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DC FanDome - OH GOD NOT AGAIN Frank Board owner 08/21/2020 (Fri) 05:47:23 No. 4048
>The new corporate dumbasses in charge of Warner thought it was a good idea to hold a virtual convention >This is their second attempt Seeing how every virtual convention has crashed and burned this seems like a clusterfuck waiting to happen, especially when they had to split the event into two days Not including the extra material meant to pad everything out to 100 hours. Gather around and shitpost in real time as the cape-Hindenburg crashes. DC FanDome is set to start at 10 am PM / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CET and it will last approximately 4 hours.
Edited last time by Frank on 10/16/2021 (Sat) 05:07:03.
Sorry for hijacking this post but I ran out of space in the OP Gotham Invented: Paving the Way for the Caped Crusader Crusader Supergirl – A World Left Behind: Krypton Gotham – Pilot EPK Black Lightning – DC in D.C. Highlights How Supergirl Celebrates Strong Women Long Live Superman iZOMBIE – Pilot EPK Accelerating Design: The New Batmobile Reflections – Tracy Martin, DC Manager of Talent Relations The Flash – Pilot EPK Reflections – Behind the Scenes: Black Lightning Cold Red War from Superman: Red Son (2020) Interactive Credit Roll DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot EPK Reflections – Odetta Watkins, Executive Vice President, Current Programming, Warner Bros. Television Reflections – Pam Morrow, First Warner Bros. Female Labor Department Foreperson Reflections – Kiki Aguilar, Mail Services, Warner Bros. Studio Facilities Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: The Wonder Woman Costume Wonder Woman Drone Video The Batmobile Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story Collecting the Grades Arrow – Pilot EPK Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: Picture Cars Lights on Leavesden CNN's Great Big Story The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of the Dark Knight Trilogy WW84 Amazon: Patty Jenkins From Sketch to Statue: An Interview with J. Scott Campbell DC Graphic Novel Masterclass: How to Break into Comics - Writers McFarlane Toys Drawn: Black DC Super Heroes with Ken Lashley Snyder Cut: A Look Behind the Music WW84: Fan Questions Aquaman Fan Questions Flash Fan Questions DC Graphic Novel Masterclass: How to Break Into Comics - Artists DC Multiverse: Comics Master Class Multiverse Masterclass: Animation Jim Lee: Creating the Hall of Heroes Behind the Scenes of the Arrowverse Crossover - Panel Creating a World: A Look into the Production Design of the DC Film Universe - Panel The Super Designers Behind the Super Suits - Panel Propping Up a Set - Panel Heroes Behind the Action - Panel Capturing the Action in Still Frame - Panel The Magicians of VFX: Making Supergirl and SHAZAM! Fly - Panel Warner Bros. & Advanced Narratives - The Future of Storytelling - Panel Hustle & Know: How to Make it in Costumes - Panel
Edited last time by Frank on 09/12/2020 (Sat) 05:59:44.
>>4050 >WB Montreal I hope it isnt another Mass Effect Andromeda situation.
>>4052 What relation does WBMontreal have to Andromeda?
>>4055 Canada.
Honestly nothing of that sounds not even slightly interesting
(387.97 KB 1638x2048 Ef-xLgcVoAEqgS7.jpg)

(68.01 KB 1200x680 Ef_DcTnWAAE_0xC.jpg)

They couldnt be bothered giving Black Adam some hair. At least The Batman poster looks decent.
>>4080 I'm more surprised they manage to keep Dwayne Johnson on this project for so long. Though I guess he says yes to any job.
>>4081 He really wanted to play the charter for the longest time.
>>4083 *character
>>4083 Ben Affleck really wanted to play Batman. That turned out so well.
>>4087 Well he is returning along with Keaton.
>>4087 I think if we're talking actors always wanting to play characters, Nicholas Cage has wanted to play Superman ever since he still went by Coppola. He named his son Jor-El for Christ's sake.
>>4048 >11:50 AM PT/2:50 PM ET: Beyond Batman Please, no. I don't want to see it ruined.
>>4088 Yeah. For The Flash. With Ezra "female gripper" Miller. It's such a waste of money.
<10:30 AM PT/1:30 PM ET: Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement >5:10 PM PT/8:10 PM ET: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League What galaxy brain came up with this schedule
How is Nintendo the only corporation that knows how to do these sorts of things well?
>>4098 They dont take 100 hours to explain things.
>>4098 They know what people wanna see & that's the actual products they came for.
(14.93 KB 320x290 1388179273718.jpg)

No official youtube link, but someone is stream snipping it. Its already shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8ZlTgVKCiY
>>4101 It has a website you know? https://www.dcfandome.com/live
>>4102 Why give them clicks directly?
(151.45 KB 963x1203 EgCFnPtXsAAP9Hj.jpg)

(49.25 KB 724x560 EgBcFbGX0Agv0kD.jpg)

(33.83 KB 423x545 EgBcFl4WAAA45IU.jpg)

(7.89 MB 640x360 plt2ysq2NwSiO2Ra.mp4)

New posters and the Synder Cut Trailer
(867.95 KB 1808x1006 EgCoN1vWAAQD3IA.jpg)

(59.35 KB 457x612 EgCojooXoAAYqIR.jpg)

Lynda Carter returns.
Why does every new movie trailer looks so boring regardless of content?
>>4048 I want to reinvent the comic book market because of these assholes and disney
what the fuck is this kid shit?
(7.51 MB 640x360 ejeQGdwtszvt0DlK.mp4)

(50.96 KB 1366x768 EgCqIS7XYAAymrF.jpg)

New WW84 trailer and they pulled Cheetah right out of Cats.
>>4087 To be fair there was a lot wrong with BvS and JL that wasn't Ben Affleck's fault. >>4093 >He named his son Jor-El for Christ's sake Wouldn't it make more sense to name his son Kal-El since Jor-El is Superman's dad name? >>4096 >What galaxy brain came up with this schedule It's DC, if you haven't guessed from their failed movie universe they're fucking incompetent.
(107.57 KB 351x335 rage.png)

