappy with comics eventually as well. I'm a weaboo who dip's their toe into comics because they cater to specific genre's in specific ways(you don't see much noir style manga in Jap land, but it's more common in western comics for example), but you'll find their disappointing in different ways. There's less overt trend hoping like the glut of shitty isekai comics or romcom's; A lot of comic's feel as if they have the opposite pacing problem with weebshit though, I find many of them are paced too fast and they end too soon, which is often because they're often just prototype's for TV show's or movies. You can find good shit, some comic's I liked include The Coffin by Phil Hester, Bone by Jeff Smith, and what I've read of 100 bullets so far. But I read a fair amount of shit that mostly felt was meh in some form or another like manga, but comics often often end up getting ruined in ways manga typically aren't. I've seen comics with interesting premises that I promptly dropped because the author started virtue signaling too heavily. I remember last year their was some horror comic from DC I pirated called The Dollhouse family. It was about a dollhouse that was controlled by some supernatural entity that preyed upon unhappy children and pleased them in fucked up ways. I recall the dollhouse murders the protagonists school bully which caused her to nope the fuck out. I can't remember all the details but I thought it was pretty good, until the protagonist grows up and becomes a single mother of a half-black kid of a man she had a one night stand with. The nigger dad doesn't even know about the kid, I recall the condom malfunctioned or some shit and the protagonist went "well, that's a fuck up, the guy didn't intend to get me pregnant so I'll have the kid in secret and raise her myself then." Then the supernatural entity running the dollhouse find's a trad white nationalist basement dweller and convinces him to suicide bomb the mom and kid in revenge for escaping the dollhouse. I promptly dropped the comic although it was a miniseries and there were only one or two issues left. Reposted my post with proper paragraph spacing because god knows we get alot of sperg's who dump wall's of poorly formated text at you
>>24216 >never ending story like trash such as berserk Nigger Berserk was going to end but Miura fucking died.
Fuck it. You know what I hate about specifically action capeshit comics? There's no flow to action. It's just panel of starting action with dozens of word balloons the sudden new action or result of action. There's no flow to it. While something like manga shows the flow of action properly so you can feel what's happening. I know this is harder to explain in words without visuals but surely those who've read both mediums would understand what I'm saying.
(464.54 KB 1600x1230 capeshit fight scene.jpg)

>>24232 >t's just panel of starting action with dozens of word balloons the sudden new action or result of action. There's no flow to it. While something like manga shows the flow of action properly so you can feel what's happening. I know this is harder to explain in words without visuals but surely those who've read both mediums would understand what I'm saying. I know what you're talking about. Alot of comics in general feel like their missing panels in their fight scenes. On top of that they often afraid to use things like motion lines in their art to show movement. Older comics are generally better with this, but even then I would come across moments I thought could be done better.
>>24235 >x-23 developed the ability to talk and now shes wearing wolvies suit Yeah. Man fuck comics.
>>24236 I don't read x-men, I just googled "comic fight scene" and grabed the first thing I saw. I recall people saying the not talking thing wasn't really a thing in the comics except for maybe her first appearance though? I thought her thing was more she was incredibly autistic and unsociable?
>>24235 Yes exactly. Thank you for helping articulate my thoughts.
>>24237 >super autistic and anti-social Yes. Characterized by her ignoring people talking to her, not responding, and generally being an enormous stuck up asshole. She appears to have changed in the intervening years.
>>24243 Yeah and they also hide her past as a whore. Like a literal whore. X-23 was a prostitute for a while.
>>24246 An underaged prostitute at that if I remember correctly.
>>24247 Yep. Thanks Marvel. Really cool. Didn't want a respectful take on a character who had actual nuance in a fucking children's show. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=itz6CCPzTdc
>>24246 I just can't even when it comes to modern comics. A page or two and I'm furious. Its pulp writing, the easiest shit in the world, and they just can't stop fucking up. And as bad as the writing is theres the art. Like you said this fight scene is God awful. Truly atrocious. The artist has clearly never even seen a kids fist fight. I mean this shit was churned out by bad writers at the turn of the century for pennies. And they still did a far far better job. It's baffling. Now with access to every printed word ever written. Footage of every human activity for reference. Computer assisted drawing, shading, and inking. Instead of all this making the job infinitely easier and thus leading to a better product. Its shit. Its all so bad. I get that the issue is them pushing an agenda over making a product, but goddamn. So was transformers really. And they still managed to make a coherent product to shill their chinese lead filled plastic shitty toys. It's all so baffling. Why has competence decreased in every area of life?
(9.12 MB 1920x2957 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.44 MB 1600x1270 ClipboardImage.png)

