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(41.58 KB 750x658 comfy.jpg)
PTDDTOT Anonymous 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:07:26 No. 2
Post that don't deserve their own thread. What are your favorite types of beer, anons?
>>2 I prefer the nice aroma of Coffee, beer isn't very comfy.
beer coffee
(180.77 KB 715x1013 Tasty.png)
>>2 I'm guilty of a sweet tooth since there was this place that served a Chocolate Beer that tasted like a cold chocolate soda with a slight bitterness from the beer. In terms of actual beer though, Asahi and Sapporo are my go-tos since they blend a nice crispness while not being to bitter or foul-tasting, lending them to combine well with meals.
>>4 Coffee makes me jittery and nervous, a beer or two chills me out and takes the edge off.
(100.18 KB 940x568 moomins.png)
>>16 Same. Especially when watching a movie or listening music beer just hits the spot. Also check it. Custom spoilers.
(6.42 KB 299x168 Irish coffee.jpg)
You should try Irish Coffee. It has Whiskey in it.
What size tablet should I get for laying in bed?
>>245 A vita.
>>2 How does one become comfy? I'm always busy and stressed out.
>>252 If you're busy, listen to soothing music while working. Every time I'm busy working I like drinking eggnog while listening Christmas music. It gets me comfy.
>>252 be organized and clean and have everything done that needs doing, the mental space remaining is very comfy

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