>>4104 >That video >That music Oh God, even the FUCKING TRAILER is one of the worst things I have ever seen!
Batman confirmed dead
(141.15 KB 2047x860 EgCrgIXXkAAImDM.jpg)

(14.11 MB 640x360 PBdK2q7nN5VrZtWu.mp4)

>>4113 Looks like a sequel to Arkam knight.
>>4114 Never mind, Freeze is somehow still alive.
>exp and levels Who the fuck thought adding rpg elements to a Batman game was a good idea!?
Is this fucking online only
>>4117 Looks more like a team based thing.
(175.65 KB 2048x884 EgCsuH4WAAIH65A.jpg)

(171.81 KB 2047x886 EgCsuH6X0AIV_NA.jpg)

(164.66 KB 2048x931 EgCsuH4WAAA_LsA.jpg)

(139.36 KB 2048x891 EgCsuH8XkAAMk1c.jpg)

Holy shit how did they fuck up the Arkham combat? This looks Avengers tier.
>>4118 I wouldn't mind co-op especially since I thought Red Hood played well(in how little you got to play him in Knight) but if thiso nline only then it will suck dick. Also is the stream cutting out for anyone? >>4120 And on mr Freeze boss fight of all things.
(101.77 KB 1242x689 EgCtzn_XoAApwQC.jpg)

>>4120 They got Canada to make it. >>4121 Ive been using a youtube stream snipping it, I havent encountered anything.
>>4122 The one posted in this thread? Most of it cut out.
(136.12 KB 800x808 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>4114 >>4119 Am I the only one who gives less of a shit about the so-called "Bat Family" and just want a straight-up Batman Beyond video game (Aside from the beat 'em up from 20 years ago)?
>>4123 There's a couple other youtube streams going on.
(292.79 KB 768x1031 Red hood.jpg)

>>4119 Red hood looks like ass. I think his Knight look was better.
>Sandman QnA is just a Neil Gaiman interview with some other random writers.
>>4126 Everything looks like ass, feels like they went completely overboard with lighting effects. The whole cartoony aesthetic but in a photo-realistic world just looks so awful compared to the Arkham games. If they were going to go in that direction they should have actually gone for it.
(538.36 KB 3840x2160 EgCvuKYUEAAP1yq.jpg)

>>4126 He barely looks like Red Hood anymore. Get rid of the batman logo and he's Deadpool
>>4128 I've noticed that the robin design differs in the cinematic compared to the gameplay so I'm assuming there's unlockable cosmetics or it's tied into gear(because there's unlockable/craftable gear, I'm seeing abilities and critical hits and debuffs and Bruce mentions gear in the cinematic so there probably is gear) so my guess is that the art style of this game will not look remotely appealing >>4129 Fuck, right?
>>4104 For fuck's sake, Snyder can't write anything superhero related without religious allegory. It's so fucking pretentious. They did not fix Steppenwolf for the better at all. They made him a Michael Bay mess. Darkseid.... is Darkseid. >>4114 They all look like shit. Nightwing looks fat. Batgirl has her shitty college outfit. Damian looks like he's wearing a dress. Red Hood's helmet looks like it was made of scrap. These models are just awful. I will also keep saying it every time they're brought up. The Court of Owls make no sense.
>>4131 >The Court of Owls make no sense. It was only a matter of time before they used them but instead of continuing the serious tone they injected more cartoony elements which completely mess up the tone.
>>4130 >I've noticed that the robin design differs in the cinematic compared to the gameplay so I'm assuming there's unlockable cosmetics or it's tied into gear(because there's unlockable/craftable gear, I'm seeing abilities and critical hits and debuffs and Bruce mentions gear in the cinematic so there probably is gear) so my guess is that the art style of this game will not look remotely appealing It's going to be just like that Square Enix Avengers game, buy now to dress Nightwing up like the Verizon logo. EXCLUSIVE Huntress character available only on Playstation!
>>4132 It's not that the Court of Owls are cartoony. It's that the idea of a secret society in Gotham makes no sense. If they control everything then why is Gotham still a shit hole? Why not groom Bruce Wayne after the death of his parents to get access to his fortune? Why not make him a Talon? Why let super villains run around the city trying to take over or destroy it?
>>4134 >If they control everything then why is Gotham still a shit hole? Why is Chicago still a war zone with 53 years of the same party still incharge?
>>4135 Niggers & incompetent leftwing.
>>4131 >>4134 >The Court of Owls make no sense. <Decide to read up on this: https://infogalactic.com/info/Court_of_Owls >They decide to assassinate Bruce after one of his regular philanthropic announcements >They end up exposing themselves >Destroy everything in the process to cover it all up >Then they cause an all out war in the city just prove that they have a bigger dick than Bruce Wayne You can't make this shit up.
Multiverse 101 panel up next.
>>4133 The best case scenario is Ultimate Alliance, the worst case scenario is Squeenix Avengers/The Division/For Honor.
>Earth 26 cameo Not bad but they're still pushing the diversity shit.
>>4139 https://invidio.us/watch?v=cTwDcf866u4 >>4137 What's even dumber is that Dick Grayson was supposed to be a Talon but they never recruited him because Bruce adopted him. Why not just kidnap him? Why not kill Bruce then? Also that all out war was sending out all their Talons to kill Bruce. They all fail.
(132.91 KB 851x547 EgC22RHWsAMnaG9.jpg)

>>4129 New art from Jim Lee.
>>4141 I've already seen the gameplay. There's so much room for online only fuckery. I always wondered where the League of Shadows and Ra's Al Ghul fit into the Court of Owls. And why they didn't nuke Joker off the face of the earth because surely he can't be their pawn and he should pose a threat to them or at least their plans.
A lot of Ezra Miller shilling happening, looks like he's not getting fired. >>4131 >Darkseid.... is Darkseid. No, it's Killface.
>>4144 They're supposedly not firing Amber Heard either. Okay yeah Darkseid's face is shit.
Looks like Twilight Batman is confirmed as a Elseworld story.
>>4144 >looks like he's not getting fired. Of course not, he's a jew.
>They still want to rape Watchmen
Apparently the villain for James Gunn's Suicide Squad sequel is.... Starro. Yay another cosmic threat the Justice League should be dealing with.
>>4149 >Starro At least he's getting screen time. Gunn's movie looks to be the best of all the coming DC films.
>>4149 >another cosmic threat the Justice League should be dealing with Isn't that a lot of people's problem with modern comics? That the power creep gets so out of control that they have to keep writing some inane bullshit in order to excuse it.
>>4145 Until she gets charged and faces possible jail time.
The Flash series Panel up next.
>>4151 Yep. It's a big problem. Especially because DC insists on constantly going cosmic universe altering events. >>4152 Here's hoping. But justice doesn't exist as common as it should in this world.
>>4154 Its UK justice so its a wild card.
>>4155 That's even worse.
(32.94 KB 741x654 1430378572148-0.png)

