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(104.95 KB 1024x1024 EpNycG2XIAEhhOa.jpg)
(112.76 KB 1024x1024 EpNycThXYAE8aie.jpg)
(398.78 KB 640x1006 ClipboardImage.png)
Cartoon Network Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 22:48:05 No. 8049
>Are you sure this will make kids watch our cartoons? <Cartoons? https://archive.md/IJ5wG
>>8049 And people complain about anime bug eyes
>>8049 Kids already don't seem to watch Cartoon Network for anything besides Teen Titans Go. With any luck it'll just make them turn off the TV quicker.
>>8051 >Kids already don't seem to watch Cartoon Network for anything besides Teen Titans Go. Pretty sure they're not watching it at all at this point, and the few that are are only watching it because they're too young to change the channel, their parents decided to plop them in front of the TV, and Cartoon Network insists on constantly marathoning TTG.
(720.20 KB 1024x791 cartoon_network_in_a_nutshell.png)
Since the art style is so flat and easy for edits to happen, perhaps some OC is in order?
>>8053 What's really sad isn't just them shilling Hanukkah, presumably over Christmas, but that they had so few characters to fill their propaganda with. Cartoon Network has been dead for a long time now.
>>8054 >they had so few characters to fill their propaganda with And one of them is from a show that ended two years ago (Distant Lands doesn't count because it's a HBO exclusive).
>>8055 Distant Lands is Adventure Time.
>>8055 >>8056 Oh wait I thought you were referring to the pronoun image. My mistake.
(91.73 KB 500x350 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8049 I feel like validating these people with their pronouns feels likea parent telling a child that he's whatever label a child calls themselves except the kid's more likely to drop it and call that attempt stupid down the line. Honestly pronouns are the worse case of arrested development I've seen in my life.
CN is cringe, brah, it has been cringe for the last several years. I'm just waiting for AT&T to finally put it to sleep.
>>8073 >cringe, brah
This feels like it should be edited into that Buscemi meme, "Hey, fellow gender neutral, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ kids." No kid talks like this. If they care about pronouns, they're also likely to get bullied or has tumblr parents. When did not conforming to society to be cool turn into society must conform to me? Also, I like how they couldn't say "you guys" because that is problematic now, even though "ya'll" is also problematic with it's southern roots.
>>8121 >No kid talks like this No kid uses Twitter nor gives a shit about pronouns either. I'm pretty sure they got adicted to Twitter circlejerks at one point, so they'll keep with it even though they are making the fool.
>>8049 I've worked in a shop for 20 years and in that whole time have encountered ONE girl there who 'kind of' looked like a youngish boy cos she always wore a hat, after about 3 years of growing up a bit she was totally obviously female. She's the only person who's ever wrong-footed me on their sex and she obviously cultivated the look for a little while just to mess with people but it was clear as soon as she spoke. I've also encountered ONE pathetic no effort tranny who was bedraggled, wearing a grey skirt had hairy legs and generally looked like a miserable shit. >using someone's pronouns shows RESPECT What if they're not deserving of respect? What if they're a flaming nightmare faggot who embarrasses everyone they're around? >well all need to be SEEN No we don't >and LOVED for who we are Bunch of queers and mewling spoilt babies who've never felt the much needed sting of bullying outside of a goddamn computer screen and even then they couldn't handle it. The only time announcing ones gender is relevant or applicable is if ones sex cannot be easily determined on sight, every other instance is some delusional/degenerate faggot claiming to be something they're not and announcing their asshole is open for business. An earring and a faggy haircut with a bad dye-job isn't changing your sex. >y'all Is swiftly becoming the siren of faggotry chatter, kind of ironic that it used to be the linguistic symbol of redneckery.
This is a direct consequence of closing asylums, they might have been foul testing grounds for kike psych experiments but at least it kept this shit out of kids TV.
(56.56 KB 620x374 rock1[1].jpg)
>>8121 30 Rock still has you covered for Steve Buscemi memery, just need a better pic from this episode to work with (S07E09)
>>8121 >When did not conforming to society to be cool turn into society must conform to me? Liberalism and i meant that from its very inception.
