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(248.58 KB 1335x778 FCEt0l2VkAYN0Z8.jpg)

Jack Angel Has Passed Away Anonymous 10/21/2021 (Thu) 02:24:50 No. 18669
>We are saddened to report that veteran G1 voice actor Jack Angel has passed away, as confirmed by his agency’s Instagram account. >Mr. Angel’s legacy for the Transformers franchise includes several key characters from the original G1 cartoon such as: Omega Supreme, Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen, Astrotrain, Breakdown, Ramjet, Cyclonus, a Sweep and some other support characters of the show. Besides Transformers, he had a prolific career being part of other classic franchises like Voltron, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, G.I. Joe and more. >We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Didn't see a thread up. https://archive.md/Cbagf
Well shit....rip
>>18669 >The day of his passing, October 19, a piece of lost 1980's media that contained his voice as the lead role, being the US dub of TUGS, was discovered. Lord giveth and Lord taketh. Also he's one of the only people to probably be in Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Monster Inc and Lilo & Stitch. Maybe as only background characters but still.
(440.99 KB 438x452 man camelot331 o-face.png)

>>18691 >TUGS
>Jack Angel Is that his birth name?

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