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Vidya Cartoons Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 21:02:49 No. 2354
Mega Hi! Cartoons based off of one or more video games or cartoons with a video game theme.

(142.53 KB 1920x1080 image-asset.jpeg)

(90.98 KB 1199x675 Capture-13.jpg)

Did the Scorpion's Revenge movie end up being any good?
(997.33 KB 108x163 eddie1.gif)

>>2355 >man face Probably not
>>2355 Mortal Kombat isn't even good. Why would an animated movie based around a story already told like 3 or 4 different times be good?
>>2355 It was meh. It's just repeating the story of the first game. The only thing it has going for it is the violence. Your better off just watching the cutscenes of Mortal Kombat 9 instead.
http://invidio.us/watch?v=rZdEZSsIZIs Roll aside, Ruby Spears is exactly what you'd expect a Mega Man cartoon to be and most of what you'd want it to be.
Q*bert had a cartoon?right?
Wasn't there like a rival cartoon to Captain Nintendo? One with a Tomato and a not-Conan like character?
>>2380 Yep. The Power Team. The Conan guy is Kuros from Wizards & Warriors.
(345.81 KB 400x395 Kwirk_Cover.png)

>>2380 Also the tomato guy is Kwirk.
>>2385 Yeah, thats the one, thanks. also, is That Fabio on the 3rd pic?
>>2387 Yes it is.
>>2355 Is it out? And knowing DC's more recent animated movies it'll have that weird half-pause every action and line of dialog the Justice League Dark movies have.
>>2392 It came out in April.
>>2355 It was okay, the first 20 minutes are quite good but the rest is mediocre at its best.
(1.45 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2354 What do you expect from this thing.?
>>2413 Are they actually making a Cuphead cartoon?
>>2415 pls tell me is not Netflix backed
>>2415 >>2416 Netflix is making a Cuphead Cartoon.
>>2416 What's wrong with Netflix, tho?
(1.79 MB 800x1003 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2420 >What's wrong with Netflix, tho?
>>2422 To be fair, the Death Note adaptation was entertaining, just not in the way they were aiming for. Worth a pirate for laffs. The Castlevania one is a shame unfortunately, the constant quipping and inconsistant tone made it feel like a Marvel flick. At the very least they kept Dracula's motivation for hating humankind in, even if it was presented as a little too "euphoric" if you get my meaning.
>>2422 Castlevania is fine, I guess, I haven't really played the original games, so I can't point if it's a good adaptation, but as a show by itself is fine, but I must be honest and say I only watch it to spend time with a friend, if it were for myself I would have been watching something different instead. I only watched the first episode and I really liked it a lot, but I didn't watch further so I can't point if the rest of the show is at the same level. The rest I can't talk about since I haven't watched them. Regarding Netflix cartoons, some time ago I heard a podcast how they work with animation, I might misunderstood it since english is not my native language, but in the podcast was pointed the only thing they do is consulting, the rest is up to the hired studios, unlike Disney or CN, whom actually have their animation studios, in other words if the final product is good or bad that's entirely up to the people who's working on it, rather than Netflix. I watched the making-of during the Annecy and it looks fine, I guess, not particularly bad either, my main complaint is that they have chosen to make it storyboard driven rather than animation driven like in the original Disney/Fleischer cartoons, but to be fair, people no longer watch cartoons because of the animation.
>>2468 >Castlevania is fine, I guess, I haven't really played the original games, so I can't point if it's a good adaptation, Then it's not fine & you can't comment on it's quality. It's an adaptation. You can't commend it's own merits when it's aping off of an established product.
>>2471 Can you comment on Corpse Bride without having read the original 19 century russian folktale that it's based on? Can you comment on Snow White (1937) despite not knowing about the original german fairy tale? Of course you can, sure, we can discuss the visual appart, storytelling and character design, but we can't say if it's a fidel adaptation from the original source since I haven't read the original material yet. Same applies to Castlevania, notice how I never said it's a good or bad adaptation since I haven't played the games properly, I don't know, so I'm judging the show by itself and in that regard is okay, it has quite well animated scenes, but the animation is stiff most of the time and the characters are emotionless most of the time, S1 is slow AF, Trevor character is boring and Alucard getting raped was funny too out of place, but outside from that, it's okay, it's watchable and enjoyable with a friend and a couple of beers (the way I watched it) I've seen way worse stuff so, heh.
(31.20 KB 376x365 1471132263452.jpg)

>>2468 >Castlevania is fine It's shit Anon.
>>2476 Listen here fucker. Those examples are incredibly old while Castlevania as a series is still recent enough in people's minds that people who grew up with it are still around through multiple generations. Furthermore even without playing the actual games & just having bare knowledge of the franchise, the show is still shit. Making the church villains to demonize christianity, making Alucard a bisexual that gets fucked by an asian twink, & inserting swears into every other sentence are just a few of the big problems noticeable even from an outsiders perspective.
>>2479 >Those examples are incredibly old I'm quite sure you get the idea, do you want a more recent example, well, Persepolis is a movie from the 2007 but there's a comic from the 2000s, which it's based on, I first watched the movie without knowing about the comic and I liked a lot, but I couldn't point if it was a fidel adaptation, so I read the comic and then I could say in fact it was very well done adaptation. >Making the church villains to demonize christianity Anon, the show is set on the middle ages, what were you expecting? Not to mention the series doesn't really demonize christianity as a whole, but shows the christian church as filled with ignorant people that use scapegoats when everything goes wrong (You know, like the middle ages catholic church in real life) >making Alucard a bisexual What in are you talking about? Alucard is not bisexual, he got raped. The Twins knew he was borderline suicidal and crazy so they used that factor to their favor. >inserting swears into every other sentence Here I give you a point; maybe it was a thing of the dub, but I didn't remember a lot of swearing, but overall that's kinda distracting and annoying. >even from an outsiders perspective. So, you haven't watched the series? As I said before, my main complaint is the stiff animation plus the lack of interesting characters
>>2489 But it's a fantasy show based on a video game where God, holy powers, holy weapons, & all that exist. There's no point making the church the villains when Dracula with an army of demons exists. It's done purely for fedora tipping purposes. >rape That's not fucking better. It's like that in the original english voices. It's the desperate edgy man's attempt to make a production more "mature". No I'm saying from an outsider's perspective as in someone who's never played the games.
>>2490 > There's no point making the church the villains Anon, understand, the Church is not a villain, you are complaining about something that doesn't even exists in the show, they didn't killed Dracula's wife because they were evil, but they feared Dracula's inventions used by her; they didn't wanted to kill the speakers because they were evil but they were scared of Dracula's beasts and the speakers were the only thing they could blame, they didn't wanted to open the door the hell in Season 2 because they were evil, but they were controlled by a creature of the night. >show based on a video game where God, holy powers, holy weapons, & all that exist They went for a more historical approach, the only ones with magic powers are the Velmond family (Which was eradicated) and the speakers, but outside from that it's a quite regular middle age setting. If it's a good one rather than a fantastical one is up to debate, personally I prefer historical fantasy rather than pure fantasy, but that's a matter of taste.
The scene where Alucard gets fucked in the ass sums up how I feel about Netflix Castlevania.
I haven't even watched beyond Season 1 of Castlevania but >That incredibly low framerate animation, the example that sticks out to me the most is the stone cyclops fight in I think episode 2 or 3 >Trevor and Sypha are both MCU tier quipsters but they say fuck a lot because this is a mature show for mature people, the manual and ending cutscenes for CV 3 made them out to be better characters and those combined don't make more than two paragraphs. >music is shit tier synthshit >voice acting is world class mumbling, especially Trevor's VA >Dracula's barely in the fucking thing >Alucard's this fucking pretty boy faggot instead of the glorious paragon of style he is in SoTN or the standard vampire model he is in CV3 >NO GRANT >No actual monster slaying outside of the cyclops, if you wanted villager shit you should have adapted OoE or something at least you'd have Shanoa in your shit tier show. All I want is cool action punctuated by camaraderie between the four as they make their way and storm Dracula's castle. I want cool ass depictions of classic horror monsters. I want rockin' soundtracks that reference and remix the game soundtracks. I want Grant to give this shitshow a pirate flair. I want actual fucking monster hunting. I don't want the show to drag it's feet for 5 episodes going "duuh the villagers are baaad men and are persecuting the very people who are protecting them, Belmont is a bad boy drunkard who plays by no rules" until 3/4ths of the original cast finally meet up. Alucard was proactive in both the original game and SoTN where he of his own volition went out to fight Dracula instead of oversleeping in his coffin and getting in a shitty barfight with Trevor because they're both rudes dudes. It's just so fucking stupid, you have the coolest fucking setting on the planet and instead you waste it on this shit.
>>2505 >the stone cyclops fight When that fight didn't end with Trevor's knife getting hit by lightning as it pierced the cyclopes I felt that it wasn't made by an actual fan. It was just a hunch at the time but it proved correct as time went on.
(939.57 KB 2288x3073 Castlevania_CoD_Hector.jpg)