(4.36 MB 640x360 thon-thon.mp4)
>>8049 That toolkit they link to, a PDF propaganda document, is either hilarious or horrifying, and I can't tell which. Particularly the "group think" exercise described in part 2. By the way it uses proximity and spacial grouping as a tabulating mechanism, I can only conclude that it's expressly designed to fucking facilitate groupthink. I've seen satire less on the nose than this shit.
(75.08 KB 333x531 feelslardcarrot.png)
>>8049 I will always regret that painanon died before he was able to track down and murder Rebecca Sugar.
>>8235 Burning down CN headquarters would be an acceptable alternative.
>>8235 >painanon The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I'm drawing a blank. Who was he? How did he die?
>>8342 anon who watched cartoons and gave his opinions on them as he watched them episode by episode. I recall he did danny phantom as well as SU.
>>8049 the brazenness of these lunatics is worrisome. kill all big homos
(25.03 MB 1280x720 Modern cartoons.mp4)
>>9345 Was the OG teen titans like this? The most I remember are the "serious" scenes like Calling All Titans which I can't find in a decent quality.
>>9356 The humour in OG teen titans was mostly anime-esque. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0PRHc7MirU
>>9345 The pinacle of western culture and humour. I just want to die and take everyone with me.
>>9358 Do it, faggot.
>>9357 Oh I forgot how often they went with visual animation gags. Was a nice show. Is Young Blood any good?
(1.64 MB 214x254 trannies jeffrey.gif)
>>8049 >Using someone's pronouns shows respect I don't respect them, though. Checkmate.
>>8055 >Ger/Nig I almost though those were their made up gender pronouns.
>>9469 it's an obvious edit anon.
>>9470 man I should get some better fucking reading comprehension
>kids watching cartoons >anno domini 2021 It's all about roblox and youtube anon. The lefty/SJW shit is a dead man's switch: if you cancel us, if you remove our sycophant little friends, we'll tarnish your company as -ist. You wouldn't want to be an -ist, would you?
>>9470 >Ignoring the tolerant left unintentionally stereotypes minorities.
>>8049 More of this crap, guess racial prejudice is in vogue once again. It's okay to judge people by color again.
>>9472 Kids still watch cartoons and play with toys, just not as we used to. CN is dying because cable tv is dying in general and also they have poor selection of cartoons which doesn't help either. >>9345 >>9356 >>9357 >>9362 IMO Teen Titans Go usually isn't bad as most people claim it to be, this clip however, is of course terrible. And as for Teen Titans, it's overrated; the use of cookie cutter anime expressions for comedy was lazy and the show would badly shift between the two extremes of being childish and kid friendly to mature and gritty. >>9694 <you're totally biologically the same Kek <white people can never experience racism Now that's racist! >can we get a rewrite where we appreciate each other without a racing, what make each of use different So they're admitting their PR is actually racist and stupid? lol It's even more bizarre how the term people of color considered PC while it's just a rearrangement of the racist term colored people...we have gone full circle.
>>9694 >>9695 They just keep contradicting themselves & getting shit wrong. >it matters I'm a different race <but race doesn't matter because we're all the same >you're biologically the same <physical differences between the two girls of different races shows this is not the case
>>9345 >this is what burgers make their larvae watch when they are busy making money for mr goldstein. no wonder why you amerikikes are so disgusting now.
(311.86 KB 699x1437 Tom and Jerry racist, tumblr.jpg)
>>9708 Oy vey, it's better than the racist shit from our ancestors.
>>9345 This show had an episode all about buying and managing rental properties. No joke. I thought there was going to be some kind of punchline but no.
>>9709 >Estrogengonewild I fucking hate Tumblr holy shit.
>>8342 Anon who watched Steven Universe and posted reviews for them, I'm sure he died peacefully from overwatching that cancer.
Cartoon Network honestly died around 2005. What they're doing now is only putting the final nail in the coffin. Kids aren't watching this type of shit, and don't care about the messages. They're only airing it for the adults who are beyond mental.