(8.58 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

>>24249 Well these companies just simply aren't competent. At all. Look what you get with the digital age of comics.
>>24250 >he doesn't like Sonic Blast What a fag.
>>24256 Sonic Blast is the worst platformer in the whole series. Four great 8-bit games before it. Sad that they fucked up the last one.
>>24216 Nigga, I'm the guy writing reams in defense of comics, but if you think you're going to avoid cliches, predictability, and non-cohesive plots by going from Japanese comics to American comics, you're very mistaken. Not that I think American comics are necessarily worse, but they're about even. The only difference might just be different cliches, and even then, not that different. That said, there are plenty of comics from both sides of the Pacific that avoid these trappings. Maybe you should just not limit yourself to one nationality.
>>24250 Did someone really paint over cgi models?
>>24442 Yes. Most modern comic "artists" do this.
>>24216 How about the opposite? I guess there is a reason of why so many people lick Japan shoes, I'm a normie so I don't care about weeb culture and big anime tiddies, but still interest. I'm curious about Japan take on superheroes and vigilantes, I don't know If there is any term, magazine or something. It seems that /a/ its dead, sorry. The closest I know is Ichi the Killer. You are free to call me retard all you want.
>>24540 You're saying you want original japanese takes on heroes & vigilantes?
>>24543 Yeah, not necessarily something too original.
(632.12 KB 1500x2120 91onK7nGEqL.jpg)

(466.21 KB 1722x2560 81bl6fgUgJL.jpg)

(385.54 KB 1400x2008 81655ZZdqlL.jpg)

(5.19 MB 1500x2067 ClipboardImage.png)

(651.93 KB 466x700 ClipboardImage.png)

>>24544 >>24545 Alright. I can recommend you try these manga then. Kamen Rider & Gorenger are the first entries in the Kamen Rider & Super Sentai series' respectively. Both started as manga before becoming TV show franchises. Fist of the Northstar isn't exactly a superhero story since it takes place in the post apocalypse but Kenshiro is a vigilante with magic kung fu powers that he uses to bring justice in a lawless wasteland. No Guns Life if a cyberpunk detective noir series about a war veteran cyborg turned private detective. Solving cases as they come him & unraveling the underbelly of the corrupt corporation that controls the city. Kaiju No. 8 is about a 30 year old kaiju clean up worker who is infected by & turned into a kaiju through a mysterious creature that enters his body. Using these new powers he wants to join the kaiju elimination squad to protect the world from further kaiju attacks.
>>24546 Thank you so much.
>>24540 >normie We use normalfag or normalnigger here, anon. There's sentaishit and mahou shoujo shit but I don't know enough about either and alot of that stuff is steeped in japanese tropes so that might be a no go for you. I'm reading Kabushiki Gaisha Magi Lumiere which is an ongoing magical girl manga. it's about a world where magical girls are more like police officers which are run by several private coportaions who research and devlop magic to combat monsters. I found it enjoyable despite only ever having watched Madoka and some sailor moon growing up. You probably already heard of stuff like Boku no Hero Academia and One Punch man because their famous and have a massive following amongst normalfags and many capeshit readers, so give those a shot if you haven't. I also Second the other guy's recommendation of Kaiju No 8. There's also more obscure shit like Keyman the hand of judgement and Birdman which are kinda western capeshit flavored although I haven't finished them yet despite liking what I read. The latter panders hard to lolifags though, so if you're a real normalfag you might find that off putting. You can also browse the superhero tag on mangadex, but alot of it aren't things that are proper superhero comics and are more super hero themed comedies or Romcom. There's more capeshit esque stuff like Zetman and SHY but I have never read them, although they seem well liked and regarded.
(111.81 KB 400x594 Cyborg 009.jpg)

>>24550 >>24540 Oh and I also liked what I read of Cyborg 009 . However, The translation took extreme liberties to my knowledge and the entire story never got translated.
>>24550 >>24552 Thank you.
(6.20 MB 400x400 Dear_diary.gif)

