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(2.04 MB 1423x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Am I the Only One Who Found Beast Wars Unwatchable? Anonymous 09/28/2021 (Tue) 04:44:37 No. 18146
I remember as a kid never liking Beast Wars not because of the plot, theme or anything like that, but because it was impossible to tell what was going on. Everything was overly dark and lacking in contrast. I've come back to it after hearing it's supposed to be great, but even on a modern display it's still really hard to make out details when the characters are not outside on a clear day. The problem seems to be exclusive to Beast Wars to me, as even older CG cartoons (Veggitales, Reboot, video sequences in PS1/Saturn games) are generally perfectly clear to me. Am I the only one who has this issue with Beast Wars?
>>18146 Nah you're not the only one. Also don't forget a lot of us myself included had janky CRT TV's. It also used one of those small square loop antennas which made all those shitty 90's CGI shows look even worse. Traditionally animated shows like MiB, Extreme Ghostbusters, and Batman Beyond were all visually dark too, but way more enjoyable to watch. Beast Wars became background noise between the good shows. I remember only liking it when the Rhino unloaded with his machineguns and whenever that sexy spider robot appeared. Forgot all their names. The last CGI show I kept up with in that era was Cubix Robots for Everyone and while it was clear and colorful, all the characters had uncanny designs I couldn't get over. Didn't stop me from shipping the hell out of Abby and Connor though. I remember being glad when anime started saturating the Saturday lineup even though some of them were kind of whack too. CGI cartoons had a long way to go and we caught it during what I assume was its bold pioneering phase.
>>18146 I remember messing with the brightness, color, and contrast adjustments worked best on some cartoons. Just not well on the ones you wanted to see. Action Man, Max Steel, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Roughneck Chronicles, all seemed like they were made purposefully warm. >>18149 For my area, Monster Rancher played in the weekly mornings with Roughneck Chronicles for KidsWB. Cubix, Dinozaurs(FoxKids), Flint the Time Detective(FoxKids), and Mon Colle Knights(FoxKids) all played respectively on Saturday mornings.
(56.31 KB 600x474 Blackarachnia robot mode.jpg)

(41.93 KB 600x387 Blackarachnia beast mode.jpg)

>>18146 >Am I the only one who has this issue with Beast Wars? I think you have some sort of vision problems, anon. I don't know if it's your eyes or your brain, but there is something wrong. >>18149 Maybe your tv was actually broken. Most of the shows mentioned were very successful, and it wouldn't be like that if people couldn't see them. Beast Wars is awesome and you're missing out, which is unfortunate, since it sounds like it's not your fault that you have some sort of problem with the part of your brain that processes light. That said, some episodes of Season 1 are mediocre, especially some of the more "filler-like" episodes. But the episodes that actually affect the plot are awesome, and by the end of Season 1, they become the majority. Season 3 is absolutely awesome, though the best episode is in Season 2, and anyone who watched the show will know which one it is. In Season 1 you get an episode where the plot is that Rhinox has explosive farts. In Season 2 you get episodes where one of the main characters is considering suicide. I'd recommend anyone try to get to Season 2 before quitting the show. Even by the end of Season 1 it changes. I guess Mainframe stopped giving a fuck about pleasing censors after ABC cancelled ReBoot anyway, since both ReBoot and Beast Wars got incredibly hardcore after that. Also, as for it being dark, by Season 2, and especially 3, most of the characters get redesigned with garish chrome and vibrant colors that destroy any pretense of them being robots in disguise, but they do look pretty cool, and made for some awesome toys. Beast Machines also gets a bad rep, but is great on a rewatch. As a kid I think it went over my head, even though I loved Beast Wars. But now I appreciate how it tries to have some deeper themes than even Beast Wars, which already had some pretty heavy stuff. >I remember only liking it... whenever that sexy spider robot appeared. Am I the only one who noticed that when Blackarachnia transforms from Beast Mode to Robot Mode her spider-mouth becomes her vagina?
>>18146 >Am I the Only One Who Found Beast Wars Unwatchable? Yes. You're a faggot and you should disembowel yourself in real life Minecraft.
>>18146 I vaguely recall missing an important episode because of the screen being too dark, but I think it was because our TV was a 9-inch CRT from the 70s, and there was a lot of sun glare from the room it was in.
>>18245 I had a black and white tv in the early 2000s. Didn't really bother me except for trying to play the Blue Sphere stages in Sonic & Knuckles. The original Transformers might have been a bit of a problem, since some characters were just color swaps, but Beast Wars didn't have that. I could tell the difference between Cheetor and Tigatron even on a shitty tiny black and white tv from the '60s.
(139.14 KB 1000x665 gaydameelton.jpg)

>>18293 Cheetor v1.0 was a twink and Tigatron was a bear.

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