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(807.32 KB 968x545 You're finally came.png)

(6.22 MB 320x172 xUqkjd.gif)

Anonymous 10/21/2021 (Thu) 01:37:55 No. 18666
Well would you look who it is, /co/! About time you made it to the Halloween Bash, what exactly are you supposed to be?
(84.03 KB 600x841 devil bruce campbell.jpg)

>>18666 Did you plan those trips, devil?
(9.49 KB 210x240 1512866023776.jpg)

>>18666 A+, anon
>what exactly are you supposed to be? A fucking loser. Didn't even have to buy a costume this year.
(351.70 KB 625x453 Comfy Palpy.png)

Watched The Halloween Tree and Catalina La Catrina movies, having a comfy time.
I watched Shrek and Paranorman. Good Halloween.
(136.82 KB 750x934 oldguycrying.jpg)

>>19444 (checked) For the first time in decades, I FORGOT that it was Halloween. The wife had to remind me.

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