>>2468 >Castlevania is fine if you like nigger washing characters
>>2505 These are quite solid reason to disliking the adaptation. Dracula was my favorite character too, sadly he doesn't have the participation I was expecting. I kinda liked it the music during Dracula's Castle raid, but it lasted just a couple of minutes. The music overall is kinda weak.
>>2506 Remember hearing writers never played the old games
(6.51 KB 256x224 dxmaria-4.png)

>>2519 What a disgrace. Why would you even take on an adaptation of decades old video game with out at least familiarizing your self with it? Well at least it's only CV3 they're fucking with and they aren't defiling out precious Maria.
>>2519 >writers never played the old games Source?
>>2524 http://archive.is/tFPMA >“If, like me, you’ve never played the games, it won’t make a blind bit of difference to your enjoyment of the thing...I’m just making it up as I go along. It’s fine!” Warren Ellis
>>2525 Absolutely irredeemable.
>>2523 >Well at least it's only CV3 they're fucking with and they aren't defiling out precious Maria. For now. My biggest fear is them skipping to OoE and adding all sorts of unnecesseary shit to that game's story while ruining the perfection that is Shanoa. Or PoR and ruining CHARLOTTE by having her be 100% perfect and sassy and need no man like JONATHAN whom CHARLOTTE walks all over.
>>2558 Carrie will now be a proud trans woman of color who don't need no man.
>>2565 Please don't joke about things that make me want to kill myself.
(3.28 MB 640x480 saving lives.webm)

(2.28 MB 640x480 Command.webm)

(3.63 MB 640x480 Kilrathi victory.webm)

I think the short lived Wing Commander cartoon was pretty good. Sadly it only got like twelve episodes.
Werent there some recent Megaman and Pacman cartoons?
>>2590 Yeah but they were both mediocre.
>>2590 Didn't know there was a Pacman show, but the Megaman one is fine, the thing is it kinda looks like a 3-8 years show rather than a pre-teen, teen one, If I were 5 I would have loved the shit out of it but now I just can't enjoy it. It's weird that there isn't really that much megaman cartoons or media in general, I think specifically the X saga would make a great plot oriented show, but sadly the Sigma Day ova is the closest thing I have and it's not even canon, tried to read the mangas and they are just fucking horrible. >>2592 Why do you think it's mediocre, tho?
>>2590 Yes. Both were shit.
(4.52 MB 853x480 IT'S NIGGA TIME.webm)