>just survived the latest exodus Thanks. I hate it.
>>24568 What took you so long finding 8moe?
>>24550 >>24553 Let reply but I fucked up. I said Birdman panders hard to lolifags when it's Keyman that does. Birdman seems more approachable if you're a normalfag.
Possible attack going on, please stand-by.
>>25033 Does anyone know what's going on with the site drama. I'm trying to understand the meta thread on /v/ but its all over the place
>>25045 Kinda. What specifically are you looking for clarification on?
>>25048 Just the general stuff.
>>25045 Board user counter is broken and DDoS mitigation measures are stopping everyone from posting and breaking CSS on several boards. It's all because someone is spamming the pedophile grooming circlejerk on /b/ (actual children get groomed there, some dude posts requests of his daughter)
>>25050 Acid fucked with the code and now shits broken. But he did stop a ddos attack. I guess that about evens out. Because you don't use fancy css your boards fine.
>>25052 >you don't use fancy css I always thought about adding one.
>>25072 What would be comic and cartoon css you think? Lots of bright colors? Background image. Yeah it's doable.
Any thoughts in Image Comics, Valiant Comics and maybe WildStorm? There is any other that deserve more recognition?
>>25177 Why are you posting that here and not make a thread for it?
>>25072 Frank, can you please explain to me how saying cartoons aren't pedophilia is "fedposting"? Do you even know what fedposting is? Incitement of illegal activity. How do you get fedposting from expressing the view that got this site made in the first place?
>>25428 How do you expect me to react when you start posting ":^)" near loli discussion? Especially with all the ddos and other attacks happening recently on 8chan? >also pic related
(414.70 KB 435x538 Smug Eris.png)

>>25439 I guess I set myself up for that one, and I'll stop using it here following this post. :^) is just my go-to funposting emoticon. Like typing out a smug cartoon face. Except I can put it in a small spoiler at the very end of the post, for just right amount of impact. (^:
>8chan is now on LynxChan 2.5, be mindful of some bugs. Also be aware of 8chan's other domains. <8chan has been running LynxChan 2.7 for months and is preparing for the upcoming 2.8 upgrade I think it's time to update the board message.
>>25447 Yeah, I read it. In case you didn't read my reply, I'm not that schizo from the Batman thread.
Thanks Dawg.
(383.19 KB 629x477 peekaboo.png)

Any /co/mrade interested in brainstorming a unique CSS theme for /co/? Would go really nice with the custom spoiler image being used. Would you like the wallpaper to have those word sound effects? Make the board look like a comic book? Discuss!
(15.28 KB 128x128 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25584 Back in 8chan times in 2018 there used to be an spanish speaker /co/ board and they used pic related as spoilertag, so It might give you some ideas.
(89.00 KB 323x425 Thinking of a riddle.png)

(366.00 KB 440x422 A smug riddle.png)

>>25586 Noted. If you're interested, I can add a footer mascot that sits on the bottom right corner of the page to go with the theme. Don't know if going with the Riddler would be repeating the spanish /co/ board, but if another /co/mrade has a better idea of a footer mascot, they are free to post ideas.
Mass cyber attack on Euro side of the internet from Russia. Expect ddos style of slowdown and outages.
>>25607 But did you read my dick email?
(512.33 KB 1354x631 WIP co theme 2.png)

(556.26 KB 1354x630 WIP co theme 3.png)

(1002.28 KB 1354x631 WIP co theme.png)

Got started on making the CSS theme for /co/, more things need to be changed & polished before it can be released. One of the suggestions made was to find a font similar to Comic Sans, but more "pro" so I went with Stanberry. Seen too many comic book fonts that don't have lower cased letters & just make them instead more miniture sized capitals. That font I picked seemed just right for maintaining the theme while being legible. Looking up comic book pages for references, they too have all the letters even the lower cases in all caps. Got the paper background working. Next up on the list for the /co/ theme is to give replies bright colors and thick borders to make them resemble panels or boxes from comics What do you think so far? Seem promising? Anything you would like to suggest?
>>25648 The textured background with unboxed text screams ancient web-page, and not really ina good way. Especially with those fonts.
>>25715 >and not really ina good way. I disagree.
But did you read my dick email Frank?
>>25925 I haven't received anything.
(18.09 KB 256x256 ISO_White.jpg)

>>25715 It just needs a cleaner background. >>25648 Try this one. >>25926 >8chan global volunteer spot ayy
Hi, Frank, how are you doing?
>>26130 Hi Frank, how's going? I just want to know how are you doing?
>>25648 Any updates on this?
So apparently Hispachan is actually going to shutdown this time and some are migrating here. Anyone know why? I remembered some Anons from there tend to lurk here, I also got an email or two asking if I wanted to attach /co/ to their webportal/ring-websomething some months back.
>>26441 I've heard the expense was too great. Running a Kusaba site is not cheap, and they had a lot of users. After speaking to the admin, I think burnout is also a factor.
>>26447 Damn. I may not have been the most receptive to their offers but if they need a place to stay (at least their /ac/ board) I'd be more than willing to host them here.
>>26441 >Anyone know why? Lack of interest from the administration and high demanding servers (around 6000$ per semester according to admin's words) >>26448 Thanks for the invitation but we already set up a board on 8moe. You can come to say hi if you want >>>/ac/
>>26498 >around 6000$ How much porn did they have stored?
>>26522 not really much since the admin deleted the porn boards outside from the hentai and rule34 boards which were quite dead.
(7.59 KB 210x69 ClipboardImage.png)

