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(1.09 MB 800x1039 otomo_kubrick.jpg)

Illustrator/Designer/Artist Recommendation thread Anonymous 08/17/2022 (Wed) 18:57:18 No. 28377
Hi, /co/. I consumed more Japanese cartoons than Western ones at this point, but I'm getting more Western oriented lately. Came here looking for a general recommendation thread to ask for what Western-style artists I should be aware of but couldn't find such a thread. I'm aware of names such as Hergé and Moebius from the Japanese interest on them and I recognize designs from Bruce Timm and Don Bluth cartoons as I was found for cartoons with them growing up. Bonus if you guys got artbooks on them as I am practicing drawing myself and I could use some good artists drawings to learn good stylistic choices.
>>28377 >Alex Toth He has a very clean and tight artstyle. He can convey a lot with relatively few lines. He did rather little work for superhero comic. Most of his work in romance, western, racing, and horror comics. He did some animation too - space ghost is probably most famous. Among other things, Toth was famous, or infamous, for not mincing words when critiquing others' art. That critique was well worth it for any artists actually interested in getting better. My favorite work of his is Black Canary, Zorro comic based on Disney's show, and horror anthologies like Creepy.
>>28378 >Wally Wood He was a contemporary of Toth, Kirby and other greats. He is unfortunately overlooked compared to them. Wood contributed a lot to the way 50s scifi design looked like. He did comics of all kinds, illustrative work, concept art, and more. His work spanned lots of genres but his favorite seem to be comedy, war, crime, and scifi all with a good helping of cheesecake. His most controversial work is Disney Memorial Orgy. Wood is best know for his rework of Dare Devil, Power Girl's iconic design, work on Creepy, Wird Tales, and other Scifi Anthologies. Canon is another one of his well know works, and Sally Forth is a rare example of an American "ecchi" comic. He is also the creator of famous "22 Panels That Always Work."
(134.40 KB 561x776 gegege.jpg)

>>28378 >>28384 Sorry for not replying earlier, Saw some work from both and I really enjoyed what I saw. Definitely what I was searching for. Too bad people obsess too much over Japanese comic illustrators not remembering their roots in American comics.
>>28377 >Western-style artists Frank Cho is good. Nice clean lines and a sense of humor. He's autistic as fuck but he's slightly less woke than Larry Flynt after drinking the Hyde Formula, so... I recommend his stuff.
>>28697 He is very competent at making comic strips, gag comics, and short one-shots. I wish he did more of these instead of going for typical six issue stories. They are not his strong suit. That, or he should spend more time on his long-form storytelling.
>>28773 I just want him to make R34 all day, every day. That's it. That's all he should do.
(131.93 KB 400x600 9404_400x600.jpg)

(283.20 KB 900x1376 Northlanders_18.jpg)

(167.12 KB 600x917 YTheLastManCv37.jpg)

(341.82 KB 900x1376 Northlanders_23.jpg)

>>28377 >Massimo Carnevale God tier art, nuff said. Known for covers mostly
>Bernie Wrightson Wrightson is best known as a co-creator of a Swamp Thing. He did a lot of other comic work, especially in horror but lighter stuff too. Outside of comics, his most well-known work are his Frankenstein illustrations. Wrightson's art is heavy on deep, black shadows and hatching. He was very good at using "long take" panels - he made them all distinct and gave them rhythm. Most modern artists who attempt something similar, copy and paste panels with zero thought. Other than that, he was great at pacing and always manages to conjure perfect atmosphere for the story. Horror comics have a Gothic edge, Captain Sternn is goofy, and his Batman is somewhere in between. Wrightson's work is all around great. He was self-taught, initially inspired by work people like Wood did for Eerie and other horror comic anthologies. He is probably the closest thing to an American equivalent to Junji Ito, although Wrightson's style of horror is different.
>Frank Frazetta You probably heard of him. If not by name, you definitely saw his work or tributes to it somewhere. Frazetta is mainly know for his fantasy paintings featuring muscly men and voluptous women barely wearing any clothes. Frazeta is the one who defined how Conan and Dejah Thoris look like to several generations. His great work exploded out of comics and book publishing into mainstream. Many artists from American, Japan, and Europe are still influenced by him. There is even a cottage industry of Frazetta copycats. I think that his machismo filled work paved the way for other artists that followed, like George Perez and his Starfire design. However, Frazetta did some comic work too. Losts of it was covers, but he also worked on interiors for Ghost Rider back when it was a western title. At DC he worked on Adventure COmics for a while. Frazetta's best comic art is from his time at EC comics (notice the pattern?) where he illustrated horror and scifi anthologies.
(1.54 MB 1920x1080 laugh fire & ice.webm)

(652.12 KB 1056x1600 xfi8.jpg)

>>29113 >Frazetta Fire & Ice was fun, especially since it stars Barbarian Batman for some reason.
>>29115 >villain the most clothed person in the movie What did they mean by this?
Look up the youtube series "Unsung heroes of illustration" by pete beard. Essentially each episode he goes for 4 illustrators that lived through the 20th century and gives a little resume of their work, it's really great if you are looking for more unknown masters.
>>29121 That real heroes go commando.

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