>>2590 >recent Megaman
>>2596 I totally forgot that little retard inside his head. why did anyone thought that little piece of shit was a good idea, he doesn't add a single shit to the show, it's quite annoying.
>>2596 Remember when the X games had a virus that evolved from simply fucking with certain reploids to decimating technology and dropping space colonies onto the earth, wiping out most of humanity? Good times.
>>2354 The BuddyBoy characters are Paperboy, Megaman, Kid Icarus, Kirby? and who is the short one with the black helmet supposed to be?
>>2565 >>2566 Julius Belmont will be a black man. Fuck, I just realized the only time we'll ever get the War of 1999 show with budget is with Netflix and this fucking edgy Poo-in-the-loo shitting it up
>>2616 That's supposed to be Kirby?!
>>2618 i am not sure, thats why i am asking
>>2616 >>2618 >kirby doubtful; Captain N came out in '89, 3 years before Kirby's Dreamland. This concept art predates that
>>2620 yeah, guess you are right, also, that pink creature has whiskers, still dont know who that and the short one next to it are supposed to be
>>2621 strange as it may sound, I think those might be Lolo and Lala from Adventure of Lolo
>>2630 i was thinking it was bomberman or something like that. Also reading the people that designed the characters back then were trying to translate the designs based of what they saw on the game screen. Nowadays vidya characters are overdetailed and with clear art-materials
>>2643 >the people that designed the characters back then were trying to translate the designs based of what they saw on the game screen Then they should have to be color blind, otherwise why did they made megaman green?
>>2616 I'm honestly not sure. I guess you could try and ask the man himself. He seems to like talking about his old experiences. His DS account is a fount of knowledge and trivia. https://www.deviantart.com/filbarlow/art/Before-Captain-Nintendo-there-was-Buddy-Boy-312281346 https://www.deviantart.com/filbarlow/art/More-Buddy-Boy-318918890 >>2644 >otherwise why did they made megaman green? I still wonder how that happened. The only thinks that I've been able to discover is that 1. It had already happened long before Captain N was Captain N (as is obvious by the picture) and 2. it wasn't Fil Barlow fault because he only did the line art for that pic and not the coloring. I've wondered if someone got a hold of a pic of one of MM subweapon transformations and thought that was Mega's normal color? MM Captain N appearance is like a cross between his Hyper Bomb and Metal Blade color palettes.
>>2643 All of these characters had detailed art all over the manuals and boxes. Granted, in some cases those manuals and boxes were already butchered with localization, but still. In a lot of these cases you literally can't tell what characters they're supposed to be. Plus, you'd think if they had the license, the licensors would want them to at least slightly resemble the source material, but I guess they really just didn't give a shit. But then the creators of the show didn't give a shit either, because they could have asked. They could have pointed out "hey, obviously Mega Man isn't supposed to look like this weird guy on the cover. Could we take a look at the materials from Japan so we could see what they were going for?" Plus, Mega Man 2 was already out before the show, and you do see more detailed pictures of Mega Man every time you beat a boss in that game. Now I know the show would have been in development for a while, but even in the first Mega Man game you see him change into normal clothes at the end of the game, confirming he's supposed to be a normal looking kid and not some kind of gross midget. But they definitely didn't play to the end of the game, given they didn't even know what color he was supposed to be.
>>2489 >>2491 >tip fedora
Part of what makes Castlevania so weak is how the showrunners are obviously embarassed by how they're working on a series where the heroes throw cross boomerangs and the big villain is either practically Satan or is Satan. So the show has some wishy-washy stance where it has bits like that demon telling the bishop he's damned and Lisa saying the devil isn't real (yet there's a Hell somehow) and treating something like holy water as more like elemental magic and a demon being a dead Greek philosopher all together. All that goes in line with the show trying to make Drac look sympathetic when there's apparently no Chaos or Satan to empower/manipulate him and the show never presenting any relevant downsides to being a vampire.
>>3156 One showrunner is an edgy pajeet & the other is Warren Ellis. Supposed sex pest new age hippie that also has never played a single game from the franchise.
>>2615 >Remember when the X games had a virus that evolved from simply fucking with certain reploids to decimating technology and dropping space colonies onto the earth, wiping out most of humanity I wouldn't mind another lighthearted show that takes place before Zero and the X timeline. Having said that, X should have had its own anime years ago. It's how the games felt, and especially so for the intros. >>3156 I refuse to watch season 3, so my opinion will only cover the first two seasons. My main issue is how god awful the pacing is. The protagonists spent most of season 2 in a library, and the only time we got to see them storm the castle was in the last episode. In retrospect. season 1 was indicative of how shit the rest of the series was going to be rather than just a rough first go. It's crazy to think how simple a series about vampires and vampire hunters should be, but Netflix still managed to fuck it up. >>2507 Hector was a tranny, so I'd rather he not show up at all.
>>3169 There's a Mega Man X ova that came with the X1 remake on the PSP, I thought it was good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-lgTS_BZPs
>>3214 The ova is fine, but honestly it just makes me want more >>3169 >It's how the games felt, and especially so for the intros. Do not forget the animated sequences from X4, those were cool as fuck.
>>3157 >Supposed sex pest Spreading feminist rumors is only playing into the hands of the people responsible for ruining this series and many others. If it wasn't for them destroying others before Ellis, we may have had a more qualified individual get this series. We may have had a culture that wouldn't be embarrassed to be making a tv show based on this.
(37.78 KB 280x482 1407726399103.jpg)

Warren Ellis Will Not Return for Future Castlevania Seasons >Warren Ellis was among one of the more famous, powerful figures accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct over the years, allegedly exploiting and emotionally abusing young women for over a decade >Ellis himself posted a written response to misconduct allegations last, admitting to making "bad choices" while denying he felt he was in a position of power and that he "never consciously coerced, manipulated, or abused anyone." At this rate everyone i nthe industry will be exposed as a sex pest. https://archive.is/jhcqd#selection-827.0-831.190
>>3424 all comics made by women and gays except /pol/ gets the gays canceled so it's just women
>>3424 Another one bites the dust
>>3424 On one hand good, on the other whoever they'll get to replace Ellis will be worse and you know, they'll try doubling down on bullshit just so they can go "Look we don't have a(n outed) sex pest anymore!" Castlevania's still ruined anyways, video game wise and show wise.
>>3424 Well, now the only thing Ellis has left is his Image work and royalties. Given that Image is fine with John Roc Upchurch, Ellis won't be booted. Ellis' alleged grooming of 20 year old fangirls is nothing compared to Upchurch's wifebeating he was arrested for, abandoning his kids, alleged rape, abuse, and missed child support/alimony payments. I wonder who will be next.
>>3214 That OVA was great. Capcom could have made so much money by giving every X entry its own OVA at the very least. Four episodes per entry would have been enough to give the series more staying power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYlYHJ4P4A8
>>3445 >That music God, despite the game mostly sucking without some self imposed challenges it's my favorite. >Capcom would have made so much money by giving every X entry its own OVA That would have been valid if they actually gave a shit and made more games in the style of Maverick hunter, adding more content and playable characters instead of halfassing it with overpriced collections that add little to nothing to the games.
>>3445 X4 had full animated cut scenes https://youtu.be/ppKAi63EHRo >>3446 I hope someday someone would make a proper Megaman animated adaptation.
>>3459 There was also a Mega Man arcade game that that fully animated cut scenes.
>>2505 It was a smart choice anon. It's shit for reasons like >>2519 absolute garbage. >>2507 I could stomach the nigger washing, i could not stomach the butchering and wasting of characters and storylines. >>2523 She's not going to appear why would she the adaption is pretty much SOTN all they'd do is rehash the overall plot.
This is like a /pol/ shithole just like the last 8chan. Why am I even here.....
>>3689 Because you're a strong person who can tolerate the offensive opinions of others.
>>3689 >anything that calls out SJWs is /pol/ Not wanting shit ruined by SJWs inserting their political shit into it isn't /pol/. You're just a tumblrfag. Just go back there. Or to any of the other websites you already ruined and chased normal people out of.
>>3689 Complaining about a bad Castlevania adaption isn't /pol/. Making a Castlevania game should be the easiest thing in the world. It's just a buff Conan looking guy doing the monster mash with a whip and maybe the odd boomerang cross or vial of holy water. Completely stretching the setting and characters out of shape requires an extreme amount of either stupidity or malice.
>>3695 >Making a Castlevania game Meant Castlevania cartoon.
>>3689 >website populated by GamerGaters <"Why are you complaining about SJWs? This is just a /pol/ shithole!"
>>3689 There's just one guy bitching about thinks that doesn't even exists in the first place in the castlevania cartoon, the other ones actually gave solid arguments, and for the last couple of weeks we've discussing mega man animated adaptations, so, I don't see why are you complaining about the /pol/ thing ITT. >>3695 Actually good visual storytellers are very scarce in the industry, which is weird, since animation is a visual medium in the first place, the reason why script driven shows are the majority is just a mystery to me.
>>3698 >the reason why script driven shows are the majority is just a mystery to me. I would say it's animation costs but if that were the case you would think that they wouldn't make action driven series and would focus more on drama or slice of life like how the Japanese do with the majority of their cartoons.
>>3701 I think visual storytelling is not majority in Japan either considering the animation is stiff most of the time, shows trend to have a lot of dialogue and explanations what's going on to save animation effort. Regarding cartoons in general I just can recall a handy of shows like primal and The Midnight Gospel. I think it's more commonly done in short films, for instance most Pixar, Gobelins or CK shorts even the bad ones use visual storytelling, but then again I find weird that it's not more common in the medium in general.
(488.22 KB 1067x1600 RCO001_1597247090.jpg)

