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(128.34 KB 750x400 Not Black Enough.png)
Voice Actor Segregation has Come for Cartoons Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 01:09:30 No. 2221
Now you can't act as a character that doesn't have the same skin color or race or belief as the character you're playing. Also, this only applies to white people since the hypocrites turn a blind eye to the many black people playing non-black characters like Samurai Jack. Let's also forget that there is an industry of foreign voice actors and dubbers who have voiced a lot of characters that didn't represent them personally or came from the same country as them for however many decades that cartoons have been on and nobody found a problem with it until now. Probably one of the most liberating things of being a voice actor is being allowed to play anyone and anything and that looks to be getting shutdown. The latest one right now is The Simpsons. Can the insanity end? Kristen Bell Will No Longer Voice The Mixed Race Molly Tillerman On Apple TV’s ‘Central Park’ http://archive.is/M8ME6 Jenny Slate Quits Netflix’s Big Mouth Citing Animated Character’s Race http://archive.vn/WD41X Simpsons Will No Longer Have White Actors Voice Characters of Color. http://archive.is/iQlM1
>>2221 We're living in the last days of Rome.
(868.24 KB 1281x1197 clown nye.png)
>>2222 No we're not, you short-sighted, melodramatic plebeian. 201 BC - 88 BC 1945 AD - ~2050 AD >>2221 As old as the '60s. Not even surprised. https://books.google.com/books?id=_R1XH-rSvK0C&pg=PA50#v=onepage&q&f=false
Cleveland's voice Mike Henry also said he'd be switching voice actors but the question is will he stop playing Consuela too?
(305.27 KB 1920x1080 manningtheovens.jpg)
Hopefully this will kill dubbing studios that live on making white liberals voice Nipponese people.
>>2256 SJWs hate Japanese people because they agree with Hitler that the Japanese are honorary aryans.
(33.13 KB 575x430 sick and tired.jpg)
>>2221 This retardation makes Penny sad.
>>2257 Is that why so many tumblrists are prone to loving anime?
>>2258 >>2256 Sources on the pics? Thanks.
(161.08 KB 1000x723 Kaz Reacting.jpg)
>>2276 Probably because it sticks out compared to western entertainment and stimulates their sensibilities yet are too damn afraid of full appreciating it for what it is because they find elements of it to be "offensive" or they want to be part of a more mainstream crowd and want to wash away elements in order to cater to their own lot. The latter is where ironic weebs dwell.
Let's go further >You can't cast a black man unless you're a black casting agent >You can't animate a poo in the loo unless you've shat in a designated shitting street at least 10 times. >you can't have a story about super powers unless you can fly and have super strength >You can't depict a tank in your show unless you're a respected WW2 tank ace >Can't tell a story about ghosts until you've died at least four times
How much you wanna bet these people will find some excuse for allowing non-white VAs to continue voicing white characters?
(24.91 KB 598x319 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2288 Phil LaMarr is already doing it.
>>2289 this the guy who voiced samurai jack?
>>2290 Yep.
>>2289 What a fucking nigger.
Racist >I'm white, I'm not voicing any god damned niggers Progressive >I'm white, I shouldn't get to voice people of color
>>2293 Worst part is that people have dug up quotes from him from only a few years ago that show his opinion used to be the complete opposite of what it is now. A person's opinion can change, but I have a sneaking suspicion his have only changed because he wants to look woke.
>>2289 Well, there's goes any respect I had for him.
>>2298 That's sad.
>>2294 Racist >Colored Person Progressive >Person of Color I don't get it either.
I love how people are doing the whole "we said defund the police" in response to this. BLM has been pretty effective at getting companies to virtue signal. And they can still always be indignant, since it's a lot harder to get local government reforms to unionized police forces. I think SJWs might have thought this, but now more and more people aren't really caring about any standards of "fairness" or proving some for of "systemic racism" and addressing that. They've given up on waiting for things to change gradually. >>2381 Similar to how "little people" is the new term for dwarfs (which also sounds worse). I feel like the left always needs a new way to refer to minorities in order to signal that they're woke once a phrase becomes popular enough. (negro -> colored people -> black & african-american -> people of color).
>>2390 Negro came after colored people. Du Bois.
(227.28 KB 480x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2221 You know, this is dumb because there are linguistic reasons why an accent sounds different from another and you can describe them, with enough practice you can develop a british accent or an Irish accent just like you can learn german or french, in other words, this is not bound to your ethnicity, for instance I have an uncle who migrated to the united states where he married a dominican woman and now he has a marked caribbean accent. I wonder if this people realize they are being racist, because this logic is basically "you can't do X work because your ethnicity", probably not, and they prefer just go for the free advertising.
>>2500 SJWs have been trying to change the definition of "racism" for decades, because they know that they are the pure essence of racism personified.
>>2277 The pic from >>2256 is from Valkyria Chronicles, a Sega strategy game (think animu WW1)
sorry cutey it was a fun eight years of cultural appropriation but now only negress can voice negress It's okay she still has Hazel Charming and Amaya/Owlette. They're white so she can keep doing them.
(111.05 KB 630x1200 addusin.jpg)
(249.87 KB 2078x1981 mixed.jpg)
>>2732 forgot images
not that it would matter since the only new 16H stuff we've seen since 2018 are COVID PSAs
>>2289 And yet he's one of the most hired and well-paid VAs in the industry. Nearly every nog character he's voiced and in turn you can argue he's the reason why minorities are "underrepresented" since he keeps taking the jobs.
>>2391 but nigger is a corruption of negro
>>2390 >BLM has been pretty effective at getting companies to virtue signal No it hasn't. BLM is doing the bidding of its masters who are either commanding the companies or commander whoever commands the companies. >>2825 He's just an Uncle Tom trying to show how hood he is.
(20.42 KB 480x507 ok retard.jpg)
>>2243 >No we're not, you short-sighted, melodramatic plebeian. 201 BC - 88 BC 1945 AD - ~2050 AD >taking >>2222 literally >arbitrarily mentioning 1945 AD - ~2050 AD
>>2221 Well looks like Harry Shearer is going to stop voicing Dr Hibbert on Simpsons and apparently Kevin Michael Richardson is replacing him.
>>2390 >Similar to how "little people" is the new term for dwarfs (which also sounds worse). I've always been baffled by this since it sounds like baby talk.
>>2289 >n-no I don't want to lose MY job >only YOU should lose yours What a useful fucking moron puppet.
>>2733 >White girl voicing a mixed race girl That preschooler cartoon is too edgy for your average dyke. >>9784 Let's not forget the new voice for Carl already looks like real life incarnation of his character, but hey, the faggots at Funanimation are also following the same steps with the hopes of reaching the major leagues.
>>2289 So the MadTV skit was just being himself?
(394.38 KB 255x188 akuslowburn.gif)
>>2289 Disappointing, but not surprising. >false equivalencies No, Phil. No they're not. For one thing, you voiced BAIL ORGANA, a "space-hispanic." That job could have gone to an Earth-hispanic. You were half-Scottish American, half-African American. Now you are all nigger.

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