>"DC Comics stands for Detective Comics Comics" Ezra is a massive faggot.
>>4157 Is it possible that it's all one big joke, but no one has been clued inti the fact that it is, so they're all taking it seriously with a straight face?
(319.66 KB 927x608 1447368043303.png)

>Rick Rolling
>>4148 What now?
>>4160 They mentioned they want still want to do more things with the Watchmen property.
(88.47 KB 1005x562 EgC8_HWVoAAfEKt.jpg)

(259.10 KB 2048x1110 EgC9fNjU0AIjbpR.jpg)

>10 minutes of cringe just for two images
They got Old Bruce and Terry to roast Adam West's Batman mstk3000 style.
>>4164 And its unironically the funnest part so far.
>>4164 Why roast their own property when the CW shows, especially Batwoman, are the most hated shows ever?
>>4165 It truly was. >>4166 It was an ad, Batman 66 and Beyond is finally on streaming.
>>4167 That's good. I always assume the worst with DC.
Suicide Squad is now.
(15.79 KB 178x255 1433819618458-0.jpg)

>Jake from State Farm
>Still can't get Harley Quinn's costume right.
(11.38 MB 640x360 HV41vfeQ7STzbXTw.mp4)

I take it back, this somehow looks worse than the last film.
Because the suicide squad movie needed like 15 characters, that's what it was missing.
Why is Peter Capaldi here?
>>4175 He plays The Thinker. >>4174 Supposedly half of them get killed off in the beginning as a jab at Disney/GOTG.
>>4176 It's still pointless. Fucking Assault on Arkham did that gag with KGBeast and was a better Suicide Squad movie than any of this overproduced shit will be, because none of them can be small scale and tackle something as "tiny" as a questionable government agent sending in criminals to do her dirty work, it has to be fucking Harley Quinn and the military dropouts somehow take on a cosmic-tier galactic threat.
>>4177 AND EVEN THE FUCKING VIDEO GAME HAS TO HAVE THEM TAKE ON THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, WHY? Could work if it doesn't involve Harley, Deadshot or the like. Suicide Squad with Bane, Cheetah or Freeze, Zod, people on that level.
>>4173 Wow look it's even worse than before. Somehow just as ghetto too.
>>4178 You might as well just have used the Legion of Doom then.
>>4181 I guess that's not as recognizable to the masses as WE SOME KINDA SUCIDE SQUAD
>>4182 Im more than certain more people know about the Legion than Task Force X.
>>4183 But suicide squad had an infamous summer blockbuster movie and is getting another by a fairly well known ex-MCU director, I think they're the ones in the memories of the popular masses at the moment.
(7.93 MB 640x360 cCL1uBioayu7mwyM.mp4)

Suicide Squad behind the scenes trailer.
>>4184 Black Manta, Joker, Cheetah and Luthor are all in the main DC money makers and Deathstroke has been teased for years now.
(75.15 KB 1920x1080 EgDDIjHWkAAeb2X.jpg)

(81.60 KB 1920x1080 EgDDIjHWAAAS-Th.jpg)

(51.64 KB 1920x1080 EgDDIjFX0AMgglm.jpg)

First look at Robert Pattinson as Batman and it reeks of edge.
(134.86 KB 2048x1088 EgDHkc8XgAANn3G.jpg)

Well this is certainly new for Polka-Dot Man.
>>4181 A Legion of Doom game would be a lot of fun.
(112.38 KB 1920x990 EgDIHPnXgAQejWf.jpg)

>>4179 They literally just used the Arkham City design. With the 20% change to avoid royalties to rocksteady of course..
>20 minutes of jacking off about how many black women they hire How long until DC is bankrupt?
BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe now, basically its a bathroom break.
>>4191 Technically they are right now with all the cuts and firings happening.
>>4191 They are bankrupt. The comic division is what's going to die. These shit games & movies are next.
(959.79 KB 500x200 _m5h6zxUWEb1qabfx1o1_500.gif)

>>4179 >>4190 Why is it so hard to have her running around in her jester outfit, again? >>4184 >>4183 >>4182 >>4181 The Doom Patrol, the Legion of Doom, and Task Force X were all the other teams I know of from watching the cartoons. The Suicide Squad I didn't know about until the Arkham cartoon.
>>4197 Buy the online pass, goy.
>>4196 Either the actress doesnt want to or an executive didnt allow it.
>>4197 Of fucking course. Knowing WB there will be a shitton of expensive DLC for what amounts to 10 minutes of gameplay each.
>>4184 >>4183 >>4182 >>4181 >>4196 Also, just remembered that there was The Losers as well, but I guess they wouldn't be able to cash in on having "a wacky and colorful ensemble cast" film about an actual team special forces operatives having to deal with otherworldly and supernatural affairs because, "Absolutey NO ONE would have any interest in that type of shit".
Official poster for The Suicide Squad. Looks like Gunn is going for a 70s B-movie war feel.
(423.13 KB 900x1384 49jp20.jpg)

(19.67 KB 480x332 1019253-bueno2.jpg)