>cartoons What about comicbooks?
I just found my DVD copy of the Zelda cartoon. I got it for like a dollar, but never watched it.
(25.13 KB 400x400 gutsman.png)

(820.42 KB 640x480 Cut Man is incompetent.mp4)

>>3459 There was that promo for the 90s cartoon which used the game's art style, but obviously that iteration didn't get made into a full series. It might have been made by the same studio that made the edutainment OVA instead of Ruby Spears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfoeasCeh44 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUNuuqlPNwQ >>3462 Neither of the arcade games really had animation but Super Adventure Rockman on PS1 and Saturn was an FMV game with like an hour of animation. It looks a lot cheaper than 8 and X4's cutscenes, though. Video unrelated.
I will never not make fun of how Netvania made Dracula as bad as Cartoon Hitler (since he was genocidal against all humans and didn't have a higher power controlling/manipulating him like in the games) but still made him some sad tortured science man. Doubly since they gave no real drawbacks to being a vampire (which raises the question on how come Dracula didn't just turn Lisa into one).
>>6224 Dracula was a scientist hermit (aka tortured scientist man) until he met his wife, who convinced him to give his knowledge to humanity, but then they killed her because middle ages ignorance and he went crazy. >which raises the question on how come Dracula didn't just turn Lisa into one Maybe because her wife was already dust when he could do anything about it? Idk so far it's not really clear how vampire conversion works.
>>6288 >Dracula was a scientist hermit Motherfucker that was never Dracula in the Castlevania franchise, its dumb retarded shit made by a hack writer who got himself fired from the show for being a sex pest.
>>6305 Dracula in the games was a crusader who got mad at God because his original wife died, so he back stabbed his best friend Leon Belmont to become Vampire Satan. Which created the entire cycle of the Belmonts coming to defeat Dracula every 100 years. I know netflix shit all over Trevor Belmont, and are probably going to do Simon dirty too.
>>6288 He also killed people for disrespecting him pretty based
>>6305 It's pretty clear that the Castlevania Cartoon Is not a good adaptation from the games, but the point here is that he wasn't a 'cartoon Hittler' just because he had some kind of motivations. By the way, people keep bringing the fact that the cartoon is not a good adaptation from the games, it's pretty clear at this point that's the case, but have you tried to see it as a separated independent thing? Like just share the charactees and premise but nothing else whatsoever?
>>6319 After the zombie priest bullshit, the over used "everyone is a scientist" trope and the homo shit, no. People came to watch Castlevania not another fanfic wearing the franchise like a skinned corpse.
>>6319 I tried but personally I'm not a fan of the style of writing or the limit fps animation style. Otherwise I would probably be all over that greek mythology show they're making.
>>6288 Dracula was a scientist hermit (aka tortured scientist man) until he met his wife, who convinced him to give his knowledge to humanity, but then they killed her because middle ages ignorance and he went crazy. >implying that Dracula wasn't shown to be an unrepentant mass murderer before meeting Lisa (which Lisa was never really shown caring about what with her death speech) Game Dracula even if Mathias was Vlad III was not said to be massacring towns before meeting Lisa. And he was manipulated by Chaos while having the side-effects of vampirism. >middle ages ignorance okay reddit >Maybe because her wife was already dust when he could do anything about it? Idk so far it's not really clear how vampire conversion works It's pointed out that Dracula could've turned Lisa but didn't. Being a vampire has no drawbacks (they keep their own minds, they aren't too deformed, are immortal and young as long as they keep feeding) and Lisa never showed she had a problem with feeding on humans to live. >>6319 >It's pretty clear that the Castlevania Cartoon Is not a good adaptation from the games, but the point here is that he wasn't a 'cartoon Hittler' just because he had some kind of motivations. Netflixvania's Dracula tries to genocide a whole country (instead of just one certain big nosed ethnicity) rather than just killing off the local church and going away with his science forever. In the games, it was an angry mob that burned Lisa hence Dracula declaring war on humanity. Here some cartoon villain bishop orders it and yet it doesn't occur to Dracula to just wipeout the Eastern Orthodox. And he's supposed to be sympathetic despite getting a worse relative bodycount than Meme Hitler if he won. I assume from Leftoid Disdain For Humans/World ("ugu humans are scum i hate being alive also black lives matter ugh i'm cooooooming"). Same thing that got us Legend of Korra's 2nd Season.
(1.74 MB 1434x802 ClipboardImage.png)

(543.12 KB 719x492 ClipboardImage.png)

(361.98 KB 491x379 ClipboardImage.png)

(959.58 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

These four screenshots have more love for the franchise than the rest of Fully Charged put together. I have to think it was all the work of one background artist acting on his own.
>>8554 That one of X riding a bike looks fucking cool, I hope there are full size versions out there
(1.36 MB 933x654 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8559 The bike one is this boxart for X2, but it's been edited slightly, which is still cool. I don't recognize the other paintings off the top of my head though.
(129.12 KB 340x250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8563 I think those are the bikes from X4-X5 instead of the bike from X2.
(235.83 KB 661x444 Comparison.gif)

>>8564 I made a gif, tried to line it up as best I could. It's literally traced from the X2 boxart, with some parts like X's helmet and the front and back of the bike altered.
>>2596 Is there at least a cute Roll in this cartoon?
>>2355 Mediocre, just like the games themselves. >Man face Cammy knockoff (I forgot her name) Yeah, now I remember why I never liked this mediocre franchise, other reason being the games' lore being fucking retarded. >>3424 >Rapist Just to mirror Konami's treatment to their IPs. >>6211 I'M HARD, MAN
(24.17 KB 398x455 Suna_Light.webp)

(48.56 KB 610x276 Suna_unmasked.webp)

>>2374 What about the lion men, magical genie, and robot devolver? Would you expect that from a Mega Man cartoon? >>8571 No, Roll got replaced by a brown human girl that's Light's biological daughter. As I was fact-checking myself for this post I also found out she's Zero in the comic series.
(533.58 KB 1000x1000 50146537_p2.jpg)