>>9825 I'd say Chowder was probably one of the last good shows, but even it was bookended by trash like My Gym Partner is a Monkey
(403.06 KB 1024x1024 7b.jpg)
(444.20 KB 1024x1024 97b.jpg)
Were I to look into this too much I could point out that the white characters are a tranny or a woman. Beaner is a fag, nigress is a dyke so that leaves the nigger and the white girl as the only viable breeding pair. Who'da thunk it?
>>9709 There needs to be some kind of 'Cancel the Cancellers' backlash where every whiny faggot like that gets posted up for ridicule as someone to ignore/deride for trying to police other people's behaviour. Their presumptuousness is tremendous, thinking they've ANY say or influence on what someone else posts and inferring RAYCIS motivations based on their own fucking prejudices, it's utterly pathetic busy-body bullshit, everyone trying it needs to be disavowed of that notion so hard they never try it again.
>>9887 All they're doing is flogging an agenda off on viewers. The teenagers and soy blooded adults will eat it up. But the normal 6-10 year-old demographic will just find something else to watch, if allowed.
>>9698 >>9695 Their point is that race does matter and people should see races to avoid racism, which is an oxymoron, it's a contradiction by itself.
>>9931 Yeah it makes no sense but they think they sound smart.
>>9694 This is propaganda. This is an informational war. How do we combat this anons?
>>9933 There's not much we can do about it. There are keep doing it as far as their twitter audience keep cheering it. Honestly CN at this point is a dying brand so I don't really care.
>>9937 Sir, this is /co/
>>9933 Be aware, but just don't care. It's fun watching the dancing flames of raging fire.
>>9945 >just don't care Apathy is death.
>>9954 Nothing wrong with having a little apathy in life. It keeps pesimissem from becoming your natural mood. A better response however would be to instead is to talk with friends and family about how wrong this is message is. Also if you have a kid just put in the effort to keep an eye on what he's watching so they don't blindly follow propaganda.
>>9954 I mean, what else can you do? I basically agree with that this guy said >>9955, suggest people I know to not let them watch this shit. Anyways, CN is a dying brand, some years from now probably they are going to rebrand it or straight up close the network.
>>9954 To whom, all of society? Even those which advocate this trash have apathy for what they push. SJWs always scream for it, but promptly move on to the next thing, after it's said and done. As a matter of fact, SJWs didn't show interest in Steven Universe until the queer stuff came about. Then they found it the greatest thing since steamed ham on sliced bread. But have they all been watching every episode since then, especially the many without kids? Nope. Their tactic is usually "rinse and repeat." The ones which do eat the fruit they've planted, nitpick about the littlest things, and call for changes to be made. Then, nitpick about the changes that were made. I've been around cartoons forums and the IGN boards.
>>9978 >But have they all been watching every episode since then, especially the many without kids? Nope. It's pretty obvious by the way thee PSA were written that the people who worked in them haven't watched the show. Both Pearl and Garnet sound very out of character
>>9982 They only care about the money and mashing things up around a plot to get it.
>>10042 Hw much money gives working on SJW PSA? Maybe it's time to get into making children homo to get some coins
>>10047 It probably all union work, so not much unless they convince CN to greenlight more of them.
>>10047 Probably less than a Walmart greeter. DC comics pushed that SJW nonsense and is nearly bankrupt, or so I read.
(281.65 KB 1024x1024 1.jpg)
(235.90 KB 1024x1024 2.jpg)
>>10088 Made the bigoted nigger in me laugh.
(131.35 KB 895x491 3DPD_returns_to_CN.png)
Expect live action to come back for CN, since they want the female demographic: https://archive.md/T6Lfa
>>10618 Another one of their smoothed-brain decisions, which will flop.
>>10618 I feel bad for Gen A. I mean at the very least Flap Jack, Chowder, Tower Prep and Unnatural History were good, and the first CN Real was male driven so at the very least it was a guilty pleasure "DUDE RADICAL" type show block. But Gen A? Gen A is gonna have to grow up with nothing but shit cartoons on CN and an even worse CN Real. I wouldn't be surprised if they just leave for YouTube completely.