(732.07 KB 979x745 ClipboardImage.png)

>/ac/ and /co/ next to each other on top boards Nice bros.
>>26564 I wish it could've lasted longer.
>>26792 The sunday night stream sky rocketed the number of active users on /ac/, it went from 20 users to over 40. You could try something similar, we post on an embedded thread instead of a chat box, which helps to increase the PPH and number of active users. That aside, according to Acid, the webring app has a memory leak so they are replacing the nav bar altogether since it's based on it. He teased that they might choose the nav bar boards with a Hunger Game every month which I think it might be cool.
Man instead of just saying "This new chip n dale movie is fucking bullshit" which it is. The spics just fucking aired the whole movie in a comfy stream. Anons we have just been shown the light. We need a streamer now.
>>26961 There's a guy that streams every Friday and Saturday here, you can ask them.
>>26961 I've been planning making streaming for both spanish and english speaking anons at the same time for a year now; the thing is, both me and the guy who helps me don't have neither the spare time not the hardware to do something like that. Anyway, it's not really that hard to make streaming if you have a decent computer, watch8chan helps a lot since the streaming links get embed automatically, back in hispachan we had to build our own website from scratch so we could post and watch the stream at the same time. You can ask here >>>/ac/479 or on the /v/ thread if you or anyone else is willing to organize streaming nights like we do on /ac/; I'll be more than willing to help you.
>>26976 >I'd do it but my computer suxorz Bro last year I ran a weekly stream off a 20 dollar walmart phone. Off of 4g. No wifi. It's easy as pie, I just can't chat and stream at the same time doing it. Give it a try anon. It's easy peasy.
>>26977 You didn't get what I mean, I'm the guy who makes the /ac/ streams. What I've been planning is to have two simultaneous streams, one in English and the other in Spanish, the thing is it requires both time and effort to download, organize and encode shit. I've tried streaming to two channels from the same computer and my PC is too shit, it can't handle that, I've tried using two computers at the same time and it gets tedious quite fast. I suppose there are way to work around that, like streaming two separated audio track and being able to toggle the language from the webpage or having a button that toggles the subtitles, but I would require time to figure that out, something that I currently don't have. I would love to make streams both here and in /ac/, but I'm just way too busy with IRL stuff.
>>26978 Oh I see. Yeah that'd be cool. But I still think Frank should just start streaming.
>>26979 >But I still think Frank should just start streaming. Same. Frank vtuber when?
>>26979 >>26980 Im too technologically illiterate to run a competent stream. But if any of you want to set up a Sunday stream thread then Id happily pin it.
>>27011 Man. You really gonna make me stream from my phone again? Fine. Whatever. Angels of death the 40k series. At least the first 5 episodes.
We have fallen off the top boards...
>>27021 It isn't really accurate plus ever since the Hispachan migration most of the typical top boards have been pushed off.
>>27013 > Angels of death the 40k series Looking forward to it. I totally forgot there was a Warhammer series.
>>27034 Well if people are gonna watch I should nail down a time slot I guess. Frank likes Sunday and that works for me. 2pm EST work for everyone? Give me a chance to get back from church and eat.
>>27041 The other streams are typically at around 10pm or 11pm but if you want to do yours early then go for it.
>>27044 I have absolutely no preference. This is about whens best for you. So if you'd prefer 11pm EST then that's when we will do it. Frank please edit my stream thread with the updated time. Thank you.
>>27045 I only mention it because most people are probably still at work and it works best with all three time zones.
>>27057 Yeah man makes sense.
>>27045 >>27044 I personally find the night hours more comfortable to me since most people come back home after work/college. I start my streams on 0 UTC always.
Does this board have all it's old banners from 8kun?
Is this all that's left of 8chan? What the hell happened?
>>28406 We got blown up and fragmented, several times.
>>28407 This is depressing Anything good left?
>>28406 The webring happened. Everyone thought It'd be a great idea to have boards spaced throughout different sites in the event that a site going down under would happen, the refugees could flock to the alternative board on another webring site. Thing is, nothing of the sort has happened after Esther Aronowitz and all it has done is splinter and fragment our small communities even further, on top of that, there seems to be animosity between seperate sites boards, for instance, our /v/ and zzzchan's /v/. What you see here is only a part of the original 8chan /co/ community. The same way you only see a part of original /b/ community here, /v/ community here and so forth.
>>28408 Id still post with whomever is left around here and some bunkers than having to deal with the bullshit of other altchans.
>>28402 Yes but the rotation of all of them isn't as good on 8moe.
>>28406 >What the hell happened? Diaspora. Like the jews, only for real.

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