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The Show That Keeps on Giving Anonymous 10/23/2021 (Sat) 00:51:57 No. 18705
>Hack of an actress decides to burn down all her connections to Warner and basically call out how shitty of company they are < Peter Roth, the president of Warner Television likes to have women “steam” his crotch while he’s still wearing them. All the while searches for blackmail on everyone <Rose says she suffered injuries while working, such as a broken neck, fractured rib that split in two, and even a tumor <forced her to go back to work 10 days after surgery <Denied her from going to conventions <a crew member got 3rd degree burns across his body including face, apparently people watched his skin fall off <a sex scene was filmed without prep <they lost 2 stunt doubles <Rose was almost blinded <PA was left a quadriplegic and was forced to start a gofundme <Actor Dougray Scott yelled at and mistreated people. <Camrus Johnson a “egomaniac” who apparently blamed her and leaked info. <WB couldnt be bothered to provide a taxi during a night shoot >Warner Bros hits back hours later <Rose’s account “revisionist history” <“multiple complaints about workplace behavior” against the actor. <Rose theirself was the subject of an internal probe into bad behavior allegations by the studio <founder and CEO of Constellate Films — who called Rose's season on Batwoman a "reign of cruelty. <Rose had regularly showed up late without knowing her lines and treated the crew members poorly, as though they were beneath her. <we were disregarded as the trash we picked up, >All this for a crappy CW show that is only kept alive out of pure ego and nepotism If this is the crap that is continually happening under each season of Batwoman, then I say let them continue until it eventually bankrupts them because nobody is watching this trash fire. Outside the behind the scenes drama of course.
>>18705 >a sex scene was filmed without prep What?
>>18705 No one's the good guy in this situation.
I can't believe I'm actually going to bat for the show here, but does Rose really expect anyone that anyone on that shitshow of a production to have so much pull that they can do any of what she claims to have happened, without anyone speaking of it? I mean I can see it if this was a multi-billion dollar Oscar worthy production that people would hush down and not say anything but this is a CW show, this the bottom of the barrel Z-list CW show, who the fuck are you kidding to think anyone wouldn't complain about the toilets not being cleaned properly let alone any of this shit.
>Exploitative left wing propaganda show run by an egoist Hollyweirdo Communist with connections at the CW >Has a lack of safety standards and finds it's crew immediately disposable. Imagine my shock that Commies dispose of their own useful idiots on daily basis to get results.
(59.93 KB 780x439 FCpP93PWQAAzInJ.jpg)

It continues to get better.
Ruby Rose almost ending up a cripple was true, at least. Reminds me of how they got some nigger bitch killed while shooting Deadpool 2 because they really wanted a black stuntman or some shit.
>>19147 The final Resident Evil movie resulted in a stuntwoman having her face "de-gloved."
>>19156 >The final Resident Evil movie resulted in a stuntwoman having her face "de-gloved." Holy shit that's wild. Do you have a link with all the gruesome details?
>>19160 Funny enough her face was the one that healed the best. Her spine got so fucked up she had to have her arm amputated.
I don't know whether to find it hilarious or depressing that at least two people almost lost their lives or major bodily function working on a show I'm still not convinced is actually real and is just an elaborate prank to rile people up online, one of which being an actress whose most liked role is the one where she doesn't even speak in. Be real with me anons, this is all part of the prank, right? No one actually worked on this in an unironic fashion, right?
>>19196 What the hell happened to her? Did they just shoot her out of a cannonball and into a car crusher or something?
>>19601 Motorcycle accident into another vehicle, I think.
>>19196 Man, that's such a shame. She was so fit, and pretty good looking too.
>>19156 >The final Resident Evil movie resulted in a stuntwoman having her face "de-gloved." Another crew member actually died, he was crushed by one of props: > A second accident occurred during filming on December 3 when crew member Ricardo Cornelius was crushed to death by one of the film's props, a US Army-issue Hummer, while on set. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resident_Evil:_The_Final_Chapter#Stuntwoman_injury_and_crew_fatality Imagine going to the movie premiere, seeing that steaming pile of shit and knowing your father, husband, brother, uncle, whatever died for this atrocity. Absolute despicable.
>>19844 (checked) The behind the scenes of this shitpile is sounding more and more like Mad Max.
>>19844 All that for a nugget of turd that is a Resi Evil film. It made about 350 million I reckon you slice that in half and give 175mil a piece to her and his family and pray they don't sue for more.

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