>>10618 History repeats itself...
>>10621 That operates under the assumption that Gen Alpha will even see these shows that cartoon network makes let alone cartoon network even surviving after the series of retarded decisions they've been making throughout these past few years.
>>10618 >>10619 It's not completely retarded decision, while it's true that girls "age out of animation earlier than boys" and the same can be said on toys, *fashion dolls have been doing far far better than the sad sack that is action figures today which of course CN is also to blame for. With that being said, attempting to completely shift their target audience is truly stupid, you end up aliening your current audience (which they already did) and have really hard to attract and establish new target audience that have different, reversed taste from the original content, therefore being reluctant towards your media. >animation that "does a stronger job of showing girls" is also on the cards Alright, I'm intrigued, is it going to be another Dyke-Ra? Who am I kidding, it probably will, looking at the new Birdgirl show on AS. Maybe they will have some brain and try to make something in the lines of Miraculous Ladybug or PreCure? Or even worse, they'll just make action-less high school setting like Monster High to save even more on the animation budget. *Heck, Playmates are now making fashion dolls for Miraculous Ladybug and it seems to be their main bread and butter after TMNT Rise flopped so hard. >with the blessing of audiences What load of BS.
>>10641 Girls aren't the only ones playing with those fashion dolls. Boys play with and collect them too, as well as 20-36 year old men. But with the boys, you have to take in account those 5-9 with extreme moms that try to groom them to be more feminine. >animation that "does a stronger job of showing girls" is also on the cards Yeah, I thought that's what shows like DC Super Hero Girls was for. But these idiots don't know what they are trying to do.
(276.26 KB 630x452 Retarded Babs.png)
>>10648 Women as well, most men who collect fashion dolls are faggots and also usually being the ones who design them. >Yeah, I thought that's what shows like DC Super Hero Girls was for. But these idiots don't know what they are trying to do. I completely forgot that DCSHG belong to CN, I mean they don't do anything to promote it and even fucked up the order of the episodes. I don't really think about it as girls show, similarly to how PPG isn't a girls show too despite having cute girls as the protagonists. There's no high school drama good and the romance is reduced to comic relief darn you Faust! and maybe the biggest red flag is the omission of Nightwing. P.S. Nice to see another anon here who watch DCSHG, it's the only good cartoon airing now.
>>10667 I honestly stopped watching television and 4 years ago. But I caught a few episodes of it before I quit. It is a nice cartoon for where they are going and the fact they gave Nicole Sullivan a major VA role. I'm older and remember her from MadTV. Maybe it's because I'm well aware of the Brony fandom that I like to take in consideration males who buy girl toys and etc. Also, I'm guilty of owning a few dollhouses myself when I was a child. Yes, there are the weirdos that collect Barbie, Bratz, and MLP dolls. I've read those blogs and fan-fic excerpts which introduced me to the questionable world of bronies.
(148.45 KB 265x293 laugh bing.png)
>>10088 (heiled) >"Great job, niggy!
>>10618 its never gonna be better than drake & josh, and its all just going to be pozzed to hell. dont get surprised if one of the episodes involves the kids going to tranny storytime hour.
(287.01 KB 1365x960 sjw bella bulldogs6.jpg)
(768.95 KB 820x3106 sjw bella bulldogs1.jpg)
(141.99 KB 800x892 sjw bella bulldogs5.jpg)
(433.54 KB 824x560 sjw bella bulldogs2.png)
(5.83 MB 1000x9000 sjw bella bulldogs3.jpg)
>>10618 inb4 The Cuckold: The Next Generation
(491.36 KB 360x360 hitler piano.mp4)
>>9888 >There needs to be some kind of 'Cancel the Cancellers' backlash It's funny you got Hitler trips, because there's this time in the very near future called the Day of the Rope where all the cancel-fags will die.