>>8592 >Roll got blacked I'm a little upset.
>>8593 You can be a bit less upset knowing she technically wasn't blacked, they just replaced her with a different character entirely. There's a bit more dignity in that.
>>8592 >They turned Zero into a nigger Man, this is stupid.
>>8563 First one has Gutsman's Ass (from Ruby Spear's cartoon), Gutsman (classic/Powered up?) next to one of the BN viruses, and X holding Iris.
>>8592 I am angry.
(434.26 KB 448x1059 RCW_Kalinka[1].png)

>>8592 there are many things that need to be erased at least they left Kalinka Cossack out of that mess
>>8554 >>8563 I think the first image's one on the left is a redrawing of X5's ending with Zero's death, or x4 with Iris'.
(955.57 KB 997x607 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8627 You're right, it's Zero holding Iris in X4..
>>8582 Sonya wasn't always man-faced and Mortal Kombat wasn't always cucked. It's a very recent development. It was all cool until Mortal Kombat X. Before then it was full of hot babes. And with digitized graphics, it was like you were fighting real hot babes and not just cartoons. And if you played as Johnny Cage, you could punch them right in the cunt.
>>8625 I completely forgot she even existed. >>8629 >Mortal Kombat wasn't always cucked. Indeed, ironically it was a product of its time and should have been buried when MidWay broke. Don't you love it when corporations pretend to be everyone's best buddy?
(863.06 KB 980x300 Mortal-Kombat-472954-full.png)

>>8637 >Indeed, ironically it was a product of its time and should have been buried when MidWay broke. Arguably it should have been put to pasture before it went 3D but definitely it should have gone out with Midway.
>>8554 >>8628 I wish the images were a bit clearer and in higher res, but I'm gonna go on a limb and say that the fourth image's one in the middle looks bleak enough to be something out of Megaman Zero or ZX.
>>8637 >I completely forgot she even existed. everyone forgets MM4, but it's easily one of my favorites Kalinka appears in 4 games (MM4, Rockboard, Soccer (okay, it's a kunio-kun reskin) and Xover (reviled as it is)) and is referenced in Legends 2 (an entire continent is named after her and she's on magazine cover graphics on said continent)
(978.60 KB 980x889 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8649 She was going to appear in Battle Network 3, but they couldn't find anything to do with her. If she wound up appearing in any kind of continuation (likely mobileshit), her navi is essentially guaranteed to be TundraMan.exe, since all the MM4 robot masters have navi counterparts already.
(320.07 KB 600x800 SotN_Death.jpg)

I legit suspect they really didn't include Death in Netflixvania since they didn't want to deal with the implications of having a divine being/angel serve Dracula. Considering the awkard stance the show has on whether God/Hell is real or not.
>>3689 Warren Smellis is a rapist and kikeflixvania is trash. Deal with it faggot.
>>8825 The show runners are edgy fedora tippers. It's why religion is treated so poorly in the show.
(45.21 KB 256x240 1508507186.png)

>>8832 Then perhaps they should have picked anything other than Castlevania to make a show around.
>>8833 That's the problem with modern "creators". They only pick things that are recognizable names but don't actually care about the legacies these things created. They just wanna use the brand. Then the morons wonder why their projects fail.
>>8834 Honestly, one of the big issues I have with Netflixvania is that it both takes itself WAYYY too seriously (and I don't mean having Rick and Morty style edge) yet it it still has that "lol we're so quirky since we're faggots and talk about our body filth" shit you see in reddit and memey. Castlevania was always a B-Movie Horror flick framed through a Japanese lens we're the characters took what they're doing seriously but the world was still zany. Even in SotN and other IGA games there was always an element of wackyness like fighting a Dio Brando ripoff.
>>8848 Yeah this is really something that should've been done by actual japanese creatives. Not a studio in Austin animating in a low framerate pseudo anime style with writing by a self conscious indian edgelord & a fat fedora tipper.
>>8859 All I ever wanted was something visually stunning on the level of either Vampire Hunter D movie. Instead I got 10 frames a second animation and shitty marvel quipping.
>>8833 Like I said, the show has an awkward stance on whether God/Hell is real (and by extension Christianity is the right theology) or not. You have both Lisa saying the Devil isn't real and the Bishop getting told by a demon he's damned. The Devil Forgemasters make demons and the undead Bishop can use Holy Water meaning it's just element magic. Vampires are just the "New Man" with muh scientists wizards.
>>8980 To be fair, even in the games it seems to be that the Devil doesn't exist, while God does. Dracula is the ultimate being of evil that counterbalances God, which is a core plot point in Dawn of Sorrow, though I don't know who held the position before him.
>>8981 Dracula is powered by Chaos, in the Soma Cruz games you fight against Chaos as the final boss. Dracula is just the preferred avatar of Chaos just as it could be said that the Belmonts/Morrises are the avatars of order Castlevania itself seems to be the truest embodiment of chaos, it’s layout changing every time Dracula is resurrected.
>>9020 In Aria you fight against chaos. In Dawn you just fight against the amalgamation of monster souls Dimitrii tried to contain. The main antagonist of Dawn is specifically trying to make a new Dracula because she believes for God to exist there also needs to be an opposite to Him, and that was what Dracula was. Alucard confirms that to be the case, too, only he says not to worry about the absence of Dracula as it will basically sort itself out naturally.
>>8981 >the Devil doesn't exist >GIVE ME POWER Dracula has been established since CV3 as drawing power from dark forces. Soma's games just tell more on that element of his character. The show ignoring Dracula ultimately not being the source but himself following a script made him lose one of the things that made him legit sympathetic even when he sought to conquer/cull humans. That and vampirism by itself being corruptive.
>>9054 Dracula gets some his power from outside forces, yes, but it's never been the Devil or other similar figure of evil. The closest there's been to a single entity responsible for his power was the castle's heart of chaos Soma beat in AoS, and, even after it and the castle were destroyed, Soma still retained significant power just by being Dracula's incarnate, no outside forces necessary. DoS makes it very clear, as well, that Dracula served the role of God's opposite until his "permanent" death in 1995, which then left the spot vacant. And while he may have been "following a script" after his resurrections, his actions in CV3 were very much his own. He got mad about Lisa dying and took action against humanity much like how he got mad about Elisabetha dying and took action against God. It's hard to blame his actions on outside influences or his own vampirism when, before he ever became a vampire or ruled over darkness, he plotted to have his best friend's fiance kidnapped by a vampire so she would be sacrificed to make a whip that said best friend would use to kill said vampire, so all he could become a vampire himself just to flip the bird to God.
>>2422 I actually fooled myself into "liking" bright until I managed to remember the movie properly, I just wanted a shadowrun movie.
(49.96 KB 771x431 Mundane Matt skeptical.jpg)

Don't tell me if this true but: >Super Mario film developed by the same generic studios whose one hit wonder are the Minions >Voiced by the capeshit cast, including Dyke Larson as Princess Peach >Everything was alright to Miyamoto >Told Charles Martinet and the female voice actresses to go fuck themselves during casting >Not even Walker Boone got to voice Mario Can't wait to see Yoshi being voiced by one the niggers from SNL.
>>9240 Take your meds ya crazed schizo.
(477.10 KB 738x714 Untitled.png)

