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(5.45 MB 1200x7000 Warlord CYOA.png)

(4.95 MB 1200x8000 Chinese Warlord CYOA.png)

General Thread Adventurer Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 02:49:19 No. 12
For any and all CYOAs.
(4.41 MB 1200x8841 Time Stop Chill Zone CYOA.jpg)

>>184 rolls
There was a particular cyoa where your ship gets stranded and you get stuck with a woman from an uncivilized part of the world. It may have been lewd but I don't remember, does anyone have it?
>>659 This one? >>209
>>662 No, not that one. It involved picking a tribal woman to live with. I wish I could remember more details.
>>667 This one then? >>668
>>669 Yes! That was the one I was looking for. Thanks anon.
(3.84 MB 1600x10000 Urban Unease CYOA.jpg)

(3.61 MB 850x6700 Escapism CYOA.png)

(874.57 KB 1200x2900 A Small Kindness CYOA.jpeg)

(3.31 MB 1500x10000 Ancient Future CYOA.jpg)

(2.20 MB 1400x7500 Dark One's Gift CYOA.jpg)

(916.32 KB 1260x4200 Yokai Hunter 1.jpg)

(852.25 KB 1260x4200 Yokai Hunter 2.jpg)

(2.35 MB 1600x7293 The House CYOA Hali.jpg)

(4.79 MB 1400x8215 The Village CYOA.jpg)

(3.83 MB 1400x6600 Stronghold Defender CYOA.jpeg)

(4.04 MB 950x6000 Joses Sneed and Feed CYOA.png)

(5.25 MB 1800x8911 Judicial Reformation CYOA.jpg)

(5.43 MB 1200x10000 Pocket Paintings CYOA.jpg)

I remember there was a hypno/mind control, CYOA somewhere on this site. I looked at almost every thread, also the general one, by keywords such as "mind", "control", "hypno", and "break" but no luck. Could someone please direct me to where it is, or if it isn't here, post it?
>>843 You might be thinking of Supervillian >>845, which I'm I don't think has been posted. There's also Mind Controller >>844.
>>846 Thank you for posting them(though I think they would have been fine in this thread), but it was a different one. Might have been on a different board. I remember that you had a few points and select how powerful your MC would be, such as the number of affected people, for how many powers, how long it would take to hypnotize a person, or in what way(just by looking, talking, singing), and there were drawbacks to get more points, such as a certain amount of people on the planet could not be hypnotized, there are other hypnotists in the wild, or a special task force that will arrest you, and will always be able to find you so you constantly need to be on the run.
>>849 Think I just found it. >>851
>>852 Didn't knew there were more than one Hypno CYOA, but it's not that one either. It was just one or two pictures, had a more cartoonish/anime pictures, and some warmer colors like yellow, if memory serves right. Thank you for the effort, though, will probably enjoy what was posted as well.
(1.41 MB 1280x6898 hypno.jpeg)

(2.57 MB 1280x2984 hypno 2.jpeg)

>>859 Thank you, was wondering where I could find an archive of all of these. Managed to find them, pic related.
(217.79 KB 851x1295 boot to the edge.jpg)

(2.27 MB 1379x6803 Out of the way CYOA.jpg)

>>860 >The one he was looking for was simply entitled "Hypnosis CYOA" >I looked for every hypno cyoa apart from that one. >Even downloaded that one but didn't think that was it because I didn't see it had people immune on it.
Dragonjek made a very detailed character CYOA, 40 pages and 600mb in size. It's only half way done so I want to put off posting until the complete version is done. It can be viewed here: https://imgchest.com/p/qb4z33z37jm
(2.35 MB 1600x9200 I Wish CYOA.jpg)

(6.67 MB 3840x3840 Place to Rest CYOA.png)

(9.47 MB 1500x4000 Morning Dreamer CYOA.png)

(2.13 MB 1177x9072 Rule Britania CYOA.jpg)

(2.69 MB 1600x6058 SSS CYOA.jpg)

(16.03 MB 1600x10000 Cards of House CYOA.png)

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