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Well here we are E.V.I.L Heroes: The Pseudo EVIL Bootleg Justice League Anonymous 01/14/2022 (Fri) 05:19:27 No. 22117
It's entertaining as the joke that it is. But the comic has some things going for it.
>>22117 So someone ripped off Garth Ennis. And they have no subtlety. Meh I've read worse rip offs before.
>>22122 >it's the chaos symbol, but it's also a C! So captain Chaos then? The arts kinda meh. Bored enough to keep reading though.
>>22120 It's readable a second time. They just should have went somewhere else with it.
>>22124 Totally. I mean the boys did the whole "what if super heroes were dicks?" Already, but it's a good enough idea that there's still shit to mine. This seems to be going in the >they have always been among us. What our ancestors called God's were just powered mortals... Except immortal. Which the Greeks had already done to death thousands of years before Christ. But that being said if your gonna do it then commit at least, if the story is about these guys then make them more interesting than just aquaman rip off, Athena, Horus, Captain chaos is at least original even if his whole characterization is just smile evily and talk about killing people, and what's that Vishnu? These aren't even rip offs these are just the originals. So okay fine but make em interesting, focus on them founding rival states from the ashes and plotting against each other. There's the drama, but no we get "so then someone makes true heroes and they fight." Which is just every capeshit ever. Yeah it's not horrible and it's only a first issue, but so far nothing original or grabbing story wise. Still when the next issue comes post it. Now I'm curious.
>>22125 To be clear I still wanna read because there's an angle I wanna see if they use. The tagline said "with great power comes great corruption" So if by the time hero boy gets his shit and possibly team together the worlds pretty much accepted overlords with powers and the globe's divided into regions ruled by each, and as our hero defeats them one by one (possibly over 8 arcs or eventual collected volumes) he's left as defacto ruler of earth and becomes a despot himself. It's not great, but it is a Semi-interesting choice left to them.
>>22126 >possibly over 8 arcs or eventual collected volumes >>22117 >Issue 1 of 6 I'm just turned off by the fact that it's another "Look at superheroes being evil" concept without getting to the fun bits of causing destruction and mayhem. In this particular case, the heroes are "gods", right? Okay. then show appearing in the current world, reacting to how it's changed, and testing their might and how people react. Hell, have "Captain Chaos" save the mother and child from a crumbling building, then, while they're congratulating him, snap the kid's neck and fry the mother before either have a chance to react. Taking it from another direction, they could have it where the heroes are causing wanton destruction because they're trying to save humanity. Have it where humanity has traveled down the wrong path with our current civilization, and Vishnu and the gang are destroying the modern world in order to reform it in an attempt to move humanity forward. But, then again, this is already asking far to much as the Hindu god of destruction is Shiva, and, even then, it's only the destruction and chaos that is required to occur in order for a new age to begin.
>>22126 Some people like things to be tidy and easy flowing via titles. But I'll just upload in correct order without renaming everything. The direction they decided to go with it made me laugh with tears.
>>22130 >issue 1 of 6 Well balls. So it's just "once upon a time there were a bunch of evil fucks" and then hero dude wins in 6 issues, or downer ending he dies and the evil guys keep... eviling... >muh slavery So it's just Disney evil all around then. Joy.
>>22131 I mean I'm already invested at this point, lets see this through then. Can't get worse at least right? Really has nowhere to go but up. And man prototype was a fun game. See if your gonna do mass destruction at least make it fun to watch.
I swear if this is yet another DUDE WHAT IF SUPERMAN WAS EVIL comic I'm going to be mildly annoyed for a couple of minutes
>>22129 Wait a minute... That C is a G. It's General Chaos isn't it? >>22134 >he goes by chaos This is badly written.
>>22137 Aquaboy rip off is atlas... Not Neptune. K. So backstory time! They were over thrown in ancient times by! >the indomitable human spirit Oh come the fuck on. Dude just K.O.d the mother fucking Moon, and what some assholes with pitchforks and torches kicked his ass?
>>22121 Why are 5 of them just edgy chaos corrupted Justice league lookalikes while the other two are just full on ancient gods? Why are Kali and Anubis both being depicted as evil? Particularly Anubis since he's just the judge of the dead. He's a fucking psychopomp. Why not Set or Apophis (being the Egyptian god of chaos) instead? And as far as Kali goes, here's the wiki: >Kali's earliest appearance is when she emerged from Lord Shiva. She is the ultimate manifestation of Shakti and the mother of all living beings. She destroys the evil in order to protect the innocent. Right at the fucking top.
>>22139 >the E.V.L. program The evil program... Really.
(5.35 MB 3000x2026 Earth_&_Moon_size_comparison.png)