>>4201 Don't forget Section Eight too.
>>4201 There was a The Losers movie, wasn't there? It had Chris Evans and some latina eye-candy?
Legacy of the Bat up next.
>>4203 Never heard of them as I haven't read much of the comics. >>4204 That's how I know about the team. Although, the film was pretty much a remake of A-Team, and then they literally had the A-Team movie come out a few months later.
>>4205 What legacy? They won't let anyone but Bruce be Batman.
>>4207 Its the name of the panel but it looks like they'll be shilling Batwoman.
>>4208 Ah yes. A legacy stolen by lesbians.
You know I think I'll probably wind up watching the new Suicide Squad movie, I now the last one was bad but it was also a guilty pleasure of mine and I like the idea of dangerous criminals forced to work together on a suicide mission too much to let it pass by me. I won't pay to watch it doe, since it will still probably be a bad movie. Any recommendations for Suicide Squad comics? Like, which run was the best and specific issues?
>>4114 >nuBatgirl design Into the trash it goes. >>4115 But Freeze didn't die in Arkham Knight. >>4173 I can't wait for most of these characters to do nothing or get killed off for cheap shock value, while a small handful that matter get all the dialogue and screentime like in the first movie. >>4187 Reminder: The bat symbol on his chest is made out of the gun that killed his parents.
>>4210 Same but it honestly looks like a spiritual squeal to Super, which was really good. Also start with the original run.
I had a fever dream once that there was an incarnation of batman where all of gotham's criminals were women and Batman had to come up with all kinds of these convoluted plans to re-rehabilitate them through large orgies where he had to plan out shit to conserve stamina and not end up exhausted in the middle of one And I started thinking to myself if anyone's made such a thing. >>4211 >Reminder: The bat symbol on his chest is made out of the gun that killed his parents. You what?
>>4211 >But Freeze didn't die in Arkham Knight. He did, in the DLC, right? It involved like a big ship in the middle of a frozen lake and it ended with either him or his wife(or both) dying?
Chris Daughtry Performance up next.
>>4212 >squeal Sequel*
>>4214 Freeze and Nora chose to spend the last remaining time they had left together.
>>4217 Yeah but who dies? Because I could vaguely remember Nora gets a cure or something approaching a cure?
(91.10 KB 851x483 EgDNNNuX0AIDDKz.jpg)

(208.17 KB 2048x1070 EgDNZCsX0AsOsSG.jpg)

>>4176 >jab at Disney/GOTG.
>>4218 No cure, she basically tells Freeze death is preferable than being frozen. He agrees and its implied they both died.
(155.76 KB 220x164 tenor.gif)

>>4215 >Chris Daughtry Performance
The Joker: Put on a Happy Face up next.
(7.21 MB 1500x2073 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.60 MB 476x358 rapeman.webm)

>>4213 >And I started thinking to myself if anyone's made such a thing.
>>4223 That's exactly what I had in mind, actually. Rapeman has only two or three episodes, right?
(96.14 KB 676x1024 EgDQvREVAAADugS.jpg)

Looks like DC 5g isnt completely dead as DC announce a new Batman series written by John Ridley and Nick Derington.
Jim Lee Portfolio Review - DC Super-Villain Fan Art up next.
(71.49 KB 2048x856 Bat Symbol.jpg)

>>4213 >You what? Pic related. >>4214 No, he leaves Gotham to spend time with Nora before she dies. >>4220 >He agrees and its implied they both died I know Nora dies but I don't remember it where it's implied that Freeze dies.
>>4224 13 volumes, 9 films, and 2 OVAs.
>>4228 Going to have a wild night tonight, thanks.
>>4225 Don't worry, it'll be dead next month after the comics division suffers more layoffs.
Surprise DC Comics Panel up next.
>>4231 Looks like its focusing on Milestone comics.
>>4202 I guarantee Idris Elba and Margot Robbie will have a sex scene. Guarantee it.
(21.74 KB 372x267 Dwaynemcduffie.jpeg)

>>4232 >Milestone comics. RIP Dwayne McDuffie
>>4233 I don't think Idris Elba does sex scenes though.
>>4235 it'll be like the Assault on Arkham scene with Harley and Deadshot.
>>4233 Nah, she'll fuck the Shark first.
>>4236 Except deadshot wasn't really black in that movie and it could be argued Harley forced herself onto him
Looks like they're going to squeeze all of these before the Zynder panel. Fan Q&A: Doom Patrol Fan Q&A: Stargirl I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl – Panel
>>4240 >Doom Patrol and Stargirl were less than 5 minutes each. Goes to show how much they really care.
>>4241 Can't make money off of them when their streaming service failed hard & everyone's just pirating anyway.
>Static Shock’ Movie In Development Will Smith's son is going to ruin it.
(794.47 KB 320x286 5US.gif)

>>4240 >The Voices Behind the Cowl >Just foreign language dubbers. >>4242 Stargirl is WB.
>>4244 >Stargirl is WB. Warner Brothers owns DC....
>>4245 But they've given more attention to the wb shows than their streaming shows.
The Snyder Cut of Justice League up next
>>4247 Why the fuck did people ever care anyways Like a different cut isn't going to fix the fact that only Henry Cavill seems to have been cast reasonably well for the role. I don't care for batflick, or the sentient stick that everyone somehow finds attractive, or quippy Flash, or THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDPA'S AQUAMAN THIS IS BADASS AQUAMAN or non teen titans Cyborg or whoever else I'm leaving out. It's not going to fix the shit of BvS or the fact that Steppenwolf was and looks like a shit villain or as a team I can barely find any form of camaraderie besides Superman and Flash.
>>4248 Some people want to support a production that was hampered and sabotaged by the higher ups in Warner. General curiosity and some other third thing.
>>4249 Curiosity aside, it still isn't going to fix it. It's like all the recent talks in regards to the Lucas Cut for RoShit. No matter what Yidsney does, I don't have any interest in spending any money on Star Wars.
(37.14 KB 500x500 1432517177926.jpg)

Who's the chink speaking?
(132.68 KB 360x640 Yl5FiVOK8eD3T-ey.mp4)

>>4246 Nigger no they haven't. The streaming service is dead. Stargirl was part of the streaming service just like Doom Patrol. But while that went to HBO Max, Stargirl went to the CW. >>4247 The snyder cultist normalniggers are never going to shut up about this.
>>4254 I just want it to suck so I can see the reactions of the syndercut fags.
(564.23 KB 785x584 1461472590678-3.png)