It's like puking on a pile of shit.
>>9241 How the fuck am I a schizo if this >>9243 keeps happening? How dare I question the likes of Jewywood.
>>9279 >How the fuck am I a schizo if this >>9243 keeps happening? Because you pay attention and have decent pattern recognition, that makes you a schizo in the eyes of normalniggers and other fuckwits who won't pay attention to the long-existent subversion of western media.
(537.32 KB 300x167 Eyebrow wonders.gif)

>>9288 >Use the boogeyman for marketing points >Hence why reddit's cattle forgive and forget and keep consooming shit >Rinse and repeat
Netflixvania is an example of how "heroism" today is about being a gamma male. Trevor is an edgy outcast and only helps other outcasts immediately. Same shit that gets us reddit and memey (scientist aka wizard saves world he holds in contempt). Throw in the "ugh humies are scum who won't do what i want them to/let me do what i want to also giggle giggle i'm so quirky" shit too. It'd be nice to find someone yapping about how much they hate man not have a problem with calling a Nigger a Nigger and that fags are degenerates who belong in camps.
(6.49 MB 1459x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.58 MB 2048x1541 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.14 MB 2048x1464 ClipboardImage.png)

(734.67 KB 2048x1462 ClipboardImage.png)

https://archive.vn/CVa2b There was almost a Rock Man anime in 1992, but it stalled during pre-production (that's why these sketchs are so rough). Some concepts were reused for Ruby-Spears Mega Man.
>>9082 >Dracula gets some his power from outside forces, yes, but it's never been the Devil or other similar figure of evil. Chaos is Canon Castlevania's Devil figure. It was created from humanity's darkness and will always be around as long as there are humans. >The closest there's been to a single entity responsible for his power was the castle's heart of chaos Soma beat in AoS, and, even after it and the castle were destroyed, Soma still retained significant power just by being Dracula's incarnate, no outside forces necessary. Chaos cannot be destroyed, not for good, as long as there are humans. And Soma never achieves his full might unless he becomes the Dark Lord. >It's hard to blame his actions on outside influences or his own vampirism when, before he ever became a vampire or ruled over darkness, he plotted to have his best friend's fiance kidnapped by a vampire so she would be sacrificed to make a whip that said best friend would use to kill said vampire, so all he could become a vampire himself just to flip the bird to God. It's shown in the Canon Castlevania that vampirism warps you. Lecarde's daughters for one. Dracula being treacherous and scheming before doesn't mean becoming a vampire had no effect on him. And that's all relevant since the show treats vampires as just "better" humans.
CONFIRMED >Valve's League of Legends The Anime https://archive.is/wiImU Place your bingo sheets. >Directed by the Voltron faggots >Replace the main cast with the retards from Funanimation >Animated by low wage slaves from third world shitholes >Anime artstyle because "muh taboo shit" >Someone gets accused of sexual allegations >1st episode is alright, but 2nd everything will go downhill and starts from there.
(6.47 MB 320x240 gutsman.mp4)

>>8554 >Gutsman's ass is there Holy shit my sides.
>>9667 >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends >>Valve's League of Legends
>>9755 Didn't you know that Gabe Newell made League of Legends just after he completed work on Terraria?
So you all hear about the Devil May Cry show which has the Castlevania Pajeet working on it
>>9983 Consider it dead Anon.
>>9983 Was there supposed to be a DMC cartoon? My dad would have loved that
>>9667 They are going to use generic anime character design instead of the stylized character design from the game which totally disappoints me. I'll put it as the kind of show I can stand with some friends a beer and a pizza but otherwise I wouldn't be giving a shit about them
>>9755 That's how much it sucks.
Looking over a video going over Hector and Isaac story in the games reminds me of how the writing in the show was bad enough to point out Dracula trying to kill everyone will starve all the vampires when that wasn't ever noted in the games (after all, there are plenty of other non-vampire monsters in the game's world and besides it's not confirmed that vampires in Castlevania's universe NEED to eat human blood as opposed to just any blood, plus there's magic and soul stealing even).
(24.11 KB 345x479 Julia_Laforeze_-_02.webp)

I'm not sure if I should be surprised they didn't put Julia in Netflixvania and make her a Nig too or not. The degenerates making it like others in showbusiness hate White Men but want to muh dik White Women so they let Darkies like Netflix Hector do it.
(9.13 KB 241x209 crazy.jpg)

>>9983 Oh yeah sure thing netflix, keep making shitty generic scripts for all the vidya that would have made very interesting shows, and then outsourcing the animation to cheap trashfactory korean studios and call it anime. Go fuck yourself Netflix.
(42.55 KB 495x619 images (4).png)

(65.82 KB 449x683 images (38).jpeg)

>>10038 As fas as I know Netflix doesn't work in their animated shows, they only buy projects to other studios. Wheter the final product is going to be good or not is up to the animation studio. I've seen other projects from Powerhouse (the animation studio that produced Castlevania) and all of them are generic and cheap as fuck, specially regarding animation. It's rather go fuck yoursel Powerhouse. That said, still, Netflix allows a market for this shitty anf cheap "american anime"
>>10046 >Blood of Zeus Thank you for reminding me this shit exists instead of a decent mythology animated.
(33.32 KB 284x500 51RBq-o5VpL._AC_[1].jpg)

>>10049 there's always The Mighty Hercules (1963-1966)
make predictions for castlevania's next season >trevor and sypha go "wahhh humanity is bad" until they see some small thing to make them decide genocide is bad >alucard goes "wahhh humanity is bad" until he sees some small thing to make him fight for muh social justice/ideals >lenoire gets away with it >isaac gets some nigger redemption >dracula is there i guess
>>10052 Looks like a mediocre Saturday Morning, are you serious or just memeing?
>>10721 it's from the early 60s, of course it looks mediocre but you can generally be assured of Heracles being Heracles and a minimum of social justice bullshit
What was the point of showing vampires eat food in season 3 if Dracula killing all humans would've starved them supposedly If they can eat food then they don't need blood. Lenoir only says blood is is their essential nourishment and that doesn't mean they need to drink human blood just (like how a traditional diet would be essential nourishment).
Oy. This'll be shit.
>>11859 >screen shotting a screen shot on discord
(49.85 KB 400x400 old get off muh lawn.jpg)

>>2354 Get on MY level, faggots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gjgK2WgQcU Watched all of these the day there were aired.
Castlevania Season 4 bad
(2.07 MB 311x240 WAGGH.gif)