(1.22 MB 1000x773 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.02 MB 1000x1070 ClipboardImage.png)
(608.38 KB 618x354 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.44 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(639.85 KB 680x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10618 It keeps getting worse: >To attract more girl audiences, making girl characters prominent in animated series is key, Ascheim said, referencing the new projects Gross Girls and Jade Armor. The recently announced My Adventures with Superman is “kind of a romantic comedy. Lois, Clark and Jimmy are recent college graduates at the Daily Planet, going through the life stuff you go through when you’re in your early 20s. It’s a romance in addition to being a superhero story. In our version, Clark is new to his powers, so it’s also a coming-of-age story for all of them. That piece of animation tested better with girls than any animation we’ve done in a really long time.” >Cartoon Network is also venturing into live action, Ascheim continued. “Girls in general developmentally like live action earlier than boys do, so we want to make sure we’re investing there.” Projects in development include Family Mash-Up, from the makers of Hannah Montana, which Ascheim described as “The Brady Bunch meets Pitch Perfect.” Tweety Mysteries is a live-action/animation hybrid about a girl detective who solves mysteries with the help of her sidekick, Tweety bird. >On the preschool commitment, Ascheim said that Cartoonito will launch with 20 shows across HBO Max and Cartoon Network. “We’re building to 50 shows over the next couple of years. We are using the power of some of what we have in our IP library to work this,” including Batwheels, Bugs Bunny Builders and Tom and Jerry Junior. Cartoonito will be anchored to a “human-centric-learning” curriculum, Ascheim added. >On building awareness in this kind of environment, Ascheim said there are multiple strategies to use, including tapping into existing IP. Ascheim also referenced “eventizing,” such as We Baby Bears, a spin-off of We Bare Bears. “One of our programming teams looked at which episodes did better than others, and it was often the ones that featured the bears when they were younger.” That show will then receive a global launch, which “creates a sense of momentousness.” Ascheim also touted WarnerMedia’s digital reach; “I think our digital reach is three times the size of Nickelodeon’s.” https://archive.is/cXeBE tl;dr <more diversity <more girl pandering <more preschool <more live-action <more reboots
(10.83 KB 241x280 lard carrots.jpg)
>>13854 >Gross Girls >Created by Daniela Hamilton and some faggot >search Gee, what a surprise. It's Black Rebecca Sugar. I'll bet every single episode deals with her unresolved feelings about not being asked to prom.
>>13854 >We Baby Bears, a spin-off of We Bare Bears. Please, Lord, don't let this happen.
>>13864 >I'll bet every single episode deals with her unresolved feelings about not being asked to prom. Y'know, I was gonna give that show a try on the off chance that every episode has good fap bait, but it's probably gonna turn out to be what you said. I mean, every CN show's premise always ends up being 100 times more boring than it sounds, like Craig of The Creek. The idea of three kids doing stupid shit in the woods with other kids sounds like a campy fun premise for a cartoon, but it's devastatingly boring, because the sad adults that make it forgot what it's like to be a kid.
>>13871 >the sad adults that make it forgot what it's like to be a kid. I suspect most of them never were kids to begin with. Not in their minds, and not in their hearts.
>>13854 >Let's reinvent the wheel out of shitty materials! >Tweety Mysteries is a live-action/animation hybrid about a girl detective who solves mysteries with the help of her sidekick, Tweety bird >Voila! Out with the old, in with the new! >Well... we're going to hafta cancel it. Because it's not pulling enough ratings. >Whaddaya mean, "it's the entirety of our live-action programming?" >Gross Girls They have a literal farting black ass for the period above the "i." And seeing the small tuft of hair on top of the "G' and mushrooms on top of the "O." I'm guessing that represents the discharge Hamilton was experiencing when she came up with this. Cartoon Network is just grasping at straws to what they think kids should enjoy, and it's not going to work.
(79.69 KB 500x529 kid oh.jpg)
>>13887 >a girl detective who solves mysteries with the help of her sidekick, Tweety bird I can't take any more of this catering to girls at the expense of the boys.