>>4104 >The easer trailer was leaked hours before
The Flash TV Panel up next
>>4255 Man there are people who unironically think BvS is the greatest movie ever with the best renditions of Batman & Superman ever. The movie is gonna suck & they'll still praise it.
(21.63 MB 960x720 yn23UlrWPn9dvamw.mp4)

Full Synder Cut trailer.
Fan Q&A: Black Lightning up next
>>4260 Never mind its Black Adam.
(42.72 KB 1242x712 EgDsAiIXgAAdpzQ.jpg)

(77.95 KB 1242x696 EgDsAiIXYAAz9Wj.jpg)

(170.75 KB 2048x1128 EgDsFXGXoAY1nus.jpg)

(237.94 KB 2048x1135 EgDsFXGXYAEPrWG.jpg)

(190.77 KB 2048x1084 EgDsFXFWAAExcpA.jpg)

(104.68 KB 1241x690 EgDu4ukXsAA9sfS.jpg)

(130.05 KB 1241x713 EgDu4wHWkAYBhxB.jpg)

(92.23 KB 1241x698 EgDu4xoXoAABtZa.jpg)

(74.09 KB 1241x697 EgDu4unWoAEvf89.jpg)

>They're introducing the JSA This movie is sounding like a cluttered mess
(6.74 KB 258x196 jhgserthyjtre.jpg)

>Batman TAS, Batman BATB, Lego Batman and Terry make a wu-flu psa.
Oh look its CNN.
Is Titans even decent?
>>4263 Literally who >>4267 No.
(2.35 MB 640x360 -Vr1Ja68U19UT5st.mp4)

>>4268 A C-lister hero that can grow big.
>>4270 I meant the actor.
>>4271 Oh me neither.
The Aquaman panel was under whelming.
(57.29 KB 386x371 1442374133450.jpg)

>Ask Harley Quinn Oh god why!
>>4269 Why does everyone try to act like The Batman doesn't exist?
>>4275 It came out after BTAS and could never live up to the mantle.
>>4276 But, it was better than BTAS.
(18.18 KB 500x500 74d.jpg)

>>4277 > it was better than BTAS.
>>4277 BTAS come out first thus it's the essential building block to the average person of what Batman is. The Batman came later & was a much more radical take comparatively.
>>4279 >BTAS come out first thus it's the essential building block to the average person of what Batman is. What about Superfriends and the HB Batman series? Or, do those not count because that represented earlier representations of Batman, and everyone only latched onto BTAS because it was the first cartoon produced after the comics became edgy?
>>4280 The Hanna Barbera era were more campy and more align with the 66 show. BTAS had a more structured narrative with more developed characters. It was so good several characters made or reinterpreted for the show became cannon in the comics and are now the standard for the characters, like Freeze and Harley.
>>4280 Because those were saturday morning campy cartoons made for children. BTAS was for all ages & had deeper more adult storylines.
>>4262 James is an alright director and Dwayne doesn't usually star on soylent ridden shit. So it might be ok
>>4283 No but Dwayne isn't exactly known for anything but mindless action.
>>4282 >those were saturday morning campy cartoons made for children. Out of pure curiosity, can you prove that? I mean, can you actually pull up the stats stating what portion of people actually watched those shows?
>>4285 Okay now I know you're just baiting for attention. Hey Frank we got a live one.
>>4285 >can you prove that? Yeah, they made Darkseid lust over Wonder Woman and tried to marry her in every episode of The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.
>>4286 >Okay now I know you're just baiting for attention No, seriously, I want to know. Everyone throws around the claim that "Adults never watched cartoons until 1990's", meanwhile all the information available states that the type of shows that most adults were watching were during that era was Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures (A reason which eventually resulted in both of the series being cancelled).
>>4288 I never said adults never watched cartoons. But this was the 70s to 80s. Cartoons were marketed & made FOR CHILDREN.
(74.48 KB 1125x457 EgEJ8nEWoAEhfgW.jpg)

>SUICIDE SQUAD: KILL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE’ is a continuation of the ‘Batman: Arkham’ franchise
(14.01 MB 640x360 45U1MY2yd8plV7-Q.mp4)

>>4290 It can't be. King Shark & Boomerang are dead. Deadshot isn't black either. >that shit music STOP MAKING THE SUICIDE SQUAD GHETTO NIGGER TIER
>>4290 >>4291 Well that looks like shit.
(4.75 MB 640x360 RgHAfEjxTiOYPt1B.mp4)