>>12937 You dont say?
>>13604 They had one of the hordes of Niggers in Medieval Central Europe say they were always there
So what was the point of Hector in the show? He never really accomplished anything.
https://www.cbr.com/new-castlevania-series-netflix-richter-belmont >Richter Of course they skip right to SotN.
>>13935 or to Rondo or worst case scenario Vampire's Kiss
(94.66 KB 540x388 Mario Pain.jpg)

So the guy who replaced Lou Albano in the Super Mario DiC cartoons died in January but until now they finally revealed his death, yet the cause remains unknown.
>>13935 Can't wait to see them ruin the second coolest Belmont. This show had better not make it to the War of 1999. I do not want to see what they'll do to Julius.
>>9240 Confirmed: >Capeshit actor to play as Bing Bing Man >Faggot from Always Sunny from Philadelphia as Gay Luigi >Literally Who shovelhead as Peach >Dude Weed Lmao as Donkey Kong >Fat Adam Sandler as Bowser >Nigger as Toad >Guido as the jew foreman >Another nigger as Kamek >Another literally who as Cranky Kong Miyamoto just named one of the actors role, are we seeing another Scoob?
(311.21 KB 429x322 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18001 >Nigger as Toad This one, of all the castings, I don't actually have an issue with (I might if I had heard of the actor before). Toad's voice was done by pic related in western releases of Mario Kart 64, which was effectively Toad's first voice in an official game because all the later toad voices are based on the western version, not the Japanese voice (which is terrible). The current actress experiences physical damage when doing Toad's voice for long, so that's not viable for a long movie, and Toad has had the most VAs of any post-SM64 Mario character.
>>18039 Key can't don't voices. He's always just himself. So it's going to be sassy black Toad the whole movie.
>>18040 Considering it's directed by the Teen Titans Go guy, one can already foresee Toad flirting on Peach.
>>18058 It's like this movie is designed to hurt.
>>18058 If that's the case, either Luigi or Bowser is gonna twerk. But maybe it won't be as bad as the 1993 movie.
>>18063 Are you kidding? It won't be half as good as that masterpiece.
>>18064 Yeah, you're right. It's'a gonna suck and all the Mario fans are gonna cry.
(1.14 MB 1275x840 happyending copy.png)

(87.73 KB 572x564 isaac.png)

>>2468 >Castlevania is fine, I guess, I haven't really played the original games, so I can't point if it's a good adaptation, but as a show by itself is fine It really isn't. People wouldn't be so forgiving to it if it wasn't a animated video game adaptation. >>3480 >I could stomach the nigger washing, i could not stomach the butchering and wasting of characters and storylines. The writer was too in love with his OC in everything but name.
>>18085 >People wouldn't be so forgiving to it if it wasn't a animated video game adaptation On the contrary, I'm pretty sure most of the backlash comes from the fact this is an adaptation, this show would've passed as mediocre at worst if they made an original IP instead.
>>18086 >this show would've passed as mediocre at worst if they made an original IP instead. Nah, it definitely wouldn't be talked about as much though and it's cancerous fanbase wouldn't be shit talking the source material either.
>>18098 I mean, there are other powerhouse shows like Seis manos and Blood of Zeus which are as bad as Castlevania but they don't get nearly as much backlash. >it definitely wouldn't be talked about as much though and it's cancerous fanbase wouldn't be shit talking the source material either. I agree with that part, tho.
>>18098 >and it's cancerous fanbase wouldn't be shit talking the source material either. Post some of that shit and prove it. I feel like becoming fuck angry today.
>>18070 >It's'a gonna suck and all the Mario fans are gonna cry. Based.
>>18102 >but they don't get nearly as much backlash. They don't get as much praise or even attention so what the Hell is your point?
>>18127 I already stated it, if this was an original IP instead of a Castlevania adaptation no one would have cared about It. >They don't get as much praise or even attention You are just proving my point
(200.23 KB 1080x593 1585152603608.jpg)

>>18130 My point is that people aren't overly critical of because it is a Castlevania show. People who praise it don't know much Castlevania lore or most cases haven't actually played the games. They just praise the Castlevania show because it superficially resemble the games and it isn't live action and/or a recycled script repurposed to be about a specific IP. Or starring a OC don't steal based on the director's wife. They just say stupid bullshit like it being a good adaptation because of references and easter eggs for NerdCred™. It also helps that season 1 was the script that was heavily tardwrangled by Iga. In season 2, the tardwrangling was gone but it had to continue from season 1 so it didn't look like a complete mess that was season 3. Season 3 is what got normalfags upset so they had to backtrack from it virtually making it a filler arc.
>>18143 >people aren't overly critical Where do you find those people? everyone I've talked to online points out how badly adapts the games and how mediocre it is overall, but I also have to add that I've only discussed it on places like this one.
>>18070 Considering the games have gotten stale since the Wii U era, just a few hurrah's here and there. >>18126 The best is yet to come: It'll be a success at the box office, so get ready for redditors willing to suck off their corporate overlords.To think Seth Rogen bailed out psychopath dykes demolishing streets and the next day he gets paid for voicing Donkey Kong.
(174.23 KB 2048x1152 Super Mario Shame, dead.jpg)

>>18062 >There won't be a film where it unites both the surviving DiC cast or the CD-i cast with the official cast. >Both DiC Mario & Luigi's voice actors and their replacements are dead >It seems Miyamoto really pushed to have the familiar faces that everyone already knows but the shini curse happened <Most likely it won't be a remake of the Kyoto Animations' take on Super Mario's universe, the one whose mastercopy is gone forever. I call it bullshit if they're basing the story on the Nintendo Power comics though. >>18168 >Mark/v/ will continue seetheing over it because their whore waifus are getting railed by big nigger cocks. I think that's more of a GahooleChan thing, specially the autists who have a wall covered with their favorite underage has been's
In other news: The new official Resident Evil porn parody will suck big black cocks, but that shit is live action. The side effects of forgiving Crapcuck's doubling down their catering to mulatos.
(1.70 MB 2700x1519 Council_of_sisters.jpg)

>>18110 Just look up anything to do with these cunt's and you'll find your ragebiat
>>18194 Let me guess, lesbian vampires who are somehow at the top of the foodchain, probably hold dracula's leash too? I really haven't watched anything of that show beyond Season 1. Between the animation, music and general writing I fucking hated everything about it.
>>18085 They obviously planned for Isaac to be the villain after Dracula dies but walked back on it for some weak redemption plot/pushing him as some edgy antihero. >>18254 Nah they didn't interact with Dracula. Still just woke OCs like Isaac or Greta Danesti (the show's Grant who's a bi negress in Central Europe leading a whole bunch of refugees in Central Europe).
(1.52 MB 1258x1213 Pay.png)