(229.69 KB 257x395 Dorn NO!.png)

>>22137 >just fragmented the moon OK these writers are completely retarded and have no sense of scale. >>22139 Yeah that would completely sterilize the surface of the planet. >if it was gone completely it would have completely stopped the oceans movement NO >Earth's orbit around the sun would start to wobble NO As it turns out the "I fucking love science" crew doesn't know a goddamn about science.
(2.29 MB 2048x1862 image54.png)

(470.68 KB 1007x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_7.jpg)

(469.31 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_8.jpg)

(438.66 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_9.jpg)

(466.42 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_10.jpg)

(2.29 MB 2048x1862 image54.png)

>>22143 It's funnier this way
>>22146 >sure is lucky these here marines showed up >now we can destroy the last tanks under US control <sir if we expect to go up against traditional military assests, then wouldn't it make sense to not destroy this unit's gear? You know in case we want to use them? >shut the fuck up private and get to blastin' yeehaw!
(450.39 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_17.jpg)

(528.19 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_18.jpg)

(557.31 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_19.jpg)

(388.35 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_20.jpg)

(360.61 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 3_21.jpg)

(517.99 KB 1007x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_15.jpg)

(552.65 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_16.jpg)

(542.90 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_17.jpg)

(518.02 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_19.jpg)

(507.48 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_20.jpg)

(573.99 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_21.jpg)

(751.06 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_22.jpg)

(670.14 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_23.jpg)

(486.25 KB 1040x1600 E.V.I.L Heroes Issue 4_25.jpg)

(18.15 KB 560x400 marvel rhino like.jpg)

>>22118 >1st panel Look at that rapeface on ersatz Flash, there. Those skull-themed panties of his must be there to contain the jizz.
(32.05 KB 474x315 OIP.jpg)

>>22154 >Evil Wonder Woman >Zyana >mfw "Guise, guise... listen, guise... what if we made a comic... where the heroes were BAD?" "Holy shit! That's genius!" "Mail call!" "Huh. Alan Moore has invited us to his temple to discuss his feeling about this project. How did he even know?" "He probably wants to congratulate us for our creativity."
>>22143 Tell us, Dr. Anon, what WOULD happen if the moon was destroyed?
>>22150 Why do these hack writers always insist upon pairing the "Wonder Woman" character with the "Superman" character?
>>22163 I was even thinking about doing something involving a caveman with superman powers just being chaotic neutral, but all these bad copies of Alan Moore just kept trying to outedge everyone and make it impossible to make a "deconstruction" of the superhero genre.
>>22168 >but all these bad copies of Alan Moore just kept trying to outedge everyone and make it impossible to make a "deconstruction" of the superhero genre Then, don't do a deconstruction. Simple as that.
>>22169 I just want a super caveman showing dominance over heroes and villains. Will you take away that from me?
>>22170 > I just want a super caveman showing dominance over heroes and villains. Then, just do that and play it straight. Also, it's not much of a deconstruction when it's just pulp fiction Conan isekaied to out world.
>>22171 I don't know why I used the word deconstruction. Maybe because the superman powers are so iconic everyone would just see anything with those powers as a copy of him.
>>22172 >everyone would just see anything with those powers as a copy of him. Depending on how you play it, not quite. John Carter and Hercules have "Superman" powers, yet people clearly define what makes them different.
>>22171 It wasn't bad actually.
(1.50 MB 1920x1080 R.png)

>>22168 >I was even thinking about doing something involving a caveman with superman powers
>>22261 I always wondered where do Captain Caveman get his powers from.

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