Leaked "The Batman" Trailer.
>>4294 What's all that fucking clicking?! Besides nigger Gordon, making a serious story about a dumb villain like Riddler, & shoehorning in Catwoman I am glad to see two things. One, no cuts when Batman punches the thug. Just holding still on the battering. Two, Batman with an actual normal voice. No gargling nails like Bale. No voice synthesizer like Affleck. That's how it should be done. Just a normal intimidating voice.
>>4296 >What's all that fucking clicking?! Its a leaked trailer. Rumors say Batgirl will still be a ginger.
>>4291 >Captain Boomerang doesn't use boomerangs >Deadshot can fly >Harley using guns Why does this feel like the most generic shit possible?
How would you rate The DC Fandome /co/?
>>4300 I expected nothing good & was still disappointed. Left frustrated at the world.
>>4292 Assault on Arkham isnt cannon.
>>4302 Says who? I'm also talking about in the Arkham games & in the comics that are supposed to tie in.
>>4303 The lore for the games are all over the place. Since Dinni left after City, the lore hasnt been consistent.
>>4304 Regardless Deadshot was still white in the Arkham series. This is made from the same people but obviously not in the same universe. If they're going for synergy they'll tie it into the Gotham Knights game.
>>4305 Considering Origins was not made by Rocksteady, it looks like they're ignoring it. Lets be honest they made him black because of Will Smith
>>4306 My friend.... Deadshot was in City. https://invidio.us/watch?v=e9WEbUYkNvo Yeah obviously. It's fucking idiotic they'd wanna synergize with that piece of shit movie.
(113.67 KB 720x1080 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>4307 >It's fucking idiotic they'd wanna synergize with that piece of shit movie. Didn't Yidsney pretty much require the same thing, and that's why we got UA3 and MvC:I the way they were?
>>4308 Kind of. That's why Gamora looks like she does. Carol, Thor, & Iron Man are more like their comic looks. They removed Strange's gloves for no reason so I think it may just be because of the MCU version. Thanos, Rocket, & Cap are obvious moves to align with the MCU in looks.
Did they ever explain they had a plan for logically explaining why there's 3 Batman's, Joker's, and Superman's in the DCCU or did the WB execs actually snap and said "Greenlight everything fuck it at this point."
>>4291 >>4290 WE WANT THE FORTNITE AUDIENCE Absolute garbage, can't believe the other game looked better than this tripe.
>>4310 >3 Batmans Batfleck is the Snyderverse. Keaton is the 89 universe. Battinson is it's own universe. >3 Jokers Leto in Snyderverse. Nicholson in 89. Phoenix Joker is his own universe. >3 Superman 3? There's only Cavill's right now.
>>4310 >>4312 Why don't they give this shit a break for a decade since it's do nothing but costing them money, and then return when nearly everyone has forgotten all about this horrendous screw-up? >3? There's only Cavill's right now. While Calvill is confirmed for one more movie (Not necessarily a Supers or JL film), there's also talks of a standalone Superman film.
>>4114 >>4142 Tacticool garbage >>4144 It shouldn't be so hard to get him right. Just take a human face with strong features, and increase the forehead and chin size. Then give it a stone texture. Here they've made him look like he has a congenital deformity in his face. >>4290 I wish they would stop shilling suicide squad, it's shit.
>>4318 They gotta make money as a company somehow. Comics are dying & most of their staff are being laid off. They're desperate for success but can't actually take the time to listen to what people want.
>>4284 When I say ok I mean a movie not filled with feminist or current year colorful quirky WHAMEN AND POC POWER. Just some Hollyshit CGIfest mediocrity, that's what ok is for Hollygonads now.
>>4297 >2020 >Ginger on a Pedowood flick I highly doubt it
>>4308 They did a good job making manvers into a woman again, I'll give them that.
>>4324 Long hair doesn't fix man face.
>>4291 Why is Deadshot black now? Why does Captain Boomerang, y'know, not use one?> Why does this really remind me of Sunset Overdrive?
>>4275 >>4276 I like TB's version of Joker, at least.
(55.65 KB 523x495 maxresdefault.jpg)

>>4325 What manface?
>>4333 The one in the poster Anon posted, in game looks less shit.
>>4284 sounds like a perfect fit for capeshit then
>>4335 Fair.
>>4305 >Same people Game studios have insanely high employee turnover, so most people working on Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are long gone. Black Deadshot is because of Will Smith and for diversity points. Pretty stupid since they could just have easily used an actual notable black character that were frequent members of the squad, like Bronze Tiger. He would be perfect for fast and agile close range assassin character niche.
Edward Cullen as Batman is never going to sell me. Only good things were Black Adam and WW 1984.
>>4375 Yes yes semantics. You get what I'm saying. I know why they've made Deadshot black. I'm saying it makes no sense if it's trying to be jumping off from the Arkham universe.
(494.99 KB 644x662 ClipboardImage.png)

(30.33 KB 548x387 ClipboardImage.png)

I really genuinely just hate Snyder. I hate DC & Marvel for turning superheroes into edgy bullshit that tries to look deep & meaningful. Or "grown up". It's as bad as adult animated sitcoms but taking itself too seriously rather than being apathetic losers about life. I'm sick of it. I just wanted to see fun stories about inspirational characters. http://archive.md/yu0lj
>>4381 Whether Zack or Scott, people named Snyder seem to be terrible for comics-related properties.
>>4382 (((Snyder))) is a cursed name. Ironic jews ruin jewish creations.
>>4381 >I just wanted to see fun stories about inspirational characters. I think the Europoors and the Nips have you covered there.
>>4384 They do. It's just not right that big two capeshit is what's "popular" or rather well known among the moronic casual masses.
>>4381 Has this type of marketing every fucking worked?
>>4387 Maybe back in the 90s attitude era or the early 2000s skateboarder era. But those were just rebellious times when it cool to be radical. This is just an edgy middle school kid of today getting high on his own farts. That fucking trailer alone for this Snyder cut is enough to keep any sane person away. Superman being a hamfisted Jesus allegory in Man of Steel was one of the biggest criticisms. Now he's doing it again.
>>4295 >Another GCPD series Wasn't Gotham supposed to be focused on Gordon, until Fujos made it all about the Penguin?
(68.51 KB 1080x604 DCSHG.jpg)

>>4048 >DC Super Hero Girls Season 2 Sneak Peak Literally the only cartoon I follow after Venture Bros cancellation, hopefully next season would be good as well despite Faust leaving. Anyone else here watch it?
>>5026 I watch it for the same reason I read Nagatoro. Waifu bait. >Faust left Wait why, did she get me too'd or somethign?
>>5083 >Waifu bait. You gotta talk to real women if western cartoons are your waifus.
>>5086 Waifu bait≠Waifu
>>5095 If you consider them "waifu bait" then you see them as waifu potential rather than, in this case, characters made for little girls.
(939.22 KB 758x817 Really.png)

>>5083 >Waifu bait The show has great action and nice comedy unlike Niggatoro . >Wait why I heard she's going to work with her husband on his new cartoon on Gayflix <women <me too'd You know that's not how it works anon
(44.55 KB 696x390 cringe.jpeg)

I have never experienced my interest in something tank harder or faster than when this fucking character was introduced.
>>18261 As horrible as the CW shows & even Titans are, at least they're still capeshit. Doom Patrol is just depressed broken people being depressed broken people screaming at each other, cussing, & throwing in some modern day woke bullshit like a non-binary transsexual street.
>>18262 Danny was always a tranny, even in 1990.
>>18279 That's disgusting.
(1.02 MB 768x853 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18281 Well originally a transvestite, but recently even before the show happened they made him significantly gayer, also you need to understand this is a series that featured a gay french gorilla and his gay disembodied brain lover as major antagonists.
>>18282 Yeah but they're villains.
(5.15 MB 1280x720 Peacemaker.webm)