>>18284 >(the show's Grant who's a bi negress in Central Europe leading a whole bunch of refugees in Central Europe) Why? Why? WHY THE FUCK?
>>18254 They formed their own faction, they were saying "yeah we are going to fuck the world and conquer humanity" since S2 and basically didn't do a shit with them showing how mediocre writters they are. >>18284 I suppose that happened on S4, since I don't remember anythong of that from the other three seasons.
>>18285 https://castlevania.fandom.com/wiki/Greta >muh come from nowhere we wuz kangz >slut who laughs about being a homewrecker Her being paired with Alucard makes it obvious she's just the showrunner's OC.
>>18284 >>18285 >>18288 All of a sudden I regret kicking Ellis out, the reason he shoved Grant out of the show was retarded but at least he wasn't raped like the others were (literally in Alucard's case).
Also, considering how hard the first season pushed reddit brand anti-Catholic woke history (stronk womyn scientist kept down by Church who gets with tortured sad scientist man aka how redditnigger/lolbergnerd/supreme soylord sees himself then she gets burned just for muh scientist) I doubt that IGA gave a shit about keeping the show in line with the games or actually knew what they were doing for the show. He just saw some bits of it that were similar enough and said k.
(73.78 KB 960x720 Haman_Karn_(Frown).jpg)

>>18288 >at the bottom it says she isn't actually supposed to be Grant >she just shares a lot with him So they pulled what Disney did to Kyle Katarn and just replaced him with an OC donut steel
>>18288 You know even with how the show went downhill in the later seasons went, I was at least hoping I'd get to see Grant so the whole gang would be together. That's all I fucking wanted.
that Ratchet & Clank movie
>>18323 Come and buy a pixelizer!
(420.95 KB 1012x1500 ClipboardImage.jfif)

>>18323 At least it was just boring and not offensively bad. It didn't do the series justice, but at least it didn't go out of its way to ruin things. But yeah, it's pretty painful that the original game actually has character arcs and let Ratchet & Clank be interesting people with an actual conflict, while the movie removed all that and just made them boring and generic protagonists. The way Qwark was handled was also not quite as interesting. All that said, I like that the game based on the movie establishes that the movie is a movie in the universe of the original games, with Qwark pointing out that it isn't at all accurate. And then the game is Qwark telling the "real" version, so it also isn't accurate.
>>18325 In general Ratchet became too sanitized after deadlocked. All he does now is bitch about his lost, dead, missing people.
>>18327 All of Ratchet and Clank just became a giant furry capeshit game (hence the "muh lost race" shit and forcing Nefarious into everything once the devs realized he's popular). The OG trilogy with Deadlocked and Secret Agent Clank was a satire of consumerism and corporate mismanagement and the entertainment industry (hence one of the villains in the 3rd game being a robot Britney Spears). They rebooted the franchise to make it capeshit, especially when woke capital had been a thing for quite awhile (contra to leftie coping men in big business aren't cigar chomping Republicans nor is capitalism even contrary to actually existing leftism).
No one talks enough on how bad the writing for Dracula is >"How about we make Dracula try to kill everyone but have talk about it'll kill all vampires to show how clever we are for making the villian look like a joke"
>>18284 >They obviously planned for Isaac to be the villain after Dracula dies but walked back on it for some weak redemption plot/pushing him as some edgy antihero. I haven't watched Season 3 or Season 4 because of how bad Season 2 was. However, it seems like the "B plot" takes more of the show than the A(ctual) plot. Season 1 is 4 episodes and it is all A Plot. Season 2 is 8 and half is dedicated to the "B Plot". Season 3 was a filler arc for everything but Isaac B-2 Plot. Season 4 was half B-Plot as B-2 Plot resolved itself before even having anything to do with the B-1 Plot. Season 1 = 0 Season 2 = 4 Season 3 = 5 Season 4 = 5 14/(32 - 5 filler episodes) = roughly 51.85% of the show was dedicated to Isaac's plot.
>>18344 But they didn't reboot it. Also, one could argue the focus on corporatism was left wing at the time. Of course, things have changed significantly since then, so now they would never touch corporatism the way the early games did, because the left now openly loves it.
>>18418 More or less. It especially doesn't help that Hector was never important to actual plot. Hector's really there for some girlboss domineering thing. >>18429 The original games are in practice impossible to be in the same universe as the nu ones from their tonal/style clashes. >anti-corporate is leftist It's actually not. Actually Existing Leftism outside of real fringes never had an ingrained opposition to unaccountable bureaucrats or rootless businessman in themselves. Merely that they use their power for "evil." Marx himself supported "capitalism" as a means to subvert traditional societies. Actually Existing Leftism isn't even solidly against Western technology or organization considering how widespread We Wuz Kangz history is now (reconciling their hatred for their own genetics and non-Europeans hated for Europe with how dependent they are on Euro tech and government styles by denying any claim Euros have to them) and only supports non-White societies insofar they can be acceptable within the woke world. See here for more on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCkyWBPaTC8
Much of castlevania's quality can be attributed to a dogshit animation studio that can't bother animating over 3 frames a second, godawful music and deciding that "Manly monster hunter storms castle of virgin who hasn't seen the sun in years, kills monsters from classic horror stories and movies, fucks top tier magic pussy and makes friends with pirates and vampires" wasn't an interesting enough concept to animate so it had to add all of this no fun allowed dour and depressing shit to make it an "adult mature show for adult mature" niggers. Fucking sick of it, just lose yourself and make something fun for once, please.
>>18782 How do you know thay guy is phoneposting?
>>18783 Simple I called the guy out on his bullshit social sexual hierarchy crap, and point out some commentary relevant to the Castlevania show. And then he just retorts with something less than bait with no context. That's a phone poster.
Begone redditor
>>18742 >The animators at powerhouse are clearly talented Are they? I haven't seen them put out anything decent yet and their insistence on giving their female characters crimson chin tier square jaws pisses me off to no end.
>>18802 >>18802 Fyi I was referring to reels from animators that did work for powerhouse like this guy here : https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=i7L19SOqbNM And just as I mentioned Powerhouse can hire talented animators but half of the problem is uninspired American side directors, storyboarders and writers wrecking good talent. Once again if they had anybody else running that joint like even a Richard Williams, we get to see the proper talent shine.
(139.39 KB 1089x734 Merchant Wario and Waluigi.jpg)

>We won't be seeing them on the new Mario movie.
>>2355 >Franchise built exclusively on gratuitous gore ultraviolence >No named character is allowed to die because the fans would whine like stuck pigs What is the point of a MK adaptation?
>>20727 What gets me even more is that really none of these movies need to follow the game's 'plot' continuity so they can so very easily just have characters die and it being "final" due to something being a standalone movie with a standalone plot. They could also very much dip into resurrection, revenants or time travel shenanigans to kill a character and then bring them back.
>>20727 >>20728 Many characters have died in the games. And yes, they find ways to bring them back in later games. Movies can do that just as well. Mortal Kombat Annihilation should have had Johnny Cage come back as a ghost for the climax of the movie or something.
>>20758 Should've brought their children including the niggers' from the future and have them killed, they're fucking irritating on the new MK.

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