(127.79 KB 780x1170 poster-780.jpg)
>>13887 >>Tweety Mysteries is a live-action/animation hybrid about a girl detective who solves mysteries with the help of her sidekick, Tweety bird But, we already had The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries. I even remember watching that on KidsWB when I was in grade school.
As much as the pandering to girls (who don't watch these shows anyway) is ruining animation the neutering/faggification of the male characters who slip by is just as insidious. >>13854 >second image Screams guaranteed failure, I'm guessing its trying to be female pokymans, just looks like shit.
(105.44 KB 189x273 cuckboy.png)
>>10900 I wonder what this little faggot is going to end up being in the future. I wonder if he'll ever realise what he represents, I wonder if he'll turn up as a cuck in a real porn film eventually or maybe he'll swing the other way and go school shooter with a redpill manifesto. So many wretched futures await him.
(20.73 KB 82x99 cuckboi.png)
>>13996 Feels more apt
>>13854 The car version of superman sounds kinda neat. A dumb concept for a fun show. I don't see how they could screw that up.
(1.50 MB 700x984 ClipboardImage.png)
(829.60 KB 964x733 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.12 MB 870x870 ClipboardImage.png)
(579.50 KB 870x870 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.24 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13865 It sounds the least worst of all. >>13854 >That piece of animation tested better with girls than any animation we’ve done in a really long time Why CN acts like DCSHG don't exist? Sure, it's like PPG which was popular with boys, but it was also popular in general. I'm sure girls like it too. Is it because Mattel fucked up another DC cartoon with their shit quality toys? >>13864 >>13871 >>13887 >>13977 >>13995 >>13995 <Ugly girls picking each other's nose <Girl dressed in generic boring and not particularly pretty armor <These supposed to appeal to girls As a kid I mostly liked girly girl characters such as Angelica and Snorkmaiden yes I had a bit shit taste and the Dark Phoenix/Jean, but I also liked Rogue and Buttercup which were more of a tomboy but they were still fairly feminine and pretty. Why the USA doesn't have any equivalents of Rumiko Takahashi, Clamp, etc? Why it's all dykes? Even Faust who's the best, still avoid romance at all cost to shove her imaginary strong female friendships that don't exist in real life. The "best" girl cartoons to this very day are just lame toy commercials. >Cartoon Network is just grasping at straws to what they think kids should enjoy, and it's not going to work All those stupid companies trying to chase after the last (usually internet) fade, only to have it dead by the time they'll join it, for example Baby Shark toys. In the Gross Girls case, there was poop themed toys (I truly feel bad for this generation of kids) trend going on and it included girl version of it. But those toys were still girly and pretty (yes, I know it sounds weird saying it) unlike Gross Girls. >I'm guessing its trying to be female pokymans I have the feeling it's combination of Miraculous Ladybug wannabe with Ben 10 with a touch of CCP pandering. >I can't take any more of this catering to girls at the expense of the boys Same and it's not even a good pandering. The reason CN moved to preschool and girl audience is because the action figure market for kids is "dead" and it is mostly girls and toddlers who still get toys. >>14000 I'm surprised they didn't come up with it earlier. >What if Cars but DC? >I don't see how they could screw that up. Heard about the new Thomas&Friends show? It's never too young to get woke. >The car version of superman sounds kinda neat They mentioned nothing about the show except its name.
(1.35 MB 356x200 jew (((agatha))) all along.gif)
>>14006 >Why it's all dykes? I don't know why you're implying it's the jews.
(25.50 KB 100x99 cuckboi.png)
>>13997 Just to get it right. I hope he got bullied in school for being a bitch.
>>14006 >The reason CN moved to preschool and girl audience is because the action figure market for kids is "dead" Isn't that because NONE of the current crop of toys actually appeal to boys? And, the TV shows that traditionally served as commercials for those toys no longer exist? I remember hearing how they canned Teen Titans because too many girls were watching it and toy sales were not turning a profit.
>>14025 Outside of Lego kids are probably liable to want figurines of some trash game characters like Fortnite shit.
(2.29 MB 720x1280 fortnite.webm)
>>14028 Is that because the kids are actually interested in Fornite, or is it because they haven't been exposed to anything else?