Can I die now?
>>18305 Painfully unfunny. Eliminating a chunk of the audience with obscene cursing. John Cena can't act. Did Amy Schumer even say he actually fucked her in a movie sex scene they had?
>>18305 I typically enjoy Gunn but he really needs someone to tard wrangle him.
>>18311 I don't think this is Gunn. I think they just got whomever was lying around the office to do the writing for this.
(2.61 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Here's your new Supergirl. Who will probably only exist for one movie after The Flash bombs.
>>18490 Looks like something from the CW.
>>4048 Why don't they just sell gay porn at this point? They can't make good comics and all they care about are gays having sex.
>>18490 >Hey look this woman is attractive because we injected her lips with silicone and she's opening them slightly to make them look bigger Why are they recruiting from the casting couch still? Cocksucking doesn't translate to acting skill.
>>18492 They can't make good movies either, and I scincerly doubt they'll be showing any interesting video games either since they seem to be wanting to ape Marvel's own shitshows in that department. >>18493 Must have been some mindblowing casting couch fuck.
>>18492 I'm pretty sure some indie companies have hired actual furry porn artists to make comics (slice of life shit), but not actual porn. The name of either eludes me at the moment.
This was not what I had in mind when I heard "animated aquaman series".
>>18496 It went from series to mini series and now a movie.
>>18497 No I meant "The Animated Series" to me means stuff like the Batman/Superman series. I know those probably don't hold up anymore the Batman's intro animation still does though but whatever their flaws it's not whatever this gay shit is.
>>18499 Yes I know. Thundercats Roar guy must have a tight bussy to keep getting work at all.
>>18490 So they're going the Injustice route.
>>18501 I'm honestly sick of the injustice route. Have they shown off the monumental cancer that will be Injustice 3 yet? With the rumored Batfag who laughs?
>>18502 Give it time, its 4 hours of this shit.
>>18501 The Flash movie implies a full reboot of the Snyder line.
(383.67 KB 966x1500 81CFXtCCbcL.jpg)

>A live-action ‘STATIC SHOCK’ movie is confirmed to be in the works. About fucking time but its going to be shit.
>>18503 I'll say considering how long THIS shit has been going on I can tell those four hours are going to be well spent and not padded out in the slightest. Thank god for games like Invisible Inc that make listening/"watching" these dogshit streams infinitely more tolerable. >>18506 If it wasn't announced in the context of this cancer I might have disagreed.
>>18506 Movie will no doubt side with BLM & sight the "injustice" of George Floyd ODing on fentynal being killed by racist white honky cops.
>>18504 Or, they're going to do a full Flashpoint story that soft-reboots everything, like X-Men: Days of Future Past.
(128.52 KB 1275x714 FB1mHYiXEAE2cp4.jpg)

(106.11 KB 1273x714 FB1mHX-XEAog4Ex.jpg)

(135.38 KB 1276x718 FB1mHYMWUAINp3-.jpg)

(63.04 KB 1268x717 FB1mHYvWYAsFNMm.jpg)

At least DC learned their lesson when it comes to costumes, its going to be faded as fuck but at least not dog shit.
(77.21 KB 795x636 FB1lFrYX0As1FGL.jpg)

>>18510 James fucking Wan is the only one doing shit right. Well besides casting Lobo as Aquaman.
>>18509 Essentially. The Snyder movies keep failing drastically & Marvel is already doing the multiverse thing. So of course DC will follow suit. >>18510 What the hell is the last image? >>18511 He also hired Amber Heard.
(149.04 KB 1945x838 FB1nm44WEAEf5ib.jpg)

>>18512 >What the hell is the last image? Doctor Fate"s helmet. >He also hired Amber Heard. That too but that could've been a studio mandate.
>>18512 >So of course DC will follow suit. They didn't have much in the beginning so restarting will be easier for them.
>Hey, here's a game about the very underpowered members of the justice league like deadshot, harley quinn and boomerang. Who should we have them fight to showcase their cool abilities and bring a low-power level perspective to this universe? >BRAINIAC, THE ENTIRE FUCKING JUSTICE LEAGUE Why do they keep doing this? Also >No gameplay
>>18515 > members of the justice league You mean the Suicide Squad.
>>18492 This is a good point. Might as well cut the bullshit and get right to their end goal. >>18506 Yeah. Shame they waited until there was zero hope for something like this to not be filled to the brim with cancer.
>>18516 Might as well be the Justedge League if they're going to keep claiming fucking Harley's going to somehow do shitall to the likes of Injustice SUPER EVIL FUCK EVERYTHING MAN.
(103.17 KB 1943x1125 FB1pvvoWYAsDGP9.jpg)

Why give the Flash visors when you're not going to protect his mouth?
(57.24 KB 1170x632 FB1rHViWYAc6AkJ.jpg)

>>18519 Aw fuck, I just noticed they're using ezra miller as the base.
(124.19 KB 1126x633 FB1r8N-XEAMZBqx.jpg)

Who ever used the monkey's paw to bring back Teen Titians, I wish that Anon a painful death.
This looks like the least funny cancerous fucking shit I've seen in a while.
(201.18 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18521 Sometimes dead is better.
(332.81 KB 1080x1080 FB1tK87WUAYlfLU.jpg)

The only thing the CW has done right and it took them nearly a decade to figure it out.
>>18521 You're implying he didn't beat you to the punch on that. RIP anon.
Oh so we're doing this "females literally did not exist until our show invented female self confidence" shit now?
(165.49 KB 1511x850 FB1v_DMXoAc1hab.jpg)

(810.76 KB 800x800 frisky2_orig.png)

(89.61 KB 1161x1078 FB1vxfhWYAAgVEc.jpg)

(183.75 KB 1953x1125 FB1vybpXoAMzJYS.jpg)

Is it just me or does The Peacemaker show just seem like a less funnier Frisky Dingo?
>>18527 I don't watch that shit but I have seen and enjoyed Frisky Dingo. Explain what makes you think so anon.
(703.63 KB 1400x770 the flagsh.png)

More like the fag. 240p because I'm not watching this shit actively and I'm not wasting my precious datacap on nothing
>>18528 >Explain what makes you think so anon. Sure thing Autistic Anon, the characters types just feel transplanted from one series to another. You got Killface with Peacemaker, Vigilante with Xander, Sinn with the blond chick and the fat guy can be inchangable with the other fat characters from Frisky Dingo. The entire show feels like it could fit in the Archer universe, especially with how it handles serious plot, how it derails into petty personal dilemmas, the in-between gags and crude comedy. Something's are different like Peacemaker being friends with Vigilante and the whole DC angle, but I never said it was one for one, just seems like it.
(57.38 KB 910x986 FB11_ssXIAoqnX4.jpg)

(98.45 KB 1920x1080 FB11_q0XoAcjmK5.jpg)

Why did it take so damn long to get the ring!
>all this CW bat-woman shit
Am I just overtly negative or is there not a single interesting sounding announcement so far? Like far from me to claim I'm aware of how the DC executives think but shit like Batwoman or all of the CW lineup, this Flash teaser, how they're presenting their movie announcements of the Static Shock/Blue Beetle movies, that black hole of comedy that was the Peacemaker these video game announcements HAVING NO FUCKING GAMEPLAY, what they've been doing with the live action movies in general, this feels like self sabotage or something. Is there really zero vision behind any of this? Did no one just pause for a minute to think "man this is all so fucking stupid, we're rushing into so much shit and the rest of it is very low quality, none of our shit looks appealing to new fans and there are probably no more old fans remaining"?
>>18529 >>18531 I'm surprised this faggot didn't get fired after drunkenly, choking a bitch on video.
>>18536 he has the "gay" shield. nothing can hurt him (except dave chappelle, he's the only one the LGBT fears)
>>18535 that cat-woman/bat-woman anime... looks like it might be worth a watch.
Enough of Harley Quinn, please. Please. I'm sure DC can get everyone to love any of their numerous characters if they actually show them off in some decent media.
>>18540 they are obsessed with trying to make Harley Quinn some big deal. makes no sense outside of the context from the 90's animated series. >>18535 2 black batman, 1 black barbara gordon, 1 asian barbara gordon. retcon on the first robin being a woman... somehow.
>I am loving the diversity that is becoming the norm in the DC universe Uh huh.
Linda carter, keeps finding new ways to disappoint me... I hope she reunites with her (((husband))) soon >all this bullshit that has nothing to do with wonder woman. >giving a shit for anything by the same hacks that made WW84.
>>18544 >giving a shit about wonderwoman considering who they have playing her live action part I mean I don't get it, judging by the Amazon scenes in Justass League they can clearly get access to loads of attractive, sexy, very fit women so why pick some rat looking cunt who can't act in the slightest either? Also wow again I can't believe women did not exist until Wonder Woman.
this pretty much sums up the whole even.
>>18545 >why pick some rat looking cunt who can't act in the slightest either? https://infogalactic.com/info/Gal_Gadot < Gadot has stated that she was brought up in a "very Jewish, Israeli family environment" and served for two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. <... < In 2013, her annual modelling salary was estimated to be in the millions of shekels, ahead of Israeli models Esti Ginzburg, Liraz Dror and Shlomit Malka (who campaigns for Ralph Lauren), although significantly behind Bar Refaeli.
>>18547 Can someone post a bullet point summary of what they showed there?
>>18531 Why is that kike wearing a rubber bodysuit?
Here's the trailer for new Batman movie. It does not look as horrible as I was afraid it would, but it still isn't too good. I was hoping for something less Nolanesque. >>18558 Rubber is the most breathable, friction resistant, and aerodynamic material.
>>18549 I didn't keep a list but basically >some footage hyping up Aquaman 2 >some footage of a cancerous looking Aquaman animated show, or movie, or something. >Hey guys did you know blacks exist? We're announcing a Static Shock movie(but no actual footage) in the same breath we're announcing how groundbreaking making a comic book starring a nigger was, and how we literally saved humanity, something about a black lives matter comic, etc ,etc. There might have been another movie announced next to Static Shock but I sure as shit can't remember it. >Some shit with Injustice, apparently there is or will be an animated movie and it looks just as low quality as the other newer animated movies. >Cinematic footage of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This is what they're using Rocksteady for now, something that looks like a low rent knockoff of that already low quality looking GotG game by Squeenix. >I think a quick teaser for the flash movie >and a quick teaser for the shazam movie >and then some shit concerning the CW Supergirl show and how SO INSPIRING WE WERE FOR WOMEN AND HOW I'VE HAD LITTLE GIRLS COME UP TO ME AND TELL ME "I DID NOT THINK WOMEN COULD BE RICH AND SMART UNTIL I SAW YOU ON TV, LITERALLY WHO ACTRESS PLAYING A LITERALLY WHO CHARACTER" >Then something with the CW batwoman which I'm still not convinced is an actual tv show and is instead an over-elaborate prank consisting of a series of really poorly looking produced/acted clips. >Also Gotham Knights, the other video game. No gameplay(there was some last year), it's set in the Court of Owls storyline and I think they got the guy who voiced Adam Jensen to voice Penguin. >some shit about wonder woman and how inspiring blah blah >Some shit with the Harley Quinn animated series, season 3. >Titans season 4 >I think also Young Justice season 4 >Something about a new animated Batman series that's meant to carry the spirit of TAS >some footage for The Batman. >some footage for Black Adam <I went to sleep there so I've probably missed something but who gives a fuck That's about it. It could have really been cut down to 30 minutes tops but they really stretched the fuck out of things to have this fit into one miserable four hour package.
>>18560 Did Battinson just fucking point a gun at Penguin?
(79.30 KB 1596x552 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18502 >Batfag who laughs? You don't like edgy joker batman?
>>18567 I'm dead tired of edgy Joker in general and merging him with Batman is fuck. I'm also dead tired of Batman in general.
>>18490 >body She doesn't look like that in the leaked photos.
>>18530 Going by the clip >>18283 posted I can somewhat see the fat guy being a Wendel. If he gains an albino lover or is found out to fancy albino prostitutes. Someone better contact Mr. Reed.
>>18600 black albino of course.

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