>>14035 Either way I'd say they're more into games or trashtube than anything on tv. My kid nephew couldn't tell you the channels of whatever shitshows he occasionally watches on the tv but he could direct you to some half cancerous jewtube faggots gamepage no problem. They want interactivity and hell I get it, *I* can only tolerate so much passive media before I feel like I'm rotting in my seat too, I'll sit through a couple of films or maybe a series every few days maybe but then I get itchy for something other than absorbing photons and soundwaves. Gotta make something happen, ideally it would be something far better than them playing noise like Fortshite and Minecraft but this is the rancid reality we got stuck with.
(141.99 KB 800x892 sjw bella bulldogs5.jpg)
(62.86 KB 540x960 sjw bella bulldogs4.jpg)
(433.54 KB 824x560 sjw bella bulldogs2.png)
(768.95 KB 820x3106 sjw bella bulldogs1.jpg)
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>>14019 >I hope he got bullied in school for being a bitch He's paid his debt of humiliation forever. The one who deserves to suffer is the nog who dared lay hands on a human female.
>>14025 >>14028 >>14035 >>14047 >Isn't that because NONE of the current crop of toys actually appeal to boys? It goes both ways; you see in the 90's, Mattel and Hasbro, the big two of the toy industry, started to buy all their competitors (Kenner, Galoob, Tyco, etc). Yet, there were still action cartoons and worthwhile competitors such as Playmates (TMNT), Bandai (of America) (Power Rangers) and Toybiz (Marvel). I believe the turning point started in 2011, the beginning of the dark age; Toybiz was already dead as a result of Hasbro getting the Marvel license, so the only few left were Playmates (TMNT) and Bandai (Thundercats, Ben 10), but then CN canceled Thundercats despite the high ratings and good toy sales, same with *Teen Titans. Afterwards, just two years later, Young Justice got canceled due to poor toy sales blaming that it was more popular with the girls, ignoring the fact that Mattel' toys were complete dogshit. CN decided they want cheap comedy shows that have no chronological order and can easily rerun, and Hasbro and Mattel gave up on making good toys for kids and instead churn out cheap crap for them while lazily pandering to adult collectors. To concluded, the combination of cheapness and laziness both by toy and media companies led to the death of action cartoon and action figures, conveniently blaming video games and any other scapegoat they can find besides their own incompetence. >I remember hearing how they canned Teen Titans because too many girls were watching it and toy sales were not turning a profit *Checking the wiki article, it doesn't seem to be the case as it was with Young Justice, but it is in a way also as Mattel fuckery was likely involved again; apparently Mattel got master toy licensee for CN at that time and didn't like sharing it with Bandai. The sole reason fashion dolls are still good and hence girls still buy toys unlike boys is because Mattel didn't buy MGA (the company behind Bratz) and oh boy they did try to kill them too by using bullshit lawsuit calming Bratz belong to them because the creator of it developed it during his time working at Mattel. BTW MGA was the only toy company that tried to save TRU in USA. >Fortnite Yo can shit on the game all you want, but it has great toyetic designs and gave renaissance to the action figure market including playline. Heck, it even revived the 3.75" scale from the dead. The 6" Jazwares Fortnite was made by former Toybiz workers, they came with load of stuff and had greater amount of articulation then Marvel Legends and yet they cost the same price! Now the assholes at Hasbro took away the 6" and above license from McFarlane and Jazwares, and the figures will cost 23$ instead of 20$ despite not being bigger (McFarlane line was 7") and having less articulation (no jointed fingers, no toe hinge) and far less accessories (just three vs six-seven) driving away the original kids target audience as they usually do, because God forbidden kids will have good toys too! >than anything on tv Kids still watch cartoons, just not on cable tv.
>>14103 If CN had any brains working for them, they would have had Mezco or NECCA make their action figures. Then offered to do commercials for the other top collector brands. Such as MAFEX and S.H. Figuarts. Fuck Mattel and TTG. Posable NECCA Ben Ten figures would have broken their bank alone.

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